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Chapter 38: Zhang Ye narrates “Snow White”!

Chapter 38: Zhang Ye narrates “Snow White”!

People scattered.

They all returned to their seats.

No one cared about the harsh words Zhang Ye said. This was because, be it Tian Bin, Jia Yan or Wang Xiaomei and company, everyone knew that it was impossible. Not even Zhang Ye, even a famous broadcasting host in the industry, with an extreme amount of fame would not be able to revive “Old and Young Story Club” from the dead in five days. Everyone worked in the same industry. They knew the limitations and bottlenecks of the segment. Why was “Old and Young Story Club” always low on the ratings? This was probably fated.

This segment was in the afternoon time slot, which was 12 noon to 1 P.M. The segment was to tell stories like children’s fairy tales. From the moment the segment was established, it already had a pitfall and a limitation. As a result, this segment had never become popular. In recent years, it carried on returning low ratings.

Why? This was because it was no longer like years ago. There was too much information in present-day society. Communication methods and technology were improving by the day. People no longer used the radio to obtain information. Typically, children were still in school during this afternoon time slot, other than during Winter and Summer breaks. Those who were not in school, because they were too young, would not be able to understand the stories. Those who were in school did not have the time to listen. This created this awkward situation.

Furthermore, children’s literature was becoming more and more downtrodden. Be it the quality or quantity of works, they were all decreasing. If one carefully counted, the more famous new fairy tales this year only included “Can Kites Fly?” and “Tong Tong’s Day”. However, these two stories could not be split up and broadcast over an entire year, right? Children might not even listen to it. The same old stories were listened to over and over again. Those which were famous had been heard by everyone. Those that were not famous were not well-liked by everyone. So in such an environment, who would listen to the radio?

Not only the Beijing Radio Station, even many radio stations all over the country were cancelling their children story segments. The market was as such. No one could reverse the situation.

Hence, Zhang Ye’s words were treated as a joke. Many people did not even bother retorting. There was no meaning behind having an exchange and clarification.

“Little Zhang.” Teacher Feng also said, “You really think so?”

Zhang Ye said in a determined fashion, “I didn’t have this thought yesterday, but I have it now!” This rascal was a warrior. He was still resigning himself to despair before, but now, after seeing Deputy Station Head Jia and his family challenging him, his fighting spirit was rekindled. He was full of energy!

“You don’t understand the situation.” Teacher Feng wanted to explain it to him.

However, Zhang Ye refused to listen, “You don’t have to speak any further. I do not need to understand the situation either. You don’t have to care what I do. You just focus on your retirement procedures. Hand everything over to me. I, Zhang Ye, will guarantee you that ‘Old and Young Story Club’ will soar to even greater heights! I will not let your baby end in my hands! If you believe me, then don’t leave the unit first. Aren’t there still five days left? Five days is sufficient! See how I make our program do well! ‘Soaring Youth’? I’ll let that Jia Yan never be able to have his segment!”

Upon hearing that, Teacher Feng also felt a little excited, “You really can do it? But the segment’s stories are all those fairy tales from the past. No matter how good your broadcasting skills are, everyone only cares about the story.”

Zhang Ye flatly said, “Then I’ll write my own stories!”

“You do not have children. You won’t understand the mentality of children!” Teacher Feng cautioned him, “This is different from writing a novel or composing a poem!”

Zhang Ye was confident, “Wait and see. I’ll make them not be able to speak a single word!”

“Alright, then go ahead and try. It’s not early anymore. Let’s go to the recording studio. On the way, I’ll tell you things you need to pay attention to.” Teacher Feng brought Zhang Ye along with him.

However, just as they took a few steps, Li Si came forward, “Teacher Feng, Teacher Jia just went to Recording Studio #3 to record his new segment. You will need to wait.”

Teacher Feng’s voice changed, “Which Teacher Jia?”

“It’s Teacher Jia, Jia Yan.” Li Si no longer spoke to Teacher Feng as respectfully as in the past. There was no need to for a person that was about to leave. As for Zhang Ye, there was even less need to do so, as he had been blacklisted by the Leader. “I actually told him that your segment had already reserved it, but Teacher Jia got an expedited approval from the Leader, so I had to give it to him. Well, Recording Studio #4 will be free in an hour.”

Teacher Feng said angrily, “It will nearly be 12 noon soon! How can we record an hour later!? At that moment, it will be a live broadcast!”

“Please don’t get angry at me. This was not decided by me.” Li Si said.

Zhang Ye had already seen through him, as he appeared unfazed, “Teacher Feng, don’t worry. Let’s do a live broadcast today. I happen to like live broadcasts!”

