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Chapter 65: The Amazing Effects of the Fruit of Charm!

Chapter 65: The Amazing Effects of the Fruit of Charm!

He now had an understanding of the Additional Stakes.

Looking at the item’s introduction, Zhang Ye was overjoyed.

[ Fruit of Charm (Eye) ]: Permanently effective once eaten. Increases the player's charm stat (Eyes). Can be unlimitedly stacked.

Only for the eyes? Could there be other Fruit of Charms for other parts?

So this was the Stats Category award! No wonder the chances of getting it were so low!

It was completely different from the one-time Consumption Category items! This was a permanent effect item!

And looking at the description, it could be stacked an unlimited number of times? This meant that he could eat as many of these permanent effect fruits as he could get his hands on?

Zhang Ye finished his Lottery draw. He had spent most of his points, so he had no intention of drawing again. He immediately placed the four Fruits of Charm on a desk. The fruits were not big; they were about the size of a fist. It was in a shape that Zhang Ye had never seen before. The fruits’ skin were deep purple in color, and its surface was pitted with potholes; however, it had a magical charm to it that made it very beautiful. On the stalk, there was even a few green small leaves that exuded an aromatic fragrance.

Let’s eat!

Don’t believe in advertisements, believe in effectiveness!

There was a mirror in front of the desk. Zhang Ye prepared himself, holding up a Fruit of Charm in his hand. He took a bite with excited and mixed emotions!


Even the aroma splattered out!

Zhang Ye uncontrollably closed his eyes. He swore that this was the most delicious fruit that he had ever tasted. Sweet and creamy, mellow tasting, overflowing with fragrance, full of fat, but not greasy, melts in the mouth, with a lingering taste….. Forget it, I’m not gonna exaggerate. Actually, the taste was just so-so, but if it were not exaggerated, how else could the specialness of the item be expressed? When you watch TV, those cuisine programs’ food critics… Are they not the same? They easily say it melts in the mouth every now and then. Zhang Ye could never understand it in the past. Your sister! A piece of lousy jackass barbecued meat… How the heck could it melt in the mouth!? Did you think you were eating Dove? Zhang Ye could understand now why barbecued jackass meat could even melt in the mouth on TV — Because this would make it seem f***ing awesome!

All the fruits had been eaten!

Everything had been stuffed into his stomach!

Rumble, rumble. He felt his throat pulsating. The next moment, Zhang Ye had a surprise. He could only feel a very special, magical feeling. Something that was indescribable. Something very, very special; it was a feeling that could not be held in!

Could it be so magical?

Yes, it was just that magical!

Right. And so Zhang Ye rushed to the toilet for his small business. After flushing, the magical feeling had disappeared.

Alright, not kidding anymore. Let’s go back to before the writing table. Zhang Ye was looking into the mirror at himself and he really discovered that there was something different!

His eyes had a burning sensation and he couldn’t keep them open!

He could feel this burning sensation all around his eyes for over half a minute!

Only after Zhang Ye returned to his normal condition did he open his eyes. His reflection in the mirror gave him a little bit of a shock. This…. His eyes were like….

Were like they were unchanged!

Or maybe it changed!

The unchanged parts were the eye contours and its appearance, which was still like before, not too big and not too small, with a single eyelid. However, the spirit seemed to have changed. Originally, there was nothing special about his eyes. Now, there seemed to be an air of quality and depth, but it was not too obvious.

Seeing this, Zhang Ye’s spirit rose. He excitedly grabbed all the remaining fruits and ate them!




Everything had been eaten!

Fruit of Charm (Eye)! Effective.

Player's Charm state (Eye) permanently effective.

After bearing with the burning sensation with each fruit, Zhang Ye finally rubbed his eyes and looked into the mirror. He got a fright from looking at himself!

Is this still me?

How did I become so charming!

Could it be a delusion? Was this a placebo effect?

Zhang Ye was really confused, which caused him to question the results. Seeing that lunch time was almost here, he decided not to eat instant noodles. He went out to a restaurant to eat Lamian.

Going out.

Taking the elevator.

Inside the elevator, there were two 18-year-old female students who lived upstairs.

Seeing Zhang Ye enter, one of the girls with a ponytail did not respond. She gave a glance before looking back down at her cellphone. The other girl, who wore spectacles, paused her gaze on Zhang Ye for an additional second. Only when Zhang Ye’s eyes met hers did the bespectacled girl quickly pull away her gaze. When the elevator almost reached the first floor, Zhang Ye could see from the corner of his eyes that the bespectacled girl had glanced at him again. When the elevator stopped and opened its door, the first girl went out, while the bespectacled girl took a third glance at Zhang Ye. This glance was very fast, before the two of them briskly walked away.

Were there flowers on my face?

Or was my face stained with something?

Zhang Ye was unsure. As he used his cellphone’s front camera as a mirror, he realized that there was nothing unusual. The girl had definitely not looked at him because of that!

Coming out of the small district, Zhang Ye walked towards the Lamian restaurant.

On the way, people still ignored Zhang Ye. This was something that Zhang Ye was already used to.

