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Chapter 35: Hosting a New Segment!

Chapter 35: Hosting a New Segment!

Afternoon break.

News was spreading within the Literature Channel.

“Old Wang, did you hear? Zhang Ye is done for.”

“Ah? How can that be? Aren’t his program ratings very high?”

“It’s useless, no matter high it is. He’s not a pillar of the station, so would not having him matter?”

“Is it because of the cursing incident? That can’t be! Hasn’t the Leader already meted out punishment to him?”

“Because of the publishing of “Ghost Blows Out the Light”, the station wanted to buy over the copyright. However, Zhang Ye was unimpressed, so he didn’t sell it. The leader was embarrassed. If it was just any other Leader, it wouldn’t be so bad, but this is Deputy Station Head Jia we are talking about. The station’s Leader. If they would let him off, that would be strange!”

“Aiyo, there’s such an incident?”

“Right, he’s done for.”

“It can’t be that bad?”

“Cutting off the station’s profit and long-drawn plans, how can it not be that bad? Watch, the Leader will do him in; they won’t groom him any further.”

“Oh, what a shame. This kid’s cultural upbringing is very good; he’s a good sapling.”

“I knew this day was coming. Zhang Ye doesn’t know his place. He’s a good person, but too stubborn. When you join the working world, how can your principles be that important anymore? He should know where to compromise and give in, otherwise he will suffer sooner or later. His “The Song of the Stormy Petrel” was indeed good. I also approve of his literary skills, but that’s only literature, only a poem. Work is still work; when you have to give in, you have to give in. Otherwise, if he follows his poem’s “Let the tempest strike harder”, he wouldn’t need to come in to work anymore. He would have offended all sorts of people.”

The radio station is big, but its social circle is small. With a little hearsay, everyone heard the news.

When Zhang Ye came back, he was surprised to see Tian Bin. His hand was wrapped up in gauze, like he had suffered an injury.

The moment he saw Zhang Ye, Tian Bin gritted his teeth, like he had wanted to bite at him. But subsequently, Tian Bin was smiling again, like he was witnessing a joke. He’d had a few drinks the day before and was not clear-minded, so he picked on Zhang Ye on Weibo and even encouraged his fans to curse at him. Who would have known that in the end, he and his fans were out-cursed by Zhang Ye. In his anger, Tian Bin smashed the ashtray beside his hands and accidentally cut himself. He even had to go to the hospital to get a few stitches. Tian Bin was so angry that he wanted to murder Zhang Ye, but who knew that when he arrived at the unit at noon, a surprise awaited him. Zhang Ye had offended the Leader. This was what’s called retribution; at least, that is what Tian Bin thought. His anger from before had also dissipated.

“Teacher Zhang!” Xiaofang rushed forward, “They said that you…..”

Zhang Ye waved her away, “Carry on with your work. I’ve finished recording the broadcast; go straighten it out.”

Teacher Feng, who was on good terms with him, also came forward, pulled him aside to a corner and spoke in a whisper, “Did you really offend the station’s Leader?”

Zhang Ye smiled bitterly, “I guess so.”

Teacher Feng concernedly asked, “You are really great. If the station wants your copyright, just sell it off to them. It’s okay to earn less; after all, your future’s here in radio hosting. If you don’t sell, are you prepared to resign?”

Zhang Ye replied unconcerned “Why should I resign? The copyright belongs to me. If the station wants to shortchange me, I won’t sell. I did nothing wrong.”

Teacher Feng was at a loss for words, “You don’t want to stay on? Do you think you can still stay on?”

“Why not?” Zhang Ye rebutted, “Not only will I stay on, I even want to do well.” Such was his temper; he would not have it any other way.

Teacher Feng shook his head, but didn’t say anything further.

Being a radio host, Zhang Ye had pondered repeatedly before applying for the job. Of course, he wouldn’t resign because he had yet to achieve the results and experience. The late-night segment exploded into a well-known program? This result was not enough. Although the late-night program brought together many people, the audience base was still too little. As for those poems? At most, they could let Zhang Ye get around; it could not continuously bring him experience, nor fame. Zhang Ye’s focus was still to gain more fame through using the radio station. At the very least, he had to win an award. This would be the very foundation needed for him to become famous in the future. Zhang Ye’s horizons were very wide; naturally, he would not be stuck in the radio station. But deep inside, he knew that he couldn’t make it without them. Right now, he would like to join the TV station, but that would require them to want him. Even if it was him, he could not become a TV host. The TV station was at least ten times more competitive than the radio station. Lots of people were queuing up to join the TV station, so why would they want him? Based on this height? Based on this image? Bull***t! Even if he worked backstage all his life, it wouldn’t be his turn. So what if he had talent? Even with the cultural support he had from his world, it would have little effect. To be a TV host, not only do you need cultural learnings, but also a mixture of strength and qualifications. This is why Zhang Ye felt the basics in the radio station were very important. He needed to hone his skills here, before he can continue to climb up!

Suddenly, Zhao Guozhou entered the office.

“Director Zhao.”


A few people hurriedly greeted. Tian Bin did so, too.

Zhao Guozhou looked at Tian Bin, “How’s your injury?”

Tian Bin quickly said, “It’s not a problem; it was just a laceration. A few stitches was all it needed.”

