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Chapter 132: Unending Applause from the Audience!

Chapter 132: Unending Applause from the Audience!

“Hence, be it the empty fort strategy, or praying for the eastern wind, they are just artistic imaginations of the writers. This is not called history.” Zhang Ye’s words seemed to vaguely beat down on Ma Hengyuan, Teacher Xu and Editor Xu. He then said, “What if we use artistic works such as ‘Romance of the Three Kingdoms’ or plays of the Three Kingdoms as a basis to understand history? If we used the plot of these artistic works as lectures, or used them to analyze these historical figures, then it would be making things too trivial. Even the real image of the historical figure is something you don’t understand, so what can you analyze?”

Ma Hengyuan and company nearly cursed out!

Zhang Ye! Do you have no end to that? Who are you trying to beat upon?

Teacher Xu immediately stood up and shouted loudly, “What a load of crap! How can a young kid like yourself know any history!?”

The audience was startled. What’s wrong with you? Have you gone mad?

Hu Fei was also angered, “Stop the camera!” This scene was definitely not suitable for broadcasting.

Zhang Ye looked at them and said, “If you think what I said is wrong, you can refute it. If your point of view is right and it makes sense, anyone will listen to it. Please tell me which part of what I said was nonsense?”

Ma Hengyuan also said, “You just don’t know a thing!”

Zhang Ye laughed, “I’m asking what I do not know. Can you tell me?” Seeing that they could not say a thing, Zhang Ye’s face sank, “The three of you say I’m not right. Fine, I am willing to accept the opinions of others. But can you at least say something? Without any reasons or arguments, you are just saying that I do not understand. You just keep insisting that I don’t know a thing. Are you professors and teachers, or are you rogue hooligans? Even I know that when a teacher lectures, he would need to use reason and arguments to convince a student. Why are experts and professors like yourselves unknowing of that fact? Is this a joke? You say I do not understand. Yes, I don’t understand. So, are you gods? Wherever you say there is light, there will be light?”

The audience erupted into laughter. They felt that this host was extremely humorous!

“What you said is totally unfounded!” Ma Hengyuan said angrily with a black face.

Big Sis Zhou was the first person who could not take it any longer, “You old fart, what do you mean by saying that Teacher Little Zhang’s words were unfounded? Everything he said was clear and following the details!”

Auntie Sun also scolded, “What mess are you trying to create!?”

Xiaofang said angrily, “To think he’s a professor. He’s so lacking in manners!”

A member of the audience also said, “That’s right. He was doing a good job, and we were enjoying it. Why are you interrupting offstage? Previously, you even said the host interrupted you? Ah, others can’t do it, but when it comes to you, you can?”

“Hurry and go back home!”

“Right, stop ridiculing yourself. The host is doing such a good job!”

“And Professor Ma? Just an undeserved title! I really wonder how you went on CCTV! With the Three Kingdoms from what you said just now? Our whole family was nearly falling asleep from it!”

“The three of you are really funny. It’s clear that you are turning angry from embarrassment!”

“You even said the host doesn’t know history? I think it’s you who do not know!”

Quite a number of audience members began to boo. They did not have any good impressions on these so-called professors and experts who put on airs!

Ma Hengyuan and the two Xu surnamed guests still wanted to speak. Even Teacher Xu stood up and flared at the audience, “You can go on television saying the Three Kingdoms like that? Do you even know history!?”

Big Sis Zhou erupted, “Do you only know how to f**king say that? You just keep saying others do not know. You are f**king sick!” She cursed!

Teacher Xu was flustered as she pointed to Big Sis Zhou, “I dare you to scold me again!”

A person in the audience could no longer let this go. He stood up and stood by Big Sis Zhou, “Why are you shouting at a woman like that!? If you have the ability, shout at me! Shout for me to see!” He was a stout middle-aged man with a height of 1.9m!

Teacher Xu immediately shut up.

Auntie Sun also spat, “Only you know! Only you are the professionals!?”

“What the heck!”

“How can they be so hypocritical!”

“Did us the audience pick the fight? Why are you yelling at us?”

“Hurry and get lost! What kind of sh*t are they!”

The audience began to curse. The situation was quite out of control!

Zhang Ye was also disgusted. He immediately took the microphone and said, “A few of the stronger staff, I’ll trouble you. Please throw the people who have interrupted the recording out!”

Dafei and Hou Ge had long disliked them. They immediately rushed forward!

There were two guards and three staff members who volunteered. They immediately surrounded Ma Hengyuan and company. Lifting them up, they were thrown out of the studio’s door. Not only were they not cooperating with the recording, they did not listen to anyone’s directions. They had even messed up a scene and impeded the recording. Not only would throwing them out not be a problem, even beating them up would have been fine. Did you really think that you were some big shot star? Bullsh*t!

The third guest, Reporter Ci from before, also shook her head and sighed. Ma Hengyuan and company had really lost their reputation and had disgraced themselves!

Zhang Ye cleared his throat, “There has been a complication, so please do not mind. Let’s continue analyzing the Three Kingdoms.”

Hu Fei did the countdown once again, “Three, two, one. Begin.”

