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Chapter 143: Establishing Zhang Ye’s Official Fanclub!

Chapter 143: Establishing Zhang Ye’s Official Fanclub!

After reaching home.

The clock was pointing at 8:30 P.M.

Starting tomorrow, Zhang Ye and the program team would have to busy themselves with recording “Lecture Room”. Preparing to take over the timeslot of the cancelled crosstalk program, they had to create the work plan and program, so they worked until it was quite late. Luckily, Hu Fei got someone to buy them dinner takeouts, so that they didn’t go home hungry.

Huu, tired.

Oh, right. Let’s take a look at the reputation.

The program had been broadcasted over the past two days and Zhang Ye had been holding back from looking at his Reputation points. When he was lying in bed, he brought up the game interface!

Total Reputation: 980,271!

980,000! It was almost a million!

Thinking back, when he had first started the broadcast for “Ghost Blows Out the Light”, he would gain an additional 20-30,000 Reputation. But this time, in just two days, he had gained so much? This meant that on average, he had gained about 500,000 of Reputation each day? It was about 20 times more than what he would have gotten at the radio station?

Although Zhang Ye had a few incidents that had led to his Reputation jumping by a few hundred thousand, they were one-offs. Those times, he had captured the attention of people, which led to the jump in Reputation points. Those kind of incidents happened only once in a blue moon.

It was different now. With “Lecture Room” scheduled to be broadcast seven days a week, the large number of Reputation points earned each day would be become the new normal. What sort of concept was this? Even if a lot of people went to work from Monday to Friday and couldn’t watch the program in the afternoon, they could choose to watch it on the internet at night. The rating would not be as high as on Saturdays, but a few hundred thousand Reputation points a day would not be a problem!

A few hundred thousand Reputation points a day!

This would mean a rhythm of playing the lottery more than once per day!

Zhang Ye did not play the lottery today; he wanted to accumulate his Reputation points. So he bought three memory search capsules and ate one to start searching through his memory of Yi Zhongtian’s “Analysis of the Three Kingdoms”. After finishing the first capsule, he ate another two. In the end, he had a bit left to search through, and so annoyingly had to buy another memory search capsule, for a total of four now, to finish up the series of “Analysis of the Three Kingdoms” memory search.

When he first used it to search through “Ghost Blows Out the Light”, one capsule would have been enough to memorize a lot of words. But this time, he had to expend quite a number of them. Firstly, maybe because a novel was presented as text, it was more simplified and easier to memorize. A video would include subtitles, audio and video, etc, which was a lot more complex.

Secondly, “Ghost Blows Out the Light” was memorised continuously when he had nothing to do other than reading, so the memory data was more ‘whole’. “Analysis of the Three Kingdoms” was watched by Zhang Ye at different times, sometimes on television, sometimes online. The timings were irregular and the continuity was pretty much broken.Therefore, there were some difficulties in searching the memory and more capsules were used.

Four capsules!

400,000 reputation points!

Zhang Ye felt the pain of spending for the extra capsule, and so to change his mood, he switched on the computer to check on the Celebrity Rankings website. He searched his name.

He was still ranked as an E-List celebrity!

But what made Zhang Ye happy was that in the past, he had just entered the E-List rankings and was at the bottom of it. He had floated around the last few places while he was out of work. Without exposure, he had even dropped a few places and had nearly fallen off the E-List! But now, his ranking had skyrocketed. It was as if he took a rocketship up from the bottom to somewhere above the middle. If the trend continued, after he finished with “Analysis of the Three Kingdoms”, he might even fly up into the D-List rankings!

Come on!

He was getting closer to his dreams!

“Is Teacher Zhang around?”

“Paging for Teacher Zhang Ye!”

“@ZhangYe! God, please respond!”

Suddenly, a lot of people were @-ing him on Weibo.

His Weibo client was always on. When he saw it, he immediately opened up Weibo to see what was happening and why they were all looking for him.

ZhangYeNumber1Fan had @ him. When Zhang Ye saw it, he replied to him, “I’m here.”

“Haha, the god is here!”

“He’s been called out!”

“We have something serious to discuss. Brother Number1, you discuss it with Teacher Zhang.”

There were many of Zhang Ye’s fans standing by on Weibo today, and Zhang Ye did not know what was going on.

ZhangYeNumber1Fan mentioned, “Teacher Zhang, we all had a discussion today. In the past, we called ourselves your troll army. In fact, we really were a troll army. We were always trolling around or getting into arguments with others. But now, most of those who joined in the commotions for fun have become fans of your works. Some of us like your novels, some of us like your modern poetry, some like your melody poems, and some like your new program ‘Lecture Room’. Then, there are some like me, who like all of your works. After our discussion, we realised that we can’t call ourselves your troll army; that’s too meaningless. Besides, we were trolls in the past, but have now become your fans.”

