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Chapter 64: New Feature of the Lottery – Additional Stakes!

Chapter 64: New Feature of the Lottery – Additional Stakes!

The second day after Mid-Autumn’s Day.

It drizzled lightly overnight and the morning was cool.

Zhang Ye was resting. In his rented apartment of about 30 square meters, Zhang Ye was preparing for something very important – the Lucky Draw.

At this moment, his total Reputation had reached an alarming 630,000. It had accumulated 100,000 points from before, from the broadcasts of “Ghost Blows Out the Light” and “The Wizard of Oz” over the past few days, as well as more from the fans gained from Weibo’s “See Me or Not” poem, and “Shuidiao Getou” from the live broadcast of the Mid-Autumn Poetry Meet. Also, there was the popularity that Zhang Ye had received from yesterday’s Beijing Evening News and Beijing Times. It was as if flowers were blooming from all directions. Hence, his Reputation had reached an unprecedented large number with all these aspects. Counting it, Zhang Ye had really never obtained so many Reputation points before. He felt like a nouveau rich!

It was so addicting!

It could be said that his hard work had paid off!

Zhang Ye forgot about his pressures and took a deep breath. Then he went to the bathroom and used some soap to wash his hands three times before sitting down on his bed — He was always this superstitious.

The game’s interface appeared.

[ Inventory ]: Currently empty.

[ Merchant Shop ]: Only "Memory Search Capsule"

[ Lottery ]: There was only this method left to obtain new items.

Zhang Ye used his heavily scented hands to tap open the Lottery screen and chose to purchase the chance at the Lottery once. After he made the confirmation, the wheel began to spin. The drawing had begun!

Stats Category…

Consumption Category…

Skills Category…

Special Category…

The needle slipped past one after another!

About ten seconds later, the needle began to slow down!

Zhang Ye had previously had great luck when he had obtained a Special Category prize. He did not have any extravagant wishes, as the probability of it happening again so soon was too low. This time, he was hoping to obtain a Stats Category or Skills Category prize. It was because he had still not seen what sort of items there were in these two categories. He had no concept of it, so he naturally anticipated it. He also wanted to be familiar with the game ring’s usage and effects as soon as possible. For example, what was a Skills Category item? For example, there were parentheses at the end of the Treasure Chest, within which was written “Small”. Was there a Treasure Chest (Medium) or Treasure Chest (Large)? How was it opened? Or did he need to level up? Will there only be this feature in the future? Zhang Ye did not understand any of these.

The increase in his popularity depended on it. The Unlucky Sticker, the Memory Search Capsule, etc. had all given him a wondrous boost for his career. Even the modification of the world’s background was all due to the game ring. It was only this that allowed Zhang Ye to use unknown literary works to appear so divine. For such an important thing that he relied upon, he had to research it thoroughly. He had great goals. He would not be satisfied with an average life.

As he was thinking this, the needle had stopped!

Seeing the needle point to a stop, Zhang Ye was a bit depressed. Your sister. Why is it still a Consumption Category? Even if this category accounted for a 50% probability, it shouldn’t happen all the time!

Zhang Ye obtained another Consumption Category’s Treasure Chest (Small). He helplessly took it out and opened the lid. Actually, Zhang Ye no longer looked forward to the Consumption Category, as he had obtained it too many times. However, when he opened the Treasure Chest and saw the item inside and its introduction, he could not help but be pleasantly surprised!

[ Lucky Bread ].

The item's introduction: Effective once eaten. Increases the player's Luck stat for five minutes.

Adding luck? This was a good item! Zhang Ye had clearly not used it before; however, he had used the “Unlucky Sticker” and the “Unlucky Halo”. These items were things that had bad luck effects. From those two items, he could also see what effect that the Lucky Bread would have. It definitely would not be terrible!

Zhang Ye finally laughed. He carefully kept the Lucky Bread, and then opened up the Lottery interface once again. He still had 500,000 Reputation points, and could still draw another five times. However, to be safe, he would leave 100,000 Reputation points unused. He needed to ensure that he could obtain knowledge he could not remember clearly when there was a need. For him to want to become a celebrity, a celebrity more popular than Zhang Yuanqi, it was important for him to be careful.

There were still four more chances!

Zhang Ye chose the Lottery once again, and then confirmed his purchase!

The needle moved. Zhang Ye stared at the turntable, without blinking. Maybe it was because he looked at it so seriously, but Zhang Ye was suddenly shocked. He noticed that there was an option that he had never seen before on the turntable. As there were too many categories, and there were all sorts of color zones and the needle, the turntable was too complicated. It had distracted a lot of his attention, so Zhang Ye had only discovered it at this time. The option was very small, and was at the rightmost corner of the turntable.

[ Additional Stakes ].

These two words did not have any other introduction.

Zhang Ye hesitated for a while, before he tapped it.

Pa! A window popped out. At the same time, the needle stopped in its place and did not carry on moving. There were only six words on the screen.

Adding Stakes Or Not?

"Yes" or "No".

Zhang Ye was of a mind to try it for research purposes, so he chose “Yes”. Following that, his remaining Reputation points and more options appeared.

Select Additional Stakes Quantity.

The default was “1”, and there was an up and down arrow beside it. He could add more stakes.

Zhang Ye hesitated for a long time. With a ruthless determination, he decided to add an additional three more stakes. He reserved 100,000 Reputation points. This was the largest number of stakes that he could add. Every additional stake cost 100,000 points.

With the three additional stakes bought, his Reputation immediately became 130,000.

Following that, the interface bounced and returned back to the turntable interface from before.

The needle continued moving. It did not begin from the beginning. It was in the previous state as before. Its momentum was slowly decreasing and was closing in on the Stats Category!


Stop, please!

Zhang Ye only wished that he could use his hand to pull the needle over!

Maybe it was because the Heavens had heard his call. As the needle carried on moving, it began to close in on the Stats Category at the final moment. It had hit the zone by just a millimeter difference! Finally, he had obtained the Stats Category that he had never obtained before, just what he had wished for. Zhang Ye was greatly anticipating it!

The Treasure Chest appeared. It was still the same old Treasure Chest (Small).

However, different from before, there were four Treasure Chests (Small)!

This was the effect of adding stakes? Drawing from the Lottery was one stake. With three Additional Stakes, there were four Treasure Chests?

Zhang Ye rushed to take out all the Treasure Chests. He used his left hand to open a lid, and the result greatly surprised him!

Fruit of Charm (Eye)!

Fruit of Charm (Eye)!

And still Fruit of Charm (Eye)!

The four Treasure Chests opened the same Stats Category item!

So this was the meaning of Additional Stakes! It was the same as buying lottery tickets. Additional Stakes meant doubling, tripling or more!

Understanding this effect, Zhang Ye believed this Additional Stakes option would definitely aid him greatly in the future. As he had added his stakes when the wheel was almost stopping, yet it carried on. That meant that whenever Zhang Ye wanted a particular category’s item, he could watch the needle and wait until it was about to stop at the category he needed, then begin adding stakes. By buying Additional Stakes, he could then obtain many of the category’s awards that he needed, all at once!