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Chapter 105: An Excellent Advertisement Exalted by the Masses!

Chapter 105: An Excellent Advertisement Exalted by the Masses!

A small meeting room in the television station.

Everyone was looking forward to see what idea Zhang Ye could come up with. They wanted to see how capable this notorious, esteemed writer was. Everyone present knew Zhang Ye. They had all gone to the Golden Microphone Awards. About half of the people in the room knew that he was a thorn among thorns. They also acknowledged his literature standard as passable, but literature was literature. Creativity was creativity. There was not much of a relationship between the two.

You have an idea?

You can open a new field for public service advertisements?

A few people had their doubts.

There were a few people from the advertisement department who did not even doubt him; they only treated it as if Zhang Ye was joking. They were in the advertisement business, and they were the professionals, yet a layperson like you could be so sure of yourself? Isn’t this a joke? Do you think you are the only intelligent and capable person in this world? What a joke! This was a problem that no one in the country had managed to overcome. Even among those who had come up with a creative public service advertisement, the focus was on the creativity itself and they were criticized badly because creativity and public service didn’t mix. If it did, then it wouldn’t be considered a public service advertisement. They were not optimistic about Zhang Ye!

“Little Zhang?”

“Please share with us?”

“Yes, what idea do you have?”

“Another one that just involves changing the ad catchphrase?”

“If it’s just changing the ad catchphrase, then don’t bother saying it.”

Seeing Zhang Ye keeping his silence, some people became impatient.

Hu Fei frowned and said, “You have to give Little Zhang some time to conceptualize his presentation. How can it be so fast!”

Earlier, there were many people giving suggestions, too, but everyone listened attentively. At most, they gave some comments after the suggestions were given. But it could be seen how many people were unhappy with Zhang Ye. They were suggesting ideas all the same, but everyone’s attitude towards him was totally different. They couldn’t help it. Zhang Ye had attracted too much negativity during the Silver Microphone Awards and, on top of that, he rejected Wang Shuixin’s poem with a work of his own. It would be odd if he was liked by the others.

Zhang Ye didn’t mind; he was used to it.

He was actually thinking of which public service advertisement to use!

Which one from his world? There were a few good ones, but he felt that they were not going to stand out; they didn’t stand out in the creative portion.

Saving electricity………

Saving electricity………

Got it! Haha! That’s the one!

Zhang Ye suddenly remembered a very famous Russian public service advertisement from his world. How famous was it? It didn’t just get attention in Russia; it was also rebroadcast in China. There was a textbook in China that Zhang Ye did not remember if it was from a university class about advertising. However, the book was basically an introduction on public service advertisements. It cited advertisements as a successful examples. It could be seen then how famous it was; it had even gathered many honors and awards.

And clearly, in this world, that advertisement had never appeared before!

Zhang Ye had happened to see it once, and it had left a deep impression on him. After he looked at everyone, he spoke lightly. He first introduced the setup of the advertisement. “The advertisement I’m speaking of will use an animation. Of course, real people can be used, too. That isn’t important. 15 seconds for the advertisement should be sufficient.”

Wang Shuixin wasn’t too worried, “Carry on.”

Previously, people had said they had something creative, but it turned out that their ideas were not creative. They did not qualify, so no one believed that Zhang Ye could come up with something.

Zhang Ye ignored their thoughts and with his eyebrows straightening, he said with a solemn expression, “In a room, a couple are having a fierce quarrel. The wife points at the husband, scolding him. Note that there will not be any words spoken or vulgarities. Just the animation or the mouthing of real people to express it is fine. The audience can tell at a glance that the wife is being unreasonable. Well, then the husband finds it unbearable, and he packs his clothes to leave the house. The wife then realizes her mistake. She hugs her children and cries loudly. Then suddenly, the door opens. The husband appears in the doorway.”


What and what?

Wang Shuixin frowned even more. He was very unhappy!

Jiang Fen and the other employees were nearly falling asleep from this!

A couple quarreling? Are you talking about a public service advertisement? Even if they quarrel to the edges of the universe! Even if they f**king quarreled to the Milky Way! That had nothing to do with saving electricity!

Hu Fei kicked Zhang Ye’s feet, “Little Zhang.”

Zhang Ye was oblivious to it. He remained serious, “The husband is back! The wife thinks that he has forgiven her rashness and rudeness. Just as she runs to hug her husband amidst tears…” Then, the dull atmosphere changed. Just as people were feeling Zhang Ye’s idea was extremely boring and Wang Shuixin was about to interrupt him with a scolding, Zhang Ye’s last line reversed the entire situation, “Without any forewarning, the husband reaches out his hand and flips the switch on the wall, turning the lights off. Then he closes the door and leaves. The room is suddenly dark.”

Everyone gaped!

This was still not the end. Zhang Ye had not forgotten the key slogan at the end. “After the room goes dark, a subtitle appears: Conserve electricity. Lights off with people gone!”

Conserve electricity?

Lights off with people gone??

Holy sh*t! What a godly statement! It was definitely a godly statement!

Especially that ‘lights off with people gone’. Not only did it fit the feeling, it also fit the scene. It was a slogan with multiple meanings!

An advertising professional who had been doubting and looking down on Zhang Ye a few seconds ago sat up straight, “This… This advertisement…”

Zhang Ye asked, “Can this work?”

Can this work?

This works too well!

What was creativity? This was f**king divine creativity!

The few employees from the advertisement department were stunned. They knew for the first time that a traditional public service advertisement.. could be done like this?

Momentarily, everyone stared at Zhang Ye. What sort of brains did this person have? He could even do that? He could even think of that?

Even Wang Shuixin was secretly impressed. He slammed on the table, “Good! Good! Good!” After saying ‘good’ thrice, he said, “This is the creativity I needed! We’ll be using this!” He said to the people from the advertising department, “Do it now! Follow Little Zhang’s case! Immediately!”

Jiang Fen, “But the approval…”

Wang Shuixin interrupted, “We’ll do it and directly send it for approval. If this case doesn’t pass, then there won’t be a case that can pass! Quickly prepare it!”

The advertising department people obeyed the order and went to busy themselves.

“Let’s end the meeting.” After resolving a tricky matter, Wang Shuixin was feeling pretty good.

Hu Fei grabbed the opportunity, “Director, I did some calculation of the funds allocated to us, and we still lack some funds. After all, we need to invite some professors and scholars that will need money.”

Wang Shuixin waved his hand and said without a thought, “I’ll approve another 500,000 to you!”

Hu Fei was overjoyed, “Then I’ll thank you, Leader.” Then he patted Zhang Ye on the shoulder. Well done!

After the meeting ended, people also began leaving the office.

Wang Shuixin recalled something when he walked quite a distance. He suddenly turned back and glanced at Zhang Ye. He knew Old Hu had not chosen a wrong person. This Little Zhang was indeed very talented. But to Wang Shuixin, such a disobedient, but yet genius, thorny person was someone he had to love and hate at the same time!