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Chapter 120: Zhang Ye’s Millennial Impossibility!

Chapter 120: Zhang Ye’s Millennial Impossibility!

How can there be such a person?

How can there be such a person?

This was practically how one man could hold back all of the enemy forces!

With Zhang Ye sitting there, no one had the chance to even open their mouths. His not very tall frame had at this moment appeared like a mountain crushing on their heads and chests!

50 contestants! There was no lack of famous authors and masters amongst the other 49 contestants. None of them were useless, and none of them were pushovers. But now, the scene that appeared was something not seen at a provincial or national competition, much less a Beijing Couplet Competition! From the beginning to the end, the 49 contestants had no chance to answer a single question! All the questions were answered by one contestant! And the second half was matched perfectly! It was faultless!

Absolute genius?

A demon not seen in a millennium?

Whatever evaluation given to him would not be too much!

As previously said, cultured people tend to scorn each other, but at this very second, many of the contestants eyed him with respect. Even those seniors clearly much older than Zhang Ye by many years and who had qualifications much higher than Zhang Ye gasped, looking at Zhang Ye with absolute conviction!


You have to be convinced, even if you aren’t!

Zhang Ye had scared the wits out of everyone in one move!

Actually, there were people who did not think anything of Zhang Ye. Others were saying that he was cheating. And since he was such a young lad, everyone also believed it to be so. No one really thought that he had so much ability. But with the development of the events, people were surprised and enlightened. All that which had previously been said was bullsh*t! Bullsh*t cheating! Bullsh*t having no ability! Apparently, this person had used a melody poem titled “Shuidiao Getou – When will the moon be clear and bright” to overshadow the masses. He was indeed a capable person, worthy of his reputation!



Xiao Lu strained her throat to shout, “Teacher Zhang, you are so cool!”

Former assistant Xiaofang competed with her in terms of loudness, “One against 49! Teacher Zhang, you are too awesome!”

Big Sis Zhou also laughed loudly, “Little Zhang! Let’s see who still wants to say you cheated!”

Tian Bin gasped with amazement again and again, “What a good couplet! Every one of them is a good couplet! Zhang Ye even has this capability?” Previously, he had encouraged Zhang Ye, but… But that was just simple encouragement. This had really exceeded the expectations of Tian Bin and his wife. That machine gun-like response in the couplet duel made them stunned at every moment!

Hu Fei and Zhao Guozhou did not say a word. They were still reveling in the second half of the couplets that Zhang Ye had answered. They were repeating them with their mouths, as they gave their kudos!

Only Little Zhang has this standard! Only Little Zhang has this standard!

And he said that he wanted to forfeit the finals just now? He said that he did not have the confidence? He did not even have intentions to go onstage to participate in the final? Only when he was forced by others did he go up? A few people who had previously heard Zhang Ye’s words nearly cursed at their mothers. No confidence, your sister! No confidence, your third uncle and grandma! You call this not having confidence!? Then how many people in this world still have confidence?


The audience below erupted in applause!


“Exciting! Really exciting!”

“So much fun! I’ve never heard such fun matches!”

“Your granduncle! Who the f**k said Zhang Ye cheated? Who said it just now?”

“That’s right! Isn’t that bluffing and cheating? Isn’t this saying lies with your eyes wide open!?”

“With this kind of knowledge, does he even need to cheat? It was announced by the Beijing Writers’ Association just now, right? F**k, are you dumb, or are we dumb?”

“These people from the Writers’ Association sure are amazing! They treated us as idiots!”

“Cheating, your sister! I finally see it! The bunch of people from the Beijing Writers’ Association are trying to attack him!”

“This bunch of grandsons! To think that I even believed that Zhang Ye had relied on the ideas of others to pass the preliminaries!”



In the comment section of the live webcast, there was also a huge stir!

ZhangYeNumber1Fan jumped out. Every time that Zhang Ye had a problem, he would be the first to run up and support him. He was a hardcore fan amongst Zhang Ye’s hardcore fans. He completely concerned himself with the individual, and not with the facts. He unconditionally supported Zhang Ye, “Say again how Teacher Zhang Ye was cheating! I want to see who dares to say that again!”

The people who had been previously defaming Zhang Ye all had their tongues tied!

Some even went from flamer to fan, “Bro, it was a misunderstanding. A misunderstanding.”

Another person said, “That’s right. Previously, we did not know the situation, so we apologize to Teacher Zhang Ye. Teacher Zhang is too formidable. Haha. I’m changing from a bystander to a fan!”

“So amazing! Teacher Zhang’s couplet matches are so amazing!”

“Previously, it was the Beijing Writers’ Association who slung mud at Teacher Zhang? That bunch of bastards!”

“I’m really worried for those people’s intelligence. Did those people from the Writers’ Association who tried to trap Teacher Zhang eat their medicine in the morning?”

“I bought a watch last year! I was even supportive of Teacher Zhang entering the Writers’ Association from before. I even @Beijing Writers’ Association every day for Teacher Zhang. Now, I think it’s pointless going! What a crappy place!”

