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Chapter 70: The Silver Microphone Awards Nomination

Chapter 70: The Silver Microphone Awards Nomination

Too impressive!

This was the change of an era!

Zhang Ye’s literary accomplishments were not only known by those at the Literature Channel; even the whole Beijing Radio Station knew of them. Based on his strengths, everyone knew that Zhang Ye would achieve this someday, but no one had expected it to be so soon!

Zhao Guozhou continued, “Additionally, yesterday’s ‘Old and Young Story Club’ placed fourth in the entire station’s listenership ratings!”

It had gone to the top 4?

Only second to several of the news and traffic segments?

Zhao Guozhou looked towards Wang Xiaomei and said encouragingly, “Teacher Xiaomei, Teacher Little Zhang is catching up. Your program finally has a competitor now and won’t be lonely anymore. If you don’t push harder, Little Zhang’s segment might really end up in first place.”

Wang Xiaomei calmly replied, “I will.”

Zhang Ye followed up modestly, “It won’t; it’s just my good luck that there were more weekend listeners and the program duration was extended by an hour with ‘The Wizard of Oz’ ending at its climax. All these helped to pull up the ratings. It won’t be able to continue to compete for first tomorrow and will definitely be lower again.”

Everyone knew so too, but why did it matter? Getting first one time was still getting first. In the past few years, no one in the Literature Channel had dared to challenge Wang Xiaomei’s “Talk About the World”. Zhang Ye was the first.. and he even succeeded!

“I want to add on something.” Zhao Guozhou finally smiled and said loudly, “Yesterday, on Sunday, our Literature Channel’s overall listenership rating managed to exceed the Traffic Channel’s total listenership rating for the first time in 11 years. We are ranked second overall in the station! This was a team effort that contributed to our channel’s brilliance. I would like to take the chance here to specially praise Teacher Zhang Ye for helping to pull up the two segments which had the channel’s lowest listenership and bringing them to first and third place. Just his contributions alone have brought us amazing listenership ratings; it’s also the main reason for us surpassing the Traffic Channel for the first time in 11 years! I feel that everyone here, no matter if you are a rookie or veteran, could learn from Little Zhang!”

They had not obtained second place in 11 years!

In the past, it had always been in fourth place, suppressed by the Music Channel. Later on, it was always in third place, behind the Traffic Channel. But today, their wish had finally been granted?


“Haha! It’s time to disburse the rewards, Leader!”

“No one can stop us from now on!”

“Let’s work even harder and surpass the News Channel, too!”

Some roared. Some bragged. In any case, everyone was on an emotional high.

Zhao Guozhou gestured for everyone to be quiet and said, “This afternoon, I will call the shots. Everyone do what you need to and we will break for lunch at 10:30 A.M. Let’s go to a restaurant outside for a good meal. It’ll be my treat!”


“Long live our Leader!”

“Can we order expensive items?”

Zhao Guozhou gave a smile, “Choose whatever you like! Anything is fine!”

Zhang Ye said, “I guess I won’t be joining? I still have a recording later. ‘The Wizard of Oz’ has ended and I have to tell a new story today.”

Big Sis Zhou happily said, “How could you not go?”

“Right. Little Zhang must go. You are the star.” Auntie Sun urged.

Zhao Guozhou also added, “Everyone must go; no one can give it a miss. As long as we get back before noon, your broadcast will not be late. Let’s not discuss this any further. Don’t think that I have forgotten your specialty. You don’t need any preparation at all. Since when have you made a mistake during a live broadcast?”

Zhang Ye rubbed his temple, “Alright. Then, I will follow the Leader’s instructions.”

“That settles it, then. We’ll set off at 10:30 A.M. I will gather everyone in a while.” Zhao Guozhou then left.

Zhang Ye had something to discuss. After thinking for a moment, he followed him out. Seeing Zhao Guozhou going into his office, he followed in closely behind, “Director.”

Zhao Guozhou turned back to look, “Ah, Little Zhang. Hur Hur. How can I help you?”

Zhang Ye coughed a bit and said nervously, “About that… I saw on the news a few days ago that the nominations for the Golden and Silver Microphone Awards will be held soon. I’ve joined the station for almost two months now and I won’t talk about my performance, but it’s been quite okay. I haven’t been working for a year yet, so I fit the criteria for the Silver Microphone Awards. Do you think that I could get a nomination?” As no one had discussed this with him before, Zhang Ye could only bring it up himself.

Zhao Guozhou acknowledged this and signaled for him to take a seat, “It’s just this matter? I was still expecting something else. You are asking about this today? If I had waited for you to apply for the nomination, it would have been too late already.” While speaking, he pulled out a drawer from his desk and took out a document, “Here. This is a copy. The original has been submitted to the Station Leader a few days back. I recommended that you be nominated for the Silver Microphone Awards and sent this over, together with your resume.”

Zhang Ye wore an expression of joy, “You recommended me already? Thank you, Leader. Thank you!”

Zhao Guozhou told him, “The Silver Microphone Awards are not as important as the Golden Microphone Awards, so the nomination list for it is smaller, too. Our Beijing Radio Station has two nomination spots. Even though your nomination has not been approved by the management, I guess your nomination is almost guaranteed. Among all of this year’s rookies, your results have been the most outstanding. There is no one close to your work performance; at the very most, there is someone from the News Channel called Zhāng Yě*, who is performing reasonably well. If all goes according to expectations, then it’s likely that you and Zhāng Yě will be our station’s two nominees. There’s only one winner in the end and I expect it to be you. It is true that, in the past, the Golden and Silver Microphone Awards judges have always favored those from the news channels, but you are different. Your contributions are too outstanding. You have provided a dominating result that no one can compare with.”

Zhang Ye asked, “When is the selection date?”

Zhao Guozhou answered, “This Friday, but only the Golden Microphone Awards will be broadcast live, not the Silver Microphone Awards.”

The Silver Microphone Awards — 10 winners from all the nation’s radio stations.

There were about 30 to 40 nominees, but only 10 received an award.

The number of radio stations in the country amounted to more than that, but it was impossible to give every station an award. Only some of the key provinces and cities could be given the award. For example, Central Radio Station almost always had two winners, followed by Beijing Radio Station and Shanghai Radio Station, each of which usually had one winner. As for the other provinces, the other winners would rotate around their radio stations. Beijing Radio Station would never miss out on a spot, though, since its place was already politically guaranteed.

That was why with the station’s two nominations, there was a 50% chance for either person to win an award. No, according to Zhao Guozhou’s analysis, Zhang Ye’s chances at winning an award was 99%. As such, Zhang Ye felt refreshed and good about it. This time, with backing from his recent first place in the Literature Channel and the unprecedented history he had set, giving him a thicker resume, his confidence was emboldened. On the subject of the Silver Microphone Awards, Zhang Ye could only feel that it was a sure thing that was in the bag!

Get down off your high horse quickly!

He already couldn’t wait to further his career at the TV station!

*Another person named Zhāng Yě (张野), as compared to our main character, Zhāng Yè (张烨). If the side character is mentioned again, his name will have the Pinyin tones included to distinguish between them. The main character will remain without any Pinyin tones.