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Chapter 106: The Heavenly Queen Comes Again!

Chapter 106: The Heavenly Queen Comes Again!

Hou Ge was chatting with Xiao Lu.

Hu Fei brought Zhang Ye into the office and laughed, “Xiao Lu, in a while go to Finance, and settle the program’s finances.”

Xiao Lu exclaimed, “They gave in?”

“We got an extra 500,000.” It looked like Hu Fei had been having a headache about this sum for a long while.

Hou Ge said in surprise, “How? The last time I discussed with Finance all day, and didn’t you even go? They refused to grant it then, but today they did?”

Hu Fei patted Zhang Ye on the back, “It’s all thanks to Teacher Little Zhang. He helped the channel resolve a major problem. He suggested an advertisement idea to Director Wang!”

“That public service advertisement?” Hou Di knew about it.

Dafei said in admiration, “Teacher Zhang, other than novels, poems and prose, you can do advertisements, too?”

Hu Fei laughed, “It’s an awesome advertisement. It can be said the best public service advertisement that I have seen all these years. You will soon see it, at the latest, tomorrow afternoon, and at the fastest, tonight!”

Xiao Lu was full of admiration as she walked over with a smile. Pretending to have a microphone in her hand, “Teacher Zhang, can I interview you? Why are you so awesome? Do you have a secret to your success? Can you reveal it to us? Is there some trick?”

Zhang Ye did not hesitate to say, “There’s a trick.”

Xiao Lu was stunned, “Really? Tell us quickly! I want to learn, too!”

Zhang Ye said, “There are two tricks. First, read through the entire Chinese dictionary, memorizing every single word of them seriously. It’s best if you can memorize and recite most of the text and phrases. It should reach an extremely familiar stage, where you have them at your fingertips.”

Xiao Lu nodded, “Memorize a dictionary? That makes sense. What’s the second point? What’s the second point?”

The others also listened in as they focused over, hoping to hear the trick to Zhang Ye’s success.

“The second trick is…” Zhang Ye chuckled, “Memorizing is useless!”

Xiao Lu was stunned before bursting out in laughter, “Even so, it’s useless? Then why did you say it!”

Hu Fei was also amused as he laughed heartily, “Teacher Little Zhang is just teasing you. Accumulation, experience, talent. You can’t lack any. How can there be a trick?”


8:30 P.M. at night. Off work.

Zhang Ye worked overtime quite a bit. The reason was that the public service advertisement was, after all, his creation and proposal. He was most familiar with it. The advertisement department also contacted Zhang Ye for help and gave it to him for review. After Zhang Ye displayed his capabilities, the advertisement department did not dare to look down on him. They respected Zhang Ye’s instructions for every detail and suggestion. Some was not changed at all, but some had major changes according to Zhang Ye’s instructions. Only when the animation public service advertisement was done did Zhang Ye leave.

Entering the district.

The sky was already dark.

A lamp along the corridor was not working. Zhang Ye had to blindly grope him way home. Hai, do you think this bro is having it easy? I have to work so busily everyday, and even had to work for the advertisement department. However, capable people have a lot of responsibilities. Zhang Ye was not displeased with this, and in fact liked it a lot.

Why? Just because he could become famous. He was always chasing towards that goal with no intentions of retreating. What about doing advertisements? If a public service advertisement was done well, it would clearly result in a one-time increase in his fame. He never looked down on the opportunity for a tiny fame increase that other popular celebrities looked down upon. Even if he did not increase his fame greatly, Zhang Ye would not miss the opportunity. As he had a limitation to his external looks, he could not be picky about things other people looked down upon. Maybe this was the struggle and determination of a small figure.

He was hungry.

What should he eat?

Zhang Ye rummaged through the house and there was only one packet of instant noodles and a chicken egg. Just as he was about to light the fire to cook the noodles and egg, the telephone rang!

Seeing the number, Zhang Ye could not believe his own eyes. After repeatedly confirming it, he knew it was true!

