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Chapter 82: Zhang Ye brings the Child to School!

Chapter 82: Zhang Ye brings the Child to School!

During the weekend, Zhang Ye spent most of his time sleeping, eating and watching TV. He handled no serious business, but instead used the break to readjust his condition and relax his mind. It’s Monday now. Zhang Ye was planning to sleep until daybreak, but someone did not give him the chance to do so.

It was only 6 in the morning.

Someone was knocking at his door.

Zhang Ye pretended not to hear it. He was still deep in his sleep.

Bang, bang, bang. It had changed to pounding on his door. In a moment, a click sounded, a turn of keys. The door was unlocked from the outside.

“See, he is at home!” It was Rao Aimin who stepped into the house, “This rascal, he’s always pretending not to hear!”

The landlady auntie was holding the hands of a cute and beautiful little kid. It was Chenchen. He could only hear the little girl repeating her aunt’s name for him, “Rascal.”

Rao Aimin looked at her, “That’s for me to call him that.”

“Then I can call that, too.” Chenchen said in a deadpan way.

“Be good and call him uncle; don’t be so disrespectful.” Rao Aimin educated her.

Chenchen acknowledged, then deeply called him, “Uncle Rascal, get up quickly.”

Zhang Ye, who was sleeping comfortably, was nearly driven mad by the two ladies’ perfect harmony, as he pulled his hair, almost on the brink of collapse, “What’s the matter, Landlady Auntie?”

Rao Aimin began talking about important matters, “I’m going out soon. I had scheduled an appointment with the subdistrict and police station to settle Chenchen’s residential information to be transferred over to me, so I haven’t had time. However, Chenchen’s school has a public class in the afternoon today. All the guardians have to be present to listen to the child’s language class. I think there’s a session with guardians and children writing a composition.” Saying that, she thrusted Chenchen’s hand over, “I can’t trust others with the child. Since you are also known as a Teacher, I’ll hand Chenchen over to you. In a while, bring her to school. Just say are Chenchen’s uncle.”

Zhang Ye nearly fainted and quickly covered his head with his blanket, “I’m not going. I still have things to do during the day. I still need to submit my resumes, and…”

Rao Aimin kicked his leg that was dangling out of the bed without any reason, “Cut the crap and get up quickly! You have to go, even if you don’t want to!”

Zhang Ye was disagreeable towards it, “Definitely not. I’m tired.”

Chenchen glanced at Zhang Ye and spoke like a tiny adult, “A lazy ass has lots of sh*t and urine.”

“Anyway, I’m handing the child to you. I’m leaving.” With that, Rao Aimin left. But before she left, she said, “If you don’t finish the task, see how I will settle score with you later! If you do well with Chenchen in the morning, this big sister will cook and settle all your meals for the next few days!”

“That won’t do.” Zhang Ye was anxious, “Don’t go, Landlady Auntie. Landlady auntie?”

As he sat up to shout, she had already disappeared, leaving little Chenchen gloomily staring at him with her big eyes. She gave off that laughter that made people want to faint, “Hur Hur.”

What a crappy child!

Can you stop Hur Hur-ing!?

As the two looked at each other in the eyes, Zhang Ye decided to roll over and carry on sleeping. Taking care of a child… How is he to take care of a child?

One minute…

Five minutes…

Zhang Ye fell asleep again. He slept soundly.

But suddenly, an uncute voice from Chenchen rang in his ear, “Zhang Ye! I’m hungry!” She even used her tiny arm to push his shoulder.

Zhang Ye pulled her hand away, “Stop messing with me!”

Chenchen ignored and carried on pushing him, “I’m hungry.”

“Aiyah, I’m really succumbing to you.” Zhang Ye may say so, but how can this fellow bear to let the child go hungry. No matter how sleepy he was, he got up and said unhappily, “What do you want to eat?”

Chenchen said confidently and straightforwardly, “Soy milk and fried dough sticks.”

“What fried dough sticks? My house only has instant noodles.” Zhang Ye said.

Chenchen constantly nagged, “Soy milk and fried dough sticks, soy milk and fried dough sticks, soy milk…”

Zhang Ye got a headache, “Stop saying that already! Fine, fine, fine. Wait for me to change.”

