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Chapter 75: Zhang Ye’s Miraculous Win!

Chapter 75: Zhang Ye’s Miraculous Win!

9 in the morning.

The entire Grand Theater was packed. Almost everyone was here.

At this moment, the game ring on Zhang Ye’s pinky displayed a screen with virtual text.

Countdown ended – the Lucky Bread was used up!

Five minutes have passed?

It’s over? Just like that?

Zhang Ye blinked his eyes in a daze. He looked to the left and then to the right. Why didn’t anything happen? It increased my Luck stat? Where was it increased? I couldn’t see a bit of it! This was the first time that the special items from Zhang Ye’s game ring did not have any effect. He was extremely depressed. He was originally hoping that the “Lucky Bread” would help him, and it was also his final life-saving weapon, but who knew that nothing happened at all. At least let this bro pick up a wallet to show its effects!


There was not a chance left now!

Zhang Ye was at a loss as to whether to laugh or to cry. He had choked at the critical moment!

Over there, the Literature Channel’s old editor, who had become the eldest after Teacher Feng retired, returned. He had not been seen all along, for he had gone somewhere.

“You just came?” someone asked.

The old editor said, “I came much earlier. I just went to find a friend backstage.”

Big Sis Zhou was excited, “You know people here? Are the decisions for the awards out?”

“It came out earlier on.” The old editor said, “There was something happening backstage. Don’t tell others that I was the one who told you. I heard that one of the trophies shattered from dropping.”

Auntie Sun exclaimed, “Then wouldn’t they not make it in time?”

The old editor said, “The company manufacturing the trophy must have spares. By quickly engraving the unit and the name of the winner, it’s quite fast. They should be able to make it in time.”

Nobody took this news in mind.

Big Sis Zhou asked again, “Then who will win our station’s Silver Microphone Award?”

The old editor said helplessly , “You are still hoping for Little Zhang to create a miracle? It’s impossible. The additional nomination will not win the award. There has been no precedent, and neither will there be one in the future.”

Big Sis Zhou rolled her eyes, “I know that. I’m asking if Zhāng Yě got it. It’s said that every year our radio station will get one Golden Microphone Award and one Silver Microphone Award, but wasn’t there a mistake five years ago with the Golden Microphone Award, where both our station’s nominees were not awarded, and it was awarded to Hebei province’s broadcaster?” She could no longer stand seeing Zhang Ye being bullied to such a state. Since Zhang Ye could not get it, then it was best that Zhāng Yě did not get it as well. It could vent her anger. Seeing Zhāng Yě and Jia Yan’s overbearing manner from before was annoying!

The other colleagues also looked over.

The old editor gave a wry smile, “How can there be so many accidents. I heard from my friend that he happened to see the award certificates yesterday. Our station’s Silver Microphone Award winner is Zhāng Yě.”

“It’s already decided?” Big Sis Zhou still remained adamant.

“It was decided yesterday afternoon.” The old editor said, “It’s him. My friend saw it with his own eyes. The trophy even has Zhāng Yě’s name on it, so how can it be wrong?”

Big Sis Zhou tutted.

With so many colleagues worried for him, Zhang Ye felt quite heart-warmed. He had never seen a good unit or a good Leader, but he had met a group of cute colleagues, making him feel blessed.

“Hey! That’s Teacher Cheng! The eighth Golden Microphone Award winner!”

“Aiyah, even this round’s Teacher Zhou is a guest? Although he had long retired, but he was the number one brother of the hosting world. Who could compete with him back then?”

“That is Auntie Qu! My idol and goal! I watched her program while growing up!”

The important show was at the back as heavy-weight big shots began to enter. There were top hosts from years ago, and also current top hosts. There were Leaders from the broadcasting stations and also the judges. The moment they entered, they stirred up a commotion. Other than some established people from various industries who were invited to be in the audience through a lottery, the other people were all hosts from various television and radio stations. In front of so many sage-like predecessors and former idols, people were extremely excited. They were the direction people were fighting towards!

However, when the last figure appeared, people’s emotions weren’t excited anymore, but explosive. The entire venue resounded into a earth-shattering uproar!

