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Chapter 140: Taking Advantage again!

Chapter 140: Taking Advantage again!

Late at night.

Rao Aimin and Chenchen were both asleep.

After Zhang Ye slept for an hour, he was suddenly bright and alert. Besides, he was laying beside the landlady. Her bathrobe’s sleeves was on Zhang Ye’s shoulder, so she was very near to him. The bed was filled with the fragrance of a mature woman, which came from the landlady. Her body’s warmth was even constantly emitted, so it would be a wonder if Zhang Ye could carry on sleeping. His heart began to turn itchy like a cat’s claw. He once again thought of taking advantage of Rao Aimin like the last time.

Try touching another time? However, it was not easy to take advantage of the landlady. Although Rao Aimin did not pursue the matter the last time, she had still thrown Zhang Ye over her shoulder from the bed onto the ground. Just thinking of it made Zhang Ye feel jittery. He did not have the guts, despite feeling the temptation. However, after a lot of thinking, he came to a conclusion. That’s not right. He was now a patient, so the landlady wouldn’t be too harsh on him, right?

It was worth it, even if she turned rough!

Being thrown over the shoulder was also worth it!

Zhang Ye was emboldened and was planning to risk his life. Despite the lesson from the burglar who broke his leg, this fellow was risking his life to be a hooligan!

Turning his body sideways, he went from facing the ceiling to facing the landlady. Rao Aimin was sleeping with her back facing him. Her long hair was coiled up, revealing her white neck. Zhang Ye took a deep breath. He moved his hand under the blanket and slowly lifted it up to move it over. As his hand moved across the warm bed, he touched the landlady’s bathrobe at her hips. After some hesitation, he grabbed her hip, despite the bathrobe separating them.

One second…

Two seconds…

The landlady did not respond.

Zhang Ye became even more bold as he gently squeezed the cloth on her hips.

But at this moment, Rao Aimin suddenly moved. Zhang Ye felt her body move, and the bed shake. She used one hand and pinched Zhang Ye’s hand, and then threw his hand off from her ass. Zhang Ye felt himself perspire and did not dare move. However, Rao Aimin did not seem to say a word after she made that move. It was like she had returned to sleep.

“Aunt.” Chenchen woke up groggily.

Rao Aimin turned around, “What?”

Chenchen yawned, “I want to pee.”

Rao Aimin acknowledged, “Got it.” She threw away the blanket and stepped down from the bed, barefooted.

Chenchen could go to the toilet herself, as she was not too young anymore. She could do anything adults could do. But as she was too short, she could not reach the bathroom’s light switch. Hence, every time that she needed to go to the bathroom at night, she would need to get Rao Aimin to switch the lights on for her. It didn’t matter in the day.

The lights switched on.

Chenchen dragged her tiny slippers as she rubbed her eyes.

Zhang Ye was afraid that the landlady would settle the score with him. He pretended to sleep and even pretended to make a few sleepy grunts.

Huala. The toilet’s flush was heard. Little Chenchen walked back and fell back to sleep the moment she crawled back into bed.

Rao Aimin switched off the bathroom’s lights and returned to bed. Pulling the blanket open, she placed her beautiful legs inside and lay down. She then covered herself and went back to sleep.

After waiting for more than ten minutes.

Zhang Ye looked towards Rao Aimin from the side again. Her back was still facing him. Zhang Ye’s heart turned crooked again. After some struggles with his thoughts, he moved his hand over, bit by bit. This time, he touched Rao Aimin’s outer thigh under the blanket. As the landlady’s hips were perky, and a woman’s hip bone was naturally wider than a man’s, her thigh was naturally in a higher position with her laying sideways. Zhang Ye had to go through quite a lot to reach there. His arm was beginning to ache. After all, he had sprained it while fighting with the burglars. He wanted to move his hand lower. If he let his arm rest on her thigh, then it would be a lot more comfortable. With that, if he moved his hand downwards, then he could move his body over. His fingers could then grab onto the opening of the landlady’s bathrobe, and then move upwards.

It was unknown if Rao Aimin was sleeping or not, as she did not move.

Zhang Ye uncovered a bit of the bathrobe on her legs. After uncovering it, he flipped it backwards.

Rao Aimin’s right leg was naturally exposed. However, Zhang Ye could not see it due to the blanket, but he could still touch it.



Soft and delicate!

However, just after touching a few times and before he could recollect the pleasant feel of it, Rao Aimin’s hand suddenly shot out and grabbed Zhang Ye’s wrist, throwing his hand once again.

Zhang Ye coughed. Seeing Rao Aimin not throw him over her shoulder, he was no longer afraid. He became bolder. After his hand was thrown, Zhang Ye moved his hand over again with his face straight. He touched the behind of her ankle and thigh, and swept across it a time or two. Maybe it was because it was a bit hot under the blanket, Rao Aimin’s leg was also becoming sweaty. It was moist, but her sweat was fragrant. It came with her body’s delicate fragrance.


He touched fabric.

When Zhang Ye’s hand moved backwards, his thumb touched the fabric at the corner of Rao Aimin’s hip. It was 100% cotton. Zhang Ye understood that this was definitely the landlady’s panties. She took off her bra when sleeping, as it was uncomfortable. However, she did not take off her panties.

Zhang Ye used his finger to feel the fabric. The boundary was thin cotton without lace. Moving further upwards, his fingers touched all sorts of patterns. They were definitely flowery patterns. Zhang Ye rubbed his hand a few times and felt the overall fabric. He discovered that it was likely peony flowers or roses.

She wore very traditional undergarments.

Zhang Ye swallowed his saliva as he felt his heart heated up.

At this moment, Rao Aimin turned around. From being on her side, she lay flat.

Zhang Ye quickly pulled his hand away with fright. After a second and seeing Rao Aimin sleeping, he moved his hand over again. This time, he touched the landlady’s waist. After feeling the perimeter, Zhang Ye hesitantly moved further in. He released the bathrobe’s belt, which was was very easy to release. Then he carefully separated the frontal bathrobe of the landlady. He squeezed his hand into the bathrobe and touched her stomach.


There was a scar?

Previously, Zhang Ye had seen it, but he did not pay much attention to it. With this touch, he realized that Rao Aimin was covered in scars. Some of them were protruding and clearly left over from injuries. It was inevitable for martial arts practitioners. However, Zhang Ye felt his heart ache for her.

Rao Aimin suddenly spoke, “Can you sleep already?”

“Cough, yes, yes,” Zhang Ye said embarrassingly.

Rao Aimin threw his hand out from her clothes, “Sleep! I’m sleepy!”

Since she had already spoken, Zhang Ye did not dare to be impetuous again. Clearing his throat, he lay down properly and did not touch the landlady again. Hai, it was best to stop before she got angry. If he really angered Rao Aimin, probably ten of Zhang Ye himself would end up being beaten up by the landlady.

However, he had taken a lot of advantages!

Zhang Ye secretly moved his hand to his nose and smelled it. It was filled with the fragrance of the landlady’s sweat. Of course, it wasn’t really especially fragrant, but it was a smell that made his heart be at ease.