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Chapter 436: The Construction Robot

Chapter 436: The Construction Robot
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Based on a length of 11 meters and radius of 1.55 meters, the size of the missile was approximately 20.7 cubic meters, with a storage dimension the size of 30 cubic meters, it was not a big problem to haul it to the modern world.

"Is the warhead placed inside?"

"A five hundred ton hydrogen warhead is being welded in right now." Jiang Lin pointed at the mechanical arm.

What's the meaning behind a five hundred ton hydrogen warhead? Four numbers could be used for reference.

Personnel exposed: 4.1

Personnel in a tank: 1.9

Personnel in a bomb shelter: 0.7

Personnel in a fallout shelter: 0.46

The four numbers refer to the lethal striking radius to personnel by a five hundred ton hydrogen bomb in kilometers, it doesn't include the radiation damage. Of course, it was estimated based on the modern world's standard.

The power armor and tank in the apocalypse were often designed with a lead fiber insulation layer which was highly effective against radiation damage. Because of this, the purpose of a nuclear missile was often to cripple the enemy's basic infrastructure and prevent the light infantry from entering the battlefield.

Only two or three deployed under the sea were necessary for the almost impossible to intercept five hundred thousand ton nuclear warhead to create nuclear deterrence. Once Xin announced itself as a nuclear nation with possession of global strike capability, even if the UA wanted to plot against Xin, they would have to weigh in the total worth of New York and Washington.

Deterrence was enough.

If possible, Jiang Chen hoped he would never use it.

Because once the button is pressed, the thing could not be stopped. Even with the technology in the 22nd century, it could not stop the brutal yet straightforward weapon.

"How many warheads can be produced with the remaining nuclear material?' Jiang Chen asked.

"Including the Uranium as well as the nuclear material confiscated from the Sixth Street, probably two more." Jiang Lin estimated and gave a conservative number.

The material required for the production of the dirty-type thermonuclear weapon is mainly tritium and tritium lithium, while uranium 235 is only the initiation device. There is only one way to get tritium on the wasteland and that is to extract one or two grams of tritium from the nuclear materials that have not been used up.

Of course, it was much easier to produce the non-dirty type thermonuclear weapon. Helium-3 would be extracted from a commercial-type nuclear fusion battery as raw material. However, because helium-3 and deuterium thermonuclear reaction will only produce non-radioactive protons, the use of helium-3 as nuclear warhead raw materials will not produce radiation so that the deterrence would be much smaller.

Such technology has yet to be developed in the modern world, even if the technical capacity were there, it would be hard to achieve.

Because the total helium three reserve was estimated to be 500 kilograms, the closest helium three mine was located on the moon…

Jiang Chen nodded as he was pleased with the result. "Great, your next mission is to create two more peace ambassadors."

"Are you planning to use these to clear out mutants? Allow me to be frank, nuclear weapon's damage to mutants are not ideal, those things crawled out of the nuclear crater in the first place. And the nuclear crater produced from the explosion may be used as a nest for mutants like Death Claw." Jiang Lin hesitated for a moment and reminded him.

"Of course it will not be used against mutants. If I wanted to blow mutants up, wouldn't it be better for me to get artilleries to launch the warheads? What's the point of creating an intercontinental ballistic missile? As to the purpose, you don't have to worry about it, just help me move this missile to the backyard of the mansion.

As soon as Jiang Chen finished, he left.

As the general, he didn't need to explain his actions to anyone. And because of that, Jiang Lin only let out a sigh wryly before he began ordering people to transport the Dolphin-10.

Returning to the backyard of the mansion, Jiang Chen began to disassemble the eight containers brought back by Wang Zhaowu from camp 27. The 400 tons of equipment included two construction robots, an underwater floatation device with a maximum capacity of four people, and a construction module; mining module that could be installed on the underwater floatation device.

The construction robot was a great invention. It could use the construction information downloaded on its chip to auto-complete construction. Although the automatic construction process was slower than manual operations, it was more precise and convenient.

If Jiang Chen wanted to modify the vessels Russia sold him, he only needed to scan the model of the vessel with a scanner back. Then bring it to the experts' familiar with the area in Fallout Shelter No. 27, use the quantum computer to create a modification plan, and then download the construction information onto the construction robot's chip. He only needed to provide the material, the specific steps would be auto-completed by the construction robot.

After that, he returned to the modern world.

Jiang Chen drove by himself to a deserted island east of Ange Land.

One advantage of Pannu Islands was the number of islands in the territory, Due to the ten billion construction projects, most of the deserted ideas in Xin were under his name. It included this island called "Coconut". Although when Jiang Chen landed on the island, he didn't see a lot of coconut trees; there were mainly short woods typical to rainforests and the barren gravel.

After a trip to the apocalypse, Jiang Chen first brought back the two construction robots and a drone terminal.

The robot was one and a half meters in height with a fluid looking shell. Although it looked a bit dumb, it was meticulous in its work. The crab-like claws were equipped with welding equipment, multiuse wrenches, and other tools. The half belt half walking base could move rapidly on flat ground while being able to traverse in complex terrains.

Jiang Chen installed a drone terminal in the dense forest in the middle of the island and released 20 Hummingbird drones to scan the less than one square kilometers wide island, and then he registered the hologram map onto the control of the construction robot.

After the data finished uploading, Jiang Chen made several runs and brought the components of the underwater floatation device, the solar generator, as well as some reinforce steels and concrete over.

Jiang Chen first marked the area where the supplies were stored on the island and then chose a relatively high point on the 3D map for the location of the solar panels.

The two construction robots immediately turned its' belts and moved to the components of the solar generator. After they transported the parts to the targeted location, the two construction robots skillfully began to assemble to solar generator together.

Jiang Chen only waited 15 minutes before the two robots completed the work.

"This is amazing."

Jiang Chen examined the masterpiece of the two robots as he exclaimed out loud.

The technology from the 22nd century, the ability to complete constructions automatically, it made building things as simple as RTS games, just build wherever you click. If this technology were introduced to the market, a lot of construction companies would kill to get their hands on it.

Of course, Jiang Chen would not introduce it to the world in the next little while.

The really good things must be kept in his own hands. He'll introduce it once he gets bored of it.

With the tablet in his hand, Jiang Chen sent the two robots to be charged on the drone terminal. Then he set a project to construct a two dock harbor and then added the assembly of the underwater floatation device onto the construction list.

With the symbol of on the screen, he verified to ensure he didn't miss anything before closing the tablet.

He only needed to wait for construction to finish.

To ensure the safety and privacy of the island, Jiang Chen deliberated for a moment before he decided to not station any soldiers of Celestial Trade. It was not that he didn't trust his own soldiers, but he was afraid people who kept an eye on Celestial would notice this place.

Once the island is stationed with people, it meant constant supply to the island which would reduce the hiddenness of the "Coconut Island". At least before the construction robots finish construction, it was better to keep it as hidden as possible.

For now, the best security would be the drones.

Returning to the drone terminal, Jiang Chen changed the drones' mission from reconnaissance to alert. Once the drones notice any boats approaching, the fourth-dimensional messenger device located inside would alert his EP.

After all this, Jiang Chen stretched his body and returned to the apocalypse.

But what he didn't expect was that just as he returned, he encountered a severe situation.