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Chapter 138: Zhang Ye’s Shows His Prowess!

Chapter 138: Zhang Ye’s Shows His Prowess!

Even talking about killing now?

And even internal energies?

You even know kung fu?

The two thieves looked at Zhang Ye and his physique and immediately realised that this was a guy who wouldn’t have passed physical education in primary school. Looking at his weapon, a broom, made them even less worried. How could they be afraid of him?

The two of them went up against him at that point!

Zhang Ye readied the broom once more, ready to start the fight with the thieves!

The taller thief attacked first with a few slashes of the knife!

Zhang Ye was scared sh*tless, but at least he was somewhat capable. While brandishing the broom, he could ward them off at a distance of one meter. They could not approach!

However, the thieves were not dumb. How much offensive power could a broom have? A thief decided to move forward and ignored the two hits of Zhang Ye’s broom. It was not especially painful. He wanted to get into “close combat” with Zhang Ye as the shiny sword stabbed over!

Zhang Ye threw the broom down, as he was out of options!

The two thieves sneered and began to approach!

It was unknown when Chenchen suddenly appeared behind him, “Zhang Ye!”

Zhang Ye was worried, “The damn kid! What are you doing here! Quickly go! Hurry!” He could tell that the two were really capable of killing. As Zhang Ye had seen their faces, now with Chenchen here, Zhang Ye could no longer run. As long as he retreated, Chenchen would definitely be caught!

“No one leaves!”

“Kill the both of them!”

The two thieves turned aggressive!

Chenchen was, after all, just a child. She did not even run and just stood rooted to the spot!

Zhang Ye was truly angered at this moment. In his opinion, it was alright to slash at him, but for them to do it to a child? They even wanted to slash at a child? F**k your grandpa! In that instant, Zhang Ye was no longer flustered. His heart was filled with angry emotions!

Let’s risk it!

Who gives a f**k who your mother is!

Without the broom, Zhang Ye’s hands were empty, but he still charged forward at the two thieves! The shorter thief lifted the knife above his head and slashed at Zhang Ye’s head! At this second, a movement suddenly appeared in Zhang Ye’s mind. It was as if he had long learned this movement and had honed it a thousand times. Without any thought, he lifted his leg and very accurately kicked the knife in the short thief’s hand. And like a conditional reflex, Zhang Ye moved his body to the side and lifted his right leg and used a very precise Taekwondo side kick, hitting the thief’s stomach!


The thief fell backwards in shock!

The other tall thief was surprised as he quickly stabbed his knife at Zhang Ye!

Zhang Ye’s body slanted and evaded it as much as he could, but his arm was still grazed by the knife, causing blood to flow out!

The tall thief kept his momentum as he stabbed at Zhang Ye a few more times. He was also new to this, so his stabbing was not very accurate!

Zhang Ye dodged three times consecutively and his anger flared once again. Phew. As he sent a straight kick, he kicked the knife out of the second thief’s hand. Instead of retreating, Zhang Ye charged forward! He kicked the tall thief’s crotch fiercely and heard a terrible cry from him. However, Zhang Ye did not seem to stop. With a turn of his head, he moved his thigh and did a complete roundhouse kick from Taekwondo, hitting straight at the person’s chest!


The second thief was sent flying backwards!

At this point, not only were the two thieves stunned, even Zhang Ye himself was dumbfounded!

Holy sh*t! I am really an expert! Who knew that this bro was so powerful! Who knew that the ten Taekwondo Experience Books were so useful!

Zhang Ye immediately felt inflated and felt awesome. As he cursed, he began stamping the two thieves on the ground. He did not give them have a chance to recover, “What did I say? Eh? What did I say? I told you that I knew kung fu! And you guys didn’t believe? Your dog eyes are blind! Now do you know? Eh? I already said I did not dare attack because I feared for your lives! And you still force me!?”

Smash! Peng!

One stomp after another!

Zhang Ye felt a high from it!

“Hero! Hero, spare us!”

“Aiyo! We failed to recognize a great person like yourself! Please stop beating us! Ah! Please stop beating us!”

The two thieves began pleading.

At this moment, many neighbors were startled!

The sirens of police cars were heard downstairs. Five to six policemen had arrived!

“Where’re the thieves? Where are they?” Two policemen even came with guns.

Zhang Ye also stopped his beating, “Comrade policemen, here they are. I have subdued the criminals!”

The policemen also saw the two knives in the house and were surprised, “They were using knives and you managed to subdue the two of them alone?”

A young policeman was suddenly stunned, “Eh, you are… You are that…that…one on the television! Zhang Ye! You are Teacher Zhang Ye!”

Zhang Ye smiled. “That’s me.”

Chenchen shouted, “Zhang Ye! Blood! Blood!”

Zhang Ye waved his hand, “It’s no matter; I’m alright.” But when he looked down at the wound left behind by the criminals, he wobbled and immediately collapsed and leaned on the door frame, crying out, “Aiyah, hey! I can’t take it anymore! I can’t take it!”

The policemen were speechless, “…It’s fine. It’s just a small wound.”

A neighbor also said, “There’s not that much blood.”

The policeman, who recognized Zhang Ye, said, “Should we call an ambulance?”

Zhang Ye screamed like he was a pig being slaughtered, “Hurry and call the ambulance! Hurry!”

