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Chapter 450: Or God

Chapter 450: Or God
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There was a sudden explosion at the frontlines.

A Tiger II was lifted to the sky by a dark green flash.

20 soldiers hidden in the darkness suddenly snuck out as they launched a surprise attack on the northwest corner of the circle formed by NAC. They continued to push forward while they fired simultaneously. The raindrops exposed their outlines, but their outlines were still unclear in the darkness.

Suddenly, two fist-sized crystals flew out from the darkness. They cast an eerie light before they exploded at the NAC infantry's backlines.

Jiang Chen's pupils contracted as he gazed at the explosions in the distance.

He knew exactly what they were.

The ability to explode crystals.

These people belonged to the Dusk!

The soldiers at the northwest corner immediately responded as they started firing at the unknown force.

"It's an optical illusion! Bring out your EMPs!" A soldier shouted while ripping off his earpiece. He threw an EMP grenade.

The soldiers nearby all followed as they targeted the area with EMP bombardment. The static noise began to diffuse to the surrounding area and revealed the soldiers in black standing in a triangular formation.

Their black kinetic skeletons looked like full-body jumpers and their fluid rifles had a blue light. Judging by the quietness of their shooting, they were using Gauss rifles powered by electromagnetic acceleration.

Just from the details, their equipment definitely wasn't from wasteland factories made with crude techniques; they were probably manufactured before the war!

And they were the elites of the Dusk Church – the Apostles!

The bullets left waves and ripples on the energy shield. After being exposed, the Apostles didn't panic as they searched for cover and scattered around the destroyed Tiger II while engaging in battle with the First Corps soldiers.

The EMP didn't affect their Gauss rifles as their working principle was based on high power currents accelerating metal projectiles; the effect of EMP on the flow of currents was almost negligible. The penetration power of the Gauss rifle posed a great threat to the soldiers even though the T-3 power armor was enough to defend against the projectiles of the Gauss rifle…

But it was futile.

Faced with the Wanderer Tank, everything was futile.

While the Apostles pushed forward to the Sports Center, putting their lives on the line, the sound of an engine humming appeared from behind them.

The concrete wall collapsed under the impact. The Wanderer tank previously leading the charge circled behind them.

The particle cannon fired and a blue ball of light exploded in the middle of the Apostles' formation. The scattered high energy particles instantly penetrated through their energy shield. At the same time, the coaxial electrostatic cannon started to unleash its power.

The 2 kg shells swept through at a rapid speed which caused a series of blasts in the rain. The cannon forced the Apostles to remain in their position before they were shredded. Faced with the Wanderer tank, their advantage of stealth was no longer existent.

Their fate was determined. The mutated humans and the Dusk had no more fighting chances.

The mutated soldiers at the Sports Center began to retreat while the NAC soldiers at the periphery of the building rushed in.

But then, a green light sparkled and an explosion filled the battlefield again.

The explosion was at the front of the Sports Center gate. The eight soldiers rushing in were blown a street away.

Jiang Chen narrowed his eyes to see the clouds of dust drifting apart as a figure walked out.

Red dots locked onto that person's body.

Without a doubt, if he dared to make any moves, he would become a sieve in the next second.

What made Jiang Chen uncertain was the still, calm look on his face.

The rain dampened his clothes, the fur on his collar had been turned into a few muddled strands, and his hands were in his pockets.

"I want to see your boss."

It was the first thing he said.

"Capture him." That was Cheng Weiguo's response.

Two soldiers walked up with rifles in hand and pointed straight at his head while marching forward.

"Kneel on the ground and put your hands above your head!"

The person sighed.

"Is this how you worship a god?"

As the voice died, the scene suddenly took a turn.

As if they were being directed by an invisible hand, two steel beams on the ground rose. Before the two soldiers could realize what happened, they were penetrated by the soaring beams.

Even Jiang Chen was shocked by the scene.

"Kill him!" Cheng Weiguo shouted.

The shocked soldiers turned angry as they immediately pressed their triggers.

Their bullets flew, but they all stopped in front of the stranger like flies stuck in a spider web. Like a scene from the Matrix, Jiang Chen's expression turned solemn.

[What kind of technology is this?]

Seeing as the bullets were useless, Cheng Weiguo waved his hand.

With his command, the Tiger II rushed in and targeted the Type-50 electromagnetic cannon at the gate.

The person smiled at the sight and opened his jacket.

The shining gems dangling inside his jacket reflected an eerie dark red.

When Jiang Chen saw this, his pupils instantly shrunk.


Jiang Chen ordered.

Cheng Weiguo looked at Jiang Chen in shock as he didn't understand the decision.

The person smiled with pleasure and raised the flashing red ring on his hand.

"Jiang Chen, I know you're here. Come out! Don't you want to chat with me?"

Blood crystal was a substance with the same structure as crystal but possessed a thousand times the energy. Just a thumb-sized piece could create energy equivalent to one kilogram of tritium going through nuclear fusion.

Jiang Chen heard Lin Lin say that Klein particles in the third dimension was only the tip of the iceberg in terms of its actual energy. Because of this, when Sun Xiaorou tried to assassinate him, just a few small crystals managed to create destructive power similar to a bomb.

The ability to explode the crystals worked by releasing all the energy of the Klein particles. Therefore, once he blew up the blood crystal, the energy released would be far greater than the energy released through one kilogram of tritium in nuclear fusion.

Therefore, for each of the blood crystals in his lap, each of them had power comparable to a hydrogen bomb.

Jiang Chen counted. Including the ring on his finger, he had a total of 121 blood crystals.

Cheng Weiguo saw Jiang Chen walking forward and immediately grabbed him.

"General! You can't-"

Jiang Chen shook his head, signaling Cheng Weiguo not to worry. He insisted on moving forward.

Watching Jiang Chen walk to him, the person smiled joyfully.

"Of course you know your stuff."

Cheng Weiguo watched Jiang Chen walking to the stranger without any protection. He gulped with uneasiness then signaled the sniper beside him. The sniper understood and raised his sniper rifle cautiously.

Jiang Chen glanced at the bodies penetrated by the beams then looked at the person.

"Introduce yourself."

Seeing as Jiang Chen wasn't scared at all, the person's smile became brighter and brighter.

"Bo Yu - Yu for space. Or you can call me pope or God."