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Chapter 98: The Landlady’s Loss

Chapter 98: The Landlady’s Loss

Note: This chapter has been retconned by the author. This chapter is supposed to be rewritten by the author, but he has not done so. It is provided as is. However, note that the events can be considered as filler. It is likely that the author is retconning the perverted personality of Zhang Ye also due to censorship by the Chinese government.

In the bedroom.

A picturesque scene.

The landlady did not make any obvious rejection, and didn’t even reprimand him with any harsh words, so Zhang Ye did not stand on ceremony. He used the principle of “you are an idiot not to take advantage” to explore the landlady. Zhang Ye, who was a person who had never had a relationship before, obviously had never experienced such a scene. He could only move steadily. This ambiguous atmosphere made Zhang Ye agitated. He felt like his entire body was almost melted by the landlady’s flesh and mature body scent!

This was a memorable occasion that made Zhang Ye want to give a song of love.

You are my little, dear little apple*!

Lighting my life’s fire fire fire fire fire!

Forget it, it spoils the atmosphere a bit. It’s best not to sing it!

Anyway, Zhang Ye was now feeling very daring. He felt life was pleasant.

But when Zhang Ye wanted to change his position, with his palm preparing to attack the landlady’s seductive ass, Rao Chenchen suddenly woke up!

The little rascal said in a daze, “Aunt, I’m hungry!”

The landlady said gracefully, “Got it.”

“Aunt, I’m hungry.” The little rascal constantly nagged with her eyes closed. “I’m hungry. I’m hungry.”

Suddenly, Rao Aimin was awake. Her body suddenly stretched and in a blink of an eye threw away Zhang Ye’s unmannerly hands!

Before Zhang Ye could even react, his wrist was pinched by Rao Aimin!

His eyes went blurry and his head went dizzy. Zhang Ye had no idea what had happened. He only felt the world spinning, and even the ceiling and the ceiling lights and pictures on the wall had flashed past him. Then, his ass was thrown off the bed. Only then did he feel the intense pain!

“Aiyah, hey!” Zhang Ye screamed.

Rao Aimin looked at him from the bed, “So it was you! What were you doing on the bed!?”

As Zhang Ye moaned, he said, “Of course I’m there. Ah, wasn’t I telling stories to Chenchen yesterday. I was also sleepy and then I fell asleep!”

Rao Aimin stared at him, “Then what were you touching me for!”

Zhang Ye was dumbfounded, “You did not know I was around?”

He finally understood. Damn, the landlady had not quietly allowed him to take advantage of her, but it was because she had been sleeping with little Chenchen these past few days, so she had treated him as Chenchen? She thought the person touching her was her niece? Hence, she said, “Stop messing around.”? Just now, when Chenchen shouted that she was hungry, the voice came from the other side of the bed. Only then did Rao Aimin realize? And then threw Zhang Ye off the bed!

It was a misunderstanding!

Your sister, it was a big misunderstanding!

Zhang Ye felt like crying his heart out. He laid on the ground, without being able to get up. It was too painful. He didn’t even know what had happened. He had been thrown off the bed with a single hand of the landlady. Big Sister Rao! Goddess Rao! How much strength do you have? You did a over-shoulder throw with one hand? That was too crazy! But since Zhang Ye was initially the one at fault, he could only be the first to complain despite being the one to offend. He lain on the ground screaming, “I can’t take it anymore! Aiyah! I’m dying! My waist has broken! I can’t take it anymore!”

Rao Aimin glanced at him, “Who let you grope!? Fine, stop screaming. Treat it as I mistakenly overused my strength!”

Zhang Ye was embarrassed, so he shouted even louder, “Oh, my elbows! Aiyah, my knee! Aiyah, my disc!” It was quite a catchy phrase.

Rao Aimin wrapped the towel on her body again, then stepped off the bed with her bare feet. She squatted down and touched his elbow, “Is there pain here?”

Zhang Ye said, “It’s not painful here.”

