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Chapter 37: My Segment Will Not Go Off-air!

Chapter 37: My Segment Will Not Go Off-air!

The next morning.

A superstition was spread through the unit by word of mouth.

“Hey, have you heard about Zhang Ye?”

“The one whose poem went in the papers? The one that cursed online?”

“Right, that’s him. Everyone is saying he’s odd. It’s like he knows some evil mystic techniques!”

“Haha, what day and age is it? Why are you still so superstitious? How can that be? Even if his “Ghost Blows Out the Light” is so well-written, it is just a novel.”

“You dont’ know what happened at the Literature Channel? A few people who offended Zhang Ye all encountered bad luck. One got scalded by hot water, one got electrocuted by the air-con, another got hit by a bouncing ball from out the window and another one twisted her ankle because of her heels. And finally, falling down repeatedly after a florescent light tube exploded. How do you explain this? Why were all those who did not offend him alright?”

“Ah? There was such a thing?”

“Why would I lie to you? Everyone is talking about it. Old Sun, if you see Zhang Ye in the future, stay far away from him. This guy is really strange!”

Two people in the Music Channel whispered.

This similar scene happened in many parts of the radio station.

Today, Zhang Ye showed up late. When he reached upstairs, people had already begun working, so the corridor was empty. When Zhang Ye reached the door to the Literature Channel’s office, he heard Zhao Guozhou’s voice coming from within. He pushed open the door, “Sorry, there was a traffic jam.” This rascal, of course, was not in a traffic jam. He took the subway to work. He had overslept. It was also because he felt like slacking off at work. He was furious with the way the management and his colleagues had treated him. Since his segment had been taken away from him, he no longer had much passion for work.

The moment he appeared, the entire office turned silent!

Every pair of eyes landed on him!

Zhang Ye felt a bit creeped out as he gave a cough before returning to his seat. Only then did he see a youth standing beside Zhao Guozhou. He was about the same age as Zhang Ye. He was in his early twenties and was very handsome. He was the type that one would consider a standard good-looking guy. His hair was short, he was 1.8 meters tall and a bit thin.

Zhao Guozhou pretended that he did not see Zhang Ye, as he carried on, “I’ve already said what I need to say. Today, I’ll introduce to everyone a newcomer, Jia Yan. He is a fresh graduate and his broadcasting ability is excellent. From today, everyone will be colleagues. When “Old and Young Story Club” finishes next week, that time slot will be replaced by a new segment, “Soaring Youth”. This segment has been planned over a long period of time by the station, and having spent large amounts of money. The position of a broadcasting host will be handed over to Jia Yan. Teachers, please guide him, so that Little Jia can do well.”

Everyone immediately applauded.

Jia Yan took the opportunity to speak, “Seniors, in the future, I hope you would correct me if there is anything I’m lacking with.”

“Your office seat…” Zhao Guozhou searched around as he looked towards Zhang Ye, “Little Zhang, go sit with Teacher Feng. Teacher Feng’s desk is quite large, so grab a chair there. Little Jia, in the future, this will be your office desk. Work hard and don’t let us down.”

Jia Yan said, “Yes, I will, Director Zhao.”

There were no more desks in the office, so Zhang Ye was thrown away.

Zhang Ye could not help but laugh deep down. Surprisingly, he did not say a word as he moved his stuff and stood up.

Just as Zhang Ye’s items was about to lose balance to the point of nearly touching a passing-by Tian Bin’s arm, it was as if Tian Bin was a cat that had its tail stepped on. His hair stood up as he hurriedly retreated away. The chair under his ass even pulled back with a screeching noise.

Zhang Ye, “…”. He carried on walking.

When he walked pass Li Si, whose forehead was covered by a piece of gauze, he immediately turned sideways. It was as if there was a danger zone within a one-meter radius of Zhang Ye, so one needed to stay at least two meters away.

On his way, Zhang Ye sure felt it was lively. Everywhere he passed by, his colleagues would all dodge. It was as if they were shunning the plague!

Holy sh*t!

Must all of you go to that extent?

Zhang Ye was the person who felt most speechless!

Similarly, the newcomer, Jia Yan, was also speechless. He was unaware of what was happening, having just arrived at the unit. Seeing everyone’s attitude towards Zhang Ye, he was wondering, “Just who is this man? Some people were unpopular, but who the f**k has seen such an unpopular person!? How unpopular are you?”

The newcomer’s introduction carried on.

Zhang Ye was in no mood to listen as he whispered to Teacher Feng, “Sorry, Teacher Feng. Both of us need to squeeze together at a table. What the heck! Who is that person? It seems the Leader highly appreciates him?”

Teacher Feng whispered back, “I heard that he is a relative of Deputy Station Head Jia.”

“Both of them have the surname, ‘Jia’? No wonder.” Zhang Ye was enlightened. He had been forced to his current state all because of Deputy Station Head Jia. Of course, he did not have a good impression of Jia Yan.

After completing the procedures, Jia Yan had officially entered the profession. He also rushed to form bonds with his colleagues. A few young ladies in the station even rushed forward to chat with him happily. Male colleagues also had a good chat with him. Without asking, all of them knew that he was a relative of Deputy Station Head Jia. Even if one did not build a good relationship with him, he was not someone they could afford to offend. If he were to speak ill of you in front of the Leader, then you would be in trouble.

