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Chapter 78: One of the Station Leaders Fainted!

Chapter 78: One of the Station Leaders Fainted!

The poem was done reciting.

Without staying an additional second, Zhang Ye went straight backstage with the trophy in his hand. He only left his back and the outcry of thousands of guests and judges!

Holy ****!

What modern poem was this!?

Could you mean that your Beijing Radio Station is Dead Water? Your radio station’s Leaders are devils? No, there was no need to begin the sentence with ‘could’, he clearly meant that! This sort of poem was not profound. “Dead Water” was extremely easy to understand. That’s right; it was used for scolding!

“What the f***!”

“Isn’t this way too overbearing?”

“Is this person mad? How can he say that?”

“Wasn’t he going to thank the unit and his Leaders?”

“That’s right; I even believed it. Haha, this will be interesting!”

“Although it’s not broadcast live, but this is still the Silver Microphone Awards; is he sure that he won’t get into trouble for saying that? Can he really do that? Isn’t this offending his Leader to the point of death? Station Head? Didn’t he mention a Deputy Station Head Jia in his acceptance speech? He is already naming names. Aiyah, holy ****. I really did not come for nothing. I really did a good job vying for one of the ten tickets from my unit. When would you usually hear such a heroic modern poem? This poem is too classic. He cursed so ruthlessly!”

“To think that the television and radio station system has such a ruthless person!”

“Zhang Ye? I have remembered this name. Haha, impressive!”

“I have to apologize. I even scolded Zhang Ye for being an ass-kisser, I never expected that it was such a ‘thank you’!”

This was the perspective of the audience . As they had no direct interest in the matter, everyone just had the state of mind of watching a thrilling show.

But there were some people who were not the same.

Big Sis Zhou nearly dropped her jaws upon hearing it. She smacked herself in the forehead, saying loudly, “I already said it! I already said it! Thank the Leaders and the unit, my ass! This is not something Little Zhang would say! When has he ever fawned upon the powerful!? You see! I hit the jackpot!”

Zhao Guozhou, “…” He already did not know how to speak.

Tian Bin and his wife were also in a daze. Back when Zhang Ye was about to give his thank you speech, they had thought that he was trying to make a compromise with the Leader, and had known how to yield and exercise forbearance. But the next moment, with Zhang Ye reciting such a poem, they could not figure out where Zhang Ye got the courage!

Xiaofang stamped her feet due to her worry, “What do we do now!? Teacher Zhang has caused such big trouble!”

“Only big trouble?” Wang Xiaomei said, “Little Zhang has offended too many people this time!”

Auntie Sun whispered, “But the way he scolded sure was good for venting anger! I have never understood Little Zhang’s other poems, that ‘Flying bird and fish’, or ‘The Song of the Stormy Petrel’. I do not have much cultural literacy. But today’s “Dead Water”, I really understood it. It’s written so well and delightfully. May as well throw in metal scraps? And leftover food? Little Zhang is certainly completely disappointed with the station. This place is like a pool of Dead Water to him!”

The old editor was at a loss about whether to laugh or to cry, “You can’t say that, either. What sort of occasion is this? It’s the Golden Microphone Awards! There are the top predecessor Teachers in the industry. There’s the Heavenly Queen, the other television and radio station’s staff, and many audience members not from this circle. Little Zhang may get a kick from scolding, but what will happen later? Does he still want to work in the station? They went ahead with the blunder of the award, and that was not already not a small problem.

An additional nominee winning the award? This was another unprecedented event! Alright, then he used a microphone to scold the unit and the Leaders during his acceptance speech? This is no longer an unprecedented event. Do you understand? It’s not something that will happen in the future, either! There will only be this once!”

Yes, this matter was absolutely unprecedented and would never occur ever again. The old editor dared to guarantee it, because if it was another person, no one would dare to do this!

Xiaofang gave a wry smile, “Teacher Zhang has always had such a temper.”

