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Chapter 139: Teacher Zhang Shamelessly Refuses to Leave!

Chapter 139: Teacher Zhang Shamelessly Refuses to Leave!

Deep into the night, even the moon was setting.

Rao Aimin’s house, a small maisonette.

After the matters were settled, Zhang Ye lay on the landlady’s large fragrant-smelling bed and began to brag, “Landlady Auntie, you may not know, for you came late and didn’t see me. Did you know how formidable I was? Eh? In the beginning, I was haphazardly swinging a broom so as to appear weak to the enemy. Do you understand about appearing weak? It wasn’t that I couldn’t beat them. How can just the two of them be a threat to me? What a joke. That would be ridiculing me. Firstly, I was letting them lower their guard, and secondly, I was fooling around with them. I have kung fu myself, Taekwondo!”

Rao Aimin was rummaging through for medicine in a first-aid kit.

Chenchen leered at Zhang Ye, “…Hur Hur.”

Zhang Ye smirked, “Little rascal, what’s with that reaction of yours? The pathetic me you saw just now was me just acting. It was really just an act. I was fooling around with them. Did you see uncle’s two key kicks that kicked away the knives? Was it interesting? Was it powerful? Haha! That was like a kick from a god! Also, my most beautiful roundhouse kick, that was practically a model example found in textbooks! Was I cool?”

Rao Aimin found a bandage and ointment and smacked him, “Stop bragging. Lie still!”

“Aye,” Zhang Ye looked at her worriedly, “Landlady auntie, can you do it lighter. Will this ointment hurt? If it’s painful, I sure cannot withstand it. You must…”

Rao Aimin had already poured the ointment!

With that, Zhang Ye screamed out loud, “Ah! Painful, painful, painful!”

Rao Aimin used a cotton bud to dab at his wound, “Endure it, even if it’s painful.”

“It’s really painful! I can’t take it! I’m dying! I’m dying!” Zhang Ye wanted to push her, to prevent her from using the ointment.

Rao Aimin roared, “Kid, stop moving!”

“No can do, I don’t want it!” Zhang Ye became shameless.

Chenchen looked at him, “Zhang Ye, you are so shameless.”

Zhang Ye cried out, “What do you mean, shameless!? If you have the ability, come try it! Ah! Ah!”

Rao Aimin gave a glance and sat down and restricted his body to prevent him from squirming before dabbing his wound with ointment, “To call yourself a cultural artist or host, or someone on television. Look at what you are!”

Zhang Ye also immediately stopped moving, “Cultural artists are also people!”

After Rao Aimin finished dabbing his wound with ointment and bandaged him up, “Who asked a kid like you to not wait for me to return home? If you think there are thieves at home, just give me a call and wait for me to return!”

Zhang Ye grumbled, “Didn’t I think that you were at home, and was afraid that you had been tied up by the thieves and was in some danger? Or else, do you think I would choose to fight it out with thieves?”

Rao Aimin was still sitting beside him, “Even if there were twenty of them, they would not be even able to come close to me, let alone two thieves. To think that a kid like you wants to act powerful!”

Zhang Ye grunted, “Who knew you were so powerful?”

Chenchen smirked, “I already said that the number of people who can defeat my aunt does not exceed…”

Rao Aimin interrupted her speech, “Aren’t you speaking too much? Return to the house and do your homework!”

Zhang Ye was also curious and asked, “Landlady Auntie, are you really so powerful? What kung fu do you train in? Eight Trigram Palms? When did you learn it?”

Rao Aimin tied a knot in the bandage, “Ask less about my matters!”

“Aunt, I’ll be going to do my homework,” Chenchen said reluctantly.

Rao Aimin turned her head, “Wait a moment. Have you thanked Uncle Zhang?”

Chenchen acknowledged tersely and looked towards Zhang Ye, “Thank you, Uncle.”

Zhang Ye waved his hands, “You’re welcome. It was convenient. It’s nothing.”

