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Chapter 77: A Poem to “Thank” the Unit and the Leaders!

Chapter 77: A Poem to “Thank” the Unit and the Leaders!

It was still Zhang Ye!

The reward recipient remained the same!

Instantaneously, Zhāng Yě’s face was as ugly as it could be. The Station Head and the Deputy Station Head’s expressions were not much different from his. They felt like there was a stream of fire burning inside them that they could not vent! Zhāng Yě had clearly been selected previously! It was clearly something that had been decided long ago! Why did it inexplicably become Zhang Ye’s award?

What the heck!?

What is the meaning of this!?

How can such a ridiculous situation happen?

The other side had a different expression!

Xiaofang was heard screaming, “Teacher Zhang! It’s really you! This time, it’s really you!”

Wang Xiaomei congratulated, “Congratulations. Even if it was a blunder previously, now that the jury did not change the outcome, it has become reality. With the Silver Microphone Award, the path ahead of you will be much easier. This is a national-level award that is given alongside the Golden Microphone Awards. It’s the highest honor and qualification for a rookie!”

“Beautifully done!” Big Sis Zhou slammed Zhang Ye’s back heavily, “Even the Heavens have helped you!”

Only Zhang Ye knew that it was not because of Heaven, but because he had used the game ring to reverse the situation!

The Station Head had risen from his seat and stared at the people from the jury. He did not speak, but managed to express his great dissatisfaction with his eyes!

Deputy Station Head Jia also slammed loudly on the hand rest!

The people from the jury paid no heed. They already had a result!

Zhang Ye noticed the actions of the two Leaders. Up until this point, the station’s Leaders still had the same attitude towards him. They did not even want to give him the little bit of respect he deserved. It was clear that they did not acknowledge Zhang Ye. He finally saw through it. So what if he worked hard? So what if he broke the Central Radio Station’s record? So what if he got first in his channel’s listenership ratings? So what if he won the Silver Microphone Award?

The Station Head and Deputy Station Head Jia would never look kindly at a small figure like him! They had taken for granted Zhang Ye’s great contribution from his results. Zhang Ye had used his works to create a legend, and even did not want any bit of compensation for his copyright from the station, yet they still thought it was expected of him, and in turn, tried to basically rob him of his copyright without spending a dime. And if he didn’t give it to them? If he didn’t give it to them, he would be threatened! Removed from his position! Not given a nomination! They were so ugly in their actions and faces that they looked inhumane!

It was as if Zhang Ye owed them. They would never remember Zhang Ye for his merits. They would never care about his results. That was all that they cared about!

It was quite tragic! Zhang Ye’s heart was already completely cold. A surge of anger exploded in him. He had already accumulated this sentiment of his for too long. He could not repress it any further!

“May I invite Teacher Zhang Ye to come onstage to receive his award.” Zhang Huo smiled.

Zhang Ye straightened his clothes and strode up, “Thank you.”

Zhang Yuanqi was wearing a nightgown today. It was purple. A large portion of her smooth back was revealed. The whiteness was especially charming. She took over the trophy from a staff member, and with a gentle smile and eyes, no one could tell the Heavenly Queen’s usual indifferent nature, “Teacher Zhang, congratulations.”

“Thank you, Teacher Zhang.” Zhang Ye took the trophy from the Heavenly Queen’s hands.

Receiving this award was not easy, but was this the end of it? No! It was not over!

Zhang Huo conditioned the atmosphere, “As the saying goes, the road to happiness is strewn with setbacks. Teacher Zhang took the longest to receive this year’s Silver Microphone Award. Hur Hur.” Looking at the audience, he said, “Some people might not know Teacher Zhang, or they might not be familiar with him. But if I say something, I’m sure many would know. A few days ago at the Mid-Autumn Poetry Meet, it’s this Teacher Zhang who beat all sorts of elites, shocking the entire auditorium with a single ‘Shuidiao Getou’!”


“I’ve heard of it!”