“Zhang Yuanqi!”

“Zhang Yuanqi!”

“Ah! I see Auntie Yuanqi!”

“Sis Zhang! I love you forever!”

Many staff of the television and radio stations did not make a big fuss, for they were in this industry, so they would not craze over celebrities. Even if they crazed over someone, they would do it for a top figure in the hosting world. Zhang Yuanqi may have been an excellent host in the past, but she was after all not professionally doing it, hence people were relatively calm.

However, the other audience members could not be suppressed! Many people stood up! They raised their signs and light sticks as they roared Zhang Yuanqi’s name! They did not care about the Golden or the Silver Microphone Awards! They were here for the Heavenly Queen!

Zhang Yuanqi appeared from the side stage. She had initially wanted to take a seat, but seeing the audience shouting so enthusiastically, she waved with a smile at everyone!

“Ah! Sis Zhang smiled at me!”

“Didn’t you make a mistake!? Sis Zhang was smiling at me!”

“Sis Zhang, you are too beautiful! I love you to death!”

“Sing a song, Sis Zhang! I want to hear ‘I Don’t Believe’!”

The situation went out of control. There were even fans rushing up to get her signature. Many reporters charged up to take pictures!

More than ten security guards, who were standing by to maintain order, immediately came to fend off people. They finally managed to control the situation. It was tiring enough!

Zhang Ye and his radio station colleagues were secretly surprised!

This was a Heavenly Queen! This was the current number one sister of the entertainment industry! This appearance showed the apparent gap! The number of fans was completely of a different grade compared to star hosts! It was estimated that all the fans of the star hosts present added up were far smaller in number than Zhang Yuanqi’s alone!

Zhang Yuanqi sat in the first row. People could no longer see her, as they were facing her back, so the shouts slowly stopped.

“The Heavenly Queen sure is beautiful.” the old editor praised.

Big Sis Zhou also said, “Yeah, better looking than in the movies.”

Auntie Sun said, “I also like her movies. She’s good at singing, too. Her voice has a magnetic charm and metamorphic charm to it. No one in the current entertainment industry can compete with that mature and gentle charm that she has!”

A Literature Channel youth sighed and said, “Yes, Sis Zhang is really like a giant panda in the entertainment industry. Other Heavenly Queens and Kings can be replaced, for they look good and are good at acting, but Zhang Yuanqi is definitely someone who cannot be replaced. She represents a generation!”

Everyone’s evaluation of her was very high.

Tian Bin and Zhāng Yě, who were in front, also looked towards Zhang Yuanqi.

Maybe some people did not craze over Zhang Yuanqi, and some people had controversies with Zhang Yuanqi’s works, but no one could deny that wherever Zhang Yuanqi was, she would forever be the main lead!


A host went up. This person seemed to be from the News Channel from the Beijing Television Station. He was not very famous, but everyone found him familiar.

“Hello, everyone. Welcome to this year’s Beijing Television Station’s live broadcast of the Golden Microphone Awards. He did not introduce the guests and judges, because it still wasn’t a live broadcast. Those were lines only said during the live broadcast. “There is still half an hour’s time before the Golden Microphone Awards. According to established practices, now is the time for the awarding of the Silver Microphone Awards. First, let me announce this year’s Silver Microphone Awards nominees.”

“Beijing Television Station – Chen Bin! Yan Qi!”

“Hebei Television Station – Lu Mei! Huo Dongyan!”

“Jinshi Television Station – Chen Tao! Zhang Yang!”

“Beijing Radio Station – Zhāng Yě, Zhang Ye!”

“Shanghai Radio Station – Su Leilei! Li Bang!”

After each nominee’s name was announced, the host began to announce the first winner, “Next, I will announce the winner of this year’s Silver Microphone Awards’ television host award, Beijing Television Station’s Yan Qi!”

Everyone applauded.

A female host seemed very surprised as she quickly rushed onto the stage while covering her mouth to accept the award.

The person handing the award to her was one of the five judges, Teacher Cheng. He was an old senior of the broadcasting world.