“What about here?” Rao Aimin examined his knee.

“Ah, it’s not painful here, too,” Zhang Ye said.

“What about here?” Rao Aimin pressed on his intervertebral disc.

“Also not painful,” Zhang Ye said.

Rao Aimin kicked him in the ass with an unhappy face, “Damn kid, if it’s not painful, why are you screaming? Quickly get up. It’s no big deal!”

Zhang Ye’s screams became worse, “I can’t get up, I can’t move!”

Rao Aimin curled her mouth and stretched her arm underneath his waist. And like she was lifting a bag of rice, she threw Zhang Ye onto the bed. It was unknown if she knew traditional Chinese medicine, as Rao Aimin checked his pulse. She then firmly said, “It’s alright. You just have some muscle injury. Lie down. I’ll give you some medicine!” Turning towards Chenchen, she said, “Bring my medicine box over. It’s at the bottom of the cabinet.”

Chenchen gave a nonchalant, “Oh.” and went to take it.

Zhang Ye was still shocked that he had been thrown by Rao Aimin with one arm, “Landlady Auntie, have you practiced kungfu before?”

“Why do you care?”

“Then why are you so powerful?”

“Don’t mind my business.”

“…Oh.” Zhang Ye did not ask again.

With the medicine box brought over, Rao Aimin took a bottle of safflower oil. It was one of those especially old bottles. Right, it was like those sesame oil bottles.

“What’s that?” Zhang Ye complained, “Will it work?”

“Are you just full of nonsense? Lie down and stay still!” Rao Aimin pricked him with a sentence. She then spread the safflower oil on him and massaged him, “Tell me where it hurts!”

After seeing this, Chenchen went downstairs. She was probably too hungry, so she went searching for food.

After rubbing him a few times, Rao Aimin went onto the bed with her bare feet. It was likely because her pose was not conducive for her to use her strength, and it was also uncomfortable. She crouched beside Zhang Ye’s side and massaged his back. This allowed her to use more strength.

“It’s painful here, it’s painful here!”

“Got it.”

“It’s painful here, too!”

“…Alright. Bear with it.”

Rao Aimin must have definitely learned before, for her technique was very good. She was more professional than a professional.

Zhang Ye’s pain was slowly alleviated. What replaced it was more and more pleasure. It felt so good! It was too comfortable! Zhang Ye enjoyed it while closing his eyes!

“Still painful?”


“Why don’t you look like you are suffering to me?”

“No, it’s especially painful!”

Rao Aimin did not say anything more. She carried on massaging his back and thigh. She even grabbed his ass and gave him an angular massage.

Suddenly, Zhang Ye turned his head and saw a flowery scene. As the landlady was crouching on the bed and her body was wrapped in a towel, the opening to the towel by her thighs was undefended. As Zhang Ye’s position was low, so he could clearly see what was underneath! As he was afraid the landlady would discover it, Zhang Ye did not dare to keep looking. He looked away, but after waiting a while, he turned his head to sneak a peek.

Ten minutes later.

Rao Aimin patted his ass, “Alright, it’s done.”

Zhang Ye sat up and stretched, “Why do I still feel sore?”

“Of course. You should be happy that it was just a simple muscle pull after being thrown be me. If I had really went all out, it would be a light injury if you forearms and calves were only fractured.” Rao Aimin chased him off the bed, “Hurry up and get lost. Be more honest when you sleep and don’t go groping around!”

“I haven’t eaten breakfast.” Zhang Ye looked at her.

“None! Go home and make your own!” Rao Aimin said.

Zhang Ye could only hobble downstairs to return to his home.

Yes, this is the end of the chapter. Why? You asked why the title is called “The Landlady’s Loss”? Alright, it’s because I wrote the wrong word. The title should be “The Landlady’s Mistake”!

Hai, actually, it’s about the same.

*This song is “Little Apple”, a Chinese song by the Chopsticks Brothers that went viral in 2014. It was also remade into a Korean version, sung by Korean girl group, T-ARA