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Chapter 102: Car Was Smashed by a Flower Pot!

Chapter 102: Car Was Smashed by a Flower Pot!

Before noon.

Arts Channel D Office.

After he finished reading the program plans, Zhang Ye did not give any suggestions. He only absorbed the information and familiarized himself with the environment. He also built ties with his colleagues. This was the mission for his first day at work. After finishing the matters on his hands, Zhang Ye took the initiative to get up and went to a worker’s room at the end of the corridor. He found a broom and dustpan to begin sweeping up the office. He was diligent and did the job well. He even cleaned the corners, which were a bit more dirty. Finally, he even used a cloth to wipe the window panes happily.

One pane…

Two panes…

Zhang Ye did not complain at all.

Xiao Lu took a glance and said quietly, “Were we too much?”

Hou Ge laughed, “Not at all. We are putting the rookie in his place. Everyone has to go through this initiation process. It’s very common.”

“But no matter what, Zhang Ye is a host, and Brother Hu appreciates him so much, so…” Hou Di also could not bear this any more.

Xiao Lu coughed, “Why don’t I wipe, too?”

Hou Ge stopped her, “No, or this will be all for naught. Let’s just order him around today. We’ll return to usual tomorrow.”

Xiao Lu could only say, “Alright.”

Dafei expressed his attitude once again, “Nothing better to do.”

Hou Ge rolled his eyes, “What do you know? In the future, you will thank me. Rookies need to be suppressed a bit, or they will revolt!”

Hou Di sighed, “I’ll listen to my elder brother.”


Lunch break.

Zhang Ye had finished his chores and wiped his sweat and cleaned his hands. He was prepared to head to the cafeteria for his meal, but he was not sure where it was. “Hou Ge, shall we eat together? Where’s the cafeteria? Do we need to make a meal card?”

Hou Ge laughed and patted him on the shoulder, “Little Zhang, since it’s your first day, why don’t we have a meal outside? Why bother with the cafeteria?”

Zhang Ye said, “Oh, sure. I didn’t think that far ahead.”

Xiao Lu’s eyes lit up, “Where shall we eat?”

Hou Ge said, “We don’t have to go to too good a place. Just any restaurant will do. Let’s have a welcoming meal for Little Zhang. I heard there’s a restaurant at Guomao that’s not bad. The food is cheap and delicious.” Saying that, he added on, “Little Zhang just graduated from college, so he can’t have much money. We should help him save.”

Hou Di was also hungry, “Alright.”

“Dafei, are you going?” Hou Ge glanced at him.

“How can I not go, with all of you going?” Dafei put down his work.

The group of people left the small office and walked downstairs.

However, on the way, they met many employees of the television station. Some of them were from the Arts Channel, while others were from other channels. What made them surprised was that when many people saw Zhang Ye, they gave off the feeling like they had jumped out of their skins. Some even flitted a glance at Zhang Ye, while some were even worse. They tried to avoid him as far as possible. And when Zhang Ye walked past them, they would all turn back and look at him. They would also enter into whispers and point at Zhang Ye.

“It’s him.”

“I saw him.”

“He really came to our unit?”

“It can’t be? Why did the Leader hire him?”

“It can’t be? It’s really him? Did you see wrongly?”

Out of the television station, Hou Ge was curious, “Little Zhang, why were they all looking at you?”

“That’s right, that’s right.” Xiao Lu was also very surprised. “Aren’t you a rookie? And yet people know you? The radio station doesn’t show your face, but only your voice, right? That can’t be!”

Zhang Ye laughed, “How would I know? They might not be looking at me.”

“They must have recognized the wrong person.” Hou Ge concluded and then said, “Right, my car can’t be driven today. Which of you drive? We can’t all be taking public transport there, right? Then we wouldn’t be back in time in the afternoon. It will be too slow.

Zhang Ye took out his keys, “I drive.”

Hou Ge was surprised, “Eh, you even have a car? Not bad, Little Zhang. Looks like you work very hard. You can buy a car just after a few months? Eh, this key…” He said in surprise, “BMW?”

Dafei seemed very interested, “Which series?”

“X5, I just received it yesterday, ” said Zhang Ye.

“Not bad, even the low configuration of the X5 costs hundreds of thousands,” said Hou Di.

The few people came to the parking lot, while Zhang Ye drove to pick them up. Everyone got in the car, and the five people filled the car perfectly. As the space inside the car was very large, it did not feel crowded.

Dafei acclaimed, “Nice car.”

Sparks flew out of Xiao Lu’s eyes, “When will I be able to buy such a car that’s worth hundreds of thousands?”

Hou Ge smiled. “Little sister Xiao Lu, my car is also a high configuration Reizi. The entire thing costs 700,000-800,000. If you like it, I’ll let you drive it for a few days.” He and his brother had a good job for the past few years, and their salaries were high. Hence, they gritted their teeth to buy a good car, so as to flaunt. Compared to the X5, their car was in no way inferior. Even its performance was slightly better than the X5, and was cheaper.

Just hundreds of thousands?

Hur Hur.

Zhang Ye did not say a word and just drove to their destination.

Xiao Lu was excited, “You said it, Hou Ge! That’s great!”

