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Chapter 79: Zhang Ye — Synonymous with Notoriety!

Chapter 79: Zhang Ye — Synonymous with Notoriety!


Grand Theater’s hall.

The venue hosts were announcing the remaining Silver Microphone Award winners. There was still some commotion, but Zhang Ye had already left the venue and backstage. Along the way, Zhang Ye attracted the attention of many people. This was because outside the theatre, the staff had also heard Zhang Ye’s poem. Some of them even saw him while they were below the stage. Therefore, there was such a strange scene happening now.


“Hey, look!”

“That’s Zhang Ye.”

“F***, this guy is too awesome!”

A few staff members kept staring at him like he was some kind of god.

Some others who were not aware of the situation could see the crowd watching Zhang Ye and parting when Zhang Ye passed through them and thought that he was some superstar. That can’t be necessary, right? He’s just walking along. Why does everyone need to send him off so properly?

“Who’s that?”

“Don’t you know? You weren’t at the venue earlier?”

“No. I took over my shift outside earlier.”

“Hey, then you’ve missed a great show. go regret it in a corner. Haha!”

Seeing everyone’s reactions, Zhang Ye knew that he had done something with big repercussions today. It was not like he did not know his cursing poem was inappropriate. He had killed his chances at remaining in the radio broadcasting industry. The same could be said of the TV industry, especially in Beijing Television Station, which is a sister station to Beijing Radio Station. With the cursing speech by Zhang Ye, they would not have a good impression of him. Even though Hu Fei had promised him that if he had won the Silver Microphone Award, he could join his new program, after the poem the invite would have been voided. Zhang Ye had weighed his thoughts and was clear that he would not be joining Beijing Television Station anymore.

But even so, he just wanted to curse!

He would do it all over again if given the chance!

You are the people I’m cursing! Your faces are the ones I’m slapping! I just want to put you in a spot! I just want to expose your ugly faces to those in the industry! And any other thing? Zhang Ye did not care about any other things; he just wanted to feel good first. To let those who made him uncomfortable, he would not let them be comfortable, either!

That’s how it was!

It was that simple!

At this moment, Zhang Ye’s phone rang. So many people were calling him: his Leader, his colleagues and some others whom he did not know. They might have been reporters. Zhang Ye rejected them all without exception. He did not want to listen to anyone right now. What was done was done, andwhat was scolded had been scolded; there was no need for an explanation.

He only strolled slowly into a restaurant and treated himself to a meal. There was a television in the restaurant and it was tuned into Beijing Television Station. The Golden Microphone Awards event was just about to start. Zhang Ye only footed the bill after the awards ceremony finished its broadcast. He took a bus back to the Beijing Radio Station afterwards.


The colleagues who were in the Grand Theater had all made their way back. They were discussing the happenings of the day with those who did not attend the awards. They only had half a day off and had work in the afternoon.


“That’s not true, right?”

“Big Sis Zhou, you are just joking around, right?”

“Yeah, how can that be? Does Teacher Little Zhang still want his job?”

Just as they spoke of the devil, Zhang Ye returned at this moment. When he stepped into the office, everyone’s gazes were focused on him!

Big Sis Zhou exclaimed loudly, “Little Zhang! Why didn’t you answer the phone!”

Zhang Ye smiled “I didn’t hear it; I was having lunch earlier.”

“You were great!” Big Sis Zhou said. “Did you know that after you left, the whole theater’s atmosphere was so charged up! You winning the Silver Microphone Award this time, it could be said that you have entered the record books. First was the blunder, then came ‘Dead Water’. You were nothing short of astonishing!”

Auntie Sun said, “Deputy Station Head Jia was so angry that he fainted.”

“Ah?” Zhang Ye blinked, “Really?”

“It’s true.” Xiaofang quickly mentioned, “His neck was crooked on his seat. Everyone was in a mess and they had to resuscitate him!”

“How is he now?” Zhang Ye asked.

“He’s alright. They pinched his philtrum and he recovered. I guess it was the shock.” Big Sis Zhou answered.

Soon after, perhaps the news of Zhang Ye’s return had spread. Zhao Guozhou arrived with big strides. “Little Zhang, get over here. Look at the big mess you created!” he chided. He said with a straight face, “Follow me. The station leaders are calling for you; explain it to them yourself!”

Zhang Ye reached into his pocket, took out a letter and placed it on the desk, “Leader, this is my resignation letter. I will not be explaining it to them, nor could I. I will not be working for them anymore. Please let them find someone else that is better!” Having said that, Zhang Ye started to pack his desk. A long-serving employee would find this troublesome, but Zhang Ye was strictly still in a probationary period. His resignation process was too simple.

Zhao Guozhou’s face blackened, “You are leaving, just like that?”

