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Chapter 137: Meeting Thieves in Crime!

Chapter 137: Meeting Thieves in Crime!

At night.

Hu Fei brought everyone out for the celebration feast.

There was a newstand on the way. Xiao Lu said, “I’m going to buy some newspapers.”

“Buy a few more.” Hu Fei laughed, “The relevant papers should have it.”

“Okay. But leader, you will need to let me do a claim for those.” Xiao Lu giggled and joked around.

Hu Fei laughingly said, “It’s only a dollar each. You are so stingy. Fine, I will submit a claim.”

After the papers were brought over, Zhang Ye also took some of them and brought Chenchen to the restaurant which Hu Fei had booked. Sitting in the hall, he started flipping through them. Sure enough, the reports were out.

“A mind-changing Analysis of the Three Kingdoms!”

“Lecture Room ignites the studies of National History!”

“BTV – New Arts Program, record-breaking rating creates a new miracle in historical programs!“

“Lecture Room – Why did it become so popular? Watch the series and be brought into Zhang Ye’s world of the Three Kingdoms!”

“Zhang Ye – A miracle man at every stage, from being a radio host to a supernatural author to a fairy tale writer to an advertising creative to a television lecturer. See Zhang Ye’s route of success!”

Many of the Beijing newspapers mentioned his new program. One of them had even chronologically listed out his achievements!

“What a great success!” Hou Ge praised.

Dafei smiled. “Teacher Zhang, this time you are famous in Beijing again.”

Zhang Ye dismissed it, “That’s not true. With my image, no one would remember me.”

Just as he said that, a middle-aged couple, who were having lunch in the same hall, suddenly pointed at Zhang Ye. They stood up and walked over, “Are you Teacher Zhang?”

Zhang Ye acknowledged, “That’s me.”

The woman said happily, “Oh, it’s really you.”

“I told you he looked like him,” her husband said. “Teacher Little Zhang, we watched your program. It is really good. Everything on TV these days are variety programs. They are either pranking or singing. I’m so bored of them. There’s no depth to them at all. I still prefer ‘Lecture Room’. You are too humorous and made us laugh. The suspense is good, too. It especially hooks us in. Moreover, the program is really good for knowledge. I’ve learned a lot and have a deeper understanding of history now. This is what I call a good program. Even though those variety programs have good ratings, but what’s the use of them? They don’t even compare to ‘Lecture Room’.”

Zhang Ye quickly replied, “Thank you. It’s all thanks to your support. It’s because of everyone that my program could achieve such a result.”

The woman suggested, “Could we have a picture together?”

Zhang Ye smiled. “Of course. No problem,” and stood up.

Xiao Lu volunteered, “Let me help you take the photo.” She took the digital camera from the woman. She snapped two photos for them.

The couple walked away, satisfied.

Hou Di said, “Look at the popularity of our Teacher Zhang.”

Zhang Ye had not expected this. This was the first time that he had been recognized outside. At Chenchen’s school, he did have some fans who wanted his autograph, but that was after Zhang Ye mentioned who he was. They did not recognize him first. It could be said that TV was the best form of promotional media. It was where you could become famous most easily. Look, he had been with the radio station for so long, had written so many poems and fairy tales, and yet he remained an unknown. But now, just after one episode of “Lecture Room”, people could recognize him. There would still be more episodes broadcasted in the near future. His popularity would definitely keep rising. Yes, even if the broadcast area was kept within Beijing, and even if his popularity would be confined to the city’s audiences, but that would be considered quite a success!

The dishes were served.

The steaming hot crabs were being served at the table.

“Chenchen, this was ordered by you. Eat up.” Xiao Lu took some to put on her dish.

But Chenchen was looking for something. She finally found a pen and a notebook and looked at Zhang Ye with her big eyes, “Zhang Ye, sign this for me.”

Zhang Ye was a little surprised, “Did the sun rise up from the west today?”

Chenchen urged him, “Help me to sign a few more. I will give it to my teachers when I go back to school. This way, even if I don’t do my homework, they won’t scold me.”

Zhang Ye nearly fainted, “Was this your motive all along? Then I won’t sign it.”

Chenchen used her small hands to push him, “Sign it, sign it.”

Everyone was tickled funny by Chenchen, “Your Uncle Zhang does not have so much charm to do that.”

Chenchen pursed her lips and said, “He has. One of my female teachers is his hardcore fan. My form teacher is, too.”

“Female teacher?” Hou Ge said jealously, “Sigh! Sigh! When will I have treatment like this!”


After dinner.

Everyone headed home after having a good time.

Zhang Ye drove home with Chenchen to Jiaomen. When they arrived, Chenchen had already fallen asleep. Zhang Ye parked the car and tried to wake her up, but she stayed sound asleep. It had been a long day for the child. She had been following him all around the television station, all day long. Zhang Ye undid the seatbelt and carried her in his arms. Heh, she was quite heavy. He turned around and went into the lift to go upstairs.

Dong, dong.

Dong, dong, dong.

“Landlady Auntie?” Zhang Ye shouted from outside the door.

