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Chapter 451: 121 Hydrogen Bombs

Chapter 451: 121 Hydrogen Bombs
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The rain fell rhythmically. The droplets shined under the light bomb, scattering a blood-like texture. The two stood across from each other in the front of the Sports Center, eyes fixed on each other in silence.


Jiang Chen scoffed at the thought.

[How childish would you be to consider yourself a God?]

Boo Yu didn't seem to mind Jiang Chen's scoff as he smiled.

"I have to respect you for the fact that you made me show my trump card. I'm really curious as to where you got those rockets. As far as I know, no countries before the war were bored enough to use the boring non-guided missiles."

A task that could be completed by a single guided missile obvious didn't need a bunch of non-guided missiles to complete. These non-guided missiles left history in the mid-21st century, so it made sense for Boo Yu to be completely oblivious to the source.

"I managed to find creativity in history. Outdated doesn't mean useless." Jiang Chen grinned and gave a vague answer.

"Is that so?" Boo Yu shrugged.

"But you, how did you manage to do it?' Jiang Chen glanced at the steel beams and bullets on the ground. He was intrigued.

Bo Yu seemed to have heard an interesting question as he suddenly burst out laughing.

The arrogant laughter echoed inside the Sports Center, clear but strange.

"Looks like you know nothing about power."

Jiang Chen didn't respond as he only apathetically looked at the smile on his face. He seemed to have finished laughing as he retracted his arrogance.

"Fine, because you answered a question for me, I'll tell you. Have you heard of the hidden genetic code?"

[Hidden Genetic Code?]

"I have heard about it," Jiang Chen said emotionlessly.

[He already unlocked the second level.]

"Did you try to unlock the third level?" Bo Yu said mysteriously.

"The third level?"

"That's right. The hidden genetic code is someone human ancestors possessed, but through the process of evolution, it was eventually lost. The reason why they lost the ability was not of its weakness or extraneousness, but rather because they were too powerful, therefore they were balanced out by nature." Bo Yu stared at Jiang Chen's eyes with a smile and raised one of his hand, "Just like this."

The bullets began to float from the ground and concentrate in his palm before slowing forming a mini hurricane.

Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows at the supernatural scene.


"No, no, no. That is too unprofessional of a way to describe it," with bullets in hand, Bo Yu shook a finger, "This is just a different way of using Klein particles. It uses the third-dimensional physics phenomenon to disrupt the coordinate location."

"So your ability is to detect Klein particles?" Jiang Chen said musingly.

Klein particles' disruption to a third-dimensional phenomenon. Speaking of which, he remembered that the Klein particles that Tingting fired could destroy electronic equipment, could that be a method of disruption?

The disruption to electron movement.

Just as Jiang Chen thought about this, he noticed the flashing ring in his hand.

[Wait, if his ability is to disrupt Klein particles, then his ability must come from…]

"Sense, disrupt, and control." Bo Yu smiled. "Just like what you saw, I can make kinetic energy stop at will, and I can create magnetic fields out of thin air. I become the God of this world by unlocking the third level! And technology's power will allow me to gift my power to my followers."

"I originally wanted to use the 121 hydrogen bombs I have on me to force you to help me leave, but now I have changed my mind."

"I respect your ability, with your help, my plan will be much easier."

"What do you think? Do you long for this power? Do you long for leaving the barren wasteland?"

"Join us. I will give you a ticket, and I will gift you the ability to intervene with nature."

Bo Yu said, his voice manipulative while gazing into Jiang Chen's pupils.

[Join him?]

The project to leave for a new world had not the slightest attractiveness to Jiang Chen. He could freely traverse between the modern world and the apocalypse. But Jiang Chen didn't immediately reject him but instead became immersed in thought.

[121 hydrogen bombs.

Even if they explode in Jia City, it could easily wipe off the province of Suhang from the map.]

"You have no other choice. I already activated the 121 blood crystals in my body. Once they leave my control, they will explode like grenades." Seeing Jiang Chen was silent, Bo Yu advanced.

Jiang Chen looked up in the sky.

The fifteen light bombs dangling nearby seemed to be reaching their limit.

"What are you looking at it?" Bo Yu frowned.

"Nothing, I agree to work with you." Jiang Chen suddenly smiled and extended his hand.

Bo Yu paused for a moment as Jiang Chen's smile gave him an ominous feeling. But feeling the hefty weight on his body, he felt calm again.

[I don't care what kind of tricks you play, I have nukes strapped on me."