Big Sis Zhou said, “That’s right. Only Little Zhang would dare to do it. Sometimes, I really envy him, and I like this guy more and more. He’s blunt. If he’s not happy, he scolds. You can feel peace of mind when you interact with him. You never need to worry about him scheming against you. Everything is placed out in the light with Little Zhang; he would never backstab someone.”

The old editor said in a speechless manner, “You may be feeling good, but others aren’t.”

Hu Fei was one of those who were not feeling good. After hearing Zhang Ye’s poem, Hu Fei nearly fainted. Just a few minutes ago, he was boasting on behalf of Zhang Ye to his channel’s Director, who was beside him. He had strongly recommended that Zhang Ye join his new segment. Who knew that a few minutes later, Zhang Ye had done this!

The Director glanced at him, “Teacher Hu, this is the person you are recommending?”

Hu Fei gave a cough and helped speak up for Zhang Ye, “Let’s put aside his temper for now. Just looking at this poem, there are absolutely no flaws. It is pure literature.”

The Director also could not control his laughter, “You sure can right a wrong for him. I don’t know if it is pure literature; I only know he is prickly!”

Hu Fei said, “Talented people tend to have an attitude.”

The Director said, “But his attitude is too explosive. Thankfully the Silver Microphone Award is a lifelong award. There is no revoking it; if not, just that modern poem in his acceptance speech could have gotten his award revoked. Besides, the Beijing Radio Station is also under the same umbrella as our Beijing Television Station. We have merged long ago. By scolding their radio station, isn’t that also including us?

Old Hu, I need to give your recommendation further thought. I dare to guarantee you that after this matter, Zhang Ye might very likely be known by everyone in the television and radio station business. Some people may appreciate him for his bold words, but even more will push him aside. No one in the industry will dare hire him. You can nearly call it a ban. Hur Hur. Who would dare want a ticking time bomb? If he did that at a critical moment, who could stand him!?”

Hu Fei firmly said, “Even if he is prickly, I still want him. His literary talent definitely cannot be buried, for it will be too great a pity!”

Over at the judges.

Zhang Yuanqi watched Zhang Ye leave the place with smiling eyes. She did not comment.

The young judge was speechless, and after that said, “This poem.. sure is alright…” After he hesitated for a while, he did not dare say anything further, as he knew Zhang Ye was recommended by Zhang Yuanqi. Although he did not believe that Zhang Ye could know the Heavenly Queen, in the end, it was still Zhang Yuanqi who gave the nomination. He had to give the Heavenly Queen face, for he was not like Teacher Zheng and the other judges. He did not have the experience, nor the age. He did not dare to be rash in front of Zhang Yuanqi, for she was his predecessor.

Teacher Zheng closed his eyes and did not make a sound.

“Old Zheng? What do we do?” A female judge consulted, “Is he not respecting our award presentation stage and jury?”

Teacher Zheng opened his eyes, “Let’s put aside whether the poem is right for the occasion; just this “Dead Water” has broadened my horizons. Originally, I did not intend to join the jury this year. I’m already old and should step back. But now I feel that I’m very thankful to have come here. Hur Hur. Do you believe it? Just with this modern poem, I dare to say that this young man will definitely carve a name for himself! One may as well let the Devil cultivate it! And see what kind of world he will create? I’m very interested to see how this young man will create such a world!”

At this moment, the most angry people were the radio station’s Leaders!

There was no need to mention the unit’s Station Head. He had already promised his old comrade’s child this year’s Silver Microphone Award, but ended up failing. This already made him extremely angry. Now, Zhang Ye came along with a finishing move.

It was not smacking of face, neither was it trampling of face, it was live stomping of face! One foot after the other, stomping on their faces! With so many peers and predecessors present, there were also the Leaders from other broadcasting entities. The Beijing Television Station’s Leader was here, too.

The Station Head already felt he has lost all his face, with nothing left of it! From today onwards, no, there’s was no need for tomorrow. Just this afternoon, this matter would probably spread to all the television and radio stations. How was he to look up ever again? To be scolded by a subordinate who was a lowest-level newcomer anchor, and yet have no way of retorting. Zhang Ye was holding a microphone onstage. Even if the Station Head had said something, no one else could hear him.

