Wuxiaworld > I am Really a Superstar > Chapter 49
As he had applied for leave, he was taking a day off today.

He had recorded one additional episode yesterday, so with the crisis alleviated, Zhang Ye remained at home to sleep.

He remained lazing in bed, even when it was already 10 o’clock. He began watching television in bed, switching to one channel after another. Suddenly, Zhang Ye’s hand stopped, as he quickly adjusted the television’s volume. It seemed to be scenes recorded from last night. It was a press conference of a new movie release. The name was familiar; it was called “White Maiden 2”. He remembered the day that the game ring had changed his world; one of the first things he had seen on the television’s news were the words “White Maiden”. It was produced by one of the more famous directors, Wu Bang, in this world. Its box office sales were very high and now its sequel was being released.

Why was Zhang Ye so concerned about it?

There was only one reason. The movie’s female lead was too beautiful!

When Zhang Ye’s eyes swept across the television, his eyes had remained fixated on her. This world also had many superstar Heavenly Queens. This person was probably the prettiest celebrity Zhang Ye had seen in this world. Right, maybe it should be said that she was most fitting to what he considered the aesthetic of a beautiful celebrity.

Wang Xiaomei?

Tian Bin’s wife?

None of them could compare with her beauty!

The only person who could compare was probably Rao Aimin. If the landlady had worn something more fashionable, then the two might be comparable.

On the screen, the press conference had ended. Zhang Yuanqi* was surrounded by reporters. Even the famous director, Wu Bang, did not stir up such a fuss.

“Sis Zhang, what are your expectations of the box office sales?”

“Teacher Zhang, I heard that you were injured during the filming process?”

“Can you tell us the plot of the new movie? Has there been any changes with the prequel?”

“Sis Zhang, your new song has had unsatisfactory results once again. Are you planning not to develop in the music industry from now on? To focus on your movie career?”

The journalists began rattling off their questions like a machine gun.

The onscreen Zhang Yuanqi smiled very amiably. She did not seem to have any airs, “Ask one by one; I will definitely answer them. Well, I definitely hope so! The higher the box office sales, the better, but I will need everyone’s support. I can’t reveal the plot, or else it’s pointless for everyone to watch. Hurhur. As for my injury, sorry for worrying everyone. Thank you very much. It’s already alright. It was just a superficial wound. A bandage healed it the second day after being wounded. It was just exaggerated when the news spread out. It’s not considered an injury.”

“Teacher Zhang!”

“Do you have any plans for a new film this year?”

“I’ve heard that you will be one of the judges for the upcoming Golden and Silver Microphone Broadcaster Choice Awards?”

Zhang Yuanqi said in a pleasant manner, “There might be a new film being recorded at the end of the year. As for being a judge… You sure keep abreast with the news. I’ve indeed been invited. My manager is still checking my schedule; if there is no event that cannot be postponed, I will definitely be there.”

The journalists carried on their siege, as they tailed her from behind.

Zhang Ye was not sure of Zhang Yuanqi’s age. She looked like she was about thirty years old. She was this world’s Heavenly Queen and was also an S-list superstar. She had won the country’s most authoritative Best Female Lead and Best Supporting Actress awards more than once. A few of her previous songs had even received the Golden Melody Award. She was a celebrity that was involved in several lines of work. If one compared fame and popularity, Zhang Yuanqi was probably ranked in the top five in the country. She would be described as a Heavenly Queen figure amongst Heavenly Queens. Although she was not considered very old, she had a lot of experience. She had debuted very early. In the entertainment industry, Zhang Yuanqi was considered a Big Sister. According to hierarchy, many newcomers would have to address her as Master Aunt. Zhang Yuanqi was pretty and famous. What was most critical was that she was easygoing and elegant. Hence, her position in the entertainment circle was extremely high. She was also very well-liked.

Look at her looks!

Look at her achievements!

Look at her temperament!

Zhang Ye knew that he could not envy her. He did not have her looks, so he could only rely on his hard work. And his hard work was based on what? The game ring was the greatest reliance he had!


Zhang Ye ate instant noodles again. He opened the game ring on his finger to check his overall Reputation. There was a total of 230,000 points. Firstly, some of these were accumulated from some time ago. Secondly, some of the Reputation points were earned from the past two days of “Late-night Ghost Stories” and “Old and Young Story Club”. Although “Old and Young Story Club” was not that much higher than “Late-night Ghost Stories” in terms of listenership ratings, the former still brought more than double the Reputation points to Zhang Ye than the latter. After all, a late-night program was now a mainstream program, while “Old and Young Story Club” had already become Zhang Ye’s center of attention.

He could draw at the Lottery again.

Zhang Ye was only prepared to draw at it once. He needed to leave some Reputation points in reserve, so as to allow him to buy a “Memory Search Capsule” in the event of an unexpected turn of events. After taking this into consideration, Zhang Ye opened the Lottery interface!

He spent 100,000 Reputation points!

The Lottery began! The needle spun!

This time, Zhang Ye was still looking forward to drawing something from the Stats Category or the Skills Category. His luck was too terrible; he had not drawn from either of them, not even once. Of course, it would be even better if he got something from the Special Category.

Skills Category…

Stats Category…

Consumption Category…

The needle slipped past one category after another!

One time around! Five times around! Ten times around!

