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Chapter 94: A Huge Discovery About the Lottery!

Chapter 94: A Huge Discovery About the Lottery!

The explosive outbreak of “Dead Water”.

The receiving of the Silver Microphone Award.

The listenership ratings of the unstopped ‘Ghost Blows Out the Light’.

The large scale promotions and sales of ‘Ghost Blows Out the Light’.

And even ‘Tribute to the White Poplar’ and various other contributions.

All these Reputation points that were accumulated allowed Zhang Ye to have more than 900,000 Reputation points at this moment. It looked like an exaggeration, but it was accumulated by Zhang Ye bit by bit through hard work. Every Reputation point increment was not easy for him. Of course, before the “Memory Search Capsule” that he had bought just a while ago, it had already exceeded a million.

The Lottery interface opened.

Zhang Ye decided to take a gamble.

He clicked on the Lottery and spent 100,000 Reputation points. Confirm!

The wheel began to move. The needle began rapidly moving. As it was a bet, Zhang Ye decided to have Additional Stakes. After clicking the Additional Stakes button on the bottom right, he gave it some thought and added two Additional Stakes. After all, he needed to leave some Reputation to bet on the next chance. He could not use it all on one try.

The needle began to move slowly.

Special Category… Skills Category…

Stats Category…Consumption Category…

The needle began to slow down gradually. Finally, it stopped on the Consumption Category!

Zhang Ye did not have much hope, nor was he disappointed. This was because he did not know what items he needed at this moment. He was only trying his luck.

Three Treasure Chest (Small) appeared!

Zhang Ye brought them and placed them on a table in the resting area. He opened one after another. Since all the items that were obtained from Additional Stakes were the same, he just needed to see one.

[ Lucky Bread ] x 3!

He had previously obtained this prize before. And this was also the first time that Zhang Ye had obtained an item that he had received before!

However, Zhang Ye gave a wry smile. The Lucky Bread may be good, but it was not very useful for him now. Back at the award presentation ceremony, the Lucky Bread had expounded its miraculous effects, allowing him to magically receive the award. But it had a reason to. It was because of luck that the trophy and certificate both had problems backstage, which caused such an effect.

But this time, it was different. Luck was useless here. As it was not something that could change from subjective means. Wang Shuixin had objectively not wanted Zhang Ye. He had already said that Zhang Ye was not tall enough. So no matter how lucky he was, Director Wang would definitely not change his attitude.

He had lost the bet!

Hai, there aren’t many opportunities left!

Zhang Ye was feeling down. He was already used to having items he received from the Lottery being of use. For example, the Save, the Unlucky Sticker, or the Memory Search Capsule, all of them were a great help to him after they were obtained. And even though the Lucky Bread from back then was not something that he had received on the spot and was something he had stored from a previous luck of the draw, it had been effective at the critical moment. Even the Unlucky Halo and the Invisibility Potion had their own usage.

However, this time it wasn’t enough!

Zhang Ye no longer had the luck from before!

His hand nearly pressed down on the Lottery purchase button, but he paused and did not press down on it. Zhang Ye knew it was impossible. Actually, upon careful thought, the items he had received from the Lottery were not really just right for the purpose. For example, the Save… He might have used it, but if he had obtained the Memory Search Capsule, he could have also used it to help him recite from memory. If he swept through at a glance and used the Memory Search, Zhang Ye could similarly recite out 900 words. Furthermore, he could save the time he took to memorize it, and the accuracy would be even higher. And with the Unlucky Sticker, if he had obtained the Lucky Bread or something else, those items could probably create a similar effect, allowing Zhang Ye to get a program. Similarly, if he had used the Unlucky Sticker at the Silver Microphone Awards, giving Zhāng Yě bad luck, resulting in him being unable to receive an award, the award would have still ended up in Zhang Ye’s hands.

It may be said that his luck was good when he had played the Lottery in the past, but it could also be said that the difficulty that Zhang Ye faced was relatively smaller. The difficulty range was much wider, which resulted in many items being able to be used as magical weapons. They could all help.

But this time is was different. Wang Shuixin had made his attitude clear. His requirement was on Zhang Ye’s height. Hence, the items that he could draw that would be useful from the Lottery were extremely specific and limited. How could Zhang Ye have such good luck and draw whatever he needed at the Lottery? What a joke. Zhang Ye had never felt that he had good luck!

Eh, luck?

Wait a moment! Luck?

Zhang Ye was suddenly shocked. Then he excitedly stood up from the couch. Right, usually when he played the Lottery, he definitely could not obtain items he was in desperate need of, for he did not have the luck. No one in the world had such luck. Even if they had luck for a moment, it would not be for life. However, Zhang Ye had a sudden thought. So what if he did not have luck? This was not a problem! Without luck… He could create luck!

Lucky Bread!

He had just drawn Lucky Bread!

Zhang Ye’s mind opened up. Previously, when he had received items from the Lottery, he had only thought about how he could use them in reality, but who made the rules that the luck from the Lucky Bread could not be used on the game’s Lottery? The Lucky Bread’s description said that it could increase the Luck stat of a player for five minutes. Since Zhang Ye’s Luck stat would increase, then drawing at the Lottery was also within its range. He could completely use this to create luck, so as to obtain things he needed!

Could it work?