Zhang Ye continued from before, “So that is why we must differentiate between ‘Historical Image’ and ‘Artistic Image’. The differences are huge, but then we ask: is the ‘Artistic Image’ worthless then? It does have value. There’s much worth in the studying and analyzing of it, like the ‘Empty Fort Strategy’. Sima Yi was a scholar. The way he thought would be more complicated. When something is said or an action is made, he would have given it some thought. Aiyo, what does this mean? What could this mean? Hur Hur, if it was a gang of thieves or bandits, they would have entered the city directly, with the attitude of ‘who cares’! Then what would have happened? Zhuge Liang would have been caught!”

Everyone was laughing for the umpteenth time.

After speaking for another ten minutes, Hu Fei made some hand signals.

Zhang Ye understood that this episode’s time was almost up, so he made a closing, but suddenly remembered that this was the most important first episode, so how could he just make a simple closing to it? It didn’t seem to be good enough; it didn’t match the beginning well. With a flash of brilliance, Zhang Ye said, “The first episode is coming to an end. Some of you may still be wondering why this episode was named as ‘Great River Flows East’?” Because I have composed a melody poem, and these four words are a very important part of this melody poem. So I would like to use this as an ending, which I was lucky enough to have gone to the Red Cliff and had been inspired by it to create this melody poem.”

Melody poem

Ancient poetry?

A few people were listening in earnest now. They had likely heard of Zhang Ye’s ‘Shuidiao Getou’ before, and knew of his melody poetry’s prowess.

Zhang Ye built up the moment; this was a famous Su Shi melody poem. It was comparable with ‘Shuidiao Getou’. In his previous world, there were other versions of it. But the one he would be using was Yi Zhongtian’s opening to ‘Analysis of the Three Kingdoms’, although it was not used in full.

When speaking of the Three Kingdoms, Su Shi’s melody poem had to be mentioned as well!

But since there was no Su Shi in this world, many other literary scholars involved with Three Kingdoms poems had also not existed, Zhang Ye made some modifications accordingly to the flow of ‘Analysis of the Three Kingdoms’.

Zhang Ye looked at the audience and began reciting, “‘Lyrics to Remembering Your Charm – Remembrance of the Tale of the Crimson Cliff’.”

The audience were listening earnestly, they were curious to know what it would be.

Zhang Ye said with a balanced tone, but his voice had no lack of majestic energy, “The great gushing Yangtze with piling waves flows towards the east; away it carries gallant souls of the remote bygone days.”

The first line had captured everyone!

The ancient fort on the west is said to be The Crimson Cliff, where Zhou of the Three Kingdoms era defeated Wei’s navy. Stones were hurled into the sky indiscriminately; Mighty waves must have crushed onto shores hurling high snow-like foam.” Zhang Ye said with a smile, as his eyebrows appeared concentrated, “The river and mountains today’s landscapes paint; Where once there were many courageous and heroic men. Picture Zhou in his prime; dressed in plain clothes together with his young bride, gallant he must have been. Topped with a silk crest, he held in his hand a fan of feathers; with humor he helped see to that the masts and sculls of Wei’s navy go up in smoke and ashes turn into. My mind wanders in the history vested hither; My sentimentality, no doubt, has caused my early grey. Life is a dream; Allow me to libate a drink to the river, the moon and its reflection.”

Many people were engrossed listening to it!

The river and mountains today’s landscapes paint? Where once there were many courageous and heroic men?

Many of the male comrades became very passionate when they heard it! As though they were now in battle during the Three Kingdoms era! They could hear the the sounds of battle around them!

The female comrades were all charmed by Zhou Yu’s description of ‘With humor he helped see to that the masts and sculls of Wei’s navy go up in smoke and ashes turn into.’ What sort of grace was this? What level of daringness was this?

But in the end, everyone was a little hurt by the first line of Zhang Ye’s poem!

Yes, “Great River Flows East”. How many heroes in history had been washed away by the waters of the great river?

What a spectacular “Great River Flows East”! What a great “Lyrics to Remembering Your Charm – Remembrance of the Tale of the Crimson Cliff”! What a great “Lecture Room”! What a great Zhang Ye!

Hu Fei stood up, stunned!

The audience also didn’t make a sound when they heard it!

Zhang Ye closed off with this, “As it is, how many events of history are hidden within light-hearted conversations? Starting from today’s program, I will be sharing with everyone through light-hearted conversations an analysis of the Three Kingdoms. But where should we start from? I think that we should begin from that era’s most contentious figure, whether in historical image or civil image. Let him lead us as we delve into the most complex and magnificent history next week with ‘The Real Cao Cao’!”

After finishing.

The recording studio was silent for a moment.

Suddenly, Big Sis Zhou and Auntie Sun stood up and applauded with all their might!

Everyone else stood up one by one from their seats and applauded with admiration!

Even the staff present, the cameraman, Hou Ge, Hou Di, Dafei and others also applauded loudly. They were all very excited!

In that time, the studio was filled with thunderous applause!

It went on for a full minute before stopping!

No one left, as they did not want to leave!

Zhang Ye was very flattered and clasp his hands together, “Thank you, everyone. Thank you, thank you.” This was a huge acknowledgment to him!

But in the closing poem, there was a flaw. Because at the end, there was a sentence about early graying of hair. This was Su Shi’s plight and not Zhang Ye’s. Therefore, with analysis, this would be a small flaw. But Zhang Ye did not care, it was not a bother to him!

My hair has precisely grayed early!

I precisely have gray hair at a young age!

Are you going to bite me?