Bo Yu opened his hand and let the bullets slide down as he shook Jiang Chen's hand.

"Welcome, my comrade."

"Haha, welcome.' Jiang Chen warmly shook his hand as mischievousness suddenly flashed across Jiang Chen's eyes as he put his finger casually on his sleeve.

The light bombs in the air began to fade as the shadow projected down the wall began to gradually disguise the two's figure.

Suddenly, Bo Yu was alerted.

Before he could react, he felt the weight on his body disappear as his ring and jacket all vanished into thin air.

"How, how is that possible?!"

Bo Yu backed up feeling wholly shaken while pulling out the pistol around his waist.

He could no longer use his ability after losing the ring, although his mind was in complete chaos after witnessing the "supernatural activity", he knew one thing clear. If he wanted to live, he must control the man in front of him.

But before he could even raise his pistol, a soaring light blade chopped off his arm


The deafening scream echoed in the giant stadium, Bo Yu tumbled and fell to the ground. He held onto his severed right arm; his limbs twitched in pain.

Jiang Chen hid away the laser sword in his hand while he used his earpiece to order Cheng Weiguo to come in. He then walked toward Bo Yu.

The leader that referred to himself as God had the muscles on his face completely twisted in pain. White foam fizzed out from his mouth as his calm and collected persona vanished.

"Looks like I just slew God." Jiang Chen kicked away the pistol on the ground and looked down on the leader of Dusk.

This counted as revenge for Sun Xiaorou and Sun Jiao.

The high temperature of the laser blade burned his wound. He didn't lose too much blood. Because of this, Jiang Chen could ask a few more questions.

"This is impossible, my blood crystals… You hid them. Haha, it's okay… Without my control, they will blow you all to pieces… and die with me." Bo Yu moved back while locking his eyes on Jiang Chen as words came stuttering out.

"You could speak already? Unfortunately, they disappeared from this world," Jiang Chen scorned.

Bo Yu's eyes widened, his face full of disbelief.

"That's impossible."

"Do you want to know why?" Jiang Chen smile.

Bo Yu curled up on the ground gulped and nodded.

"Then tell me first about Fallout Shelter 071. Or, why would you chose Sun Xiaorou?"

It was what puzzled Jiang Chen the most. [If he had granted Sun Xiaorou's ability, why would he choose her and implant a chip to block her memory?]

When Bo Yu heard her name, Bo Yu took a moment to process it before realizing.

"Oh, you are talking about the assassin I sent? What a useless- AHHHH!"

"Don't bullsh*t me." Jiang Chen said apathetically as he stabbed the laser sword into his toe.

The sharp pain almost made Bo Yu unconscious.

He had never experienced such pain. Sweat began to roll down from his forehead as he said while howling and screaming.

"I'll say it, I'll say it!"

Jiang Chen stopped and looked at him.

"Fallout Shelter 071, there is a live PAC specimen there." Holding onto his severed limb, Bo Yu's muscles tightened up as his words came right out.

"Specimen?" Jiang Chen frowned.

There was hesitation in Bo Yu's eyes, but when he saw the laser sword dangling in Jiang Chen's hand, he decided to reveal the secret.

"Among the 500 survivors, there is an eternal life code hidden among them."

[Eternal life!]

Jiang Chen was completely stunned, but there was no expression on his face as he said nonchalantly.

"Oh, did you find it?"

No people of influence could escape the temptation of eternal life, and Jiang Chen was not an exception.

Bo Yu's twisted face squeezed out a smile.

"Haha, guess?"

"Don't waste time." Jiang Chen said emotionlessly with the laser sword pointed at his nose, "Based on the value of the information you provided, I can consider letting you live."

"Hehe, then why don't you just kill me." Bo Yu said with a grim smile, "You really think I will fall for your trick? You only have two choices; kill me and loss all the clues or let me live in exchange for a clue."

The truth-telling liquid was useless to anyone injected with the genetic vaccine. If he didn't say anything, Jiang Chen had no better ways of obtaining the information in his head.

[Capture him first before interrogation?]

But just then, drowsiness began to overwhelm him.

He felt a burning sensation from his wrist.

With "uh oh' in his mind, the laser sword pointed at Bo Yu nose slid down from his hand.

Without screaming, the laser sword penetrated Bo Yu's head.

Trying his hardest to maintain his fallen consciousness, Jiang Chen pressed on the earpiece and said "help me" to Cheng Weiguo before dropping to the ground.

The 121 blood crystals finally exploded.

But it was not in this world. It was inside Jiang Chen's storage dimension.