He finally understood that with this tiny thing beside him, there was no hope of him sleeping. Hence, after washing up, he looked for something to change into, and then brought Chenchen downstairs. They went to a breakfast stand across the street.

The female boss approached with a smile, “What do you want?”

“Two soy milk, three fried dough sticks. Thank you.” Zhang Ye was very polite.

“Sure, in a moment.” The female boss gave a loving glance at Chenchen, “Is this your child? She’s so pretty. How gorgeous would she be when she grows up?”

Zhang Ye was thinking that if he had such a wicked child, he wouldn’t need to live his life ever again!


Beijing No.2 Experimental Primary School.

There was also a subway station here. But as three transfers were needed, making it very inconvenient, Zhang Ye came with Chenchen using a public bus. It was a direct line on Route 70.

“Give me your hand.” As they were about to cross the road, Zhang Ye held out his hand.

Chenchen curled her lips, “You did not wash your hands after eating the fried dough sticks.”

Zhang Ye was gloomy, “Didn’t you not wash, either? Hurry up! Why are you so troublesome?” He was afraid that the road was dangerous, so he forcefully held onto Chenchen’s hand.

Chenchen gave a reluctant look as if she greatly despised him, but she followed Zhang Ye to the school gates while carrying a tiny school bag.

Today, there was indeed a public class for second grade students. The moment that Zhang Ye entered the school, he saw many parents bringing their children in. Some children even had two parents beside them.

“Chenchen!” someone shouted.

A young boy came running over with his parents.

Chenchen gave him a glance, “Dede?”

The little boy said in friendly fashion, “You came? Is this your dad?”

Chenchen said nonchalantly, “He’s my uncle. My father is much more handsome.”

Dede’s parents were amused hearing this. Dede’s father took the initiative to stretch out his hand, “Hello.”

Zhang Ye shook his hand, “Hello. Are the both of you here to join the public class? Aye, the school sure is something. The things they organize are getting more and more complex.”

Dede’s mother said, “Indeed. Both of us needed to work today, but ended having to take time off. Hur Hur. There’s no way around it. Children matter the most.”

Dede was also trying to chat with Chenchen.

“Did you prepare today’s composition?”


“Did you do the homework our teacher assigned for the weekend?”


“Ah, why didn’t you do it? You will be reprimanded by the teacher again. I’ll let you copy mine. I did them.”

“There’s no need.”

It was Dede who kept the conversation going, but Chenchen appeared uncaring.

On Zhang Ye’s side, he had already finished chatting with Dede’s parents. They brought the children into the school building. Zhang Ye also held Chenchen’s tiny hand and as they walked, he said, “Dede was chatting with you. Why were you so cold? You won’t have friends in the future if you keep this up.”

Chenchen said nonchalantly, “Women need to be more reserved.”

Zhang Ye was dumbfounded, “Who taught you that?”

Chenchen said, “My aunt said it.”

“Let me tell you something: don’t keep learning from your aunt. Look at you. You are almost a duplicate of your aunt. Speak a bit more cutely and pleasing to others, understand?” Zhang Ye taught with utmost care.

Chenchen directly said, “I can’t.”

Fine, treat it as if this Bro didn’t say anything. Zhang Ye brought her to the classroom of the first class, second grade.

“Are you Dede’s parents?”

“Right, you are Qianqian’s mother, right? Hur Hur, I always hear my son talk about Qianqian. The two children seem to hit it off well. Whenever you are free, you can come visit my house.”

“Alright, let’s communicate more.”

In the classroom, there were quite a lot of parents introducing themselves to each other as they got to know each other.

However, there was not much a reaction when Zhang Ye brought Chenchen in. Other than a few boys like Dede who were willing to speak to Chenchen, the rest ignored Chenchen. Some girls even gave her aversive looks. Zhang Ye finally understood. Indeed, little Chenchen was too unpopular in school.

“Hey, the teacher is here.”

“Teacher Zhao Mei, hello.”

“Teacher Zhao, thank you for taking care of our children.”

Zhang Ye whispered to Chenchen, “Who is she?”