Teacher Feng was unwilling, “This is the first time you are going on the segment. You have also never narrated such a story. If there’s a mistake, you…”

“There won’t be. I won’t make a mistake!” Zhang Ye said to Li Si, “Reserve the live broadcast room for us!”

Li Si extremely disliked Zhang Ye’s tone. But after the spooky event that happened yesterday, he did not dare to challenge Zhang Ye. He did not even dare to enter a two meters radius from him, so he could only obediently follow the instructions. As the saying goes, kind people will be bullied. After being aware of Zhang Ye’s powers and sinister side, everyone became well-behaved. And Li Si was one of them. He did not wish to be hit in the forehead another time. His wound was still hurting right now!

Before noon.

Live broadcast studio #6.

Today, other than Zhang Ye and Teacher Feng, there was no one else. Everyone knew that Zhang Ye was doomed. This segment was also doomed. So naturally, no one had the mind to listen to their live broadcast.

It was still before the segment’s scheduled time. Zhang Ye took this opportunity to open his game ring. After the war of words, his Reputation points had constantly increased. With the Reputation gained from yesterday’s ‘Ghost Blows Out the Light’, Zhang Ye already had another 100,000 Reputation points today. Without any hesitation, he bought a “Memory Search Capsule”. He searched through the fairy tales he had read when he was still young, reinforcing the memory!

One story!

Three stories!

Five stories!

The capsule’s time was over!

Zhang Ye had a great harvest before he opened his eyes. His eyes were clear and sparkling.

“We are about to begin.” Teacher Feng cautioned him. He began the countdown. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. He turned on the volume and said amiably, “Hello, children. It’s our ‘Old and Young Story Club’ segment today again. I am your old friend, Grandpa Feng. Today, I will introduce a new friend to everyone. His name is Uncle Zhang Ye. The following story and segment will be told by Uncle Zhang.”

Zhang Ye introduced himself, “Hello, children. I am Zhang Ye. You can call me Brother and you can also call me Uncle. Hehe.”

After handing over the segment, Teacher Feng turned off his volume and signaled to Zhang Ye. As he walked out, he looked backwards. He did not remain in the live broadcasting studio. It was not that Teacher Feng was assured of Zhang Ye; in contrast, he was overly worried. As such, he did not even dare watch or listen, for his heart could not take it.

With Zhang Ye left alone, Zhang Ye felt even more calm!

“Old and Young Story Club” had a bottleneck? It had its limitations? Those were all excuses!

Zhang Ye did not believe in such crap. He still wanted to revive this segment! What was his method? It was to use the fairy tales from his world. His brain was filled with all sort of literature resources. Let’s not even talk about one story a day, he could even narrate ten stories a day for a full month without a hitch! Furthermore, every story would be something never heard of in this world! Zhang Ye had even specially checked on the internet. Just like “Ghost Blows Out the Light”, this world did not have the famous fairy tale authors like Hans Christian Anderson or the Brothers Grimm!

Lacking in children’s literature?

Others were worried, but he wasn’t! His whole being was a resource!

Zhang Ye began to speak the moment he opened his mouth. The Memory Search Capsule had allowed him to reproduce the fairy tales without missing a word. The speed at which he narrated was different from that of narrating “Ghost Blows Out the Light”. This was narrated to children, so the speed had to be done slowly. Furthermore, he could not use the tone of narrating a horror story. He had to use a soft and gentle tone. He even needed to pinch his throat to change his pitch, so as to let children feel closer to him. These basics had been completely learned by Zhang Ye when he was in college. Zhang Ye was not weaker than anyone else in these professional classes. He was only lacking a stage from which he could perform. Hence, for a person like him who had poor looks, he greatly valued work in the radio station. He needed to do well. He needed to reverse the situation with “Old and Young Story Club”. It was both for himself and also for Teacher Feng who had been kind to him!

“Today, I’ll tell you a children’s fairy tale. Once upon a time, long, long ago, a king and queen ruled over a distant land. Both of them wished for a child. So they sincerely prayed to God, ‘God! We are a good King and Queen. Please give us a child!’ Soon after that, the kind queen gave birth to a baby girl, who had skin white as snow, cheeks as red as apples…

The people of this world did not understand.

However, if anyone from Zhang Ye’s world heard this, they would definitely blurt it out. Yes, Zhang Ye was narrating the famous, and widely-known all around the world, fairy tale that everyone had heard before…”News Broadcast”!

Alright, let’s not joke!

*Cough* It was “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves”!