Zhang Yuanqi had called!

The extremely famous S-list Heavenly Queen!

Zhang Ye quickly picked up, “Hello. Teacher Zhang?”

“Are you home?” Zhang Yuanqi’s tone was very cold.

“I’m home. I just came home and am preparing to eat.” Zhang Ye was baffled, “What’s the matter?”

“I haven’t eaten, too. Make some for me, too.” Saying that, she then hung up.

Zhang Ye failed to react in time. Make some for you, too? You mean… When the noodles were just done, the doorbell rang. Zhang Ye opened the door to a woman wearing sunglasses. Without any question, she was Zhang Yuanqi. Her outfit today was very weird. Sunglasses, face mask and a hat. She looked like she was afraid of catching SARS, but as a huge celebrity like Zhang Yuanqi, she had no choice but to do so. If she did not take protective measures, she would be easily recognized with just sunglasses on the street. She was too well-known and everyone was very familiar with her!

Without a word, Zhang Yuanqi entered the room. Glancing at the open kitchen, she frowned, “Instant noodles again? Don’t you have anything else at home?”

Zhang Ye closed the door, “May I know why you have come?”

Zhang Yuanqi threw the plastic bag from her hands onto the table. The bag was translucent and there was a bottle of wine inside. “Other places are too noisy. Your place is quiet.”

Zhang Ye recalled Zhang Yuanqi saying that there were two places that allowed her to reveal her temper. One was her parents’ place, and the other was Zhang Ye’s place. It was probably the reason why the Heavenly Queen came to his house again. From this point, Zhang Ye was somewhat flattered and also quite pleased. He thought to himself, “Look, take a look. The renowned Heavenly Queen Zhang came to my house to scrounge for food. She had to beg me for a meal. I’ll see who dares to challenge me in the future. Who dares say I’m not famous!”

“There’s only instant noodles. Are you eating?” Zhang Ye asked.

Zhang Yuanqi unscrewed the wine bottle, “What can I do if I don’t eat?”

Zhang Ye scooped the noodles and divided it into two bowls. “Let’s each have a bowl. Make do with it. There was only one packet of instant noodles at home. Right, let’s also split the egg.”

Zhang Yuanqi graciously poured him a glass of wine, “Give me the egg.”

Zhang Ye flipped his eyelids, “Why? I’m hungry.”

Zhang Yuanqi glanced at him and said nonchalantly, “Because I’m your senior. I entered the industry earlier than you and am older than you. And compared to instant noodles, I prefer eating eggs.”

“Fine, fine, fine. I’ll give you, I’ll give you.” As a man, Zhang Ye did not want to fight with women. He handed the egg to her. “Thanks for the Silver Microphone Awards nomination the last time.”

Zhang Yuanqi ignored him. Crossing her legs, she began eating and drinking wine.

This was the true character of the Heavenly Queen after she peeled off her outer skin. She would only speak when she wanted to. When she didn’t wish to speak, it would be as if she did not hear.

“How’s the taste?”


“Are you staying here tonight?”


“I’m working at the television station now. The program will be aired in a few days. I’ll be either a host or a guest. For me, it’s a huge opportunity.”


Zhang Ye liked to show off. He could not say some things to his colleagues or people would think he was not being low-key. However, he could say anything with Zhang Yuanqi. He began bragging about the matters that had happened to him the past few days. Sometimes, Zhang Yuanqi would answer with a “Um” or “Oh.” Sometimes, she would appear like she didn’t hear it. Thankfully, Zhang Ye was already used to her temperament. He did not mind and continued speaking excitedly.

Zhang Ye got a kick from saying all that. He then began eating his instant noodles.

Eh, to become a big superstar? This was him walking closer to the path of an Instant Noodle Hero.

But thankfully, there was a heavenly beauty like Zhang Yuanqi accompanying him to eat. Zhang Ye did not find the instant noodles revolting, for good looks replaced meals.