With a terse acknowledgement, Zhao Guozhou glanced at Zhang Ye, who was sitting at this seat. Suddenly, he clapped to attract the attention of everyone, “Everyone, put down your work. I have two disciplinary matters to settle.” Looking at Tian Bin, “Little Tian, although you are injured, I still need to give you a verbal reprimand. I have already received your self-reflective essay. Your attitude is pretty good. In consideration of your hard work and working attitude in the past, only one month of your bonus will be deducted. Never again!”

Tian Bin promised, “It won’t happen again.”

“Also, Zhang Ye.” Although Zhang Ye had been dealt with, Zhao Guozhou suddenly went back on his word. “Little Zhang, your behavior was extremely bad. You used vulgarities and not only did you scold your own colleague, you even scolded the listeners who have always been supportive of us. You have caused an indelible effect on our station. The station’s management are also taking this very seriously and have decided to revoke Zhang Ye’s position as the host of “Late-night Ghost Stories”. He will become a stand-in host. The position will be taken up by Tian Bin. Here, I also want to warn everyone to remember that every word and action you do is representative of our station’s image!”

Many people had already guessed it!

However, there were still people who could not believe that the punishment dealt to Zhang Ye was so severe!

Tian Bin was the most delighted person amongst them all. He immediately said, “Thank you, Leader. I promise that I will not disappoint the trust the station has put in me!”

Zhang Ye also never expected the station to be ruthless. “Director Zhao, then will ‘Ghost Blows Out the Light’ be taken off-air?”

Zhao Guozhou said indifferently, “Why would it be taken off-air? Haven’t you already finished recording? Once ‘Ghost Blows Out the Light’ ends its broadcast, the next ghost story will be broadcasted by Tian Bin!”

Finished recording?

This was pretty much slaughtering the donkey after it has done its job at the mill!

Zhang Ye was vexed. This bro had worked overtime until 2-3 A.M. in the night every day over the past few days. He nearly did it without rest, but all he got in return was this? Not giving me the royalties I deserve, removing me from my post, yet still continuing to use my program to gain listenership for the station? One shouldn’t kill after one has apologized! But what could he say? He was without any background or power. He could say nothing and could only blame himself. He had used vulgarities on Weibo, causing others to have something on him. Zhang Ye was a person who had a good memory. In the future, if he encountered something on the internet like this again, he would definitely…definitely carry on cursing!

This was Zhang Ye!

No one could stop him with something he wanted to do!

“I have finished announcing the disciplinary matters. That would be all.” Zhao Guozhou was about to leave.

At this moment, no one expected Wang Xiaomei to stand forward, “Director Zhao, I saw the Weibo incident too. Even though Teacher Zhang had his faults, this matter was instigated by Teacher Tian. If the punishment for Teacher Zhang was so severe, I think it should be done so equally. We shouldn’t let Teacher Tian go on a segment, right?”

Zhang Ye was a rookie who had no experience. His performance was just above-average. However, Wang Xiaomei was different. She was the number one person of the Literature Channel. She was also a supporting pillar of the Beijing Radio Station. The words she said certainly had pull!

Tian Bin’s face flushed red and white. However, he did not dare open his mouth, as it wasn’t his time and place.

Zhao Guozhou stared deeply at Wang Xiaomei, “Teacher Xiaomei, no matter what problems Little Tian has, he did not scold anyone. He had still paid attention to the repercussions.”

Wang Xiaomei said, “Then I think this punishment is not fair. If Teacher Tian can go on segment, then Teacher Zhang should be given a chance to mend his ways.”

Teacher Feng hesitated before looking up, “My “Old and Young Story Club” is about to be axed. I heard that the station has arranged for other segments to replace it. However, there should be about a dozen or so more episodes to be recorded. I have already begun the retirement procedures last week. It is quite pointless for me to host it any further. Why not let Teacher Little Zhang host my segment? I’m already old. My body is also not good. I really don’t have the energy to carry on broadcasting.”

Zhao Guozhou’s eyebrows ticked, “Old Feng, there should be a beginning and an end. You have already broadcast your segment for five years. You want to give up at the final critical moment?”

Teacher Feng sighed, “I think it’s best to hand it over to the young people. I only want to retire peacefully now.”

After a few seconds of silence, Zhao Guozhou could only say, “Alright, then. In that case, tomorrow, Little Zhang will host ‘Old and Young Story Club’.” Since the segment had only about a dozen days left, it was pretty meaningless.

Tian Bin and many others felt the same, too. It was meaningless.

However, Zhang Ye did not agree. At this moment, he felt warmth in his heart. An indescribable feeling surged from deep within his heart. He had never expected that someone would help him at this moment. After Zhao Guozhou left, Zhang Ye rushed to Wang Xiaomei’s table, “Teacher Wang, thank you very much.”

Wang Xiaomei said without expression, “You had helped me relieve the problem on my program last time. Treat it as me returning the favor.”

“Thank you.” After saying that, Zhang Ye went to Teacher Feng, “Teacher Feng, thank you very much. I really do not know what to say.”

Teacher Feng laughed, “Retiring tomorrow is also retiring. Retiring a dozen days later is also retiring. What difference is that to me? You don’t have to thank me. In fact, I can’t help you much. You are, in my opinion, the best sapling in the station. Don’t blame me for always nagging you. In fact, I actually like that bad temper of yours. You are identical to when I was young. Hehe. I also do not wish to see you being put down like that. My segment will be handed over to you tomorrow. This segment is my child. You must treat it well. Even though it will be taken off-air in a dozen or so episodes, you must do it diligently. Can you agree to that?”

Immediately, Zhang Ye felt a heavy burden. He said confidently, “I can agree to that!”