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Chapter 72: The Silver Microphone Awards’ Nomination List has been Released!

Chapter 72: The Silver Microphone Awards’ Nomination List has been Released!

Throughout the unit, the news spread like wildfire.

“Did you hear? Wang Xiaomei from the Literature Channel was knocked off her perch!”

“It’s that Zhang Ye from the Mid-Autumn Poetry Meet, right? This rookie emerged out of nowhere. If not for his average looks, he would be someone in the future. It’s a pity that he just lacks that little bit to succeed.”

“Hey, why are you guys so outdated?”

“What’s the matter, Old An? Did something happen again?”

“Zhang Ye’s program has been halted and might be rescheduled to a weekend slot. He had lost his former positions as anchor for those two programs; he hasn’t got a chance for this year’s Silver Microphone Awards nomination!”


“Right… How can that be!”

“With his results, he can’t get the Silver Microphone Award?”

“What do you know? Do you know who is the new program’s host that is taking over Zhang Ye’s Monday to Friday segment? His name is Jia Yan; he’s Deputy Station Head Jia’s relative. Also, don’t tell this to anyone or tell others that I told you this, but the nominee for the Silver Microphone Awards, Zhāng Yě… His father and our Station Head are old comrades.”


“Isn’t Zhang Ye too tragic?”

“Hai, he sure is unlucky enough!”

“It’s so disgusting for the Station to do this; not only did they not reward the station’s greatest contributor, but they actually… What the heck is this!”

“Well, he is the Leader, after all.”

“If the station carries on doing things like this, it will lose the trust of the people sooner or later!”

“The relatives and good friends of the Leader have to be well taken care of. That is normal human behavior; but, you shouldn’t be so insidious. Isn’t this forcing Zhang Ye to his death!?”

Everyone did not dare to openly question this, as this was a decision made by the Station Leader; however there was a flurry of discussion in the shadows. Everyone had a strong opinion about this.

Deputy Station Head’s office.

There were two people in the room. One of them was Deputy Station Head Jia and the other was Zhāng Yě.

Deputy Station Head Jia was friendly, “Little Yě, how has your work been recently?”

“It’s pretty good.” Zhāng Yě sat across him and said, “I troubled Station Head Jia. Thank you for your concern.”

Deputy Station Head Jia smiled. “There’s no need to be so polite. We aren’t outsiders. I even saw you often in the Station Head’s house when you were young. Do you still remember?”

Zhāng Yě touched his neck and said, “I remember.”

Deputy Station Head Jia nodded, “Then, let’s talk about proper matters. Today is the deadline for the Silver Microphone Awards nominations. They will be officially selected on Friday. The station has only just submitted your name to the selection committee. As we do not have enough outstanding personnel in the Beijing Radio Station, we will only be nominating you. It is equivalent to handing one of the ten Silver Microphone Awards, which has been reserved for our Beijing Radio Station, to you. Calling you over is just a formality, so prepare your acceptance speech. You might even need to say a few words onstage. To put it nicely, it will be helpful for your future development. After all, there will quite a lot of famous people in the industry there on the day of the awards ceremony. There will be broadcasting Leaders, various producers from radio and television stations and famous anchors. Hur Hur, there will even be Heavenly Queen Zhang Yuanqi. So prepare your acceptance speech well and leave a deep impression on everyone.”

Zhāng Yě might have known of this earlier, so he was not very excited, “Thank you for Station Head Jia’s nurturing; I will work hard.”

“So modest. Good.” Deputy Station Head Jia said with appreciation, “After you receive the Silver Microphone Award, your future will be limitless. After you have some training, people from the television station will definitely come for you, even without my recommendation.”

Literature Channel’s office.

Jia Yan energetically set off for the live broadcast studio. Although his program had been recorded, he still needed to make an opening statement and introduce himself.

Big Sis Zhou hatefully watched his back, “He is a scoundrel having greatness thrust upon him!”

Auntie Sun said with comforting words, “Little Zhang, there will be plenty of opportunities in the future; don’t worry.”

“Right. Teacher Little Zhang, you will definitely be able to do it. There are still other awards in the future” his assistant, Xiaofang, said.

However, even if they said so, everyone knew there would not be such a good opportunity in the future. Indeed, there were other awards in the future, but which one of them had more value than the Silver Microphone Award? This was the nation’s most prestigious newcomer award in the broadcasting world. There was only one a year and nominations were only allowed for rookies who had worked for less than three years. It would be gone once it was missed out on.

Those famous radio announcers currently in the radio station, and those famous hosts currently on television… Which of them did not receive a Silver Microphone Award back then? They had all received it. They could reach their present height all because of the qualifications the Silver Microphone Award brought them. Receiving it was equivalent to having a thick layer of gold plating. It was completely different from those people who did not have this newcomer award!

Many people felt pity for Zhang Ye!

Many colleagues felt aggrieved for Zhang Ye!

However, Zhang Ye’s expression looked abnormally calm.

“Little Zhang, don’t let your thoughts go astray.” Big Sis Zhou was extremely worried, “If you want to curse, curse a bit. Everyone here is on your side; no one will spread it out.”

Zhang Ye said, “I’m fine, Big Sis Zhou.”

Wang Xiaomei glanced at him and stood up to walk towards him.

“Teacher Xiaomei, what are you doing?” Xiaofang noticed something was wrong.

Wang Xiaomei said calmly, “I’m going to ask the station’s Leader to change his mind; it’s too demoralizing!”

