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Chapter 46: Another Crazy Surge in the Listenership Rating!

Chapter 46: Another Crazy Surge in the Listenership Rating!


According to the notification, today was the last broadcast of “Old and Young Story Club”. It was also the end of an old program that had experienced many years.

The message boards were made very active by listeners.

“This program cannot end!”

“Right; it cannot be taken off-air. Hear that!?”

“My entire family of eight is waiting to hear it!”

“If you end Story Club, do you believe I will smash your radio station’s glass, bastards!?”

The letters Zhang Ye received from the listeners in the morning all showed their strong desire. However, Zhang Ye did not reply. He had no way of responding, as everything depended on Heaven’s wishes.

Teacher Feng was holding a bunch of things as he came in. They were all procedural documents.

Wang Xiaomei said politely, “Uncle Feng, have you settled your retirement?”

“I just finished settling it.” Teacher Feng also sighed, “I really can’t bear to.”

Another old editor who had as much experience as Teacher Feng said, “Old Feng, let’s have a last meal in the evening.”

However, Teacher Feng waved his hands, “There’s no need. I don’t plan on leaving for the time being. Hehe, I still want to stay behind for another two days, to help Teacher Little Zhang cruise this ship until its end.”

Everyone understood that it wasn’t as simple as helping steer the ship. Although Zhang Ye’s personality was not likable, no matter how bad his social popularity was, Zhang Ye’s ability and capacity was not questioned by anyone. Be it “Late-night Ghost Stories” or yesterday’s “Old and Young Story Club”, they had all been brought to even higher heights by Zhang Ye. Such a talented man of God did not need Teacher Feng’s help in steering the ship, so it was clear that Old Feng was still upset with the program he had worked on for so many years ending. He wanted to stay behind to see if “Old and Young Story Club” could carry on existing under the hands of Zhang Ye!

“Are the listenership ratings out?” Teacher Feng asked.

Zhang Ye volunteered to help Teacher Feng carry his things, “It’s not out yet. I’m not sure, too.”

Xiaofang had also come in early, “You still need to wait for a while. The entire Statistics department was basically resting yesterday, so it will be slower. It should be out soon.”

Teacher Feng sighed, “I hope the rating won’t drop too much.”

Zhang Ye said jokingly, “You have so little confidence in me.”

“It’s not that I don’t believe in you.” Teacher Feng looked at him, “If I didn’t have any confidence in you, would I have handed the last few days of my segment to you? The reason is because using a serialization yesterday was too sudden. For such a long story to be split into two days is very dangerous. Children might change frequencies midway.”

Split into two days?

Yes, everyone thought that Zhang Ye’s story only had two parts. Finishing the serialized story over the course of two days was perfect for the closing.

Zhang Ye smiled without speaking. He did not dare tell everyone that the novel, “The Wizard of Oz”, was actually… 24 chapters long. That is to say, this story needed at least another ten days to finish it! Two days? Less than half the main characters had been introduced, so how could it finish!?

Everyone was too naive. They never expected Zhang Ye to so brazenly leave a hanging serialized story without an ending for Jia Yan to take over. Most people would not do something so wicked!

Tian Bin chuckled as he looked at Zhang Ye from a distance.

Jia Yan, who was busy planning his new segment, was also looking forward to this move of Zhang Ye’s causing a drop in his rating. He estimated that he would be somewhere beyond tenth place. There was no need to give an explanation. Well… Forget it; I’ll say it. The Education Ministry had only made “Little Bunnies Be Good” compulsory. People may endorse that story, but it did not mean that they would endorse his other stories. Secondly, having a serialized fairy tale itself was a mistake.

Waiting to the left, waiting to the right.

Waiting to the top, waiting to the bottom.

Waiting to the front, waiting…alright, not doing this already.

Someone came in. He was Zhao Guozhou, who had not appeared for two days. He was holding an A4-sized sheet. Clearly, it was the table of yesterday’s listenership ratings.

Jia Yan quickly stood up, “Director.”

Zhao Guozhou pressed his hand down, “Sit. I’ll announce the ratings today.”

“Oh, alright.” Jia Yan sat down awkwardly.

Following that, Zhao Guozhou glanced at Zhang Ye. He had not interacted with Zhang Ye in public for a very long time. In fact, he had not even looked at Zhang Ye in front of others for the past few days. However, for some unknown reason today, Zhao Guozhou had looked at him. His eyes were filled with a complex and deep meaning.

Zhang Ye was not sure if it was an illusion. He seemed to see joy and pleasure in Zhao Guozhou’s eyes. Zhao Guozhou was the person who brought him in. He was his Bole. That day he had spoken with Zhao Guozhou privately that he would never forget this for life. But to say that he was not angry would be a lie. It was not the truth. Even though Director Zhao had repressed him due to pressure from the station’s management, Zhang Ye still could not accept it emotionally. However, now that he saw the pleasure in Zhao Guozhou’s eyes, Zhang Ye lost all of his anger. He nodded back at him.

There was a poem that was most appropriate for this.

We remain brothers despite all the vicissitudes and to have an unfaithful wife appearing… Hai, that’s not right. It’s: let’s forgo our grudges by smiling when we meet again!

At this moment, Zhang Ye was even more curious about his listenership rating yesterday. Why would Director Zhao change so much today?

“First place, Wang Xiaomei. ‘Talk About the World’.” Zhao Guozhou spoke, “Listenership 3.66%. It has dropped compared to the past few days. Teacher Xiaomei, you might need to add something interesting to the segment. It can’t be too dry. I heard the program yesterday; it seemed like you were resting on your laurels.”

