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Chapter 63: Can You Get Zhang Yuanqi’s Signature?

Chapter 63: Can You Get Zhang Yuanqi’s Signature?

After dinner.

Dad and the three uncles went to the balcony to smoke.

Zhang Ye felt embarrassed to smoke in front of his family, so he stayed behind with all the women, speaking at random.

Second Cousin Cao Tong was looking at her cellphone and suddenly kicked at Zhang Ye’s shoes. “Eh. Bro, there will be the Golden Microphone Awards soon!”

Zhang Ye replied, “I know.”

The Third Cousin immediately said, “I have also heard of it. My idol, Zhang Yuanqi, will be one of the judges this time. I heard from my classmate that this was the first time that the Golden Microphone Awards have invited such a big S-list celebrity to be a judge. Some people are even questioning if my big idol knows about broadcasting and hosting. Ha, what a joke. Don’t they know that Auntie Yuanqi had been a television host many years ago? Furthermore, the program she hosted was very popular. It was only because she went to do music and film movies that she did not further develop herself in the hosting business. If she was not qualified to be a judge, who else is qualified? Keke. With Auntie Yuanqi present, there will definitely be many people watching the awards ceremony this year.”

Zhang Ye said with surprise, “You sure know quite a lot.”

“Of course.” Cao Mengmeng smiled. “I’m most infatuated with Zhang Yuanqi.”

Eldest Cousin Cao Dan looked at Zhang Ye, “The finalist nominations are almost done, right? Did you get in?”

Zhang Ye smirked, “Golden Microphone Awards? That has nothing to do with me. I have just started work this past month. To be nominated for the Golden Microphone Awards, one needs to have at least three years of broadcasting experience. I’m still far from the gates.” He did want to get an award and had planned very well. Once he obtained an award and gained experience, he could leave the radio station for a bigger stage to develop himself. However, even if he set his sights high, he had never considered the Golden Microphone Awards. That was the most prestigious broadcasting host award in the country. He would not be able to squeeze into it, even if he broke his head.

Cao Dan blinked, “I’m not talking about being nominated for the Golden Microphone Awards; I’m talking about the Silver Microphone Awards.”

Zhang Ye turned his attention back, “Silver Microphone Awards? What’s that?” If he was not mistaken, his world only had the Golden Microphone Awards. Where did the Silver Microphone Awards come from?

“The Silver Microphone Award is a newcomer award.” Cao Dan might have dreams of entering the entertainment industry, so she knew a bit more. She checked on her cellphone and passed it over, “Look. These are newcomer awards that were specially created for newcomers who have less than three years in the broadcasting industry. Among these, there are ten spots for all the rookie television hosts in the country, while there are ten spots for all the rookie radio hosts in the country. Take a look.”

“Bro, you are so stupid.” Cao Mengmeng scoffed.

Cao Tong was speechless too, “To think that you are an anchor. You don’t even know this?”

Grandma protected her grandson, “Don’t laugh at your brother. Little Ye has just started working for a month.”

Zhang Ye broke into a sweat. He, of course, did not know of this because his world did not have it. Why was there a specially established award for newcomers? And they were given to ten people? He quickly checked and finally understood. These special Silver Microphone Awards prepared for newcomers were not something to be scoffed at. It was not limited to the capital regions. This award was a national award and meant a lot!


He got whatever he wanted!

Zhang Ye felt that he had to get this award, regardless of anything. Wasn’t he waiting for this? Once he had experience on hand, Zhang Ye could have vast oceans of flying fish… Eh, that’s not right. Vast oceans of jumping birds… Eh, that’s not right either. High skies… high skies filled with birds… Forget it! What a crappy phrase!

After teasing Zhang Ye, Cao Mengmeng began talking about her biggest idol. Strictly speaking, Zhang Ye did not belong to this world and there were many changes that he did not know about. But everyone in the family knew of Cao Mengmeng’s hardcore star-chasing, and Zhang Yuanqi was her favourite, “I must go support my Auntie Yuanqi’s new movie. She’s too pretty, so gentle and so very elegant. When I grow up, I want to be as beautiful as someone like Auntie Yuanqi.”

Third Aunt smiled. “My daughter will definitely be beautiful.”

Remembering something, Cao Mengmeng glanced toward Zhang Ye, “Brother, you’ve got to work harder. You’re only a small star now, so you have to quickly gain more fame. And when you reach Zhang Yuanqi’s level, you must get an autograph from her for me. That is my biggest wish. Ah, ah. If I had her autograph, that would be so great; my schoolmates would be so envious of me!”

Zhang Ye rolled his eyes, “Who is a really small star now?”

“Heehee. That’s about what you are.” Cao Mengmeng swung her pigtails around saying, “If you get me Zhang Yuanqi’s autograph, I will admit that you are a famous star and worship you in the future.”

Zhang Ye deliberately quipped, “If I can get it? How will you worship me?”

Cao Mengmeng rolled back her eyes, “Get over it. You can’t even meet Zhang Yuanqi now; how do you expect to get her autograph?”

“Who says I can’t get to see her?” Zhang Ye suddenly bragged.

Cao Mengmeng stuck out her tongue, “Keep on bragging; like I would believe it.”

Cao Dan asked, “Where will our brother get the autograph from? What kind of person is Zhang Yuanqi like? Having bodyguards all around whenever she goes out, even if you were to meet her coincidentally, you would not be able to see her. She’s going to be well-protected.”