It was almost 9 P.M. There was no sound in the house. Was Rao Aimin still not home?

The shout had woken little Chenchen. She rubbed her eyes cutely, “Zhang Ye, I want to sleep.”

“I know, but I think your aunt is not home.” Zhang Ye continued knocking.

Suddenly, there was a sound of a small movement coming from inside the house. Squeak. Then came another sound. Ding, dang. The noise was not loud, but both Zhang Ye and Chenchen heard it.

“There’s someone inside?” Zhang Ye was stunned.

Chenchen said, “There’s a burglar! A burglar!”

Zhang Ye expression changed, “Maybe Landlady Auntie might be at home? Did she get tied up by the burglar?”

Upon hearing, Chenchen said “That’s not possible. My aunt is very skilled at kung fu. In this whole world, less than 20 people can beat her!”

Zhang Ye said, “Are you exaggerating?”

Chenchen glanced at him, “It’s up to you to believe it or not.”

Zhang Ye knocked on the door again, but there was no answer.

Chenchen nervously pulled him, “Zhang Ye, quickly get inside. Quickly!”

“How can I get inside? I don’t have the key!” Zhang Ye was also getting worried. He didn’t believe Chenchen’s words. Even though the Landlady Auntie knew some kung fu, she was probably an amateur. Besides, she was a woman. What if the burglar had a knife……

No way!

I need to get in!

Zhang Ye looked left and right. Along the hallway was a house with some construction materials outside the door. Inside, there were some PVC boards, the kinds that were used as a roof for the kitchen and bathroom. Zhang Ye quickly walked over and bent down to pick up a piece and broke off one end of it. Then he walked back to the landlady’s door and took out an earpick that was chained to his keys. He inserted the earpick in and adjusted the PVC board. With a twist and a push, the lock moved along with the earpick!

Chenchen asked curiously, “What are you doing?”

“Opening the door,” Zhang Ye said.

Kacha! The door was unlocked the next moment!

Chenchen wore an expression of shock. She was dumbfounded!

This was the Skills book he had gained from the last draw at the lottery. For items, he still had two “Saves” and a “Lucky Bread”. As for the Skills Category, he had eaten ten Taekwondo Experience Books, while he had eaten seven Calligraphy Experience Books. Finally, he had eaten the least with Lock Picking Experience Books, with the number at two. However, in a small and simple district, even two Skill Experience Books were enough for Zhang Ye. He did not need to think much, as the scenes of how to pick the lock appeared in his brain. There were at least five to six methods that could easily allow him to open Rao Aimin’s door.

Zhang Ye threw the keys to his own house to her, “Go to my house. It’s dangerous here!”

Chenchen didn’t want to do it, “I’m not going. I also know kung fu. My mom and aunt taught me the Eight Trigrams Palm since I was two!”

Zhang Ye suspiciously said, “Eight Trigrams Palm? Then I know Taiji!”

Chenchen argued, “I really know it! My aunt is the Eight Trigrams Palms’ number…..”

Zhang Ye called 110 and threw the phone to her, “Quickly report to the police. I know that you are smart and know how to tell them. Quickly, go!” He had become serious with her because he was worried that something had happened to Rao Aimin in the house. He had to get inside immediately, but he couldn’t possibly bring the child in with him!

Chenchen could only hold the phone and move further away, “Hello. Policeman uncle? There’s a burglar at my house!”

With the little one gone, Zhang Ye didn’t have any second thoughts. He suppressed his emotions and walked into the house. He looked around and took the broom from the shoe cabinet beside the door. With the broom in hand, he slowly and carefully walked further into the house. After just two steps, two shadows appeared! It was already dark, and the house was unlit. He could only see that there were two men. They were not too old; they were in their twenties!


There was a beam that flashed!

It was a knife! Each of them had a knife!

The moonlight was reflected by the blade onto Zhang Ye’s face. He saw it clearly and his face went pale!

Holy sh*t! There really were thieves! I’m finished, I’m finished! This bro is done for today!

However, Zhang Ye did not take a step back and instead moved forward and bolstered his courage, “How dare you rob a private residence under broad daylight! Are you looking for death?”

A thief immediately decided, “Kill him!”

“Alright,” said the other thief.

Zhang Ye flustered, “I’m telling you, don’t come over. I know kung fu. Stay away from me. If you come closer, my internal energies will injure you with vibrations!”

The two thieves, “…”

Zhang Ye carried on, “What happened to the Big Sis in the house!? What did you do to her?”

A thief said, “What Big Sis?”

Zhang Ye was relieved when he heard that. They did not know? The Landlady Auntie wasn’t home? Then that was great!

“Cut the crap with him. Attack! Let’s quickly leave after killing him!” One of the thieves was clearly the leader.

Zhang Ye swung the broom in his hand in a flustered manner, “Don’t come over. I’m telling you not to come over. I can really injure you. You haven’t seen my prowess! I don’t usually fight! But when I do, people will die!” This rascal was a broadcasting professional. All his skills used his mouth!