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Chapter 33: I Guess I Should Write a Self-reflective Essay!

Chapter 33: I Guess I Should Write a Self-reflective Essay!

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The second day.

Zhang Ye woke up early in the morning. Without eating breakfast, he switched on the computer at home. The computer in his parents’ home was a locally-made “Donghua” brand. It was also a brand that Zhang Ye had never heard of. It was cheap and its price-to-performance ratio was relatively higher. The only problem was it liked to hang.

Checking online, Tian Bin’s Weibo messages had already been deleted. Zhang Ye also began deleting some of his Weibo messages that he had posted the previous night. There was no other way, as Director Zhao had called him personally last night to rage. Everything seemed to be calm, but anyone who had experienced yesterday’s war of words knew how thrilling the scene was.


This year’s online catchphrases?

Through a Weibo link, Zhang Ye entered a voting website. It was the selection of the top ten most popular online catchphrases that appeared over the past year. This was quite different from his previous world. The catchphrases that were popular were nearly all acknowledged by the public and that was it. In this world, there was a tiny difference. Many of the popular catchphrases caught on only through the voting of netizens. The result was quite interesting. If one didn’t see it, they would not know. But just looking at it would give a shock!

No. 1. I bought a watch last year – Zhang Ye.

No. 2. Please (QU) take (NI) good (MA) care (DE) – Zhang Ye.

No. 3. Your door is filled with parasol trees – from netizen, I’m your aunt.

No. 4. Teacher Tian, why did you give up treatment? – Zhang Ye.

Amongst the top ten internet catchphrases, Zhang Ye’s curses had been given tens of thousands of votes by netizens to take the top few spots. The first, second and fourth spots were all his. Looking further down, the rest of Zhang Ye’s other curses were hovering between the 20th-30th spots. The votes were for them were also continuously increasing. Zhang Ye was immediately delighted. Especially because that “why did you give up treatment” phrase had Tian Bin’s name in front of it!

After the war of words ended, the newspapers did not report it. This was because Zhang Ye and Tian Bin were not very famous, so this was not considered news. However, there were some online media and other people who had participated in the war of the words that gave their evaluation.

“The culture and quality of radio station hosts”.

“A blockbuster war of words. A poet’s counterattack”.

“Weibo miracle. A war of words that gained the notice of tens of thousands of people”.

After a few simple sweeps of the news, Zhang Ye finished the breakfast his parents had made for him, before going to work.

The unit.

Upon reaching the doorstep of the radio station building, many staff members, who Zhang Ye did not know, were looking at him. Some were even pointing at him.

“That’s Zhang Ye!”

“He is the one? Haha.”

“Did you see Weibo yesterday? Too awesome!”

There was even a youth from the human resources department who waved at Zhang Ye, “Teacher Zhang, you came? Good morning.”

Zhang Ye blinked, clearly not knowing him, but he still politely greeted back, “How are you? Good morning.” Great, I must have become famous again. However, Zhang Ye, who wanted to be famous even in his dreams, was not very happy today. He bitterly smiled because he knew that this was infamy. As he approached his office, he felt more perturbed. *Cough*, he didn’t know how the Leader would dispose of him.

Upon entering the office, everyone was already there.

“Ah, Teacher Zhang!” Xiaofang was the first to see him.

Teacher Feng, who was about to retire soon, said with some resentment, “Young man, you… Why are you so impulsive?”

Other people either laughed or glanced over. Their looks became complicated when they looked at Zhang Ye.

Zhang Ye said, “Teacher Feng, it’s not that I’m impulsive. It’s just that someone was pushing it too far. He scolded me on Weibo for no rhyme or reason. He even led his fans to curse at me. How could I not fight back?” Don’t look at him writing poems and novels; in fact, those did not show his true side. He was extremely nationalistic and cursed at any grievance under the sky. This was this fellow’s true nature. He was just a very ordinary villainous person. He was not as noble as how people thought him to be.

“Right, where’s Tian Bin?” Zhang Ye began looking.

