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Chapter 90: The Chance for an Interview at the Television Station Has Come!

Chapter 90: The Chance for an Interview at the Television Station Has Come!

1st October.

Today was National Day.

Early in the morning, Zhang Ye was in the bathroom, brushing his teeth.

Mom called and her tone was filled with blame and criticism, “Have you found a job? Not yet? I already told you not to quit. Take a look, take a look!”

Zhang Ye simply rinsed his mouth and wiped his mouth as he laughed, “Mom, even if I don’t have a job now, I will also not starve to death. Don’t you know? My ‘Ghost Blows Out the Light’ and a few fairy tales are about to be published. Today happens to be the day it goes on sale, so you don’t have to worry about me. When the publishing firm transfers me the money, I’ll give you some.”

Mom was overjoyed, “It’s published already? How much did you make?”

Zhang Ye feigned ignorance, “Not much, not much. Have you eaten?”

“I asked you how much, so stop trying to interrupt!” Mom said fiercely.

Zhang Ye could only say, “About six million. After it reaches me, it’s probably around five million. Quite a lot of it is taxed.”

“What? Six million? Aiyah! Hey!” Mom was shocked, “Did you rob a bank? So much? Aren’t most people earning only a few tens of thousands when they publish a book? Our neighbor Uncle Zhang’s child is also an author. His best book only received 80,000. Why is yours so much more?”

Zhang Ye began bragging, “How can that be the same. What kind of book is my ‘Ghost Blows Out the Light’? It’s completely on a different level when compared to theirs. Also, I have my fairy tales. All of them are classics. I even think I lost out. If not for them giving me the money quickly, and that they only wanted the simplified Chinese rights, I wouldn’t have sold for this pittance. Mom, help me tell Dad. Don’t let him be worried for me. I’m doing fine. After quitting my job at the radio station, I actually have more freedom. If I want to publish, I can publish. I don’t have to be limited by my job’s regulations. Besides, I can guarantee you that there will be even better units waiting for me in the future.”

“Then are you going to your granny’s house today?”

“Go with Dad; I won’t be joining for now.”

“Alright then. I know you are busy. Then do well.”

Just as the phone was about to be hung up, he even heard her Mom say to his Dad, “Good lad, our son is impressive. Six million! He earned six million from publishing!”

Only then did the call hang up. Tian Bin’s number came calling.

“Hello, Zhang Ye.” Tian Bin’s voice sounded excited.

“Old Tian, it’s me. What’s the matter?” Zhang Ye walked out of the bathroom.

Tian Bin said, “I’ve been hired. Yesterday, I submitted my resume and came for an interview today. In the end, after just five minutes of interviewing, they informed me that I would start work tomorrow.”

“Hey, that’s good. Which radio station?” Zhang Ye asked.

Tian Bin laughed, “It’s the Central Radio Station, the biggest radio institution in the country!”

Zhang Ye was also happy for him, “Alright, then I’ll congratulate you first.”

Tian Bin paused for a while, “Actually, it was all thanks to your copyright power of attorney. When I gave it to them during the interview, they were all speechless. Then a Leader made a phone call and came back, telling me to report to work tomorrow. It looks like the Central Radio Station also highly values your segment. Zhang Ye, thank you!”

Zhang Ye laughed, “I won’t be able to get used to you being so polite, so there’s no need to thank me. It’s not a big deal; it’s as simple as lifting a finger.”

“If we have the chance, let’s have a meal.” Tian Bin said.

“Alright, then we can have it when there’s time.” Zhang Ye hung up.

After the two phone calls, Zhang Ye appeared happy. He had reported the good news to his mother and had congratulated Tian Bin; however, he was still feeling worried. Now with the publishing matter settled, this step had ended early, but his next step returned to that dead end once again, which was the way to get into a television station.

If he was really banned and couldn’t enter one, Zhang Ye would have to redevelop his plans. Where should he go? Filming movies? Singing? But the timing was not right. He still did not have the qualifications or ability to make people ignore his looks. If he were to encroach into the music and film industry straight away, probably no one would care about him. So what if the works he produced were great? The time was not ripe.

Let’s give an example.

Was “Miss Dong” a good song?

Back when the original songwriter released his album, almost no one heard it, nor did anyone know about it. Later, when it was sang by Zuo Li on the singing contest stage of Singing Boy did it become popular. It even went viral throughout the entire country. What was the reason? Although the lyrics were slightly changed, it was essentially the same song. There was no difference. Maybe his singing ability was slightly better than the original songwriter, but why did it only become popular when it was sung by Zuo Li and not him? It was not a problem with the song. The song was just a song, and it was also a good song. It was due to a fortuitous turn of events and also because of Zuo Li’s story about his girlfriend. And a lot more of it had to do with looks and conditional factors. At least that was how Zhang Ye saw it. This was something he could do nothing about, for Zhang Ye knew that he was in a similar situation.

Without the opportunity, he could not do something at the wrong time!

He could only go to the television station. No matter how much thought he gave, that was the only place suitable for his next step to develop further. He needed a springboard, and he needed it a lot!