Cao Mengmeng eagerly said, “Brother, I will depend on you anyway!”

“Don’t give trouble to your bother.” Third Aunt told her daughter. “Little Ye has just debuted; how do you expect him to get you Zhang Yuanqi’s autograph?”

Third Uncle, who had just come back from his smoke break, also said, “Little Ye, don’t be bothered by her.”

Zhang Ye laughed, then said to the youngest sister, “Do you really want to have it?”

“Of course! I want it, even in my dreams.” Cao Mengmeng was a passionate fan of Zhang Yuanqi’s, “Even if you take away a year of my lifespan, I still want it!”

“Stop spouting nonsense.” Grandma lightly nudged her head.

Cao Mengmeng clutched her head and said, “But it’s true; I am Auntie Yuanqi’s hardcore fan!”

Zhang Ye and his Mom, along with their few aunties, were all tickled by Cao Mengmeng’s antics.

Zhang Ye then mysteriously said, “Sure. Wait for me a little, then. I will go to the bathroom.” In the toilet, Zhang Ye flipped through his wallet and took out a piece of paper. Did he have Zhang Yuanqi’s autograph? He really did have it. It was from the other time when Zhang Yuanqi left the note to him before leaving his house. On it was written, “I’ve saved your phone number; the same goes for your unit number. I’ve forgotten yesterday’s incident; I guess you have, too.” in some sort of threatening tone.

Sign off:

— Zhang Yuanqi.

Zhang Ye cleared his throat, tore off the top part of the note, and kept the signature intact. He then grasped it in his hand and walked outside.

Outside the house.

Cao Mengmeng was still jumping around, expressing her love for Zhang Yuanqi, “The other time when the concert ended, I was just 100 metres away from her; a hundred metres! I hate myself for not having the courage to rush up! Then, maybe I would have gotten an autograph from her! It’s my biggest regret! I hate it!”

“Really?” Cao Dan said in frustration.

Cao Tong tousled her little sister’s hair, “Haha. There will be chances in the future.”

Actually, Cao Dan and Cao Tong were also very into Zhang Yuanqi. They were just not at the level of crazy, like their third sister was.

Zhang Ye came over and nudged Cao Mengmeng with his arm, then opened his fisted hand and said, “Take it.”

“What’s this?” Cao Mengmeng not understanding the situation, “Did you use this in the toilet? Aiya, brother; that’s too dirty!”

Zhang Ye nearly fainted, “It’s not toilet paper! Take a clearer look. You don’t know how good I am.”

“Let me see; what’s this mysterious thing?” Cao Tong grabbed it, opened the note and gave out a scream, “Ahh! This can’t be?”

Cao Mengmeng’s curiosity was aroused. She immediately jumped up, “Show it to me! Show it to me!”

Cao Tong handed the note to Cao Mengmeng, dumbfounded, “You should prepare yourself for this!”

Cao Mengmeng casually took it from her, but when she saw the writing on it, it sent a shiver down her spine. Her little voice suddenly shouted, “OH, MY GOD! God! Zhang Yuanqi’s autograph! Autograph!”

The entire family was startled.

“Is that true?”

“Zhang Yuanqi’s autograph?”

“Little Ye, how did you get it?”

Even though the adults don’t follow any stars, they still knew Zhang Yuanqi well!

“Did brother go to the toilet and forge this autograph?” Cao Tong asked cautiously after recovering from the shock. She immediately launched her mobile internet browser to search for Zhang Yuanqi’s autograph to verify it!

Cao Mengmeng and the others gathered around to see!

The truth was revealed; it was exactly the same!

This was really Zhang Yuanqi’s signature!

Cao Mengmeng nearly went mad, running around the house while holding the note in both hands. She shouted while doing this, “I have it now! I have it now!”

Zhang Ye “…Be quiet.”

“My schoolmates are gonna be so jealous of me! I want to frame it! I want to frame it against the wall and place it above my bed forever!” Cao Mengmeng was ecstatic for a long while, before she remembered about Zhang Ye. She pounced on him, “Brother! I love you! I really, really love you!”

Zhang Ye patted her back, pretending to despise her, “Get down. Down!”

Cao Mengmeng held on tightly, “You actually got it. How did you get it?”

“I have my ways. But it’s a secret, so I won’t tell.” Zhang Ye could still be stern when he wanted to be stern. “Keep it well.”

Cao Tong stared, “Brother, I want it, too!”

Cao Dan also embarrassedly looked at Zhang Ye, “I would like one, too.”

Zhang Ye was in cold sweat, “I’ve only got one; let’s talk about it later.”

“Brother, you are biased. You gave it to Mengmeng, but not to us.” Cao Tong held out her hand in a tantrum, “I don’t care. I want it anyway; you just get it for us!”

“Next time, next time.” Zhang Ye said dismissively.

The autograph was handed around for everyone to take a look at it. Cao Mengmeng looked on, unwillingly. Whenever it was passed onto another person, her eyes followed closely, afraid they would damage it.

Having gotten this autograph, Zhang Ye was looked upon in a different light by his family. He actually managed to get his hands on Zhang Yuanqi’s autograph? They only had the sudden realisation now; Zhang Ye was no longer the silly boy who could not achieve anything!