Teacher Feng hesitated with an odd look before saying, “He’s been hospitalized. He’s on leave today.”

“Hospitalized?” Zhang Ye felt nervous. Don’t tell me this bro had agitated him into such a state? That can’t be, right?

Someone from the editing department said, “Little Zhang, you are definitely in trouble this time. Director Zhao said for you to look for him the moment that you reached the unit.”

Zhang Ye said innocently, “I didn’t cause any trouble. All of you should have seen. It was Teacher Tian who threw the first stone. You can’t blame me for his hospitalization, right? Hai, the saying is so apt, NO-ZUO, NO-DIE.”

Xiaofang was stunned, “What does it mean?”

The other people were also curious, “Is it English? No? Die? What was that?”

Zhang Ye explained, “If you read it together… If you don’t seek death, you won’t die.”

Teacher Feng spat out the water he had just drunk from his white porcelain mug upon hearing this. He began coughing, “That mouth of yours sure is wicked!”

Everyone, “How do you speak English at home!?”

NO-ZUO? NO-DIE? Upon hearing this, Wang Xiaomei, who was usually reticent, was also amused. After clearing her throat and wiping her smile, she went back to work.

Turning around, Zhang Ye bitterly laughed to hide his anxiousness as he walked towards the Leader’s office. He knocked on the door twice.

“Who is it?”

“It’s me, Zhang Ye!”

“…Come in!”

Upon hearing Zhang Ye’s name, the tone from inside immediately turned unfriendly.

Zhang Ye carefully entered the room and saw Zhao Guozhou watering the flowers by the window sill. He closed the door and said, “Leader, I heard Editor Zhou say you were looking for me?”

Zhao Guozhou said hoarsely, “Do you know why I’m looking for you?”

“I don’t know?” Zhang Ye feigned ignorance, “Is it about the recording of ‘Ghost Blows Out the Light’? Don’t worry, I’ll finish recording them today. The recorded program can be broadcast for more than a month without a problem.”

Zhao Guozhou turned speechless, “Are you playing dumb with me?”

Zhang Ye could only admit his faults, “Leader, I know I wasn’t entirely in the right yesterday, but it was Tian Bin who first scolded me as a villainous person intoxicated by success. He even fanned the flames to get his fans to curse at me. Tell me, what should I have done? I could not have pretended to not see it, right?”

Zhao Guozhou said angrily, “He has his faults! You, too, have your own faults! No matter what, Tian Bin did not use a single vulgarity, right? What about you? Look at what you posted! Yesterday, the station’s Leader even called my home! He asked me what was going on! Do you know how great an effect that has brought to the station? Eh?” Zhao Guozhou placed the watering pot down and said, “You do not need to explain any further. I’ll write you down with a demerit mark. Well, then… Write a self-reflective essay. I’ll decide after seeing the self-reflective essay. If your attitude is still incorrect, I’ll add on more punishments. It’s your choice!”

Zhang Ye was not willing to do it, “Director Zhao, I’ll accept the demerit mark. However, I will not write the self-reflective essay, because I do not think I did anything wrong!”

Zhao Guozhou angrily said, “You still want to legitimize your cursing?”

“But Weibo is my personal space. I had also stated that whatever I said was my personal opinion and, as such, has nothing to do with the unit!” Zhang Ye quibbled. How old was he, for him to still write a self-reflective essay!? He was not an elementary student anymore. Zhang Ye would definitely not agree to it, as this was about his principles and dignity!

“You are still quibbling?” Zhao Guozhou stared at him.

“You can give me any punishment, but I will definitely not write the self-reflective essay!” Zhang Ye said firmly.

Zhao Guozhou nodded, “Alright, then I’ll leave your bonus for next month on the backburner. I’ll hand out the bonus only after you turn in the self-reflective essay!”

Deducting his bonus?

What a joke! How can a bonus compare with anything!?

Zhang Ye said without thinking, “I’ll immediately write the self-reflective essay! I’ll pass it to you in a while!”

Zhao Guozhou, “…”