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Chapter 403: Safety Concern

Chapter 403: Safety Concern

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The mansion was spacious. It took Xia Shiyu a while before she found Jiang Chen reading books in the office at the end of the second-floor hallway.

He was reading <Society and Economy> which surprised Xia Shiyu. "You read books now?"

"No other choice. At this position, even if I don't want to, I have to learn," Jiang Chen said, unfazed.

To Jiang Chen's "hardworking" attitude, Xia Shiyu nodded in praise. Although he didn't expect him to contribute greatly to the company's operation, it was never bad for the president to know more about the economy.

Jiang Chen put aside the book that he had yet to flip through the first page as he asked nonchalantly.

"What's up?"

Xia Shiyu nodded, pulled up a chair from the side, and sat down across from Jiang Chen.

"It's about the virtual reality helmet."

"Technical aspect?"

"No, about the operation, somewhat related to the technical." Xia Shiyu paused, arranged her thoughts, and continued, "With Future 1.0's channel, it is easy for users to learn about our product. But I have to confirm two points. First, how likely is it for someone to make a knockoff?"

"Zero percent chance, at least not possible within the next ten years." Jiang Chen shook his head.

Any attempt to disassemble the helmet would trigger the circuit to self-destruct, the internal structure of the helmet was a black box to the owner. Even without the protection mechanism, it was still challenging to mimic. The chip and circuit board in the helmet were produced by graphene material, and the graphene material's research in the modern world was only in the initial stage.

Ten years was a conservative estimate. Once Future Technology dominates the market, the market's desire to research the technology would cooldown. Needless to say, the major VR equipment manufacturers would all go bankrupt. To be able to develop the virtual reality technology, the modern world would only take more time compared to the apocalypse.

Xia Shiyu was pleased with the number ten. She nodded.

"Two, the server's ability to handle the load. With the quality of the game, if I have guessed correctly, it would take an astronomical amount of computation power. With the server's ability, how many concurrent users could we handle online?"

"You don't have to worry about this. Our server resources are more than sufficient." Jiang Chen laughed.

While it was a civilian model, it was a quantum computer. Nonetheless, it was more than sufficient enough to run a fantasy MMORPG without the need to replicate physics. Let alone 3.2 billion netizens, it could easily support the entire world's population.

Xia Shiyu was skeptical with what Jiang Chen said, but she still nodded.

"After confirming the above two points, I can start writing up the marketing plan. Mhmm, also, have you considered another point."


"Security concerns," Xia Shiyu said with seriousness.

Needless to say, the introduction of new technology would draw the attention of all parties. There was a lot of companies that bet big on virtual reality technology, Google, Microsoft, and even a social media platform like Facebook invested 2 billion in purchasing Oculus.

With the bets on the table, the sudden emergence of Future Technology would suddenly sweep the table. Just like with Xbox, who played the SUBOR?

Therefore, in the foreseeable future, the companies that were among the heavy favorites a few years ago would experience a series of rapid downturns. The hot spot would be forced to switch from virtual reality equipment to virtual reality applications.

Therefore, the frontrunner that led the technological shift would receive the hostility from the potential beneficiaries.

Jiang Chen clearly understood what Xia Shiyu meant, but to the potential danger, he only laughed.

"Now, do you think it is necessary for me to invest on this island?"

Xia Shiyu took a moment to process.

"Could it be…"

"That's right, this island is my backyard. Here, my army will protect my interests and rights."

Xia Shiyu was obviously thrown off again.

After a moment of silence, she spoke again, "So… the shareholder behind Celestial Trade is actually you?"

"Yes." The tip of Jiang Chen's lips curled up.

Xia Shibu rubbed her forehead as she said bewilderedly, "So, the overseas organization you said is factitious right?"

"Not exactly, but it works for me, not I work for it."

She finally digested the massive amount of information in her head, she sighed.

"…Okay. In this case, security is not a big concern then."

Although she still had a lot of questions, Xia Shiyu chose to bury them in her head for now. She trusted that Jiang Chen would tell her one day, just like what he told her today.

At night, Xia Shiyu would obvious not go to Jiang Chen's room. But she used the excuse of the room is too big and moved to Ayesha's room. To Xia Shiyu's request, Ayesha didn't reject because she wanted to improve her relationship with her "future sister."

But it made it hard on Jiang Chen. Before Xia Shiyu leaves, he could only eat discreetly…

Over the next few days, Xia Shiyu spent her time in the mansion and worked remotely on her laptop. She was creating a marketing plan for <Godly Land> based on Jiang Chen's recommendation while controlling the day-to-day operations of Future Technology.

Although Jiang Chen was impressed by her ability to multitask, he was afraid that she couldn't handle the workload.

While Xia Shiyu was busy between things, Jiang Chen didn't sit around. He spent the days on boats between New Moon, Coro, and Ange Island.

The construction of the New Moon Island military base was basically complete with five hundred soldiers serving. Most of them were soldiers recruited locally at Pannu with some soldiers from Niger.

To alleviate the problem of a lack of soldiers, the manager Barkary posted a hiring post on a social media site for Celestial's security position. A monthly salary of 4000 USD a month plus a 150 square meters house after retirement. The academic requirement was only a high school diploma. With such favorable benefits, Celestial received a high number of applicants from developing countries. After the selection process, Barkary chose 1000 people out of the over ten thousand applicants.

A lot of them were retired soldiers with Han making up the majority. After they arrived on the plane, Ivan didn't immediately station them in New Moon but placed them at the military base on Coro Island for three months of training.

Once their ability and loyalty were confirmed, they will be joining New Moon Island as an official member of Celestial.