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Chapter 53: Obtaining the Heavenly Queen’s Cellphone Number!

Chapter 53: Obtaining the Heavenly Queen’s Cellphone Number!

It was midnight.

Zhang Ye switched off his computer. He had forgotten about the Heavenly Queen in his home and had casually turned on the radio to listen to his broadcast, “Late-night Ghost Stories”.

“Hello, everyone. I am Zhang Ye. Today’s story……”

Zhang Yuanqi, who was sitting on the chair, heard it, “You are a radio host?”

Zhang Ye, suddenly remembering that there was someone around, turned his head, “Ah, yes. This is my program; I have another program called “Old and Young Story Club” that plays in the afternoon. You can listen to it when you have time…” He passionately introduced his program.

Zhang Yuanqi replied straightforwardly, “I’m not free to listen.”

Zhang Ye replied, “Can you be more tactful?”

“I can’t do it.” Zhang Yuanqi replied stiffly.

Zhang Ye was already used to her indifference and smiled bitterly, “I know that you are the Heavenly Queen and you are busy with work. But on account of me letting you stay the night, cooking for you and washing your clothes, could you just say ‘I will listen to it when I’m free’? I will feel better, even if I know that you didn’t mean it.”

Zhang Yuanqi still insisted, “I’m not free!”

Zhang Ye was no longer able to communicate with her. He turned down the volume of the radio, “Go get some sleep? The clothes will only be dry tomorrow morning. I will make do with the chair. I’ve had enough sleep in the afternoon anyway, so I’m not sleepy.” Regardless of Zhang Yuanqi’s temperament, Zhang Ye was still a gentleman.

Zhang Yuanqi nodded and went straight to bed.

Zhang Ye also went to the bedside to retrieve a pillow from it. He thought that it would at least make his time on the chair more comfortable.

But Zhang Yuanqi frowned and said, “The pillow stays.”

Zhang Ye blinked “Why?”

“I’m used to having two pillows; one is too low.” Zhang Yuanqi justifiably took the pillow from him and put it at the back of her head.

Zhang Ye, “…”

This is my home, Big Sister!

Couldn’t you be more gracious? Couldn’t you?

Zhang Ye hesitated for a long time, but couldn’t bear to grab the pillow away from the woman. He could only bear with the hard chair, while listening to his program.

“Lower the volume!”

“……Oh, okay.”

“There are mosquitoes in your home; switch on the lights and kill them.”

“Big Sis, could you give me a break?”

“The mosquitoes will keep me awake. Quick, it’s just at the edge of the bed!”

Zhang Ye thought to himself that he spent the whole day doing nothing but taking care of this Empress Dowager. The Cupid Sachet gave him five minutes of ambiguous feelings, but after that, all he had was suffering? If he got the item again in the Lottery, he would still have to consider whether to use it again! This time, he had met Zhang Yuanqi. What if he met someone worse the next time; how could he survive!?

Middle of the night.

The radio broadcast had ended and the house was quiet.

Zhang Ye was wide awake. There was a beautiful woman sleeping in his bed of a few months. In this proximity, it would be a wonder if he could sleep. He looked out the window at the moon. Tomorrow…… Strictly speaking, today was Mid-Autumn’s Day. The moon was really full. He glanced under the moonlight and realized that Zhang Yuanqi was also awake. Was she admiring the moon as well?

“Teacher Zhang?” Zhang Ye carefully said.

Zhang Yuanqi responded with her usual unfriendly tone, “What?”

“You are not asleep, too? It’s nothing… Just that it is Mid-Autumn’s Day; I would like to wish you a happy Mid-Autumn’s Day.” Zhang Ye pondered a little, “Thanks for today. You said something that enlightened me greatly; either I get used to people, or people get used to me. I can’t do the former; that’s not my temperament. I will work hard towards the.. latter.”

Although Zhang Ye had been complaining about Zhang Yuanqi’s personality, never had he once looked down on her. She was already at the top and was very experienced and knowledgeable. Just a few words from her today became valuable help to Zhang Ye. Besides, her personality was not even really a problem!

She was all smiles and endearing in front of others?

Once alone, she revealed her nature that was cold and distant?

Or to put it in another way, Zhang Yuanqi was a real professional. She could differentiate between work and personal life. When she was friendly and polite, it was for work, in order to gain more fans and work partners, as well as to let more people like her, so that she could have a smooth career. What is a professional? This is a professional! Zhang Ye did not know how to differentiate like this. His life and his job were one and the same. One-minded, stubborn; to put it nicely, it’s called personality. But to switch around the perspective, this sort of style may not suit Zhang Ye’s career!

Zhang Yuanqi didn’t look at him, “You don’t need to thank me; I just blurted it out.”

Zhang Ye replied seriously, “I still have to thank you anyway. You gave me the fighting spirit I needed. I want to slowly climb my way up. I will climb my way up to your position. Even if others scold or hate me, it will not matter. I will let people get used to me.”

Zhang Yuanqi finally looked at him, “You want to be in the entertainment industry?”

“Yes.” Zhang Ye coughed, “This has always been my ambition.”

Zhang Yuanqi laughed coldly, “What is so good about where I am? Once you are famous, everyone knows you. Wherever you go, people’s eyes are always on you. You will be observed under a microscope; there will be no privacy. Today was my long-awaited rest day, but it wasn’t really my rest day. It’s my day to break off all communications with the outside world. At my position, there’s no longer such a thing as rest days. You want a break? I can’t answer any calls, nor contact my manager. Otherwise, there will be a load of appointments that I need to attend. To relax for a day is wishful thinking. Do you know how long I have not been able to enjoy myself, being able to go drinking and viewing the moon? At least a year!”