“So it was him?”

Quite a small number of people were enlightened!

Zhang Huo acted according to tradition and began introducing Zhang Ye’s segments. It was easy for others, as they would end with a few words, but Zhang Ye’s was really very long. “Teacher Zhang had previously hosted ‘Late-night Ghost Stories’ and ‘Old and Young Story Club’. He gave birth to several excellent works, such as ‘Ghost Blows Out the Light’, ‘Little Bunnies Be Good’, ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarves’, ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’ and ‘The Wizard of Oz’. And they were all original creations of Teacher Zhang!”


“He was the one who wrote ‘Ghost Blows Out the Light’?”

“Even ‘Little Bunnies Be Good’ was created by him?”

“Holy ****, I wouldn’t know if you didn’t say it, but the moment you said it, it’s really frightening!”

“Who is this person? He’s so awesome!”

“That’s nothing. It is only now that you understand? Note that the most famous ‘Flying Bird and Fish’ was written by him. I heard this poem even saved a life.”

“I know this person, too. I especially like ‘The Song of the Stormy Petrel’. It’s so aggressive!”

“With these qualifications, he can even vie for the Golden Microphone Awards. Why was there so much controversy over a Silver Microphone Award? If he doesn’t get it, who else can get it? Are the judges blind?”

Some people had heard of him, while there were even more people who heard of him for the first time.

After hearing all this, many people were astonished by Zhang Ye’s achievements!

Zhang Huo carried on, “I’m not sure if Teacher Zhang has brought with him an acceptance speech. I recall that the Mid-Autumn Poetry Meet was also hosted by me, and the acceptance speech Teacher Zhang gave could only be described as art. It is as good as his talent for poetry.” As they were colleagues, Zhang Huo also knew him, so he added on quite a bit more. This was also to ease his tension, since the he was at an important occasion, so even a senior like Zhang Huo could not feel at ease.

Zhang Ye smirked, “Since Teacher Zhang Huo has mentioned my poems, then I will use a poem for my acceptance speech.”

Zhang Huo laughed out, “Then that will be a treat to our ears, for us to hear your new work for the first time.” After he finished, he stepped back and gave the stage to Zhang Ye.

Zhang Yuanqi also went down. She sat in the first row, listening.

Zhang Ye touched the microphone stand in front of him, “I actually did not wish to say anything today. I want to use this occasion and setting to thank the station’s management that helped me. Our Beijing Radio Station’s Station Head, and our radio station’s Deputy Station Head Jia. Without the strong support from my Leaders, there would not be today’s Zhang Ye!”


When Deputy Station Head Jia heard this, he thought, “At least you know how to appreciate favors!”

However, the Station Head did not even give Zhang Ye a look. From the beginning to the end, Zhang Ye had not entered his eyes!

Jia Yan snorted in his heart. He looked down on Zhang Ye. To even say that you received help from the Station Head and Deputy Station Head? You sure know how to kiss ass! Now you know the importance of having a good relationship with the Leader? It’s too late! For you to obtain an award you should not receive! It is considered an accident! The Leader will not let you go. He will definitely remember to take revenge on you! Zhāng Yě was someone close to the Station Head! You even dared to steal his award? It’s too late trying to suck up now!

Big Sis Zhou said with a surprise, “What’s Little Zhang saying?”

“This doesn’t sound like what Little Zhang would say.” Auntie Sun was also wondering.

Tian Bin interjected, “He’s been forced by the situation. From a certain perspective, Little Zhang has matured.”

The old editor sighed, “Indeed. Hai, this is also a chance to reconcile relations. Little Zhang is still quite smart. He knows that this situation is not a time for private emotions.”

The famous Program Producer formerly from Central TV was also offstage. He had been transferred to the Beijing Television Station for work, so he was naturally invited for the Golden Microphone Awards.

“Old Hu, this is the newcomer that you recommended?”

“Yes. He is Zhang Ye, a very talented young man.”