Wang Xiaomei nodded, “I’ll improve on it today.”

Zhao Guozhou laughed, “Actually this result is already very good. You are a pillar of our channel, so everyone naturally expects more from you.”

“I understand.” Wang Xiaomei remained humble.

“Next, second place.” Zhao Guozhou shook the form in his hands.

At this moment, many people swallowed their saliva. For example, Jia Yan, Zhang Ye and Teacher Feng were extremely nervous.

“Entertainment Daily.” Zhao Guozhou said.

A smile immediately beamed on Wu Datao’s face. He had finally returned to second place. He had redeemed his previous disgrace! Tian Bin and Jia Yan also heaved a sigh of relief happily!

However, before a second of their happiness could pass, Zhao Guozhou’s tone had a 180 degree turn. “Entertainment Daily, I want to criticize your segment team. Especially Wu Datao and Song Yan. You are the two hosting it these days, but the results are dropping every day. Your listenership rating was only 2.21%. Look at all the entertainment news articles you have been doing the past few days. What were they? Can it be more interesting? Is there any news that people are concerned about? Even if there is, it’s all stuff that are scraps after other people have reported it comprehensively. Nothing in the news program shines. How are the reporters for your segment team gathering news leads? How are you announcers reporting it? There were slip-ups during the live broadcast. Do you still want to carry on in this business?”

Wu Datao immediately turned silent!

Zhao Guozhou said, “With today, your segment has been pushed out of second place for two consecutive days. Today, second place is not yours!”

It’s not “Entertainment Daily”?

Then who was it? Whose program?

Everyone’s eyes stared widely!

Zhao Guozhou announced, “Second place. Zhang Ye’s ‘Old and Young Story Club’. Listenership 2.45%!”



“It’s ‘Old and Young Story Club’ again?”

“It’s higher than yesterday’s rating by 0.05%?”

“Is this going crazy? This segment is going into a craze!”

There were exclamations everywhere. Tian Bin and Jia Yan were both dumbfounded!

Teacher Feng also gave a disbelieving expression. It can’t be! It can’t be! Yesterday, it was due to the Education Ministry’s promotion that caused the explosive increase! How did the listenership rating increase again today? Furthermore, it was a serialized fairy tale that no one thought was likely to succeed! Didn’t all those predecessors and masters of children’s fairy tales prove that fairy tales could not be serialized? Why could Zhang Ye manage it? Why was it possible when he did it?


No one understood!

Only Zhang Ye clenched his fists. It was like a heavy rock had been removed from his chest. Great! Not only did the listenership rating not drop, it had actually increased? Zhang Ye was quite surprised, but he knew the reason behind it. The power of “Little Bunnies Be Good” only showed its effect today. The second day’s explosive increase was actually in the early stages. Only a tiny portion of people had surged it. However, yesterday and today was the climax of the promotion from the Education Ministry. The newspapers and television stations had reported on it. So although Zhang Ye’s program was not mentioned, information on the internet easily obtainable and a search would allow everyone to know. Hence, when yesterday’s new story was broadcast, a portion of audience who had just listened in for ‘Little Bunnies Be Good’ would have definitely left. However, at the same time, a surge of parents had appeared, attracted by the fame. This had caused the listenership rating to increase, instead of decreasing!

Of course, the most important reason was because of the story!

Zhang Ye did not make a wrong bet. “The Wizard of Oz”, a story well-liked by all ages, had shown its miraculous effects. It had managed to hold on to many parents!

Zhao Guozhou lowered his hand, “Everyone, quiet down. I will first praise Teacher Little Zhang here. Back then, when he first took over ‘Late-night Ghost Stories’, we all knew that it was the worst segment in our channel. It had always been first from the back. However, the first day Teacher Little Zhang took it over, the segment was pulled up to third place. It had created history among late-night programs. Later on, ‘Old and Young Story Club’ became the channel’s worst segment. There was no improvement shown in its ratings over the years. And this time, with Little Zhang taking it over, the results are open for all to see. Second place. He went from the bottom to second place! Maybe ‘Old and Young Story Club’ will be taken off-air after today, but I think Teacher Little Zhang’s diligent spirit is something worthy of learning! I wish to say something to everyone! Something that Teacher Little Zhang has taught us! He has used real action to prove it to us – there is no program that can’t do well forever!”

Clasping the A4 paper, Zhao Guozhou took the lead to clap!

Bba Bba Bba. Teacher Feng was extremely exhilarated. His eyes were a bit wet as he clapped for Zhang Ye with all his strength. His hands turned red from clapping!

What a formidable rookie!

At this moment, many colleagues who had their reservations about Zhang Ye were completely convinced.

However, Jia Yan was in trouble. He was in a predicament. Why did the Leader’s attitude change? What did this mean? To even publicly applaud Zhang Ye? To publicly praise Zhang Ye? Although Zhao Guozhou had previously said that “Old and Young Story Club” would end today, one had to take note that Zhao Guozhou’s words were prefaced with the word “maybe”. Maybe it would end today; then, could it also mean that it would not end?

The ratings were announced one after another.

As Zhao Guozhou was about to leave, Jia Yan rushed out into the corridor, “Director, then my program on Monday…”

Zhao Guozhou remained kindly to him, “Hehe, Little Jia. Let’s talk about it tomorrow. I’m still busy over preparations for the Mid-Autumn Festival’s Poetry Meet. I need to thoroughly supervise it. If there’s anything you need, look for Old Xu.” With that, Zhao Guozhou left while making a phone call on his cellphone.

Jia Yan stood alone in the corridor, clearly feeling a bit lonely.