Still can’t give up on this!

Zhang Ye decided to submit a few more resumes to give it a try. People did not want him the past few days, but it did not mean they it would not work now. He had already published ‘Ghost Blows Out the Light’ and the promotional work done by the publisher firm was done very well. This had also added Reputation and popularity to Zhang Ye. The effects of “Dead Water” had also decreased after a few days, so the television and radio stations could not ban him for life. There was a period, and once that period expired, Zhang Ye would naturally be able to appear.

One resume!

Three resumes!

Five resumes!

Zhang Ye began submitting resumes once again. There were only those few television stations that had a hosting position, so naturally he still submitted to them again.

However, the response poured cold water on Zhang Ye again!

The few television stations still responded very quickly. It was just like two days ago. The answer was still no!

Zhang Ye felt that his head hurt and also felt dispirited. Your sister, how long must I have to wait? If this drags on, this bro will really drop off from being a E-list celebrity!

Just as he was thinking, the third phone call of the day came.

Zhang Ye was shocked, for the number was from the famous Program Producer who had previously invited him and had also job-hopped to the Beijing Television Station, Teacher Hu Fei!

“Hello, Teacher Hu.” Zhang Ye was not very sure why he had called.

Hu Fei’s tone was not very pleasant, “Teacher Zhang, I heard you have been submitting your resume to a few television stations the past few days? Applying to be a host for them?”

Zhang Ye coughed, “Yes, I was thinking of trying my luck.”

Hu Fei said, “Didn’t I already invite you? And you had previously agreed, so why are you submitting resumes to other television stations?”

Zhang Ye was stunned, “Ah? Teacher Hu, isn’t the Beijing Television Station banning me? After all, I said that poem at the award presentation ceremony, and since the Beijing Radio Station and the Beijing Television Station are one, I knew what I should do. So I didn’t have the nerve to bother you and make things hard on you.”

Hu Fei was enlightened, “So you applied to other television stations, but did not submit your resume to the Beijing Television Station? You man, you. Hur Hur. What should I say to you. Well, this matter is also my fault. I didn’t contact you immediately, making your thoughts wander. Teacher Little Zhang, you might not understand me as a person. I, Hu Fei, have been working in the television system for so many years, and I have never gone back on my word. Since I have already promised you, and did say I cannot guarantee that I could do it, but I would definitely do my very best to get your matter settled!”

Zhang Ye was said in disbelief, “Teacher Hu, so you are saying… Your side still wants me?”

“I don’t care what the station thinks. I definitely want you. I fancied your artistic attainment and your literary foundation. Amongst the younger generation, your standard is peerless. Maybe there are people your age or even younger than you who are more famous than you and have greater accomplishments than you, but I dare to say that no one can compare to your literary standard! If I don’t want a person like you, who else do I want?” Hu Fei affirmed.

Zhang Ye was excited, “Teacher Hu, then…”

“Come to the Beijing Television Station this afternoon for the interview. I have already arranged it for you.” Hu Fei hesitated for a while, “But I still have to tell you this. I may acknowledge you, but the matter of the host and guest selection is decided by the higher-ups. My opinion can only have a certain degree of influence. After all, the situation you caused was not tiny. It still hasn’t calmed down yet. I believe you know this very well, too, so I cannot guarantee you that the interview will be successful. For this interview, there will also be a Leader from higher up. In short, do well; I will fully support you!”

“Thank you, Teacher Hu!” Zhang Ye said emotionally.

“You don’t have to thank me. The situation hasn’t been fixed. It won’t be too late thanking me when you succeed. Also, I need to say that this opportunity was not given to you by me. You earned it yourself. You have used your literary foundation to conquer me, and conquered many people. This is something you deserve!” Actually, before Zhang Ye won the Silver Microphone Award, Hu Fei only appreciated Zhang Ye, hoping that he could come help him. However, after Zhang Ye’s “Dead Water” at the award presentation ceremony, Hu Fei was first speechless, then angry, and then finally… He appreciated Zhang Ye even more. That “Dead Water” had completely conquered Hu Fei. Hu Fei felt that Zhang Ye was the talent he needed the most at that moment. No one else would work!

The call ended.

Zhang Ye took a deep breath, feeling things have changed!

The Beijing Television Station was interviewing him! He still had a chance of entering a television station!

This news was no doubt what made Zhang Ye the most happy today. It was more exciting than the news of publishing “Ghost Blows Out the Light”. Publication was just temporary, and the popularity was just temporary. To really become famous, to continue on increasing his popularity, he had to go on television!

However, there was a major drawback about going on television, which was that it was easy to suffer destruction to both people and family!

Look at the excellent programs and talk shows on television. Those who go up on stage would mention how many people had died in their family. Today was a grandfather’s death, tomorrow would be her father’s death. Later on, his aunt would have cancer, and the day after their family’s dog would suffer from prostatitis!

One was worse than the other!

Hence, from a certain angle, going on television was very dangerous. If you didn’t have destruction happening to both people and family, you would be embarrassed going up!