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Chapter 95: You are Changing Persons!

Chapter 95: You are Changing Persons!

Upstairs at the Beijing Television Station.

Today was National Day, so not many people worked. However, even the small number of people who came to work was definitely more people than people from other industries by several times. As this was a television station, it was similar to supermarkets or shopping malls. They were busier during this period. There were quite a number of people working overtime, who not far from Zhang Ye, who were looking at him.

“What was that sound just now?”

“I also heard it. It sounded like cracking.”

“Did that youth come for an interview? What was he doing just now?”

“Yeah, why was there so much noise? Was he molting?”

A few people began discussing as they pointed fingers at Zhang Ye. They found him weird.

Actually, from a certain point of view, Zhang Ye had indeed “molted”. His height was now 1.71m. If he wore the elevator shoes that he had just bought, he could barely tell from the receding of the pant leg that he was about 1.78m tall with the elevator shoes, even though he did not have a ruler on hand. He was about 2cm shorter than Wang Shuixin’s minimum requirement.

Zhang Ye tried to find some paper to pad the bottom of his shoes, but it was obvious that it wouldn’t work. Even if he could pad his height a bit more, it would not be natural. This was already a height increased by a pair of shoes. The heels were already very high, so by padding it with paper, his foot would probably come out of the shoe. There was no way that he could go on screen like that. Even if he went on screen, he was unable to walk, as the shoes would just drop the moment that he walked. There were boots that could increase his height a bit more. However, it was autumn, and the weather wasn’t cold yet. It was sometimes hot, so how could he go on screen with boots? This was also not practical. The interviewers would also not agree to it!

The other side.

In the office.

Wang Shuixin looked at his watch, “Old Hu, don’t be in a rush. It’s not that I don’t believe in your judgment and professional achievements. Our station headhunted you because we appreciated your experience and ability. However, a host is a combination of various aspects. He can’t just be accepted because of his literary foundation. Even if Zhang Ye was made a guest, he is also not up to it. I believe that you know the importance of a segment’s host and its guests. If the audience doesn’t like the visuals, the program will suffer a hit, no matter how good it is. It will also lose a large number of the audience members. I cannot gamble on this.”

“If we are excluding Zhang Ye because of his height, it would be such a pity!” Hu Fei’s eyebrows were knitted together. “This is too unfair to Little Zhang!”

Wang Shuixin said lightly, “The entertainment business has never been about fairness. Little Zhang’s height is indeed not enough. I cannot give the go ahead for him alone.”

Hu Fei said, “Weren’t there also hosts who had heights around 1.6m in the past?”

“But were they ever popular?” Wang Shuixin retorted, “How many hosts of those heights managed to make it big? Also you are talking about some second or third tier cities’ small television stations. Where are we? This is Beijing Television Station!” He stood up, “Alright, Old Hu. There’s no point in talking about this anymore. What time is it already? I still need to hold a meeting soon!”

“Director!” Hu Fei tried to speak.

Wang Shuixin interrupted, “I can lower my final requirement. He doesn’t need to be 1.8m. As long as he can reach 1.78m with elevator shoes, I will immediately hire him! I will not say another word!”

“Brother Hu, forget it.”

“That’s right, Producer Hu. There are plenty of good seedlings.”

The other interviewers also persuaded Hu Fei.

However, Hu Fei was thinking, “What was the difference between 1.78m and 1.8m? Zhang Ye was just 1.65. He wouldn’t reach that height even if wore any kind of shoes! Unless he went on stage with stilts!”


As the final exchange of words were done while they were approaching the door, Zhang Ye had heard the last line. He just needed 1.78m? Ha! I was just waiting for that word of yours! It looked like the twenty minutes that Teacher Hu had fought for Zhang Ye was not in vain! It had helped him a great deal!

The door opened and Wang Shuixin was the first to exit. He looked at Zhang Ye in the resting area. “Little Zhang, you can go back.” It meant that the interview was over.

Hu Fei looked at Zhang Ye, apologetically shaking his head.

Zhang Ye gave Teacher Hu a “nevermind” look. He sat there and said to Wang Shuixin, “Director Wang, I think I have reached the standards you mentioned.”

“What did you reach? Height?” A young interviewer was amused, “Enough. Go back.”

Zhang Ye did not say anything further. He only slowly stood up from his seat.

A few interviewers were planning to leave, as they had been delayed for far too long. There were many programs for National Day that they had to busy themselves with. However, when they saw Zhang Ye stand up, a person who was about to turn and leave was suddenly stunned. He immediately turned back with his eyes staring widely!

Several others also stared widely with their eyes!

Holy sh*t! Your height, why… Why does it seem…

Zhang Ye walked closer and let them take a closer look, “Does this height meet your standards?”

Wang Shuixin was also dumbfounded. He patted his forehead and also rubbed his eyes. He felt as if his eyes had gone blurry before looking at Zhang Ye again, “You…”


This person was actually taller!

During the interview, Wang Shuixin and a few interviewers remembered clearly that Zhang Ye was about half a head shorter than many of them. Although they were not very tall, they were about 1.7m tall. But now, twenty minutes later, this person was no longer shorter than them, and was instead… He was instead taller than them by a lot more!

Shorter by half a head to taller by half a head?

Are you doing magic?

They could hardly believe their own eyes!

After his surprise, Hu Fei quickly said, “Little Sun, bring a measuring tape!”

A youth looked at Wang Shuixin and seeing Director Wang nod his head, he quickly left and came back shortly after with a retractable ruler.

“Teacher Little Zhang, please stand nicely.” Hu Fei gestured.

Zhang Ye held his back to the wall and stood very straight.

Hu Fei personally measured him and then looked at the marks on the ruler. He turned with a look of surprise and said to everyone, “1.78! Exactly 1.78!”

Someone did not believe it and also measured Zhang Ye, but the result was also the same!

The female interviewer nearly fainted on the spot!

Wang Shuixin also never expected such a situation!

A young interviewer said with fear, “How, how did you do it?”

Zhang Ye pointed to his feet, “I changed my shoes. I just bought them!”

Wang Shuixin, “…”

“How could this be possible!? Where was there such elevator shoes that could increase that much height!?” the youth exclaimed.

“It could increase more than 10 centimeters? And not a trace of it can be detected? Not unnatural at all? What sort of shoes are those?” Another interviewer nearly cursed vulgarities!

Go to hell!

How are you changing shoes here?

You are f**king changing persons!

Hu Fei did not care about this. He treated it as if there was such a magical shoe, for technology had developed so much. He stared at Director Wang, “Little Zhang has reached 1.78m with the shoes, and you said previously?”

Everyone else looked at the Director.

Wang Shuixin was really… This guy really did it? He had originally found a reason to reject a problematic person like him, as he did not want him. However, the outcome was too surprising! What should he do now? He could not rescind his words, and furthermore he had said it in front of so many people. He was also the Leader…

After a long silence, Wang Shuixin looked at Zhang Ye, “Report to work next week.” After saying that, he turned and led the others away.

He had entered the television station!

He had finally entered the television station!

Zhang Ye suddenly felt like all the hard work had paid off!