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Chapter 125: Countless Lottery Draws!

Chapter 125: Countless Lottery Draws!




His Reputation kept increasing!

When it hit 9 P.M. at night, Zhang Ye looked into his game ring’s Reputation points. It had reached 1.4 million. Zhang Ye had been staring at the display for the whole day, and with every Reputation point gained, it felt like a promotion. Zhang Ye was very excited because these points could let him play the lottery to gain items to prevent tooth decay…… Rather, to help him further his dreams of being a superstar. Secondly, with every Reputation point gained, it meant that another person knew of him and admired him.

The points gained decreased slowly, likely to be coming to an end. After all, the couplet competition, the Millennium Impossibility and “Facing the Sea with Spring Blossoms” could not gain him Reputation points forever. It was all for the moment, and it was reaching its limit. Zhang Ye had never had such a quick increase in Reputation, nor had he reached such a level of Reputation points before. He had to be content for now, as it afforded him a lot of lottery chances now.

Time for the lottery!

Buy a chance at the draw!

Without a thought, Zhang Ye added an Additional Stake, not more, to try his luck.

The needle spun fast and stopped at the Skills Category in his first draw. A Treasure Chest (small) appeared and Zhang Ye immediately opened it up.

A flash of light!

A skill book appeared!

"Lock Picking Skill Experience Book" (2): Upon reading, increase the lock picking skills of the gamer.

A skill book. As there was no use in storing it, Zhang Ye flipped open the books one by one. After consuming the two books, he felt slightly giddy. With new memories filling up in his mind. Looking sideways at his closet and drawer, Zhang Ye had felt a sense of thievery instincts and, without any basis of logic, he knew that he could pick that lock open. All he needed were some tools.

F**k, what a wretched outcome!

Why did I even get such a skill for? Luckily, he did not stake too much on it!

Zhang Ye was wondering if the game ring had known that his nickname was called “Instant Noodle Hero”? And therefore gave such a skill to him, to see if he could carry a pack of instant noodles out of a place? Thus ensuring the glory of being nicknamed “Instant Noodle Hero”?

Forget it, and continue to draw!

It’s always better to have a skill. After all, having many skills did not burden the body!

For the second round of lottery, Zhang Ye also added an Additional Stake, spending 200,000 of his Reputation. He observed as the needle spun!

1 round!

2 rounds!

3 rounds!

The needle stopped at the Consumption Category!

Zhang Ye immediately opened up the Treasure Chest (small) and the items appeared!

"Save" (2): Saves a record. This save file can only be stored for half an hour.

This Save Crystal was already familiar to Zhang Ye. It was the first item he’d had, which he had gotten from his first lottery draw. It had helped him a great deal during his interview for his job back then. Even though the record could only be saved for 30 minutes, it was enough to solve many problems. Zhang Ye regretted a little; if he had known that he would get this item, he would have added ten additional stakes! What a pity.

He put the Save Crystal away.

At the third draw for today, Zhang Ye did not use additional stakes temporarily. He waited until after the needle was coming to a stop before opening up the Additional Stakes menu. This was to let him analyse a little first, as there were two categories ahead. The needle was currently at the Stats Category, and further in front was the Skills Category.

To add or not to add?

How many stakes to add?

These two categories had items that were quite good. After thinking it through, and with the earlier experience of the Save Crystal, Zhang Ye bet all his remaining reputation with the use of the Additional Stakes. Whatever will be, will be. In his earlier two draws, he had spent a total of 200,000 each time. Now that he had 1 million points left, deducting the 100,000 he spent on the third draw, he could add nine additional stakes. And so he bet all of it!

The draw continued!

The needle continue moving!

At this time, the needle, as if giving all its strength, slowly moved forward!

Since Zhang Ye was not concerned with which of the two categories the needle would land on, it was a bet anyway, so he closed his eyes and waited quietly. When the game ring indicated that the lottery had ended, Zhang Ye slowly opened his eyes narrowly to peek at the lottery board – It was the Skills Category!

Ten Treasure Chests (Small) opened up!

This was Zhang Ye’s biggest bet ever, so he was nervous!

He feared that if the game ring had gotten him a “How to Cook the Most Delicious Instant Noodles” Skill Experience Book, then his heart would have just died!

Let’s open them!

After removing the ten Treasure Chests from the inventory, they all piled up on the ground.

Zhang Ye once again went to the bathroom to wash his hands, this time with shampoo. A pleasant aroma floated around as he took a deep breath and opened the first chest. It was a book, different looking from the “Lock Picking Skill Experience Book” and the “Calligraphy Skill Experience Book”. The book cover was newer and all white, so it didn’t look too ancient.

Consecutively, he opened ten of the chests, all containing the same book. He then held up a book to take a look.

"Taekwondo Skill Experience Book": Upon reading, raises the player's Taekwondo skill experience!

Taekwondo? Something of the Koreans? Zhang Ye eyes showed some disdain, but he still smiled from ear to ear. He immediately flipped open the book to gain the experience!

1 book!

5 books!

10 books!

With a single breath, he consumed all of the skill’s experience!

Although as a nationalist, he did not like things from the Koreans, nor did he like fighting techniques like Taekwondo, this was at least a skill that allowed one to throw one’s weight about. Once he knew it, Zhang Ye did not need to be afraid of anything else. When he saw larger-sized elementary school students, he, too, would be able to put up a fight!

Cross kick!

Side kick!

Inverted kicks…. Alright, there’s no such move!

Zhang Ye raised his leg to try some moves. It felt powerful. His leg kicks were very standard. Steady, accurate and relentless, you could feel the wind with each kick. But alas, Zhang Ye’s physical fitness was poor, and his strength and stamina were lacking. Usually seated in front of his computer and lacking in exercise and training, after seven to eight moves, he felt like he had already pulled something and was in pain. F**k, looks like the Skill Experience Book could only let him learn by gaining knowledge of the techniques. It did not improve his physique to that of those who had trained for many years. He was lacking in stature and strength, so he could not fully utilize it.

But it’s okay. This was good enough!

At least now, he had the ability to beat up the those in the Southern Mountain Old Folks Home and then trample on the Northern Seas Kindergarten School!

What’s more, Zhang Ye was most excited by the possibilities of the existence of this Taekwondo skill. Does that mean that there will be a Muay Thai skill? Could there be an Eight Trigrams Palm or a Jeet Kune Do skill, too? Zhang Ye believed that those definitely existed. It was just that he had not managed to get draw them. If he could really obtain the unlimited right to buy these Experience Books of various international martial arts in the Special Category, he would one day become invincible with enough Reputation!

Judo is good, too!

Tán Tuǐ isn’t bad, too!

If ten books were not enough, he would consume a hundred!

If a hundred was not enough, then he would consume a thousand!

If a thousand was not good enough….. 10,000 books should do it, right?

At that time, the whole world’s top martial artists could have a go at him. Who could defeat him by then?

He would go and challenge all the martial arts schools, and challenge the whole world. Martial artists were also considered celebrities in this world. They could become famous and gain reputation, too!

All roads lead to Rome!

Zhang Ye could finally see a clearer path forward!