“Leader, honestly, I would like to not go.” Zhang Ye said so sincerely to Deputy Zhao and also at every one of his colleagues. He said, “Here, I learned a lot. My present results cannot be removed from the help of you, Director Zhao and colleagues Xiaofang, Teacher Xiaomei, Big Sis Zhou, Auntie Sun, Teacher Feng, etc. Although I came for just over a month, I have also grown attached to everyone. Who would want to leave unless it was a last resort? But the reality is as such. Everyone has already seen it. It’s not that I want to leave, but it’s the station forcing me to leave. As the saying goes, ‘while the dropping flowers pine for love, the heartless brook babbles on unrequited love’. I would not stay here, asking to be snuffed out!”

Zhao Guozhou exasperatedly said, “You are too rash!”

“I am not rash, Director. I have thought through it clearly and understand it very well.” Zhang Ye turned to look at his colleagues and gave a deep bow, “Thank you for everyone’s help all this while!”

Xiaofang’s eyes turned red, “Teacher Zhang.”

Big Sis Zhou and Auntie Sun also could not bear to part, “We really don’t want you to go.”

However, everyone was not surprised with Zhang Ye’s resignation. The station’s Leader had been too unfair with Zhang Ye and had gone too far. If it was anyone else, they would also go mad!

Zhang Ye smiled. “It’s alright. We can meet again when we have the chance.”

Zhao Guozhou sighed, knowing that Zhang Ye had made up his mind, “Alright, I’ll do the paperwork for you.” He brought Zhang Ye to his office. When there were only the two of them, Zhao Guozhou said, “You were brought in by me into this business, and I have always appreciated you. Now with things in such a situation, I am also quite at fault. Little Zhang. Hai, I didn’t manage to protect you, letting you feel wronged.”

Zhang Ye hurriedly said, “Don’t say that. You are my Bo Le*. I will never forget this kindness for life. I know you did your best. You can’t do anything with the Station Leader’s instructions. Anyways, if there’s anything in the future, just tell me. If I have the ability, I will never refuse!”

Zhao Guozhou suggested, “Let’s have a last meal tonight with everyone.”

Zhang Ye waved his hand, “I think it’s best not to. My status now is sensitive. I have already offended the Station Leaders to such an extent. If they know that everyone sent me off, it will give trouble to everyone. It’s fine going off on my own.” He was very thoughtful, coming nicely, leaving simply.


The resignation paperwork was done.

Zhang Ye hugged his stuff as he left the unit. Coincidentally, he met Jia Yan and Zhāng Yě, who had just come back.

Enemies see red the moment they meet!

Jia Yan might have already gotten the news, “Yo, leaving?”

“Zhang Ye.” Zhāng Yě stared at him, “I will remember today’s matters, and it will be for life. If we have the opportunity to meet again at work, we will square off!”

Zhang Ye smiled. “Alright, I’ll wait for that day.”

Jia Yan said, “You won’t meet him. You think anyone in the industry will dare to want a person who dares to publicly denounce his unit’s Leader?”

Zhang Ye said, “Just wait and see, then.”

After taking one last look at the building, the place where he had worked his first job after graduation, Zhang Ye’s gave a complicated gaze. After he chuckled, he turned around and strode away, without looking back! Now, there was no use in saying anything else, so he did not leave behind any words. However, in his heart, Zhang Ye said to himself, “Beijing Radio Station, I will use concrete actions to prove to you that forcing me away is your loss! I will definitely let you regret every action you made whenever you hear my name, Zhang Ye!”

Jia Yan and Zhāng Yě entered the station’s door. Zhang Ye was gone, but they did not feel happy at all. Why? Because Zhang Ye did not suffer at all. Not only did he get glory and results from the radio station, he had thickened his resume and won the Silver Microphone Award. Leaving with the Silver Microphone Award trophy in his hand, he had gotten everything he could as a newcomer. On the other hand, the station had suffered due to Zhang Ye. They had entered a passive condition with his “Dead Water” scoldings. It could be imagined that the radio station would not be peaceful in the future. They had to busy themselves to reduce any influence from this terrible situation to its minimum! This fellow Zhang Ye had left, but he had left behind a mess!

Who profited?

The result was obvious!

Going for wool and coming home shorn! It was like the Dog and its Reflection!

The Station Head and Deputy Station Head Jia really felt the pain from Zhang Ye’s beating! Maybe they had never imagined that this world had a newcomer that did not spare his punches like Zhang Ye!

What scholar? Bull****!

This was a damn hooligan!

Everyone had already seen the essence of Zhang Ye. After “Dead Water”, Zhang Ye’s name had become famous in the industry. But of course, it was notoriety! The newspaper, gossip tabloids and online videos were most likely beginning to report on Zhang Ye’s ‘acceptance speech’ at the Silver Microphone Awards. From today onwards, Zhang Ye’s name would be synonymous with notoriety in the radio industry!

In legends, a god in charge of manning the horses was named Bo Le. In the human world, a person who can distinguish a good horse is also called Bo Le. In some sense, it is similar to saying how a person is your muse, but in a different way.