“Little Jia, if you have anything you do not know, feel free to ask me.”

“Sure thing, Teacher Wu. Sorry for troubling you.”

“There’s no need to stand on ceremony. We are a family the moment you entered this office.”

Only Zhang Ye and a small minority of people ignored Jia Yan, as they did what they had to do.

Jia Yan was still alright in the beginning. After humbly interacting with his colleagues, he looked around and came to Teacher Feng, “May I ask if you are Teacher Feng?”

Teacher Feng nodded and shook hands with him, “That’s me.”

“Hello. The Leader has arranged for me to take over your segment, so I will need to consult you if there’s anything I do not understand.” Jia Yan said, smiling.

Teacher Feng smiled slightly, “Sure. No problem.”

However, the tone in Jia Yan’s next sentence changed, “I have already planned the theme for two episodes of the program. “Soaring Youth” is a show that has to do with stories and matters regarding youths and society, so I actually have a slight problem. As my theme is more pertinent to actual matters, you should know that the popularity of the topic is limited. After a while, it would lose its popularity, so it cannot be delayed. I heard from the station that you would be retiring. Hence, I’m asking for your opinion if I can begin broadcasting my program this coming Monday. If it is delayed another ten days or so, then what I’ve come up with might not be relevant anymore.”

Teacher Feng, who was still holding his hand, turned stiff, “You are telling me to end “Old and Young Story Club” early?”

“That’s my intention. Ending a show ten episodes early wouldn’t make much of a difference. I think we should be looking forward. I also hope that my segment for that time slot would have a higher listenership rate.” Jia Yan said in a dignified manner.

Teacher Feng’s expression sank, “Impossible!”

Teacher Feng was the most senior person in the office. He was a nice guy and had always been well-liked. A few old comrades who had good relations with Teacher Feng could not bear listening any further.

“Little Jia, what’s the meaning of this?”

“Are you trying to put on airs, having just arrived?”

“The ending to the segment was decided by the Leader; do you think you can change as you wish?”

Jia Yan hurriedly said, “Teachers, you have misunderstood what I meant. I absolutely do not have such a thought. I only want to make my segment do well. I have already told the Leader about my thoughts. The Leader told me to discuss it with Teacher Feng, so I came over to ask. The first two episodes really need to be expedited!”

Wang Xiaomei frowned, and said to him, “Expedited? Then why don’t you adjust your own segment. If it’s old, let it go. Can’t you create something new? Why must you adjust someone else’s segment?”

There were people who helped Jia Yan.

Tian Bin said, “Ending early or late will have the same outcome.”

Wu Datao also said, “Little Jia is a newcomer. We should give him room for opportunities. The future world belongs to young people like him. It isn’t such a serious matter, right?”

The sounds of sparse footsteps from outside could be heard.

“What’s the matter? What’s the ruckus about?” A management inspection team had arrived. The inspections by the higher-ups had no fixed schedule. It purely depended on the mood of the Leader. Every now and then they would take their rounds.

“Station Head Jia.”

“Station Head Jia.”

“Chief Zhang.”

Everyone stood up.

Deputy Station Head Jia asked in a long tone, “What’s going on?”

Jia Yan saw his grandfather but he pretended not to know him. He then explained what had happened.

Deputy Station Head Jia gave a long “Oh” and put his foot down, “The ending time of the segment was just preliminarily decided. It can be adjusted at any time. Since your segment has its requirements, then let’s push it forward by a week.” Looking towards Teacher Feng, “Old Feng, can you make way for the newcomer, please?”

What else could Teacher Feng say? His face turned pale with anger! Just as what he said to Zhang Ye, he had always treated his segment as his child. As its listenership had always been around last, there was no way to help it if it were to be axed. However, just because he was a relative of the station’s Leader, the decided ending date was overturned? I still have not retired yet! Now you are sending me off already?

The matter was settled.

The inspecting management left.

Jia Yan got his wishes, “Sorry, Teacher Feng. My segment is really in a rush. Please don’t bother about me. About the handing over of the segment…”

Zhang Ye very impolitely interrupted him. He was already mad while watching from the side. The moment he spoke, he said some harsh words, “’Old and Young Story Club’ will be mine from today onwards. Anything you need to say should be said to me. However, you don’t have to say any more, nor do you need to consider the handing over of segments. I can solemnly tell you that this segment, ‘Old and Young Story Club’ will not end its broadcast. From today forward, I will let the segment reach greater heights. As for you, take a number and honestly queue up. It’s not your turn yet! In the future, it will still not be your turn either! So there’s no need to be impatient!”


“Old and Young Story Club” will not end its broadcast?

Tian Bin nearly laughed out loud after hearing this. Could you change what the Leader has already decided?

Jia Yan also found it ridiculous, “I’ve heard that you are the previous host of ‘Late-night Ghost Stories’, Zhang Ye, right? I really do not know what you are talking about!”

He did not know, neither did anyone else!

Would not hand it over? Would not end its broadcast? Are you dreaming!?

This is already a sure thing! How are you going to reverse the situation? Do you think you can let “Old and Young Story Club” go from last to first in listenership rates? Today was Wednesday! There were only five days left until Sunday! You have really made a hilarious joke! You really aren’t afraid of saying anything?