The awards host laughed, “Congratulations to Yan Qi. She is almost my colleague. Little Qi, this occasion is quite magnificent. With so many seniors sitting below, do you have something to say?”

Yan Qi took over the microphone, “Thank you. Only thank you. Thank you everyone for your help! Thank you everyone for your recognition!”


Then the next.

The announcement of the winners of the ten television hosts awards quickly came to an end. Other than a few people having longer acceptance speeches, there was no delay. Next was the Silver Microphone Awards for radio hosts. They were also for ten people. However, at this moment, it was cut back to the host, to hear him say, “Next will be the radio station broadcasting Silver Microphone Awards. Let me invite my colleague Zhang Huo from the Beijing Radio Station to announce it.” After he walked down, Zhang Huo came up with a smile.

Zhang Huo was no stranger to Zhang Ye. Back at the Mid-Autumn Poetry Meet, he was also one of the hosts. He was a winner of their station’s Golden Microphone Award many years ago. Since this award ceremony was organized by the Beijing Television Station, he had the qualification to do it, even if he wasn’t very famous in the industry.

Zhang Huo came onto the stage, “Hello, everyone. I’m Zhang Huo.” At such a big occasion, with so many seniors and Leaders around, he also seemed slightly nervous. After all, he was just a radio station’s news-related broadcaster, so his fame was definitely incomparable to other television stations’ hosts. “Thank you for the Leader’s trust for me to host this Radio Station Silver Microphone Awards. Next, I will announce the first winner of the ten awards.”

He flipped open the certificate and announced, “Central Radio Station, Gong Xu!”

Immersed in the applause, Gong Xu excitedly went up on stage. Zhang Yuanqi took over the trophy from a member of the staff. It was her turn to give out the award.

“Congratulations.” Zhang Yuanqi gave a warm smile.

Gong Xu received it with an expression of shock, “Thank you, Teacher Zhang. Thank you to the jury. I will continue to work hard. I will not put this trophy to shame!”

Zhang Yuanqi smiled. “You’ve already done very well.”

Zhang Huo smiled. “Let’s give a round of applause to Teacher Gong.”

Beijing Radio Station’s Station Head and Deputy Station Head Jia were in the first row. They applauded the winner.

Next, Zhang Huo announced another person from the Central Radio Station. Zhang Yuanqi did not get offstage. She took the trophy and handed it to him, congratulating him.


Big Sis Zhou was not feeling an emotional high, “It’s almost already time for our radio station.”

Wang Xiaomei looked unsurely at Zhang Ye, “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine.” Zhang Ye pretended to look indifferent. Actually, it would be weird if he was fine. This award was extremely important to him!

Auntie Sun patted Zhang Ye on the shoulder, “Let’s not bother ourselves arguing with the likes of them.”

Suddenly, Zhang Huo’s voice came again, “Next is the third Silver Microphone Award. The result of the jury is…” Upon saying this, Zhang Huo suddenly paused. His words were still stuck in his throat. He had opened the certificate and remained silent for a long while. He looked with an unsure gaze offstage, with a questioning gaze.

Deputy Station Head Jia frowned, “Carry on reading.”

“What’s the meaning of this?” The Beijing Radio Station’s Station Head also pulled a long face. This was organized by them, and Zhang Huo was from their radio station. Even though it was not a live broadcast, he should not have made such a low-level error. Wasn’t this embarrassing their radio station for a host to lose his focus?


“Why isn’t he speaking?”

“Who’s next? He’s not announcing it?”

Zhāng Yě was already waiting offstage to receive his award. He knew he was next.

The few people from the jury were also wondering what he was doing. Hence, they gave Zhang Huo a stern expression to tell him to carry on!

Zhang Huo breathed in deeply. Seeing the Leader and jury members having such expressions, he could only read, “The next winner of the Silver Microphone Awards is Beijing Radio Station’s…Zhang Ye!”

In the beginning, no one realized it.

Zhāng Yě, who was in the front row, smiled and got up.

Zhang Huo hurriedly waved at him not to go onstage. He said to his News Channel colleague, “It’s not you. It’s.. Zhang Ye!”