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Chapter 61: The Weibo Messages of the People from the Writers’ Association have been Deleted!

Chapter 61: The Weibo Messages of the People from the Writers’ Association have been Deleted!

The Mid-Autumn Poetry Meet was wrapped up.

After leaving the auditorium, Zhang Ye came within steps of Meng Dongguo and the other members of the Writers’ Association. They still did not make any attempt to have a conversation with Zhang Ye and were escorted out by the staff. Deputy Station Head Jia was amongst the escorts and when he spotted Zhang Ye, he had a dark expression about him. One look and you would know that he was obviously unhappy.


Zhang Ye knew clearly why.

Ignoring the matter of Zhang Ye not selling the copyright of ‘Ghost Blows Out the Light’ to the station, and ignoring that Deputy Station Head Jia’s relative Jia Yan’s planned program segment was forced out by Zhang Ye, the reason could only be today’s poetry meet. Why were there so many Teachers from the literary circle attending, even though there was no official poetry session? Because of fame. The Leaders of the broadcasting station must have promised Meng Dongguo something; most likely, the promise was of guaranteeing him first place in the contest. Perhaps Meng Dongguo was notified very early on to let him have the preparation time to come up with a poem and in return, he would allow members of the Writers’ Association to join. If it wasn’t for the lure of first place, there wouldn’t be any meaning to competing at all!

But an unexpected incident had to happen this time!

Zhang Ye had caused an upset by completing an impossible task within 20 minutes and had snatched the trophy for his own! How could Meng Dongguo be happy? How could Deputy Station Head Jia be happy? Indeed, Zhang Ye had brought glory to Beijing Radio Station, putting them in the limelight. Afterall, he was a host at the radio station. But Deputy Station Head Jia did not care about this. He was more concerned about their promise.

Zhang Ye could not be bothered to care about it, though!

First place belongs to this bro! Wanna bite me?

In any case, Deputy Station Head Jia and the Station Leaders were already offended; Zhang Ye could not be bothered anymore. If they didn’t care about him, he was not obliged to care about them. He walked past them and back to his office.

“Teacher Zhang is back?”

“Haha. Teacher Zhang is too awesome!”

“That melody poem is so good; it makes me so excited just by listening to it!”

Several colleagues who were not close to him before had now actively joined him.

After offending the Station Leader, Zhang Ye was ostracized by the office and he wasn’t well-respected. But after “Shuidiao Getou” was born, his popularity increased even a bit more than after his release of “The Wizard of Oz”. Even though there were still some colleagues who wouldn’t speak with him, they at least treated him with more respect now. After he obtained the coveted first place under so much attention, who would dare to not respect him?

“On the internet, the netizens’ responses were erupting!

Zhang Ye flipped through the forums and Weibo and had a shock himself. He had not expected so much support over his injustice!

“I will not trust the Writers’ Association anymore!”

“Right! From now on, I will only trust Teacher Zhang Ye!”

“’The Song of the Stormy Petrel’, ‘Flying Bird and Fish’, ‘A Generation’, ‘See Me or Not’ and those untitled works are all classics amongst classics! They are all great literary works of this world, yet they were s*** upon by Meng Dongguo and the others? Thrashed into worthless, rubbish poems? What is wrong with this world? Can’t they differentiate between right or wrong? That gang of so-called Teachers, are they blind?”

“Teacher Zhang Ye has proven his worth today! Let me see who still dares to gossip!”

There were Zhang Ye’s ghost story fans, fans who liked his fairy tales, the troll army who followed his cursing phrases and even more fans who got to know about Zhang Ye through the poetry meet today. They had set up camp to denounce the Writers’ Association’s Meng Dongguo and others. Someone even shouted, “A Vice-President with standards like that should step down quickly.”

Zhang Ye quickly replied, one by one, thanking them all. He knew that this miracle of garnering 150,000 votes was all because of these supporters. They were the ones who had created this miracle and made Zhang Ye into a legend. Of course he had to thank them!

Suddenly, someone @-ed Zhang Ye.

It was ZhangYeNumber1Fan. He mentioned on Weibo, “Teacher Zhang, quickly go check Meng Dongguo’s Weibo and Big Thunder’s Weibo. Haha!”


What has happened now?

Zhang Ye trusted this fan of his; he had received a lot of support from this person the past few times that he had met with difficulties. He quickly opened up Meng Dongguo’s Weibo. Oh? There was nothing at all? The Weibo message that had been shared thousands of times that had criticized Zhang Ye’s works for lacking literary value were no longer available. The status of this page was listed as “Has Been Deleted”. And checking on Big Thunder and Little Red Mushroom’s Weibo, the comments that they had shared were no longer available, as well. It was like they’d had a discussion to delete them away.

The trolls celebrated their victory!

“Brothers, we have again brought down another city wall!”

“Haha. This is fun! There’s no failures when we fight alongside Teacher Zhang!”

“That’s right; our team is getting more and more united, and the spirit is very good!”

“Correct. I suggest that we improve our partnership from now on. When there’s a problem, we will attack together. Just look at how those idiots from the Writers’ Association had to swallow their own words!”

“Teacher Zhang is awesome!”

“This ‘Shuidiao Getou’ is too well-written!”

Following the deletion of their posts from Weibo, it was clear that Meng Dongguo and the others had retracted their words. For now, this could be considered to be an ending. Zhang Ye used a work of his, used his style beautifully and found a solution to this problem. The people who had been misled earlier on by Meng Dongguo and company also began coming back. Many of them left comments stating that they would renew their support for him. The conclusion of it all was that Meng Dongguo, Big Thunder and the others’ casting of doubt onto Zhang Ye not only did not cause his popularity to drop, it had instead increased his popularity by several times!

It was the perfect resolution!

It was a perfect reversal!

Zhang Ye now took some time off to check on the virtual screen of the game ring. His total Reputation was now over 320,000! And even while he was checking, his Reputation points were visibly piling up nonstop in front of his eyes!




It was obvious that people were now paying a lot of attention to him!

If we do a count, this was in fact the first time that Zhang Ye’s Reputation points had grown by so much. Even though within them, some of the points came from “Ghost Blows Out the Light” and “The Wizard of Oz”. But mostly, they were brought in by “Shuidiao Getou” and all that had happened at today’s Mid-Autumn event. It was really the case of ‘not opening for business for three years; once opened, it can survive for three years’. He had earned fame and Reputation. Today, he had the best of both worlds. Just the Reputation points now could afford him three lucky draws. If we mention the newspaper reports after today, the Reputation points still had a lot of room to grow!

Someone had tried to put him down, but he instead ended up getting popular by the day?

Zhang Ye wanted to scream out those words again — Let the tempest come strike harder!