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Chapter 73: This Time it’s Smacking the Leader’s Face!

Chapter 73: This Time it’s Smacking the Leader’s Face!

This year’s Golden Microphone Awards event was organized and sponsored by the Beijing Television Station, so the award ceremony would be held in the Beijing Television Station’s large theater. Hence, all the announcements and name lists were published on the television station’s official website, including the nomination list announcement.

What Xiaofang saw was clearly this!

But no one understood why she was making a fuss!

“Come quickly!” Xiaofang was still shouting, “This…This…”

Big Sis Zhou snapped, “What big shot list? Without Little Zhang, what’s there to see!”

But Xiaofang shouted with even more exaggeration. Quite a lot of people gathered around, “What’s the matter? Let me see.”

Upon taking a closer look, a second person also immediately called out, “What the f***! Why is there Teacher Zhang Ye’s name!? Am I seeing things?”

Zhang Ye’s name?

Why was his name there?

Auntie Sun also ran over in disbelief. She then said with excitement, “There’s Little Zhang! There really is Little Zhang!”

Jia Yan was shocked, “How can that be? Did you see wrongly?”

Zhāng Yě’s expression also changed. What? Didn’t the station recommend him as its sole nominee?

Wang Xiaomei also came over, “Little Zhang does not have an anchor duty temporarily, so the station should not be able to nominate him, right? Also, who would nominate him?” Zhang Ye had offended the Leader, so even if he was qualified to get the nomination, one of the Leaders would definitely think of a way to get him out of the way!

Xiaofang said with a pleasant surprise, “It’s not recommended by our Beijing Radio Station! It’s recommended by one of the five judges for the Golden Microphone Awards! Someone gave Teacher Zhang Ye a Silver Microphone Awards additional nomination!”


“The jury?”

“An exception was made to nominate him?”

Big Sis Zhou said in a surprised manner, “Why would the jury give Little Zhang a nomination? Out of the five judges, three of them have three additional nominations for the Golden Microphone Awards. The other two people would have the two additional nominations for the Silver Microphone Awards. That is to say, one of the judges has helped Teacher Little Zhang?”

Many people looked at each other, for they could not react in time!

To think that they were were worried over Teacher Little Zhang. Take a look. Zhang Ye himself had someone up there!

Zhang Ye heard this and felt a burden lift off his chest. He was really shocked. Just now when he called Zhang Yuanqi, he thought Old Zhang would not have bothered with him. She had hung up on him. But who knew that Comrade Old Zhang was so reliable? She had immediately set things right for him. She was righteous!

At the same time.

Deputy Station Head Jia’s office.

“What’s the matter with the name list?” Deputy Station Head Jia said with a blackened face to his secretary.

The secretary had a wailful expression, “Leader, I only recommended Zhāng Yě alone to the jury. There was no mistake. Maybe it is one of the additional nominations from the jury.”

“Additional?” Deputy Station Head Jia immediately confirmed it on the website. And indeed it was true. He waved his hand, “Go out and close the door!”

The secretary walked out gingerly. He knew the Leader was mad.

Deputy Station Head Jia called someone he knew on the jury, “Hey, Old Zheng, what’s the meaning of this?”

The middle-aged man on the phone had a husky voice, as if his vocal cords had been injured, “Old Jia, I was just about to contact your radio station. I only just got to know about the nomination matters. Do not worry. There’s no other meaning to it, nor are we trying to beat on your radio station. From what I know, someone from the jury submitted this nomination. The other judges had to give that person face, so we have such a list.”

Deputy Station Head Jia asked, “Which judge?”

“I don’t know about that.” Head Zheng said.

Deputy Station Head Jia said angrily, “But in the eyes of others, you are smacking our Beijing Radio Station’s management’s face. We have only nominated one person, and did not nominate a second person because there was no one suitable. But with you doing this, isn’t it saying that our radio station is failing to recognize someone for his worth? For us to not discover him, despite having a good candidate… Wouldn’t that mean that we needed someone from the jury to nominate him for us? How would the other stations look at us??”

He had clearly caused the present situation due to his private goals, yet he said everything as if he was right!

Head Zheng explained, “Don’t be stressed. There’s really no way to control this matter. As a small Head, I can’t do anything with the nomination from the higher-ups.”

According to the rules, additional nominations could be given freely.

However, in principle, these nominations were not given willy-nilly. This was also the reason why Deputy Station Head Jia was angered.

In the past, the jury and the broadcast stations had a tacit understanding. Most of the time, the jury would not use the additional nomination. When it was used, it was because the broadcasting station had too many good newcomers, despite only being able to nominate two. Only then would they need the additional nomination from the judges, to give those who weren’t recommended a nomination, as a form of encouragement. Yes, it was a form of encouragement. This was because there was no precedent of a person winning the award with the additional nomination. It was just a symbolic nomination as an encouragement. They would not award the person who was given an additional nomination.


This was because the jury not only had to consider the qualities and abilities of the broadcasting host, they had to also take into account the views and attitudes of the unit the person worked at. And since there were two nominations from a station, these two people indicated the opinion of the station, so the jury would usually respect it, and naturally would not consider the additional nominations.

But even so, Deputy Station Head Jia was still filled with anger. Anyone who had eyes could see Zhang Ye’s results. He had broken so many records and made new history. Even other radio stations from other provinces might know of Zhang Ye’s name. But Zhang Ye had not been nominated by their station. So anyone with eyes would know the attitude of their station, which was not wanting Zhang Ye to be up for nomination. But now? An unknown judge had pulled Zhang Ye into the nomination list! Wasn’t this a smack in their faces? Who was it?

Could it be Teacher Lu? Impossible! Teacher Lu’s additional nomination should be for the Golden Microphone Award.

The person with the Silver Microphone Award nomination had to be a new judge. Could it be the famous Heavenly Queen? That was more impossible! How could Zhang Ye know Zhang Yuanqi!?

The phone was hung up.

Zhāng Yě knocked on the door and entered, “Station Head Jia, about the nomination…”

Deputy Station Head Jia suppressed his anger and got over it, “It’s alright. It’s just a little bump. You are recommended by the station, so the Silver Microphone Award is definitely yours. You don’t have to worry.”

Only then did Zhāng Yě heave a sigh of relief before saying, “What is he trying to do? He found someone to give him a nomination? Isn’t this openly challenging the unit?”

“Go back.” Deputy Station Head Jia did not say much. He had already given Zhang Ye the death sentence in his heart. You even dare take the station down a peg; do you even have any concept of a bigger picture!?

Some people were like that. Even though they were the one repressing others with their power, fixing anyone they wished, they did not allow the other party to fight back. There was no consideration when they abused their powers. They were always unreasonable. But when the other party resisted, they would respond with a ton of logic! In short, they would never be wrong. Whatever they did was the truth.

All the fault was on Zhang Ye! It was Zhang Ye that should not have been born in this world! Against such a person, Zhang Ye would usually only say this to them—Helping those bunch of ungrateful crap that thought the world revolved around them, then go f*** yourself!

After work.

His colleagues left the unit in pairs or trios.

Big Sis Zhou said happily, “Little Zhang, you have a chance this time.”

However, Auntie Sun pessimistically said, “There’s still no chance. According to what I know, additional nominations will never win the award.”

“Ah?” Big Sis Zhou did not understand, “There’s such a thing?”

“It has always been so. The judges will follow the unit’s opinion.” Auntie Sun said, “But this is enough. It is also a smack of the Station Leader’s face. Little Zhang has at least been able to vent out some of his anger!”


It’s far from enough!

After having been repressed so much, Zhang Ye would not take this lying down!