But the Station Head was still good. He was in relatively better shape.

What was most notable was Deputy Station Head Jia. Zhang Ye was in the Literature Channel under him. As he had conflict with Zhang Ye over the copyright matter, it was Deputy Station Head Jia who made the decision to make it difficult for him. Hence, Zhang Ye’s retaliation this time was clearly meant for him!

“This f***ing punk!” Deputy Station Head Jia’s face was already green. It was really green. He could not stop himself from cursing. He had turned silly from anger due to Zhang Ye. His lungs were almost exploding, in the end, maybe because his heart could not take the anger, Deputy Station Head Jia ended up suffering from shortness of breath. His eyes turned white and he actually passed out!

Another Deputy Station Head beside him was fast. Seeing Deputy Station Head Jia’s neck slump on his seat, he quickly held him, “Old Jia! Old Jia!”


“Deputy Station Head Jia!”

“Someone come quickly! Someone come quickly!”

“Call an ambulance! Someone fainted!”

“First check his pulse. Quickly, see if he’s still breathing!”

It became a huge mess immediately. Seven to eight people gathered around to help!

In the end, there was not big a problem. After rubbing his philtrum, Deputy Station Head Jia woke up. A staff from backstage helped him measure his blood pressure, and indeed he was fine.

This tiny episode made people even more speechless.

Deputy Station Head Jia also felt the shame of letting a subordinate he looked down upon anger him to the point of fainting. His face naturally looked ugly!


Wait and see!

The Station Head used this matter to talk to the five judges, “Teachers, I suggest withdrawing the Silver Microphone Award from Zhang Ye. This person spoke nonsense and discredited his organization unit. He has to be severely punished!”

The most qualified old judge, Old Zheng, looked at him, before discussing simply with the other judges. He said, “I’m afraid that’s impossible. The award has been handed out. Be it the Golden Microphone Award or the Silver Microphone Award, they are lifetime awards. There is no process or rule for withdrawing the award.” After he finished speaking, he added on, “This little comrade’s speech indeed is a bit problematic. Your unit should handle the education and disciplinary matters itself.”

“But the Silver Microphone Award…” Deputy Station Head Jia stood up due to his flustered anger.

Another young judge flatly said, “The award will not be revoked. The rules are rules. Well, let’s begin the next award presentation. Hurry up and do not delay the Golden Microphone Awards’ live broadcast. We don’t have much time left!”

The other Silver Microphone Awards were announced, but no one had the mind to pay attention to them. No one even cared about the Golden Microphone Awards!

Zhang Ye had stolen all the limelight by himself!

Zhang Ye had attracted all the attention with a single “Dead Water”!

A few sensitive reporters even ignored the awardees’ name from then on, not caring whose Silver Microphone Award it was. They just sat at their seats and began typing up a manuscript, preparing to immediately report back to their office about this matter. Teacher Zhang Ye, well done! The reporters were thrilled. Their professional traits were fated to be those of people who wished to see the world burn. They were not afraid how big a controversy you would make; they were afraid that you would not make a big enough controversy!

What was a topic of controversy?

This was a topic of controversy!

What could be more interesting and eye-catching than a person scolding his Leaders during an acceptance speech?

Besides, this was not any normal scolding. It did not use vulgarities without any technical skill!

Cursing tends to be a derogatory term. When mentioned, the first impression others have is its lack of quality. But today, Zhang Ye had broadened the horizons of everyone. One could scold others in such a bold and unrestrained manner. Scolding others could be so elegant and cultured. This was the first time they had really seen it. They had learned something!

This was a scholar!

Killing people without knives, using one’s mouth!

Swearing without one’s mouth, using one’s poems!

Zhang Ye had used “Dead Water” today to show the lofty sentiments of a scholar. He had inherited the good tradition of a poet, quaking the world with his poems!