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Chapter 32: The Popularity Gained from Cursing!

Chapter 32: The Popularity Gained from Cursing!

The victor was clear!

The war of words had ended, too!

Netizens were positively leaving comments; everyone was almost laughing!

All in One Wind: “Too godly! The things I saw today were too godly!”

SmallHole11: “Absolutely godly! Absolute idol! Such aggression!”

ZhangYeNumber1Fan: “This is a newly registered account; please take care of me. In the future, I will be Teacher Zhang’s brainless fan. To curse at such a masterful level, I can only use ‘worship’ to describe my feelings. From now on, Teacher Zhang Ye will be the Leader of our internet troll army!”

MightOfALittleWarrior: “Seeing Teacher Zhang Ye’s curses, I realize how naive I had been. I even boasted that I was a cursing specialist with no competition. But after seeing today’s events, I’ve been humbled. I wonder if Teacher Zhang Ye takes disciples. I would like to learn your art of cursing. If I could get 10% of your skills, no, just 1%, I would not be afraid anymore while I travel the world!”

“In the process of breaking down……”

“God, what did I just witness!?”

“This Weibo account has almost gone up to the first page!”

“What happened here? Why is the click rate for the comments so high?”

“Teacher Zhang Ye’s image has just collapsed for me. Is this the same Teacher Zhang Ye who wrote ‘Flying Bird and Fish’? This is that Teacher Zhang Ye who wrote ‘A Generation’? This is too much…… I like it too much! Haha! Well cursed! Such kinds of people deserve such curses!”

“Talent! This is what talent is!”

“This cursing can even move the heavens! He is no doubt a great poet!”

“Come on, how can a poet curse like this?”

“To the previous poster: which writer or poet does not curse? Consider the most famous Teacher Chen Tianmo; was his first poem not one that was used to curse too? It even had vulgarities!”

Everyone started to heatedly discuss. The center of focus were Zhang Ye’s Weibo’s curses!

At the unit.

The radio station’s colleagues had all witnessed Zhang Ye’s curses that had a touch of genius; some of them even could not hold in their laughter!

“Teacher Little Zhang has such an ability?”

“It really is unbelievable; these curses are too humorous!”

“Hahahaha. I’ve already compiled all those curses!”

“Isn’t this a little bad? The Leader was so anxious just now. Why…..”

“Those curses are already unretractable. It’s too late; we will leave it to the leader to deal with tomorrow.”

“This time, it’s really Tian Bin’s bad luck. He actually met Zhang Ye, a person who would rather die than lose out. Tian Bin sure got cursed into a terrible state!”

“Little Zhang sure is godly. Say, about all those classic amongst classic curse sentences, how do you think that he came up with them? Were they on-the-spot creations again?”

“Right, that ‘I bought a watch last year’ sure was marvelous!”

“Hehe. I prefer that line about ‘why did you give up treatment’! It was so funny!”

“After being cursed to such a pathetic state, I’m guessing that Tian Bin would have no face to come to work tomorrow!”

Teacher Feng was at a loss of whether to laugh or cry, “This Little Zhang.. I already told him to delete his Weibo messages and not speak anymore. But no matter what, he refused to listen. Now we are in this state.”

Another person who had a good relationship with Tian Bin said, “How can Little Zhang do this? This will cause a lot of negative exposure. They might think everyone in our radio station is of such a culture!”

Xiaofang did not like what was said, “It was Teacher Tian who instigated the matter first; Teacher Zhang was just in self-defense!”

The matter seemed to have calm down, but in fact, it was far from having done so.

Zhang Ye’s “famous sentences” had never appeared in this world yet. However, in his world, every sentence was extremely popular on the internet. Actually, when Zhang Ye was using all of them to curse, he did not feel particularly happy about it. Why? This was because, from his knowledge, all those curses had already been overused and outdated. For example, “I bought a watch last year”… The people in Zhang Ye’s old world had used it too much. It had lost its charm. As for that sentence about “never battle with beasts”, if Zhang Ye were to post it on his world’s discussion boards, people would definitely reply with things like, “Congratulations to OP for getting onto the internet.” It was so overused that no one used it anymore. However, in this world, no one had yet to hear all these catchphrases. Hence, when Zhang Ye revealed a large number of them, they immediately caused an intense sensation on the internet!

There were even well-meaning people who compiled a list of classic Zhang Ye phrases as they copied every sentence he used to let everyone worship!

During this time, there were also many people in the same industry who replied.

“Keep calm. All of you, calm down!”


“Waiting for new sentences.”

“Has it already ended?”

A few radio station counterparts from other provinces and municipalities expressed concern.

This sort of matter would not have been much in another industry and would not have made even a splash in their entertainment circles; however, in their radio station media circle, it was still quite novel. As such, it began spreading like wildfire as counterparts from other radio stations also spread this in an instant. Many people logged in to Weibo to watch the show upon hearing this interesting piece of news. After seeing Zhang Ye’s phrases, most of the counterparts only had one reaction. In the future, you could offend anyone else, but never a person like this. Your sister, your curses are so wicked. If someone had a bad heart, he would have died of a heart attack from the rage!

The development carried on.

People carried on replying and following the matter without any tinge of tiredness.

Zhang Ye was like a fighter. He did not even eat dinner. He was waiting in front of the computer for Tian Bin to appear once again. He was prepared to engage in another round of battle at any time. He was not afraid of anyone. In the end, the other party did not even whimper, making Zhang Ye have a slight yearning for more.

With that, Zhang Ye posted a final message for this matter and clarified, “Statement: my personal words are representative of my personal views. It has nothing to do with my respective radio station. I am not a person who liked to use vulgarities. However, if someone were to bully me, I would not sit idle. As for those people who tried to fan the flames and for those who scolded me without any provocation, I can only give you four words. Please (QU) take (NI) good (MA) care (DE)!” The last sentence he used was also a popular theme in his world. The four words were still those four words, but the pinyin notes were something else. Of course, in this world, no one had seen such a thing!

People could not react in time as they had never come into contact with something like that!

“Please take good care?”

“Eh, why did Teacher Zhang Ye suddenly become so refined?”

“He’s not refined! Haha! Quick, look at the pinyin for “please take good care”! Do not look at the words!”

“The pinyin behind? QU? NI? MA? DE? Go? f**k? your? self? Pu!”

“There’s a hidden catch! I’m dying of laughter! I can’t even close my jaw! I really am laughing madly today!”

“Teacher Zhang Ye is too damaging! Whoever offends him won’t have a good outcome! Asking for help from God! From today onward, Teacher Zhang Ye will be my spiritual leader!”

“The word of God!”

“Ha! I’ve already fan-ed!”

“However strong you are, there is always someone stronger!”

“This is the first time I have realized that there can be so much knowledge in cursing!”

“As above. This is the first time I have realized that cursing can be so artistic!”

After the Weibo battle ended, Tian Bin’s side completely died down as Zhang Ye shouted his stance! No one dare to fight again!

Before this, there usually would not be any end to a war of words online. It would just be one scolding the other, with the other responding with a curse. This would then keep going back and forth, with no way to decide who was the victor, as no one would take it lying down, as no one wanted to eat humble pie. However, today was an exception. Zhang Ye had managed to curse a few hundred people so well that they could not respond alone! Many onlookers who were watching felt their blood boil! If one man guards the pass, ten thousand are unable to get through!

What sort of style was this!?

How domineering was this!?

The last curse had increased Zhang Ye’s Weibo fans by another 6,000. This was just the popularity gained purely from cursing. Looking at the entire internet, Zhang Ye was the first person to rapidly gain so many fans just from his curse words and not because of his target audience!