After the child left, Zhang Ye no longer cared about his face, “My other arm is also in pain.”

“Was it twisted?” The corner of Rao Aimin’s mouth showed her frustration.

Zhang Ye lied down with his face down and presented his arm behind him, “Yes, treat it for me.”

Rao Aimin took his arm and began pressing on it.

Zhang Ye felt extremely comfortable.

Suddenly, she began massaging his hand, and naturally, the landlady’s hand was placed in Zhang Ye’s hand. Her hands were not very slender and was a bit hard, yet it presented a different feeling.

Zhang Ye was enjoying himself greatly.

“It’s done!” Rao Aimin got up, “Your injury is fine. You will recover in a few days. Don’t touch water and don’t eat stimulating foods, such as mutton, fish and shrimp or spicy foods.”

Once food was mentioned, Zhang Ye felt hungry and rolled on the bed before looking at Rao Aimin, “I’m hungry. I want to eat Zhajiang noodles.”

Rao Aimin squinted her eyes, “A kid like you became a lord?”

Zhang Ye cried out, “I’m severely injured; I can’t even move.”

“Look at a man like you behaving this way. Chenchen is even stronger than you!” Rao Aimin’s mouth was vicious, but she was soft-hearted. She turned and left, “Wait a while!”

A while later, the fragrance of Zhajiang could be smelled from downstairs.

Zhang Ye took in a few delightful breaths of the fragrance.

After that, Rao Aimin brought a bowl of noodles upstairs. She threw it on the table in a bad mood, “Eat it!”

Zhang Ye looked up with watery eyes, “My arm is injured. The other arm has also been pulled. I can’t move. Feed me.” Upon seeing the landlady’s face go black, Zhang Ye immediately sat up from the bed, “Hai, I was just joking. I’ll eat by myself.”

“It’s hot.”

“I know. Hu. Hu. It’s so fragrant. Your cooking skills are awesome!”

“Just eat, there’s no need to say so much when eating. Why do you have so much crap to say!?”

On the other side, little Chenchen, who was done with her homework, smelled the fragrance and came over, “Aunt, I also want to eat Zhajiang noodles!”. She then stared at Zhang Ye.

Zhang Ye protected his food, “I’ll fight with anyone who wants to steal my food!”

Chenchen said, “Zhang Ye, give me half. Give me half of yours!”


After the meal.

The young and old one were done eating and were lying on the bed, rubbing their stomachs.

Rao Aimin gestured with her chin towards the door and said to Zhang Ye, “Alright, it’s almost 11 P.M. Kid, get lost. These two girls need to sleep!”

Zhang Ye shamelessly refused to leave, “No. What if I fall sick at night? What if there was poison on the knife and it shows its effects at night? There’s no one to take care of me at home. When I shout for someone, it would be useless. Also, what if the thieves’ accomplices seek me for revenge? Although my kung fu is quite formidable, but that’s when I’m not seriously injured. I can’t go. I have to stay here.”

Rao Aimin stared at him, “Why is a rotten kid like you so squeamish?”

Zhang Ye was lying down comfortably and said in life-cherishing way, “Anyway, I will be staying here. If there’s anything, I’ll call out to you at night. You know traditional Chinese medicine and can save me in time.”

Chenchen did not have any reactions. She lay beside Zhang Ye and fell asleep. Even her shoes were not taken off.

Rao Aimin was unforgiving with her mouth, but she had great maternal instincts. She gently took off Chenchen’s tiny shoes before adjusting Chenchen and covering her with a blanket. She then glared at Zhang Ye and covered his legs with a blanket, “Just this night. Get lost tomorrow!”

Zhang Ye acknowledged, “Then I’m sleeping.”

After switching off the lights, Rao Aimin did not seem tired. She carried a book downstairs into the living room.

Zhang Ye had gone through quite a lot today. He had never fought before, ever since he was young. Today, he had even injured himself after battling with the criminals, so he could not last any longer. He fell asleep the moment his head hit the bed.