Big Sis Zhou cleared her throat and grabbed her, “Don’t do that, don’t do that. It would be useless, even if you went. Don’t pull yourself into the ditch!” From Zhang Ye’s situation, people could tell that the politeness given to the star anchor by the station’s Leader was only just pure courtesy. So what if you were a star anchor? Zhang Ye had also gotten the number one listenership rating! Wasn’t he still suppressed by the station’s Leader? When there was a conflict of interest with the station’s Leader, no one else mattered. Everyone had to pave the way for them, letting their relatives take off!

This was the status quo!

After all, they had someone higher up!

Zhang Ye was very touched, “Teacher Xiaomei, thank you, but there’s no need. You won’t put any sense into them, no matter what you say. If the nomination will not be given by the station, fine… I’ll get it myself!”

Wang Xiaomei was shocked, “You get it yourself?”

“Where are you getting it from? Isn’t it impossible without an anchor position?” Big Sis Zhou could not understand, either.

Zhang Ye did not respond to them. He picked up the cellphone on the table and stood up, “I’ll go out and make a call.” He then disappeared out of the office.

On the corner of the hallway.

Zhang Ye opened the window and leaned on it. He flipped through his message book and found Zhang Yuanqi’s telephone number. After pondering for a moment, he made the call. He was not a person who liked to beg for favors, at least he would not suddenly beg of people. If he could do it himself, Zhang Ye would do it himself. If he could not do it, then he would not do it; that was always his character. However, he did not have much pressure making this phone call. This was because Zhang Yuanqi had drunkenly gone to his house that day. Zhang Ye had taken care of her, washing her clothes and making food for her, so Zhang Yuanqi owed him one.

Ring, ring, ring.

Ring, ring, ring.

Only after it rang ten times did the phone call connect.

Zhang Ye quickly said, “Hello, Teacher Zhang. It’s me, Zhang…”

A magnetic voice from Zhang Yuanqi came over, but the tone was not very friendly, “I know who you are. I’m very busy now. I’m giving you ten seconds to speak.”

Zhang Ye was not taken aback. He had slowly gotten used to the Heavenly Queen’s coldness. He knew that it was the Heavenly Queen’s character deep down, and was not directed at him, “Then I’ll cut the long story short. It’s like this. You are one of the five judges of the Silver Microphone Awards, right? My segment has been axed through the machinations of my station’s Leader, so I cannot be nominated for the Silver Microphone Awards according to the rules. I heard judges have two additional nomination spots, *cough*, so I’m asking if you can…”

At this moment, the ten seconds were up!

Bada, the other side punctually hung up!

Zhang Ye was surprised. Your sister! I haven’t finished speaking! The ten seconds you said was really ten seconds? He nearly cursed at her mother, thinking how he would not care about her no matter how drunk she was in the future. If he saw her drunk at his place again, he would push her out on the road and write a plaque, “Take a photo with the Heavenly Queen: 1,000 Yuan.” This bro could earn some extra money!

In the afternoon, “Soaring Youth” finished broadcasting.

Jia Yan returned to his office and he stood straighter than ever before. He looked arrogant as the listenership rating had already been collated. It was 2.13% For a new segment, this result was quite brilliant! Jia Yan was very satisfied.

Everyone knew that the next Silver Microphone Award for the Beijing Radio Station was guaranteed to be Jia Yan’s. However, looking at his attitude, no one was was impressed. This was because he had not done it with his own abilities, and it was not because “Soaring Youth” was that good; the reason was that he had a good relative. Everyone knew deep down that axing Zhang Ye’s segment forcefully without any notice was to help pull listeners for Jia Yan. How many listeners did Zhang Ye have? Ignoring “Soaring Youth”, even a program that wasn’t even worth a fart would have a listenership rating of 2%!

Someone who had no ability sure appeared impressive!

Some average person could receive the Silver Microphone Award!

Yet a huge contributor like Zhang Ye had been forced into such a pathetic state! He was not even given a nomination! They were really brutal and cold-blooded, confusing right with wrong!

The nomination deadline was in the afternoon!

Now, Teacher Little Zhang was completely out of the race!

Big Sis Zhou’s hands were trembling with anger. It was too unfair!

Jia Yan and the News Channel’s Zhāng Yě knew each other well. They knew each other due to their elders’ connection. Seeing Zhāng Yě getting the Silver Microphone Award, while Zhang Ye got nothing, Jia Yan also felt his anger vent.

It was almost time to get off work.

A tall and thin youth suddenly entered the office.

“Yan, let’s go. Let’s have dinner together.” The youth said to Jia Yan.

Jia Yan smiled upon seeing the person, “Zhāng Yě? Sure. Wait for me to pack my things.”

No one was surprised that the two knew each other. Both of them were products of nepotism, so it was inevitable that they knew each other.

Zhāng Yě was also curious about the identity of Zhang Ye. Looking around, he saw him at a glance. The Mid-Autumn Poetry Meet had been a big deal, and he had seen Zhang Ye’s photo before. He has just this much looks and height? They’re only average! Zhāng Yě was already sure that he would win the Silver Microphone Award, so he looked down on Zhang Ye.

Zhang Ye also looked at him.

The two of them locked eyes, while Zhāng Yě let out a laugh, showcasing the power of the victor.

At this moment, Zhang Ye’s assistant, Xiaofang, suddenly shouted. It was unknown what serious matter had happened. She pointed towards the computer, “Oh, hey! Come and see, quickly! Everyone, come and see! The Silver Microphone Awards nomination list has been released!