Even if it didn’t, he had to try!

Zhang Ye felt that this discovery of his was too important. It would be very important for his future. If it was like his speculation, then whenever he was faced with a difficult problem, Zhang Ye would have a chance and method to solve it. He did not need to bet on the so-called luck!

Zhang Ye immediately reached his hand into the game ring’s inventory. He took out one of the Lucky Bread, and immediately ate it!

Lucky Bread in Effect!

Countdown, 4:59...

Zhang Ye was afraid that there was not enough time, so he quickly clicked on the Lottery and did not even wait for the needle to slow down as he gritted his teeth to have Additional Stakes. Seeing the needle pause temporarily, Zhang Ye immediately added all his remaining Reputation. Having just spent 300,000 Reputation points, and having spent 100,000 for the Lottery, he still had 5 more Additional Stakes left. Success was all counting on this. Without any hesitation, Zhang Ye spent nearly all of his Reputation points!

Additional Stakes completed!

The needle began moving again!

One revolution…Three revolutions…Five revolutions…

Then it slowed down, and the needle slowly moved towards the small region of the Special Category!

Zhang Ye was almost about to cry. If it was some normal time, he would love to have the Special Category, because he greatly had the need to be able to permanently purchase items in the Merchant Shop. It was unlimited purchase, and he did not need to draw at the Lottery. But now, he did not need it. Even if he had obtained the right to buy an item, he did not have enough points to buy it! He was only left with about 30,000 Reputation points, so even if he wanted to buy something, it would not be enough!


I don’t want the Special Category!

A treasure mountain was right in front of him, yet Zhang Ye did not want it. This was the first time that he felt cheap. However, there was no other choice. He had to solve the problem he had now!

Move a little bit more!

Just a little bit more!

Finally, the Special Category was moved past. It did not stop there!

The Lottery wheel’s category size was fixed. For example, the Consumption Category’s probability was the greatest, while the Special Category was the lowest. Hence, the size of all the regions were the same every time. However, the placement of the regions were random. For example, the last time that he drew at the Lottery, the Special Category was between the Consumption Category and the Skills Category. But this time, the Special Category was now in the middle of the Stats Category and the Skills Category. After the needle moved past the Special Category, it immediately stopped at the Stats Category!


Six Treasure Chest (Small) appeared!

At this moment, there was still one minute left for the Lucky Bread!

Zhang Ye did not dare to delay. This was because he was not sure if the item in the Treasure Chest was decided at the moment it was drawn or if the Lottery only fixed the type, and the specific item was decided only when the treasure chest was opened. Hence, he used the remaining amount of lucky time to open the Treasure Chest!

The first Treasure Chest opened – Fruit of Growth!

The second Treasure Chest opened – Fruit of Growth!

The six Treasure Chests all contained a small white fruit. It was basically round, but it was not uniform. It did not have leaves, but had a brown root zone.

[ Fruit of Growth ]: Effective upon consuming it. Activates the player's growth genes. Can be stacked repeatedly.


Activates genes?

He got it! He really got it!

At this moment, the lucky effect ran out. Zhang Ye nearly cried out! His theory was right! The Lucky Bread really could be used on the Lottery system!

After a moment of excitement, Zhang Ye regained his composure. He quickly picked up a Fruit of Growth and ate it. He still did not know the effects of the fruit. Although the Fruit of Charm had already proved the effects of such Stats Category items, but what did growth mean? Where would he grow? Please don’t make my chest hair grow? This bro doesn’t need that!

After consuming it, his whole body heated up!

Zhang Ye nearly shouted out as he felt his bones crunching, as they sounded out!

After a few seconds, the strange feeling disappeared. Zhang Ye looked around and looked at his chest. Thankfully, his chest did not get any bigger.

But which part of him changed?

He could not detect it!

But when he looked at his pant legs, Zhang Ye was slightly surprised. His pants had been slightly longer, so that it would roll up above his shoes. But now, the rolls had relaxed a bit more. What was the meaning of this? What did this represent? There was only one possibility presented. That was… Someone had secretly cut his pant legs with scissors when Zhang Ye was slightly distracted!

Alright, actually there was another possibility. It meant that Zhang Ye had grown taller!

Although it was just a tiny bit, but it no doubt made him excited!

Zhang Ye decided to consume the remaining five Fruits of Growth in one go. The sound of his bones cracking incessantly lingered on.

One centimeter…

Two centimeters…

Three centimeters…

Finally, Zhang Ye used the change in his pant leg’s length to guess that he had grown about 5-6 centimeters taller! That was to say, every Fruit of Growth increased his height by nearly a centimeter!

Zhang Ye was overjoyed. His looks and height had always been a chronic problem for his development. He never expected one of them to be solved just like that!

The Fruit of Growth was too amazing!

Zhang Ye understood that this fruit probably did not increase his height directly. It had helped activate his potential within his genes. That was to say, Zhang Ye’s genes should have allowed him to grow to that height, but Zhang Ye had grown up in relatively poor conditions. Without milk to drink, or eggs and much meat to eat, his poor nutrition when he was young stunted his growth. If he was properly fed and nourished when he was young, then he could definitely be like others. At least, he would have a good average height.

Now, the Fruits of Growth had remedied all of this!

Now, his height was 1.71 meters! He already entered a normal range!