Hou Ge waved his hand, “No problem at all. My car is your car. Drive it as you wish!”

“Hou Ge sure is chivalrous.” Immediately, Xiao Lu no longer put too much thought on Zhang Ye’s X5.

Even Dafei’s eyes turned clear, “Hou Ge, lend it to me, too. I don’t have as much money as you. Lend it to me to have a thrill, too.”

“Not a problem, not a problem.” Hou Ge enjoyed their reactions.

Hou Ge was bragging about his Reizi along the way, saying how it was better than a BMW, and how the configuration was good. Everyone was listening to him.

Dafei said, “Indeed, the Reizi’s performance is far better than a BMW. At the same price, its functionality and performance capabilities are about the same. BMW is really just selling its brand.” Saying that, he paused and looked at the interior of Zhang Ye’s X5, “But why do I think this BMW is a bit different? Is this really a X5? I’ve seen a few versions of the X5. My friend is in the car business, but why is the interior slightly different? And this glass…” He knocked on it, “Why is it so thick? The sound also doesn’t seem right. Did you modify it?”

“No.” Zhang Ye said.

“Then that’s weird.” Dafei gave a touch.

Hou Ge chuckled, “What’s different? It’s just the lowest configuration. I saw a 4S shop’s price. It’s 800,000, right, Little Zhang? ”

Zhang Ye smiled. “About there.”

“See? I’m right!” Hou Ge said, “It’s just slightly inferior to my car.”

Xiao Lu was impressed, “Hou Ge has the money, indeed.”

Zhang Ye only focused on his driving. The restaurant recommended by Hou Ge was just in front, so he drove forward to search for parking. As the roadsides were full, Zhang Ye parked his car beside the restaurant’s wall.

But suddenly, an accident happened!

Just as Zhang Ye stopped his car, and when his colleagues were about to alight, the sound of children’s laughter came from the windows on the fifth floor of the restaurant. Maybe they were messing around, but suddenly, a ceramic flower pot that contained Mo’orea flowers fell from the sky, smashing straight at the BMW X5!


“Don’t touch the flower pots!”

“Xiaotong, come down!”

“Oh, no! Oh, no! It fell down!”

“Those people downstairs, dodge!”

The voices of adults came from the fifth floor to warn the people below.

Hou Ge raised his head and was scared out of his wits, “Mommy! Run!”

Then, the flower pot slammed loudly into the rooftop of Zhang Ye’s BMW. The flower pot was smashed into pieces, and the soil was scattered everywhere. The force involved was clearly great!

Hou Di shouted, “Hey!” He quickly got out of the car.

Dafei was also feeling sad, “This is a car that Zhang Ye just bought! This…”

Xiao Lu opened the door and shouted upstairs, “Who the hell lacks public courtesy!? Come down! What the heck!? Do you want to kill people?”

The staff from the restaurant were also worried. A few employees standing by the door rushed forward, “Is everyone okay? Is everyone okay?”

“We are fine!” Xiao Lu said angrily, “But the car…”

Dafei said, “This is a new car!”

The employee immediately said, “Sorry, sorry. We will settle it immediately. But the children upstairs are naughty, so…” He looked at the terrible state of the flower pot, and could imagine what the state the car would be after the impact. This was a BMW. If their restaurant had to pay the cost, they would…

Suddenly, a bunch of adults pulled their children downstairs.

A middle-aged woman came forward with an apologetic face, “Sorry, sorry. It was carelessness on my child’s part.” Seeing that no one was injured, she was relieved. But when she saw that a car had been smashed and the brand of the car, the middle-aged woman turned pale, “BMW? This… We can’t afford to pay for it!”

A boy and two girls knew that they had made a mistake. They cried out loud.

Xiao Lu said in a hurry, “Just because you can’t pay for it, that’s the end? It’s the fifth floor. With this impact, who knows if the car can still be driven. Maybe even the ignition has been destroyed! It’s a new car!”

The few colleagues were worried for Zhang Ye.

However, the car owner, Zhang Ye, was very calm. He alighted from the car without any hurry, as if nothing had happened.

The middle-aged woman’s eyes were red as she looked at Zhang Ye, “Sorry. We are really sorry. We did not do it on purpose. This car…”

The three children were crying loudly, looking very sad.

Zhang Ye smiled and touched the children’s head, “Don’t cry. It’s alright.” He looked at the woman, “Big Sis, go on up and have your meal. It’s alright.”

“But the car…” The woman was nearly on the brink of tears.

Zhang Ye said kindly, “Go back. You don’t have to pay. My car is fine.”

Dafei said, “What do you mean it’s fine? The ignition might even be destroyed!”

Xiao Lu also pulled on Zhang Ye, “Why aren’t you making them pay? Are you dumb!?”

Many of the people present did not know why the car owner was so calm. Did this person turn dumb from the impact?

However, Zhang Ye lightly walked before his car and used his hands to slowly wipe away the flower pot’s fragments and soil. When everyone looked carefully at this, they were dumbfounded!

The roof was damaged?

The ignition was destroyed?

Your granny is destroyed! The car’s roof was not damaged at all!

There was not even a scratch or mark! Even the f**king paint had not been chipped off!