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Chapter 66: The Olive Branch Held Out by the Television Station!

Chapter 66: The Olive Branch Held Out by the Television Station!

The next day.

The sky had just turned bright.

Zhang Ye, who was still sleeping, heard the irritating sound of the phone ringing. He opened his eyes and grabbed around with his hand stretched out, before pulling the cellphone to his ear, “Hello. How are you?”

“Is this Teacher Zhang Ye?” It was a middle-aged man’s voice.

Zhang Ye had never heard this voice as he said with his eyes closed, “That’s me. May I know who you are?”

The middle-aged man’s laughter rang, “Teacher Little Zhang, are you still sleeping? Should I call again later? So as not to affect your rest.”

“It’s alright. May I know who are you?” Zhang Ye asked.

The middle-aged man said, “My name is Hu Fei. We have previously had some interaction on Weibo. I’m not sure if you still remember me.”

Hu Fei? Who was that? Eh, wait a moment! Interaction on Weibo? Was it that famous producer, Teacher Hu Fei, from Central TV? Zhang Ye was immediately jolted awake. He sat up with his eyes opened wide. Of course he knew the name. Firstly, Hu Fei was quite famous in the industry. And secondly, when “Ghost Blows Out the Light” was released, he was the first big wig Weibo account to publicly praise Zhang Ye. He remembered very clearly that Hu Fei had supported him when his poems were posted on Weibo. He had even posted a very long Weibo message that gave him endless praises.

“Hello, Teacher Hu.” Zhang Ye hurriedly said, “How do you know my telephone number?”

Hu Fei said, “Finding your telephone number sure wasn’t easy. I have managed to get it thanks to someone from the Beijing Broadcasting Television Station. With their connections, they could get the telephone numbers from your radio station’s anchors.” The Beijing Television Station and the Beijing Radio Station had merged a long time ago. They were interlinked and had a common system, “You may not know that I have already left Central TV. My Weibo verification has already changed to Former Central TV Program Producer. I can tell you some things in advance. Shortly, I will be working at the Beijing Television Station and will be doing my old business of program production.”


He had job-hopped to Beijing Television Station?

Zhang Ye did not understand, “Eh, and you are calling me because…?”

Hu Fei laughed, “Ever since you began ‘Ghost Blows Out the Light’, which was recommended to me by a colleague, I have begun taking note of you. I have read all of your modern poems. They are very good; they are so good that I’m speechless. Of course, the reason why I am making this determined decision to call you is because of the ‘Shuidiao Getou’ that you wrote. I never expected your ancient poetry literacy to be so outstanding. That melody poem had given me goose bumps after I finished hearing it. Hence, I came looking for you. Although my program hasn’t been decided, and I am still negotiating with the Beijing Television Station about the program matters, I still want to invite you in advance. How about it, Teacher Little Zhang? Are you interested in coming over to the television station to develop yourself?”

Zhang Ye was stunned with surprise, “Me?”

“Yes. I am new, so I need my own team. If my team has a talented person like you, it would be my honor.” Hu Fei appeared very polite.

Zhang Ye said unsurely, “Can I ask if I will be working front-stage or back-stage?”

“I was attracted by your front-stage work, so of course I want you to work front-stage.” Hu Fei said.

“However, my appearance might be off the mark. I’m not sure if you have previously seen my profile.” Zhang Ye was afraid that he would go back on his word in the future, so he gave him a heads up.

Hu Fei laughed upon hearing this, “I have seen your photo from the Beijing Television Station’s system. Your image might not be considered good, but you are also not ugly. You have decent features. Well, you might not know what sort of program category mine would be. It would be alright for me to divulge this to you. We have preliminarily decided on a cultural knowledge segment. Hence, we do not have very stringent requirements on the host’s and guests’ looks. If you come, I can arrange for you to be a host or arrange for you to be a long-term guest in the segment. This still has some room for discussion until we really decide on the program.”

Zhang Ye took two deep breaths, as he was lost for words, “This…”

“How about it?” Hu Fei invited him again, “Are you interested in helping me? Being a television host or guest would definitely be a challenge for you. However, if you want to go further in the future, it is something that you need to go through. It will definitely be better than developing yourself at the radio station. You should consider it.”

Zhang Ye immediately said, “There’s no need to consider. Teacher Hu, I’m going!”

Hu Fei nodded, “Alright, but I have a tiny request on my side. You are, after all, lacking in experience and have just entered the industry for a month, so I hope you can understand this.”

Zhang Ye said, “Please say it.”

Hu Fei explained, “It’s this. The Silver Microphone Awards are entering the nomination period soon. I want you to win this award, so that your resume will look better. With that, the pressure on my side will be much less. Although I am pulling you over for my segment, a lot of things are decided by upper management. I’m not questioning your ability. But due to your experience and lack of any official acknowledgement, the television station will not let a rookie like you who has no experience in television hosting come over. I will definitely need to show a lot of papers just to convince them. For this, I hope you can understand.”

Zhang Ye certainly understood, “I understand.”

Hu Fei said, “This award should not be a big problem for you. With your current ratings there, if you can raise your ratings further and get the recommendation from the radio station, it would not be difficult to do. When you get a Silver Microphone Award, my program will be approved, and then I can immediately recommend you to my superiors for the position of host or long-term guest.

Zhang Ye said, “Thank you for Teacher Hu’s trust.”

“Your works have touched me. If we can work together, I believe the segment will gain pretty good ratings. When that happens, it will be me thanking you. Hur Hur.” Hu Fei did not have any airs of a famous Program Producer. He spoke very nicely.

The phone was hung up.

Zhang Ye threw his cellphone on the bed as he rubbed his head and slapped his face. It felt like he was in a dream! Great! The television station had invited him! He had not worked so hard for the past few days in vain! He had finally gained the attention of people in the industry! He immediately picked up his cellphone, intending to make a phone call to his parents to tell them about the good news. The radio station was just his springboard. The television station was really the stage that Zhang Ye would be satisfied with. How could he not be excited? However, just as he called out, Zhang Ye gave some thought before quickly hanging up. Not yet; it was still too early!

Someone had just held out an olive branch to him. The future had not been decided yet!

He had also put forward a condition that had not been reached, which was winning a Silver Microphone Award!

From Hu Fei’s words, Zhang Ye could tell that if he didn’t win the award, he would definitely not be accepted. Which television station would dare to hire a fresh graduate, who had worked for a month with no service of records or television experience, as a long-term guest or host? Hu Fei appreciated him, but Hu Fei was unable to make the decisions for certain things. The only way was for Zhang Ye to live up to his expectations!

He needed to get the award!

Zhang Ye felt an imperative. He definitely could not lose in competing for a Silver Microphone Award, regardless of any unexpected situations!