Zhang Ye replied, “How can that be? No rest days?”

Zhang Yuanqi spoke with a sunken expression, “You should feel lucky; not many people know this side of me. Even my friends, my manager and my assistant… All of them only know the pleasant side of me. They think I am good-natured and easygoing. What’s so easygoing about me? My temper has been bad since I was young. I only don’t show it to outsiders. It’s because I started off as a child star. As I became an artist when I was young, I cannot let down my fans. This kind of pressure is not something that you can understand now, but you will in the future. Now, there are only two places where I can be myself; one is my parents’ house, the other.. is your house.”

Zhang Ye was very flattered, “Please, don’t worry; I will keep it a secret!”

“Sigh. Why did I share so much with you? I’m still a little drunk, so I’m talking a lot.” Zhang Yuanqi rubbed her temple, perhaps still a little dizzy. “Also, here’s one more piece of advice. Your image and height are not suitable for the entertainment industry. You won’t become popular.”

Zhang Ye said, “You are too damn direct!”

“It’s only the truth.” Zhang Yuanqi said, “The entertainment industry does not suit you.”

Zhang Ye shook his head, “I know I am not suitable, but i want to give it a shot. The dark night gave me black eyes, but I use them to seek the light.”

“This is a poem?”

“It’s ‘A Generation’, which was written by me.”

“Recite your other poems to me.”

“Sure. Let’s start with ‘Flying Bird and Fish’. The furthest distance in the world is not….

At some point in time, Zhang Ye fell asleep. When he opened his eyes again, it was already morning. The bed was empty as well, with no signs of Zhang Yuanqi around.

Where’s the Heavenly Queen?

Where’s the Empress Dowager?

Zhang Ye shouted twice, “Teacher Zhang? Teacher Zhang?”

She was not in the bathroom either. At last, he found a note on the table. Written on it neatly was the handwriting of a woman: I’ve saved your phone number; the same goes for your unit number. I’ve forgotten yesterday’s incident; I guess you have, too.

Phone number?

Unit number?

Why does it feel like a threat!

Zhang Ye took his phone and checked. As expected, ten minutes ago, there was a call to an unfamiliar number. Apparently, this was Zhang Yuanqi’s contact number. She had used Zhang Ye’s phone to call herself, so that she could find out his number. Zhang Ye was delighted, and so saved Zhang Yuanqi’s number as well. This was the Heavenly Queen’s contact information. Most people would only be able to contact her manager or her assistant; how would they ever be able to get ahold of the Heavenly Queen’s personal contact information?


Dialed ten minutes ago?

That meant the Empress Dowager hadn’t gotten too far?

Zhang Ye drew aside the curtains and looked downstairs. Not to mention the coincidence, but he really saw the back of Zhang Yuanqi leaving. As he opened the windows, her high heels could be faintly heard. She had just walked out from the staircase landing.


“That is…..”

“I think it’s Zhang Yuanqi?”

“It’s her. It’s really Big Sister Yuanqi!”

“Oh, my God! Who did I just see? Who did i just see?”

“Zhang Yuanqi is here! The Heavenly Queen is here! Everyone, come and see!”

The people were very familiar with with Zhang Yuanqi. She appeared on TV shows, in movies and sang music. Her classic works were uncountable. She was one of those top S-list superstars; she was more famous than her works by a mile. Thus, even her shades and face mask could do little to hide her identity!

In the small district, there were many people going to work. Even during Mid-Autumn’s Day, there were still people who put in work hours. There were also students who were out for morning practice. When they heard the commotion, everyone gathered around, causing quite a ruckus!

A female student went excitedly, “Could I have an autograph?”

Zhang Yuanqi asked smilingly. “Sure. What is your name?”

The female student was so excited that she almost couldn’t speak, “Me? I’m called Wang Ying!”

“Okay. Wishing Wang Ying well in her studies and good health.” Zhang Yuanqi wrote as she spoke.

The female student didn’t expect that she would have gotten her autograph; furthermore, she had the blessings from the Heavenly Queen. She was so excited that she screamed and lost control of herself!

“I want it, too. I want it, too!”

“Could we get a photograph together?”

“Sister Yuanqi, I love you so much! Everyone in my family is your fan!”

Zhang Yuanqi unconditionally smiled with gentleness, “Thank you for your support and thank your family for their support, too. Okay, one by one. Everyone, don’t rush. Haha.”

“We aren’t delaying you, are we?” a middle-aged person who wanted a photograph together said.

Zhang Yuanqi smiled. “You aren’t delaying me. Even if it’s a delay, it is fine. Satisfying my fans is the most important thing to me; this is my top priority.”

“Thank you! Thank you!” said the middle-aged person, who was melted by the Heavenly Queen’s smile.

After 20 minutes, Zhang Yuanqi finally could move off.

“It’s great!”

“I’ve gotten a snapshot together!”

“Teacher Zhang is well-known for being approachable; it’s true!”

“Correct, correct. In the entertainment industry, who doesn’t know that Zhang Yuanqi is the one who puts on the least airs! She is especially good to people! And she also gets along very well with other stars! Otherwise, why would everyone, regardless of their ages, address her as ‘Big Sister Zhang’? She has never lost her temper with anyone! She is especially gentle and kind! Ah, ah! Too beautiful! Sister Zhang is too beautiful! She’s prettier than on TV!”

Seeing the Empress Dowager treating her fans in a friendly manner, listening to the fans’ impression of Zhang Yuanqi, Zhang Ye became at a loss for words.

She was a different person in different situations?

This would require some skills!

If not, how could Zhang Yuanqi manage to get several top acting awards! Other people would not be able to pull this off!