However, as he walked, a 27-year-old older sister who wore a long skirt noticed Zhang Ye. She looked at him and her gaze paused on Zhang Ye’s face for three full seconds, before taking her gaze off him as they brushed past each other.

He reached the Lamian restaurant.

Zhang Ye found a seat with air-conditioning, “A bowl of Lamian, a big bowl.”

“Do you want to add meat?” A female waitress came over.

“There is no need to add meat. Add more chilli peppers. Thank you.” Zhang Ye smiled.

The waitress took a look at his eyes, “Alright, please wait a moment. It will be served shortly.”

In three minutes, the 18-year-old waitress brought the Lamian over, “It’s ready.”

Zhang Ye lifted his chopsticks and began eating. He noticed that there were four pieces of meat in the Lamian. He had frequently eaten in this Lamian restaurant before. He had always been thrifty and never added meat, hence there would always be at most two pieces of meat in the bowl. But there were actually four pieces today? He had said not to add meat!

Now, it was still 11 o’clock. There was still some time before the lunch hour, so there weren’t many people here.

Soon, the waitress came over again and began chatting with Zhang Ye, “Do you come here often for your meals? I find you familiar.”

Zhang Ye replied, “Ah, yes. I’ve come here a few times.”

“Aren’t you working today? Why did you come here so early for lunch?” the waitress asked.

The two of them had some idle chatter until a person behind called out to her. The waitress then busied herself.

After finishing his meal and coming out of the Lamian restaurant, Zhang Ye looked up into the sky and had the impulse to cry out!

People on the street look at me? He got special treatment when eating noodles? The waitress even took the initiative to chat with him? This was something that had never happened in the past, and was something that Zhang Ye had not even dared to think of!

The Fruit of Charm was indeed effective!

This was not a delusion of his! It was not a placebo effect! It had really worked!

Although there were only a few special cases and most people had not changed his attitude towards him, this was still Zhang Ye’s first time experiencing this. He had never encountered special treatment before! Previously, he would often envy handsome hunks, where they would be given special attention or would be stared at. People would hit on them for telephone numbers, while no one paid him any attention. Ignoring the possibility of having additional pieces of meat in his Lamian, just not having his meat reduced would be something to be thankful for! And now that Zhang Ye had a tiny experience of such treatment, it would be weird if he wasn’t happy!

He had reversed his situation!

He had seen hope!

At this moment, he wanted to sing a song, “Arise! All who refuse to be slaves!*”

But what was the principle behind the Fruit of Charm? How did it cause the change?

Actually, charm was something hard to explain. Some people had average looks without any attractiveness. However, there were people with average looks, who exuded a lot of charm. Zhang Ye understood that it was a combination of one’s facial features and also the nourishment of one’s experience. If one gained self-confidence, then it would result in a different air. For example, some celebrities did not look eye-catching in photos when they were young. Some could even be said to be ugly. But as they grew older and their career began to thrive, they somehow became more handsome or beautiful. Zhang Ye might currently be in such a situation. His looks were very average, and there was not anything outstanding about his eyes; however, after eating four Fruits of Charm (Eyes), the change in his eyes had become very obvious!

He was still the same person. While his eyes were still the same eyes, the feelings they produced in others were completely different!

The feedback he got from coming out to eat lunch had let Zhang Ye confirm this!

With the result from the test out, Zhang Ye was unsure what he himself was feeling either. This bro can have such a day? This bro can also become good-looking and be full of charm? He had always been helpless with his looks. They were given to him by his parents and it was natural. There was no other way. However, now that there was an opportunity for Zhang Ye to reverse this situation? This discovery made him extremely excited. He would no longer be obscure again! He could still be saved!

The world had such an attitude to people of his looks!

People differentiated one’s looks into different grades!

In this objective environment, Zhang Ye felt that he had no other way out. Especially his goal of becoming a world-renowned superstar, the requirement for looks was even higher. Now, Zhang Ye had seen some hope. This was the best reward he had gained from the Lottery!

His looks could not change!

But his charm could change! Charm could be increased!

Now, just four Fruits of Charm had given him such a significant change. If Zhang Ye were to eat a hundred pieces…no, a thousand pieces, or even ten thousand pieces of Fruits of Charm, what sort of situation and concept would that result in? Could he charm the entire world with just one look? Zhang Ye did not know, but he was greatly looking forward to it. After all, the Stats Category’s Fruit of Charm could be infinitely stacked. As long as he had the Reputation points, then as long as he gained the purchasing privilege of buying this sort of Fruit of Charm in the Special Category, then he could eat an unlimited number of them! When that happened, then would he need to work so hard in his unit, tiring himself to death just to increase his visibility and fame? He just needed to casually sing a song or film a movie; wouldn’t his fan numbers increase with just a smile with his eyes? Just thinking of it made him excited!

What was the highest realm a celebrity could reach?

It was not working desperately to have a good piece of work and heavily promoting it to draw in numerous fans!

It was having fans stream towards him and increasing in numbers with him just standing there without moving! He did not need to work at all! Completely using charm!

*The lyrics are from the national anthem of the People’s Republic of China, March of the Volunteers.