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Chapter 96: Face Smacking Specialist!

Chapter 96: Face Smacking Specialist!


The sun had set, dying the sky red.

Zhang Ye had returned to his rental place. After taking the elevator, he did not return to his house, but followed the aroma from the landlady’s house. The door was open and the sound of oil splattering could be heard from the kitchen. At a glance, the little rascal Rao Chenchen was in the living room, doing her homework.

“Chenchen, are you busy?” Zhang Ye smiled as he entered the house.

Chenchen immediately shouted to the kitchen, “Aunt! Zhang Ye is here to scrounge for food again!”

Zhang Ye nearly planted himself on the floor, “This unlucky child. I treated you well for nothing.”

Chenchen gave her trademark smile, “Hur Hur.” Then she lowered her head and carried on doing her homework.

Rao Aimin from inside probably heard this. She opened the kitchen door and did not look kindly at Zhang Ye, “You really came on time. Is your Chinese Zodiac a dog? You followed the aroma over?”

Zhang Ye was also not mad, for he had already adapted to her vicious tongue, “I worked so hard for Chenchen, and you said the last time that my food for these days will be settled by you.”

“You only know how to eat. Did you not eat in your last life?” Rao Aimin’s mouth was vicious, but she was soft-hearted. “Wait a while. I’ll cook another two more dishes!”

“Thank you, Landlady Auntie!”

“Make sure that Chenchen does her homework!”

After the small rascal did her homework, the table was already filled with dishes.

Rao Aimin threw a pair of chopsticks at Zhang Ye, “You sure look happy today! Did you pick up a wallet? Eh, wait a moment. Come over and let me take a look. Why are you so much taller?”

Zhang Ye smiled. “You finally noticed it. I’m wearing elevator shoes.”

“Oh, I was just wondering. Alright then, let’s eat!” Rao Aimin sat down and handed a bowl and chopsticks to Chenchen.

Actually Zhang Ye was not wearing his elevator shoes, but his own normal shoes. He had said that for fear of not being able to explain it. After all, he had grown so much in a blink of an eye. No one would believe him if he said it. Hence, he decided to use the reason of elevator shoes to let others be used to his height. When people were accustomed to it, then there would not be a problem. Well, actually it was not something new for a person to grow 5cm overnight. At least in Zhang Ye’s world, he had frequently heard of such miraculous things happening, such as waking up to realize that one had grown 6cm, or how family members heard his bones crackle at night while he was sleeping. When Zhang Ye heard of this, he was skeptical, but people growing tall overnight was indeed a fact. There were more than ten such cases in the world as examples, but the reasons were still unknown. Hence, Zhang Ye did not have any pressure. Even if others questioned him on this, he could use this as an excuse.

“Landlady Auntie, I’ll tell you something.” Zhang Ye told the good news, “Just now, I was hired by the Beijing Television Station. I will be either a host or a guest after National Day.”

Rao Aimin said, “Oh, you sure can create miracles in life. That can even happen?”

Zhang Ye rolled his eyes, “I’m using my strength! Absolute strength!”

“Stop bragging.” Rao Aimin laughed, “Chang’e 4 just went up into space, and was taken down by your bragging!”

Chenchen swallowed the celery in her mouth, “…Hur Hur.”

Zhang Ye curled his mouth, “Keep trampling on me. When I become famous, I’ll let you open your eyes!” After the meal, Zhang Ye was feeling bloated. He was too lazy to go home, “Let me borrow your computer.”

“Go home and use yours!” Rao Aimin said impolitely.

“I can’t even move. I’m too bloated.” Zhang Ye ignored her.

Rao Aimin smacked her lips, “It’s upstairs. Use it yourself.” She went to wash the dishes.

Zhang Ye clutched his belly as he walked upstairs with great difficulty into the landlady’s bedroom. The moment that he opened the door, he was caught off-guard. A dazzling array of underwear and fall clothing assaulted his eyes. There were clothes of Big Sister Rao’s on the bed. There were about 20-30 pieces. It was obvious without asking that Rao Aimin was clearing her closet in the afternoon. She was keeping her summer clothes and preparing to wash and dry her autumn clothes. But before she was done, she had to cook. Hence, there was a bunch of clothes left on the bed and balcony. This made Zhang Ye’s heart race!

Floral print dress.

Hollow flesh-colored underwear.

Black silk stockings with decorative patterns.

There was white underwear that had just been taken off.

Zhang Ye looked behind to make sure there was no one before closing the door. He could not help but pick up a few pieces of Rao Aimin’s underwear and examine them before throwing them back. This Big Sister Rao was seriously too much. She was too careless. Forget it, let’s look at my computer. Actually, just like Rao Aimin’s vicious tongue, Zhang Ye was also slowly getting accustomed to Old Comrade Rao’s careless demeanor. She had always been like that and never took heed about their difference in gender. But she had to be such a unkempt big sister, yet she made amazingly delicious food and was particular good at taking care of others.

People were just so strange.

At times, there were such contradicting amalgamations.

Switching on the computer and going online, Zhang Ye was initially intending to check the current events and entertainment news. But he habitually first logged in to Weibo. He discovered that his poem had been posted online!

“Let me post a poem. I happened to hear it while chatting with a friend at the television station. The original author should be Zhang Ye.”

“The title is ‘This is also Everything’.”

“Not every tree has been broken off by the storm.”

“Not every seed cannot find soil to root.”

Finally he concluded, “I was very excited after hearing it, so I posted it to share with everyone!”

Zhang Ye looked at the discussion and messages below. It had already broken 1,000 views, and there were numerous messages!

“Teacher Zhang’s new poem?”

“Holy sh*t. I remember there’s a poem called ‘Everything’, right?”

“Yes. It’s ‘Everything’ written by Wang Shuixin. It even went in textbooks. This poem is clearly targeted at ‘Everything’, rejecting everything in it!”

“Haha, this poem is so great!”

“As expected of face smacking master Zhang Ye’s work!”

“Wow, everyone take a look quickly. Face smacking specialist, Teacher Zhang Ye has a new work!”

“You don’t say. This really is a smack in the face. Every line contradicts ‘Everything’! Teacher Wang Shuixin is probably crying! To encounter such a face smacking specialist!”

“But ‘This is also Everything’ is really much more suitable as a language education material than ‘Everything’. I pity Zhang Ye. Why can’t such a good poet like him enter the Writers’ Association? There is no official recognition of his position in literature.”


“Who told Teacher Zhang to trample on the people from the Writers’ Association!?”

“Supporting Teacher Zhang’s entry into the Writers’ Association. Or providence would not forgive!”

“That’s right. It doesn’t make sense. Can the Beijing Writers’ Association respond? Why isn’t Teacher Zhang invited into the Association? Just because cultured people tend to scorn each other?”

“Summoning the Beijing Writers’ Association!”

“Teacher Zhang is impressive! He has to enter the Writers’ Association!”

Everyone stood in solidarity. Zhang Ye’s works came one after another, and each one was more interesting and wonderful than the last. It made people feel disappointment that the Beijing Writers’ Association did not have any response!

But what Zhang Ye was most concerned about was his nickname and description!

Face smacking specialist?

Your sister’s a face smacking specialist!

Why is my nickname so terrible!?