“His looks are quite plain. You want him to be your segment’s host or guest? I don’t think it’s appropriate.”

“I seldom make a mistake in my judgment of people. This kind of talent is not met even in a hundred years. Isn’t he going to recite a poem soon? Listen well. See if my evaluation is wrong.”

Hu Fei began promoting Zhang Ye.

“Sis Zhang, you know this Zhang Ye?” a young judge in the first row spoke softly.

Zhang Yuanqi gave a smile, “I don’t know him.”

“Then why did you give the additional nomination to him?” The youth was puzzled.

Zhang Yuanqi said, “I’ve seen his ‘See Me or Not’ poem before. I think it’s very good.”

The young judge was enlightened, “I see. This person’s poems are indeed exceptional. I have not seen ‘See Me or Not’, but ‘Shuidiao Getou’ was like a precious jewel falling into my hands.”

Another old judge said, “Let’s see what poem he will recite today. I happen to have heard of his ‘A Generation’. I heard that there were some problems with that bunch of people from the Beijing Writers’ Association?”

Other than these industry insiders, other people were not looking forward to it.

“Thank the Leaders?”

“What’s nice about such an acceptance speech?”

“That’s right; to think he even wrote a poem to thank his Leaders? What an ass-kisser! He’s kissing too much ass!”

“What can you do? It’s all people in the system. Who can you thank other than the Leaders?”

Quite a number of radio and television station counterparts from other provinces were dismissive. Some even silently scolded Zhang Ye as an ass-kisser!

Everyone was discussing.

However, Zhang Ye was not distracted. In this atmosphere that was not particularly quiet, on this stage with elites and Leaders gathered, Zhang Ye recited a poem. “This poem is me giving back to my station’s Leaders, as well as Beijing Radio Station, which nurtured and taught me!”

Everyone listened most devoutly and respectfully.

Zhang Ye closed his eyes to gather his emotions. The first lines of his poem dumbfounded everyone. His opening expression was that of a mocking laughter, “This is a bleak pool of dead water, where no breeze can raise a ripple. One may as well throw in metal scraps and leftover food!”

Dead water?

Furthermore, a bleak pool of dead water?

What modern poem was this? Are you sure that this is thanking the Leaders and the unit?

Many people began whispering. Some of them had not even gotten around to it!

Zhang Ye carried on, and sneered, “Perhaps the metal will turn into emeralds, the rusty cans into peach blossoms, the grease will weave a silken gauze, and the mold will rise and become twilight clouds. Let the dead water ferment into a green wine, in which white foam floats like pearls. Tiny pearls giggle and turn into big pearls, then get broken by pilfering mosquitoes. Perhaps a bleak pool of dead water is fair, after all. If the frogs get lonely, they can bring music to the place.”

Upon reaching this point, Zhang Ye’s expression suddenly changed into a cold and angry look as his voice reached a crescendo, “This is a bleak pool of dead water! Where beauty cannot reside!” Finally, he stressed, “One may as well let the Devil cultivate it! And see what kind of world he will create!!!”

Everyone was dumbfounded!

Faced with the absolute silence and a shocked crowd, Zhang Ye dropped the microphone and left while holding his trophy after finishing his poem!

This poem was called “Dead Water”, and it was written by Wen Yiduo. It did not exist in this world.

In Zhang Ye’s world, this poem could be considered the most famous “scolding poem” and “cursing poem”. This was also the highlight of Wen Yiduo‘s poem. There was only one central idea and theme from the beginning to the end, and that was to scold! And this poem was even printed in high school education textbooks! In his second year of high school, his teacher had specifically made them all memorize it to recite it. It was probably the same with many other schools, hence Zhang Ye did not need to use the “Memory Search Capsule” at all to clearly recite it ad verbatim. This poem was too famous, and he was too familiar with it!

He had scolded happily!

He got a kick from cursing!

After being repressed for so long, Zhang Ye finally was in a great mood today. He was happy, inside and out!