Suddenly, Rao Aimin’s figure appeared along the corridor, “What happened? Chenchen!”

Chenchen rushed at her aunt and grabbed her waist upon seeing her aunt back, “Aunt! Thieves came to our house! Zhang Ye was injured!”

Rao Aimin’s face sunk, “What about you? Were you injured?”

Chenchen said, “I’m fine. Zhang Ye was protecting me all this while.”

A female neighbor said, “I saw it when I came out. Little Zhang sure was good. In the beginning, he was unable to defeat the criminals, but once he saw that they were slashing at Chenchen, Little Zhang was angered and charged at them without any regard. Finally, he used a few kicks to defeat the two thieves. Little Rao, your tenant sure is good!” The auntie gave a thumbs up. “If it were anyone else, they would have long fled!”

When the policemen and neighbors heard this, they felt respect for Zhang Ye!

The only regret was that Zhang Ye did not look anything like a big hero at this moment. The entire corridor was filled with his screams as he covered his arm, “Is the ambulance here? Is the ambulance here?”

Everyone, “…”

A policeman asked Rao Aimin, “Are you the landlady?”

Rao Aimin ignored him and walked straight towards Zhang Ye, “Let me take a look.” Grabbing his arm, she pressed an acupuncture point on Zhang Ye’s back. Following that, she pressed forcefully on an acupuncture point on his arm. After massaging it for about ten seconds, she released her hands. “There’s no need for an ambulance. It’s fine. I’ll wrap it up for you in a while.”

A miraculous scene happened!

The wound on Zhang Ye’s arm had ceased bleeding!

A tenant exclaimed, “Landlady Auntie, you are a traditional Chinese medicine doctor?”

Zhang Ye said eagerly, “I think it’s safer to send me to the hospital. What if there’s poison on their knives!”

Everyone was at a loss once again. Do you think this is a wuxia novel? Poison?

The thieves were handcuffed by the police, but suddenly the tall thief had a burst of strength as he jumped up. He was trying to escape!

Rao Aimin glanced at him. She was about two meters away from the thief. But when she suddenly made a move, it seemed like she was moving in the style of the Eight Trigrams. She did not even run, but with a twist of her body and two steps, she had appeared in the blink of an eye behind the thief. With her palm raised slightly, she pressed forward. It did not seem to use any strength, but when her palm hit the running thief’s thigh, the thief suddenly flew up and slammed to the ground with a thud!

There was no scream and the thief did not even move. The thief laid on the floor, motionless. He had fainted! Seeing the thief’s thigh, everyone gasped! His thigh had deformed! There was no need to ask to know! His bones must have been broken!

Just with that one palm?

That light palm?

And it looked like a fluttering move! How could it break bones!?

Rao Aimin’s attack frightened the people present, as they turned dumbfounded!

Zhang Ye was also dumbfounded. Your sister! Can you not be so fierce? He knew that Rao Aimin was truly angered, but he had never expected her to be so powerful. Thinking of the words Rao Chenchen said before, Zhang Ye suddenly believed in it. Rao Aimin had really trained in Chinese martial arts? This was the Eight Trigram Palms? However, Zhang Ye had seen the Eight Trigram Palms before. Many old grandpas and grannies did the Taiji or Eight Trigram Palms in the parks. But who had seen such powerful Eight Trigram Palms!?

An old policeman exclaimed, “Is this…hidden force?”

“What? This world really has hidden force?” a younger policeman gaped.

“That can’t be! She’s just a woman; how could she have reached the point of having hidden force?” another policeman said softly in disbelief. “Isn’t that something that only Chinese martial arts grandmasters could obtain?” And all of this was just from what they heard. They had never even seen it before! Could the thief have broken his bones himself when he fell to the ground?

The policemen could not figure it out. Since none of them had even seen a Chinese martial arts expert, none of them could tell, so they could only blindly guess.

The surrounding neighbors did not understand, “What’s hidden force? What does it mean?”

An old policeman looked at Rao Aimin with respect, “May I know who…”

Rao Aimin leered at him, “I just deal with renting apartments.”

The old policeman cleared his throat, “Is that the case?”

Rao Aimin said, “The matters here have been settled, right? I have someone injured here, and the child has received some shock. Can the testimony be left until tomorrow?”

“Alright, alright. Please take a rest. We will come again tomorrow.” The old policeman led the group, as well as the two thieves, away.

The other neighbors were not too concerned with Rao Aimin’s prowess, as everyone knew how Rao Aimin had previously beaten two hooligans in the tiny district bare-handedly. They all knew that she was powerful and knew some kung fu. Everyone’s focus was on Zhang Ye. He had stepped forward bravely to protect little Chenchen!

“Zhang Ye, you are too fantastic!”

“Little Zhang, I saw you on television. I never knew that you became a celebrity!”

“Ah? Little Zhang went on television?”

“Isn’t that the case? None of you have watched ‘Lecture Room’, right? Little Zhang did a very good job!”

“To think that Little Zhang, who could not pay his rent when he first came, is now working at a television station in the blink of an eye!”

“Then we must call him Teacher Zhang in the future. Just the quality of being able to risk his life to save another… The results Teacher Little Zhang has obtained is in no way strange!”

“That’s right. Little Rao, you must thank Zhang Ye well in the future!”

“Right, if not for Little Zhang, your house would definitely be robbed clean. Chenchen would also be in danger!”