“Right! If it can’t work, Teacher Zhang can create his own sect! Why must he get the recognition of the mainstream literary circles!? So what if they don’t recognize him? So what if they don’t let Teacher Zhang into the Writers’ Association? Teacher Zhang’s talent can equally demolish all of you! The abuse would be so much that you would take it in silently!”

“Brothers, let’s explode the Beijing Writers’ Association’s official website!”

“Good idea! Agree!”



“My large saber is again again again again again again again unable to endure the thirst!”

“Haha. I am meeting ‘Big Saber Bro’ again. Every time I forget how many times our troll army has fought together, I just need to count how many times ‘Big Saber Bro’ uses the word ‘again’!”

This friend with ID, ‘Big Saber Bro’ was also one of Zhang Ye’s hardcore fans, but he was different from ZhangYeNumber1Fan. Big Saber Bro never spoke nonsense, nor did he reason with others. But whenever there was something, he was the first person to lead the charge. He was a hardcore fan who didn’t speak nonsense, but spoke with actions!

With this mess, the number of people watching the livestream soared!





The situation had reversed so quickly!

Zhang Ye had used his abilities to reverse the situation. The accusation of cheating was now a ridiculous joke. Even the few people from the Beijing Writers’ Association did not even dare to mention it again.

The competition had not ended and was still continuing.

Zhang Ye asked, “Can the next friend come up with a couplet?” He only had a short amount of time left with his Lucky Bread, and even if it was expended, he still had another Lucky Bread in his inventory, so he was not too worried. What was key was that Zhang Ye had not gotten a kick out of it yet. He had reached a climax matching couplets, so he could not stop!


Hurry, hurry, hurry!

Zhang Ye was urging in his heart!

But those contestants that had not given their questions were all smiling wryly. You still want to match? You still want to match? Get lost! Just with that inhuman couplet battle strength..! Who dares to play with you!

“I’m not giving a question,” the next contestant said.

The following contestant also helplessly said, “I give up, too.”

The next after the following contestant also wiped his sweat, “I, I’ll forgo, too.”

Zhang Ye had already obtained more than 30 points. Even if he did not answer any of the remaining questions, and they were all answered correctly by one contestant, that person would not have been able to vie for the title of champion from Zhang Ye. So the last few questions no longer had any meaning. But of course, the crux of the matter was that those contestants did not want to shame themselves any further. You can even freaking match the few judges, Zheng Anbang, and Big Thunder’s couplets. Then is there any need to talk about ours? Is there any couplet that can give you trouble? So let’s not waste any effort. They also left some face for themselves!

“Give up.”

“I give up, too.”

“A young person’s abilities must be respected, I will forgo, too.”

All the contestants at the end gave up without a fight!

At this moment, the Lucky Bread’s five minutes were up, but Zhang Ye was feeling depressed. He had not gotten a kick out of it yet, but it was nothing much. The result was still good.

The female host was Zhang Ye’s fan, so when she saw Zhang Ye’s prowess, one could see the joy on her face. They had even said that Teacher Zhang had cheated? The means they had used stooped so low! Hence, she said, “Then is the competition over? I shall announce that the champion is…”

Before she said anything, Big Thunder interrupted her, “Teacher Zhang Ye, aren’t you coming up with a question?”

“That’s right; Zhang Ye hasn’t come up with a question. I’d really like to hear it.” So even though the result was fixed, there were people still curious to see what Zhang Ye would come up with.


“Is there a need?”

“Anything will do. We can just listen to it.”

Some people did not care. It was not something that really mattered.

However, many of the people from the Beijing Writers’ Association did not have the same view, especially Big Thunder and Zheng Anbang. They had shamed themselves too much today, and had lost terribly. And it was the inhumane kind of miserable loss. After the Mid-Autumn Poetry Meet, their Beijing Writers’ Association had once again been annihilated by Zhang Ye. Of course they were unconvinced. Even if they were convinced, even if they acknowledged Zhang Ye’s standard in matching couplets, they needed to get back some face!

Big Thunder and many people thought simply. He was amazing at matching couplets? But it was not the necessarily the case when coming up with a couplet. There was no topic or theme. All sorts of logic and possibilities could be considered, so the real experts amongst them knew that coming up with a couplet was much more difficult than matching a couplet! Big Thunder and some of them were still unconvinced. Even if Zhang Ye was no doubt the champion, if they could match Zhang Ye’s couplet, then they would win back some face for the Beijing Writers’ Association, and would have won against Zhang Ye in this domain!

Zhang Ye blinked, “Then I’ll come up with one?”

“Please.” Big Thunder did not think that he could come up with a good couplet, and even if he came up with one that was difficult, they had 49 people. Even if they could not answer as fast as Zhang Ye, given enough time, they could definitely answer it. The people present here were the elites amongst elites. How could there be a couplet that they could not match? No couplet was left without a match in every year’s Beijing Couplet Competition!

Elder Qian stared at Zhang Ye.

The second and third judges also widen their eyes, particularly interested while waiting.

That second, the entire audience quietened down. Everyone was focused on him.

Zhang Ye smiled, and said a simple five words. It looked like a very simple first half, “My first half is…烟锁池塘柳 (yān suǒ chí táng liǔ, Willow pond locked in smoke).”