Chenchen said indifferently, “Zhao Mei, my class’ teacher-in-charge. She always criticizes me!”

Just as she finished saying that, Teacher Zhao Mei saw Chenchen, and then her eyes stared right at Zhang Ye’s face. She strode forward, “You must be Chenchen’s guardian, right?”

Zhang Ye said, “Ah, yes. I’m her uncle.”

Teacher Zhao Mei’s face turned sullen, “I’ve finally seen you. Uncle Chenchen, follow me.” Saying that, she went to the end of a corridor.

Zhang Ye could only follow, “Teacher, what’s the matter?”

Teacher Zhao Mei immediately said, “What sort of guardians in the world are you people? Chenchen has been in school for a year. This is the second year, but this is the first time I’m seeing her guardian. I heard that back when she first came to school, Chenchen had reported to school with her books and fees herself. Last year, I had been asking to see Chenchen’s guardians for an entire year, but none of you came. Do you even care about the child? I’ve been a teacher for so many years, but this is the first time I’m seeing such seniors like you!”

Zhang Ye was stunned, “No one brings Chenchen to school usually?”

“No.” Teacher Zhao Mei asked angrily, “You even asked me? I stand at the school gates to greet students almost everyday. Chenchen always takes the bus herself to school!”

Zhang Ye finally understood. It was no wonder the landlady auntie had gone through legal procedures to obtain the child’s custody, because her brother-in-law’s family didn’t take good care of her, so he immediately explained, “Teacher Zhao, it’s like this. Chenchen’s family situation is a bit more complicated. Her parents are no longer alive, and she had been under the care of her elders on her father’s side. They were not very attentive. Now, with the child’s custody in her aunt’s hands, who is also a big sister of mine, I will guarantee you that this will not happen again. If you have any problems, just give her aunt a call, or even call me. I assure you, I will be available immediately.” After understanding Chenchen’s family situation, Zhang Ye felt pity for the child.

She was just seven years old!

She had gone to school herself? She probably even needed to make her own meals. No wonder Chenchen was so much more mature than her peers!

Teacher Zhao Mei exclaimed, “Ah? Is that so? Aiyah, then I haven’t been a good teacher-in-charge. Sorry, I didn’t know before this.” After sighing, she said, “Actually this child is very pitiful. No wonder she never got along well with her classmates.”

Zhang Ye frowned, “Are others bullying her?”

Zhao Mei gave a wry smile, “You think too much. Who dares to bully Chenchen. If she doesn’t bully others, I’ll already be praying to the gods. As a guardian, you should know Chenchen’s mouth better than me. Many of the young children in class have cried because of her words. Not only children, even her math teacher, a new teacher who just came for a year, nearly got sick from the stress due to Chenchen, and even had to take several days off!”

Zhang Ye said in an ashamed manner, “How can this be?”

“Why not?” Zhao Mei also felt angry and funny at the same time as she said, “A few days ago when school opened, the math teacher had just been assigned to our class. On the first day, the teacher had asked Chenchen to answer a question, but Chenchen could not answer. When the teacher reprimanded her, Chenchen retorted with a question that no mathematician could prove. In the end, Chenchen even said that since the teacher could not answer, then she had no right in demanding that she answer the teacher’s question! There was also the language teacher. She could not stand in anymore with Chenchen and even left the classroom with her materials!”

Zhang Ye coughed, “I’ll speak to her about it. This child is not very sensible.”

“Don’t say things so heavily. Treat it slow and progress slowly. I can tell that she is a good child, but she doesn’t trust people easily. Hai, maybe it’s due to her family situation.” Zhao Mei could understand and felt pity, “A family’s influence on a child is too great.”

Zhang Ye said, “I’ll have to trouble you in the future.”

“I’ll try my best.” Looking at her watch, she said, “Class is starting soon. There will be Leaders from the Education Ministry coming today. Chenchen’s guardian, please take a seat.”

“Alright.” Returning to the classroom, Zhang Ye saw Chenchen sitting alone by herself. He felt his heart go soft. He went over to straighten her ruffled hair and adjust her school uniform’s collar. Then, he brought a seat to sit beside the child, just like the other parents were doing by their children.