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Chapter 398: Spy?

Chapter 398: Spy?
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What happened at the airport was only a small interruption.

When Jiang Chen got into the driver seat, he immediately forgot about the unlucky guy. He put the key in and started the engine.

Jiang Chen rolled down the window and turned on the air conditioning, allowing the cold breeze to blow away the heat in the car.

"Thanks." Xia Shiyu put on her seatbelt.

"No problem, it was on my way anyway."

"No… I'm talking about what happened at the airport."

When she thought about Jiang Chen's expression when he stood in front of her, her heart somehow pumped a little faster.

"Oh, that - no worries. Remember to call me whenever you have any problems," Jiang Chen said nonchalantly as he maneuvered the steering wheel.

Xin's security wasn't the best, and since she was in a place she wasn't familiar with, he was worried about Xia Shiyu's safety.

[Maybe I should hire a bodyguard for her?] Jiang Chen deliberated in his mind.

When she heard Jiang Chen's words, her normally expressionless face turned red. Combined with the small droplets of sweat on her pale face and the pink foundation she used, she looked like a peach covered in the morning dew.

Because her mind went completely blank, Xia Shiyu didn't respond.

The atmosphere in the car went from silent to intimate. Jiang Chen didn't realize this until he peeked at Xia Shiyu because she was so quiet and he finally saw the conflicted emotions and redness on her face.

Because the windows were rolled up, the fresh scent of jasmine drifted into his nose. Because of the atmosphere, Jiang Chen's heart also started racing.

"Did you perm your hair?' Jiang Chen chose a random topic to break the silence.

But this unintentional question hit the mark. With women, you could have a differing opinion about changes in their looks, but you couldn't simply ignore the change in her hairstyle or clothing, even if it was just a new hair clip or keychain. In the event that you didn't comment on the change, women could keep a debate going for an entire night, just to get your attention.

By coincidence, Jiang Chen made just the right move in winning her heart. He didn't know it himself because he was in the middle of a turn and was focused on the road ahead.

Xia Shiyu's body visibly shook as she said reservedly:

"Does it look good?"

She immediately regretted the question.

[Did that sound too superficial? Should I have waited for him to compliment me himself for it to be more natural…?] Xia Shiyu turned her head and looked out the window as she was bombarded by her own thoughts.

Facepalmed men would not overthink.

Jiang Chen praised her: "Looks really good, really fresh, but why did you suddenly think of perming your hair?"

Xia Shiyu had always given him the impression of being authentic, serene, yet distant. But the perm gave her a "fresh" vibe that was normally found in students.

"My coworker… Mhmm, a friend told me that I'm too formal with how I dress, so she suggested I change things up." [I was also probably too unfashionable] Xia Shiyu added in her mind.

"I see, but I still think your hair from before looked better."

"Then I'll change it back," Xia Shiyu immediately said.

"Eh? No, I'm only stating my opinion; frequent perms are damaging to the hair." Jiang Chen face-palmed.

"Okay." Xia Shiyu nodded as she looked at her reflection in the window and secretively examined her hair.

"Oh, which friend was it?" Jiang Chen was surprised that Xia Shiyu had any friends.

He always thought her social circle was limited to her coworkers.

"Su Mengqi… The manager of the human resources department who moved with us from Wanghai to Xiangjiang," Xia Shiyu replied.

They chatted for a while until they arrived at the mansion located at the north end of Coro Island.

When he parked the car in the garage, Ayesha was already waiting for him.

Because she knew a guest was coming, her outfit was relatively "traditional." A light T-shirt paired with short shorts - stunning and lively.

After opening the door, Ayesha took Xia Shiyu's luggage. Because she hadn't seen her for a few months, Xia Shiyu had mixed feelings towards the foreign girl.

Partially a feeling of competitiveness, but partially gratitude for a person who saved her life.

In response to Ayesha's directness, she felt somewhat uncomfortable. Although she wanted to stay at Jiang Chen's place, when she was actually in front of the door, she changed her mind.

Just as Jiang Chen led her to her room, she was secretively observing Ayesha's eyes.

But unfortunately, she didn't see any jealousy inside.

This made her a bit frustrated. [Do I not look like competition? I even put on some makeup on the plane…]

Two red swirls suddenly appeared on her face.

She realized just how childish her thoughts were.

"Where's the virtual reality helmet?" After putting down her luggage, Xia Shiyu asked right away in an attempt to use work to alleviate the awkwardness in her heart.

"There's no rush, you can take a look after lunch. Why don't you take a shower to relax? The bathroom is at the end of the second-floor hallway." Jiang Chen smiled.

Xia Shiyu hesitated then nodded.

Because there was no direct flight, she had been in transit since last night. She was indeed a little tired.

Just then, Jiang Chen's phone suddenly rang.

"I'm going to take a call. If you need anything, just let Ayesha know."

As he spoke, Jiang Chen took out his phone and walked to the sofa.

When he picked up, Ivan's grave voice came through.

"Boss, we found a spy in the company."

"A spy?" Jiang Chen frowned. "Did you confirm their identity?"

It was hard for a spy to exist at the management level due to the electronic collars - they wouldn't escape if they were found, so no one was foolish enough to betray him. But at lower levels, it was hard to say - aside from the first 100 refugees who joined Celestial Trade, the loyalty of the newly recruited soldiers was uncertain.

"It's currently unclear, but a backdoor was installed on the computer at Coro division yesterday. It sent 7 megabytes of data to an IP in Iceland," Ivan said in a deep voice.

Iceland was probably only a jumping board; no one knew exactly where the data went.

"I see, don't alert anyone yet," Jiang Chen ordered.


After he hung up, Jiang Chen fell into deep thought while holding his phone.

Too many people were interested in Celestial. Country F was the most suspicious, but UA, who always intervened everywhere, was also on the list. Even their potential ally, Hua, could potentially send spies.

Two arms tenderly hugged Jiang Chen from behind. Ayesha sensed that something was bothering him as she whispered.

"What happened?"

"… There is a spy in Celestial," Jiang Chen said in an undertone.

A hint of sharpness flashed in her eyes as she whispered in his ear.

"Do you need my help?"

"Do you know anything about computers?" Jiang Chen said helplessly.

Ayesha shook her head. Her sapphire eyes flashed brightly.

[But I could kill.]

Jiang Chen understood the message in her eyes as he sighed.

"It's not a problem that can be solved by killing. The key is to find the people responsible."

[But how?]

[Ask Yao Yao? That's not feasible. Not that Yao Yao didn't have the skills, but she might be unfamiliar with the structure of the internet and programs in the 21st century. For example, people good at League of Legends might not be the best Nintendo player.

Yao Yao's security measures could destroy any of the hackers in this world. Just like New Era, Future 1.0's code still remained uncracked to this day since the code she wrote couldn't be understood by anyone in this world, making it impossible for anyone to install a backdoor in the program.

Because Celestial Trade didn't possess any critical secrets, they used the Windows 7 operating system and programs in this world.

Although nothing critical was lost, the feeling of being monitored didn't feel good at all!

Jiang Chen began to think hard with a frown on his face.

Suddenly, his eyes lit up.

[Yes! I have a little hacker I forgot about.]

He slapped his forehead as immediately remembered the guy with a "younger sister complex" as he dialed the number.