Zhang Ye began chanting, “Skills! Skills!” Suddenly, he shouted again, “Aiyah, why did it go past! It missed by just a bit!”


He had hit the Consumption Category once again!

Zhang Ye let it be. Since it was a Consumption Category, then so be it. After all, this category took up half the area of the Lottery. Besides, the previous Consumption Category items had helped him a lot. The Consumption Category’s Treasure Chest (Small) automatically entered his inventory. Zhang Ye took it out and placed it on the desk. Then he opened the lid! The chest opened! The familiar gold beams flashed! A pink-colored sachet appeared in the Treasure Chest!

[ Cupid Sachet ] : Effective once it is worn. Increases the player's luck with the opposite s*x for five minutes!

Luck with the opposite sex?

There was an item that actually increased luck with the opposite sex?

Zhang Ye was quite happy. Unfortunately, it was a one-time expendable item. If he could obtain the rights through the Special Category to buy it in the Merchant Shop, then it would be excellent. He could buy an unlimited number of these. Then with it, would he need to worry about having a wife? Wouldn’t buying it and having an uninterrupted 24-hour period of using the Cupid Sachet be so good? Hai, but that was just a thought. Furthermore, he still did not know how the item worked. Zhang Ye understood what the word Cupid meant, but he did not know its actual effects.

He hung the sachet around his neck!

Ping. Item has been used. Countdown Begins!

Seeing the virtual game interface’s effective time countdown, Zhang Ye sat in his seat waiting. However, nothing had happened!

Where was his luck with females?

Why was there no reaction?

Only when there were two minutes left remaining did Zhang Ye realize what was going on. Oh no, he was too naive! It was similar to the Unlucky Halo. If no one had offended him to trigger the Unlucky Halo’s effects after it was activated, then the Unlucky Halo would not do a thing. Similarly, the Cupid Sachet probably was the same. Now that he was alone at home with not even a female around, how was he to have good luck with females? He had to at least first meet a female. Would waiting at home have a girl send herself to his doorstep?

Ke La!

There were the sounds of keys coming from outside!

Dong. Ka. It seemed like someone was stabbing keys into Zhang Ye’s door. But no matter what, the person could not open the door. The person outside seemed angry, as that person began kicking on the door!

“Who is it!” Zhang Ye went over with a darkened expression.

The person outside did not speak, as the person carried on inserting the key.

Zhang Ye opened the door, “Stop screwing around! Who is it?”

The moment the door opened, the smell of alcohol came surging over. It nearly caused Zhang Ye to topple backwards. It was too strong. Looking up, it was a woman. She was wearing a pair of wide aviator sunglasses. She looked somewhat familiar, but he could not recall where he had seen her. Zhang Ye only knew that this drunken woman was someone he did not know. The woman clearly had drunk too much. She was still stabbing the empty air with her keys, despite Zhang Ye having opened the door. She was not standing firmly, while wearing her nude-colored heels!


Could this be the good luck with females?

Ha! The Cupid Sachet had really sent a woman to his doorstep?

“Have you gotten the wrong door?” However, Zhang Ye did not dare to accept this good fortune in love. She was drunk and he was still not clear what was going on.

The woman dizzily stared at him, “Who are you? What.. are you doing in my house?”

Zhang Ye was at a loss as to whether to laugh or cry, “Big Sis, this is my house. Where do you live? I’ll send you home.” However, the moment he saw the key in the woman’s hand, Zhang Ye turned speechless. The keys looked very complicated and it was easy to tell at a glance that it was for a high-grade door lock. There was even an access card, so clearly she did not live in his district.

The woman squeezed into the room without standing on ceremony. She also did not listen to Zhang Ye’s words, “You.. are my mom’s.. cleaner, right? Got.. it!”

You are the cleaner!

Your whole damned family are cleaners!*

She nearly stumbled as she missed her footing.

Zhang Ye quickly rushed to hold her, “Look carefully; this is really my house! Who are you?”

The woman sneered, “I.. You don’t.. know?” As she spoke, she took off her sunglasses. She didn’t manage to do so on her first attempt. It took her a second attempt before succeeding.

However, with the sunglasses removed, Zhang Ye was so shocked that his jaw nearly dropped off. Only then did he realize why he found the girl very familiar, even though she was someone that he did not know. Behind the sunglasses was a flawless face. That earth-shattering beauty immediately made Zhang Ye recall!

Zhang Yuanqi!

Wasn’t this the Zhang Yuanqi that he had been watching all morning on television!?

Zhang Ye was dumbfounded about how she had managed to make the mistake of coming to his house. Only then did he realize that this was definitely the magical effect of the Cupid Sachet. Or else, how could this be a coincidence? The top S-list big shot in the country had managed to reach his home in a drunken stupor? Even novels weren’t that ridiculous! However, with the sachet’s effect, it had managed to happen! Zhang Ye did not know what to feel!

Are all the items in the game ring so powerful?

* Zhang Yuanqi’s surname, Zhang is different from Zhang Ye’s Zhang.

* This is a popular Chinese slang in the form “You’re the one XXX! Your whole damned family XXX!”. It came from “My Own Swordsman” character, Mo Xiaobei. The original text goes along the lines of someone saying to Mo Xiaobei, “Mo Xiaobei, you are a child who matured early!”, before Mo Xiaobei replies “You’re the one who is maturing early! Your whole damned family is maturing early!”