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Chapter 129: Little Zhang Creates “Lecture Room”!

Chapter 129: Little Zhang Creates “Lecture Room”!


Zhang Ye’s words shocked people!

Xiao Lu stared, “You’ll do it?”

“You are lecturing?” Hou Ge was also surprised, “How are you going to lecture?”

Dafei was quick to persuade, “Don’t be rash. This is not a joke.”

Hou Di also said, “That’s right. You don’t even have a script prepared. There’s nothing at all. It’s not that we don’t believe in your ability, Teacher Little Zhang, but when lecturing about history, and especially when lecturing about the Three Kingdoms, one must at least have the experience and age. You might have outstanding literary talent that no one in Beijing can match, but when lecturing about the Three Kingdoms…”

Zhang Ye said indifferently, “Firstly, I do not need a script. I have never needed one in the past, do not need one now, and will not need one in the future. Secondly, I’m not being rash and am not joking. This is a matter regarding the survival of our new segment. It not only touches on our stay here, but also the responsibility of Brother Hu. I would not joke about such matters. Thirdly, the Three Kingdoms I lecture about will be real history. As for that self-righteous Ma Hengyuan and those guests, they are only talking about the novel, ‘Romance of the Three Kingdoms’. It is not history at all. Do you know the Three Kingdoms just from reading ‘Romance of the Three Kingdoms’? It’s fine if a professor from a literature department talks about literature, but talking about the history of the Three Kingdoms? That’s simply ridiculous! They don’t know sh*t! They are only speaking rubbish! The point is that it would have been fine if they were speaking rubbish, but their rubbish can’t even attract the audience!”

They don’t know history?

What they said was all wrong?

Xiao Lu blinked, “That can’t be! What they said was very clear. Everyone knows it. It’s just lacking in interesting elements. How can this piece of history be wrong?”

Zhang Ye said amusingly, “It is not that the piece of history is wrong, it is them being completely wrong with what they said. If this program was really aired, many people will laugh at us!”

Hu Fei took a deep breath, “Are you sure?”

“I am 100% sure!” Zhang Ye said firmly, “Brother Hu, let’s get them to pack up and leave. I’ll do it. I don’t dare to say how high or low the ratings would be, but if the first few episodes that I lecture go below 1%, causing our segment to be on the brink of being axed, then you will see my resignation letter the second day. I am confident and also have the ability to do a good job with this ‘Three Kingdoms Lecture’ for the segment!”

Everyone turned silent.

Hu Fei was in a dilemma, “Little Zhang, are you sure?”

“I am sure of it!” Zhang Ye’s eyes were cold as he said, “If you believe me, then let me try. I guarantee that I will tell a different Three Kingdoms!”

Xiao Lu only had a wry smile, “Brother Hu, this…”

Hu Fei turned silent with his eyes closed. After a while, he suddenly opened his eyes and gritted his teeth, “Fine! It’s on you! I can no longer f**king stand those bunch of old grandsons!” He actually cursed.

Hou Ge, “…”

Hou Di hurriedly said, “Leader, calm down, calm down!”

Hu Fei did not have any regrets after making a decision, “Let Teacher Little Zhang give it a try. I trust him. The reason why I headhunted Little Zhang over was also because of his knowledge and literary skills being able to help this segment at the critical moment.”

Dafei wiped his sweat, “But the station has already decided. This…”

Hu Fei said categorically, “You don’t have to worry about the responsibilities. I’ll bear them!”

Zhang Ye immediately said, “Thank you, Brother Hu. I guarantee that I will not disappoint you or the audience. But I’m not sure if I should list some of my conditions. I want our segment to change names.”

Actually, from the beginning, Zhang Ye was only focused on being a host. He only wanted to do his job as a host well, so he did not give it that much thought. Only after being treated that way by Ma Hengyuan and company did Zhang Ye begin to churn his mind. He recalled a very famous program from his world. It had went viral from North to South!

Three Kingdoms? I don’t know!

But the greats from my world knew!

Historical education program? Ha! Is there any program that can be more popular than that program from his world? No! There was none in that world either! This world had never seen it!

Hu Fei asked, “Change the name?”

Zhang Ye laughed, “This is because ‘Musings of History’ has the meaning of certainty. We cannot bear that responsibility, nor do we have the authority. After all, there are many conflicts about many historical figures and events in the historical records. Some of them are even opposite of one another. No one knows the actual situation, so I think changing it to “Lecture Room” would be more appropriate. We are not musing about this piece of history to the audience, but with the word ‘Lecture’, it is just a personal view.”

Hu Fei gave some thought before deciding, “This name is good! Heh, why didn’t you say this earlier?”

“I didn’t think of it earlier.” Zhang Ye added on, “And I do not need guests or hosts. I alone would be fine.” “Lecture Room” was a show with one lecturer and an audience.

Hu Fei said, “Alright!”

Zhang Ye nodded, “Then that would do. Shall we go onstage?”

Xiao Lu exclaimed, “You, you are going to lecture now?”

“Time is too tight. You didn’t even have any preparations.” Hou Ge was surprised.

Zhang Ye was confident, “There’s no need to prepare. I can do it right now. Hur Hur. I’ll drink some water first.” Saying that, he sat down on a sofa in the resting area to drink water.

At the same time, Zhang Ye opened the game ring’s Merchant Shop quietly. He used 100,000 Reputation points that he had slowly obtained over the past few days to buy a Memory Search Capsule before swallowing it.


The scene changed!

Time was turned back!

He returned to a summer when he was still in high school of that world!

That day was a Wednesday. His parents had gone to work, leaving behind a bored Zhang Ye, who had just finished his final exams. He switched on the television and couch surfed. Suddenly, the Central TV’s Channel 10’s program’s opening attracted his attention!

“Using stories to talk about figures.”
“Using figures to talk about history.”
“Using history to talk about culture.”
“Using culture to talk about human nature.”

“Lecture Room”? Professor Yi Zhongtian’s “Analysis of the Three Kingdoms”?

This seemed to be a rerun? He had previously heard of its famous name. There was no other way, for it was too popular. It was as if the entire country’s citizens had watched it!

Zhang Ye then began to watch it carefully. The first episode, “Great River Flows East”.

The show talked about Zhou Yu, Zhuge Liang and the empty fort strategy. The content was very rich!

Zhang Ye thought in the beginning that it was just the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Who had not read it, so what could be said of it? But after he heard what Professor Yi Zhongtian had to say, he was stunned. He immediately fell in love with this historical program. It was no wonder so many people watched it. No wonder the entire country was discussing “Lecture Room”. This program had completely subverted all previous historical lecture programs. The show revealed its cards in unorthodox manners, but everything was proven in history! Especially, “Yi Zhongtian’s Analysis of the Three Kingdoms” was one of the episodes with the highest ratings in “Lecture Room”!

Although the later episodes of “Lecture Room” declined over the years and the program was a husk of its former glory days, it was a program no other similar program could surpass in its heyday. It had created a legend!


Memory transferred.

Soon, Zhang Ye’s thoughts returned. Five minutes of the Memory Capsule was enough for him to watch three episodes of “Lecture Room” and remember everything about them. It was enough!