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Chapter 39: Today it’s “The Emperor’s New Clothes”!

Chapter 39: Today it’s “The Emperor’s New Clothes”!

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Thursday morning.

The previous day’s ratings were out.

The person who read out the ratings was not Director Zhao Guozhou, but newcomer Jia Yan. Clearly, Director Zhao was intending to groom him.

Jia Yan held the form as he said to everyone, “The Leader has given me this task. Actually, I’m quite nervous, as I keep thinking that announcing the ratings is a task that can offend people. Hehe.” Tian Bin and Wu Datao kindly smiled with him to match up with him.

What was so funny?

Zhang Ye scoffed. He was thinking, “Aren’t your laughing points too low? Anything makes you laugh?”

“First place, Talk About the World.”

“Second place, Entertainment Daily.”

“Third place, Late-night Ghost Stories.”

The top rankings still remained the same. It was already fixed.

Zhang Ye only cared about the ratings for “Old and Young Story Club”. This was because it was his only segment now. Not only him, there was also Teacher Feng who had hosted “Old and Young Story Club” for many years. He did not believe a bit of Zhang Ye’s bold claims. He did not believe a wish that he could not fulfill for all these years could be fulfilled by him. However, the passion Zhang Ye had had infected Teacher Feng. He was also looking forward to it.

Tenth place…

Twentieth place…

When Jia Yan read to the end, Zhang Ye’s segment had finally appeared. It was unknown if it was intentional and his lips curled, “Last place, ‘Old and Young Story Club’, rating of 0.28%.” Lining the bottom once again! It was the first from the back once again! This was not only just last in the Literature Channel, it was definitely within the bottom three in the entire Beijing Radio Station!

Teacher Feng sighed. He also knew that this would be the outcome.

Zhang Ye nearly cursed vulgarities. What the f**k! How can it be so bad? This was “Snow White”! It was his world’s greatest fairy tale! Can it not be so ridiculous? And the rating was that pathetic, at zero point something percent? It had no change from before? That should not have happened! The story of ‘Ghost Blows Out the Light’ and the few poems he threw out had already proven that the culture of the two worlds were interchangeable. How could it not work!?

Tian Bin slanted his eyes at Zhang Ye.

Li Si and Wu Datao also looked at Zhang Ye’s expression.

After that, they and the rest did not say a word. They did not even mock, as this was something that they had taken for granted. No one had put the “bold words” that Zhang Ye had said yesterday to heart. The fairy tales these days had already been regurgitated so much that they were all bland. There were only those few stories. Ignoring the children, even as adults, they could narrate it backwards. You wanted to stir up “Old and Young Story Club” in such an environment? They only laughed.

After the results were announced, everyone began working.

Zhang Ye had reserved Recording Studio #4 at ten. He was about to go.

Teacher Feng called out to him from behind. After hesitating for a while, he said, “Forget it, Little Zhang. This might be your last program. Just do your best and do not have any regrets.”

Zhang Ye did not respond, as he silently entered the recording studio.

Forget it? Impossible! His dictionary did not have the two words “forget it”! Even if the whole world did not acknowledge him, even if everyone thought that he couldn’t make it, Zhang Ye would use his beliefs and principles and use his greatest abilities to do things to his best!

He began recording!

Zhang Ye was very professional. Although he was emotional, the moment he switched on his headset, he changed to the attitude that he should have. He warmly smiled. “Hello, children. Welcome to today’s ‘Old and Young Story Club’. I’m wondering if everyone found yesterday’s story, ‘Snow White’, interesting. Or maybe if it has made you think about what sort of person you would want to be like when you grow up. Today, I’ll bring out another story for everyone.”

“Old and Young Story Club” was similar to the “Late-night Ghost Stories” of the past. It did not have any advertisement sponsorship. Its listenership ratings were too low, hence he did not need to record advertisements like he did for the final tens of episodes of ‘Ghost Blows Out the Light’ at the beginning. He could immediately narrate his story.

“Many years ago, there was an emperor. He spent all his money that so he could dress nicely. He did not care about his army, nor did he like to go to the theater. He also did not like to tour the parks in his coach, unless it was to show off his brand-new clothes. Every day, at one o’clock, he would change into a new set of clothes. When people mentioned him, they would always say, ‘The emperor is in the changing room.'”

Someone must have guessed it!

Yes, this is the famous story from Zhang Ye’s world. It was the famous fairy tale that had even appeared in many textbooks, “News Broadcast”!

Alright, let’s not make this joke in the future. Definitely not again!

Yes, the fairy tale’s name is News… It’s called “The Emperor’s New Clothes”!

“‘He’s actually not wearing any clothes!’ all the citizens finally said. The emperor felt a slight quiver. This was because he felt that what the citizens said appeared to be true. However, he was still thinking, ‘I need to finish this parade.’ As such, he put on a proud air. His officials followed behind him, holding onto a gown that did not exist.” The story finished.

Coming out of the recording studio into the bathroom.

Teacher Feng was still smoking worriedly in the bathroom, “You are done recording?”

“It’s done.” Zhang Ye went to relieve himself.

However, the moment he approached, the surrounding colleagues from the Literature Channel dispersed. Tian Bin was still by the urinal. He had dodged far away before he had even zipped up his pants. Only then did he pull up his zipper and take a long path around Zhang Ye, before exiting the bathroom. The others did the same.

The bathroom was empty almost immediately!

Teacher Feng smiled. “Look at your popularity.”

Zhang Ye felt innocent, “Am I that scary?”

“What say you? Were the events in the office not spooky enough? I know it was a coincidence, but it was too great a coincidence. It happened once, thrice and five times. How can people not speak about it after seeing it? Hehe, it is only that both of us have good relations, or else anyone who wants to offend you will have to think twice before doing anything.” After joking, Teacher Feng said after noticing that the surroundings were empty, “I know that you have done your best. Don’t worry about the segment. I was already mentally prepared. I also know that this segment won’t last any longer. Jia Yan is the Station Leader’s relative. If he wants to go on a program, no one can stop him!”

Zhang Ye’s attitude was very clear, “Teacher Feng, I feel that nothing is impossible. This reason or that explanation are all excuses. I don’t believe I can’t fix them! I don’t believe our segment’s ratings will not be able to be pulled up in this life! ‘Late-night Ghost Stories’ was pulled up by me. Previously, what did people say of that segment? They said it was impossible. Its performance was even worse than ‘Old and Young Story Club’. But now, what has happened? I had managed to bring it up with my efforts! I could pull the segment with the worst ratings to the top three. Now, I can also pull ‘Old and Young Story Club’ into the top three!”