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Chapter 407: You are being Monitored

Chapter 407: You are being Monitored
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The helicopter with a name he didn't know hovered above the beach. A rope was thrown down. A hot blonde lady in a white tank top and short shorts agilely hopped down.

Without any equipment, only Russians could do such risky things.


Since the last time Jiang Chen saw her at the hotel in Xiangjiang, he hasn't seen her for half a year.

When both of her feet touched the ground, she signaled the helicopter pilot before walking to Jiang Chen.

The helicopter turned around and Jiang Chen focused on the Russian girl walking in his direction.

Natasha stood in front of Jiang Chen and ignored Ayesha's cold expression as she raised her chin.

"You still owe me a shot of Vodka."

"When did the audacious Russian get so pesky?' Jiang Chen said as he sat up from the recliner.

"Sniff-, I smell BBQ and beer. Unfortunately, looks like I'm late to the party… Don't look at me like that; I'm not hostile." With Ayesha's cautious look, Natasha put up both of her hands, but her tone was flirtatious.

"Who is she?" Xia Shiyu frowned and whispered to Jiang Chen.

"A KGB agent, or should I call them the Russian Federation Security Bureau? Anyways, both are not wrong," Jiang Chen said nonchalantly.

When Xia Shiyu heard the word agent, she instinctively felt fear since she was captured by the CIB before. She could still not let go of the fearful memory. But when she saw Ayesha, her tense heart became calm again.

To the anxiousness on the beautiful Han girl's face, Natasha only scanned it before moving away.

Then, she stared straight at Jiang Chen and smiled.

"We haven't seen each other for a while, why such a cold expression, are Han men this heartless?"

Jiang Chen glared at her, "Your Han is improving, but I have to say, your choice of words could be better."

The tip of Natasha's mouth curled up as he walked up to him. But Ayesha didn't have any intention of moving away as she just stood there.

Although the small B was not convincing enough for the "massiveness," the emotionless expression added another vibe no less than Natasha's.

'Hello, I'm a security personnel responsible for the safety of the embassy, are you trying to start a diplomatic conflict?"

Ayesha's expression didn't make Natasha unhappy at all. She pointed at her gun multiple times, now that she finally was without a gun. The Russian girl grinned and looked down at her with aggressiveness.

"Ayesha." Jiang Chen coughed.

When Ayesha heard Jiang Chen's reminder, although she still didn't want to back down, she stood silently to the side.

With a pause, Jiang Chen asked Natasha, "The security personnel of the embassy? Could you explain?"

"Xin and Russia officially established a diplomatic relationship. I'm here along with the Russian ambassador. I got off the plane at noon. When I heard you were here, I immediately came with the helicopter." Natasha walked beside the recliner and sat beside Jiang Chen's leg.

Xia Shiyu's eyebrows jumped at the scene as she had a bad feeling. Ayesha only silently stared at the back of her head. Although she didn't mind how many women her husband had, to the woman who clearly had other intentions, she didn't want them to get close at all.

"Does KGB know that I'm the shareholder of Celestial Trade?" Jiang Chen asked while he discreetly moved his leg away to avoid the flirtatious curve.

[Sending out a KGB agent as the bodyguard for diplomats, the Russians are quite interesting.]

"Is this a secret? You didn't intentionally hide it." Natasha grinned.

"Then your intention is?" Jiang Chen laughed.

"Would you believe I'm here just to visit you?" Natasha's said while raising the massiveness that would even make Liu Yao envious.

[36D, 36E? It looks like I underestimated her before.] Jiang Chen said shockingly in his mind.

It was not that the massiveness did not tempt him, but he knew better than to touch the rose with thorns. Perhaps after they hooked up, she would have sold him already.

"Our diplomat discussed an arms sale with president Zhang, but he told us to discuss it with you." Natasha leaned on the side of the chair as her body moved towards Jiang Chen.

The deep trenches…

"Arms? If it is AK or something like that, then it's okay," Jiang Chen gulped while he said courteously.

"Tank, fighter jet, artillery, we sell everything." Natasha glanced at Jiang Chen's beach shorts as she the tip of her mouth dubiously curved up.

The eyes seemed to be saying, [You are saying no, but your body is more honest.]

Jiang Chen ignored the teasing look as he rebuked, "You sell everything? Do you sell people?"

Natasha was clearly not agitated by Jiang Chen's words. Instead, she flirted back, "If you want, we can have a deep discussion about it."

"Ahem." Xia Shiyu coughed loudly.

Natasha turned around as she seemed to have understood something, she looked dubiously at Jiang Chen.

"You certainly have the joy than most men desire."

"Don't say random stuff." Jiang Chen was out of sorts.

Natasha then abruptly said, "Also, just a reminder, you are being monitored."

'Monitored? By who?" Jiang Chen paused, suddenly alerted.

Natasha stood up.

"Are you not going to welcome me to your party?"

Jiang Chen didn't know what Natasha had planned, but he agreed to her staying in the wooden beach cabin. While the cabin looked primal from the outside, all the necessary amenities were available.

Guest room, bathroom, even a spa; a range of equipment only available in five-star hotels.

But the most fun thing on the island was the hot spring. As long as a hole was dug on the beach, once a wave passed through, a hot spring mixed with sand would form. It looked muddy, but it was filled with unpolluted natural minerals. Great for the skin.

The hot spring on the beach was across from the cabin and because Xia Shiyu wanted to try it, Ayesha accompanied her. Not confident with leaving Natasha with Jiang Chen, the two girls "kidnapped" her along. Jiang Chen wanted to go too, but they had to be naked. With how stern Xia Shiyu's face was, Jiang Chen stayed in the cabin.

Just as Jiang Chen was in the spa ready to drift off to sleep, the phone on the table began to ring.

He picked up the phone. It was an international number.

Caller: Xie Lei.


"I confirmed the opponent's identity," Xie Lei said in short breaths.

"Are you okay?" Jiang Chen frowned.

"I'm fine, but they almost saw my face." Xie Lei looked back on the street, still feeling anxious.

He was in a public phone booth and cautiously scanning the street.

"Keep it simple," Jiang Chen said.

Xie Lei took a deep breath as he said briskly, 'I obtained a filed named V from their database, but the file inside was encrypted, and the encryption method was the most outdated one, I could not crack it without the password. Also, the opponent detected my presence and almost just blocked me in the library."

"Where is the file?"

Xie Lei adjusted his breathing, "I sent it to a safe email at the net café, and I'll tell you the account and password now."

"Go ahead."

Jiang Chen pressed a few buttons on the phone and opened the notepad function.

Once Xie Lei finished the last letter, Jiang Chen saved the information.

"Be safe."

"Mhmm." Xie Lei nodded.

"If it is not safe, just stop. Your sister is there after all."

He knew how restrained it felt when his family was being threatened.

"Thank you!" Xie Lei said sincerely.

His sister was his concern. He at least received three months of military training in Nigeria and could easily run when discovered, but it would be a different scenario if he had to bring his hospitalized sister along.

The game of cat and mouse should end soon.