Zhang Ye blinked, before typing, “What you mean is..?”

ZhangYeNumber1Fan replied, “We would like to set up your fan club. Although your fame is still far off from those established celebrities, and you’re only an E-Lister, many E-Listers don’t have an official fanclub because they don’t have many fans. But that’s them. You definitely have many fans. Just our army alone has a few hundred of us. Don’t see us as a pile of loose sand. When you need our help, we will always respond. We are your hardcore fans!”


“I will join, too!”

“Count me in!”

“My large saber is again again again again again again again again unable to endure the thirst!”

“Haha, Big Saber Bro is here again! Why do you always only have that to say?”

“Teacher Zhang, please decide soon. As long as you agree, we can set up the fan club. In the future, we will go wherever you command us to go!”

Everyone lent their support!

Seeing the fans like this, Zhang Ye was a little touched, “Okay. Of course, I don’t have a problem, but I have been very busy lately. I definitely don’t have the time to manage it. Can you all elect a moderator?”

“Is there a need for election?”

“Just let Number1 do it!”

“Right, Number1 is the most suitable!”

“I fully support it. Every time Teacher Zhang has a problem, Number1 is always the first to rush in to help. We can’t do any better than that.”

“Big Saber Bro is not bad, too. He is also a fierce general!”

“Then Number1 will be the moderator and Big Saber Bro will the deputy moderator?”

No one had any qualms about that.

Zhang Ye then said, “Alright, then it’s decided. I’ll have to trouble Number1 and Big Saber Bro in the future.”

ZhangYeNumber1Fan said, “It’s no trouble at all. Since everyone trusts in me, then I won’t reject it or it will appear corny. Also, Teacher Zhang please do not worry. I will definitely manage your fan club properly.”

Zhang Ye private messaged him, “1482642921. This is my cell phone number. Let’s keep in contact.” He also sent it to Big Saber Bro.

Ring, ring, ring.

A phone call quickly came in.

Zhang Ye picked it up, “Hello. How are you?”

The person on the other side of the phone had, to his surprise, a female’s voice, “Hello, Teacher Zhang. I’m ZhangYeNumber1Fan. Hur Hur. It’s such a pleasure to hear my idol’s voice.”

Zhang Ye said in surprise, “You are.. female?”

She said, “I never said I was male. Oh, the bios was made up.” Saying that, she said very properly, “Let me introduce myself. You can call me Number1 or Yang Lian. I’m about twenty years old, and have been working at a private company after graduation. I’m just a small employee at the moment, but I studied management, so I have some experience in management, so I can definitely do well managing your fan club. Teacher Zhang, where do you think our HQ should be set up? We must set up a fan platform, so that it is easy for everyone to interact and increase our club’s cohesion.”

Zhang Ye was not very familiar with this, “What’s your suggestion?”

Yang Lian said, “Typically, those A-list celebrities have their own personal websites, which are also the gathering ground for their fans. However, we do not have the ability to do so, nor is there a need. Also, a specialized website is too limiting and more closed off. I think it’s best if our fan club’s HQ is on Tieba. It’s fast and easy to communicate. Its capacity is big, so if it is done well, it can last a lifetime!”

Zhang Ye found it reasonable, “Alright, I’ll follow what you said. Sorry for troubling you.”

“You’re welcome. Then I’ll register on Tieba now. Phew. I’m a bit tired today. I don’t know why I’m so tired these few days. Hur hur. I’ll quickly do it up and go to bed. I’ll rally the masses tomorrow.” Yang Lian said.

Zhang Ye said, “Alright, then rest early and don’t overwork yourself.”

This world also had Tieba, but it was not Baidu’s Tieba, but it was another search engine’s Tieba format. In general, there was not much difference, and it only had a few different functionalities. What Yang Lian said was reasonable. Tieba was the best HQ for a fan club. People could interact freely over there, airing their own views. They could also post notices and broadcasting information. It was quite an open platform.

What about Weibo?

That definitely wouldn’t work!

Other than Weibo, in this world, there were other instant messaging programs like QQ, which all had several limitations. It was easy to see why these communication tools did not work. It was alright for a small group of people to communicate, but once the fan club’s numbers increased, there was no way they could support it.

Weibo was the same. It was pretty good as a platform for promotion and posting messages. There were many people there and the spread of news was faster. The only thing was that the community capabilities were not perfect. There was not enough personal space. It was alright for Zhang Ye to use it for himself, but it was not convenient for his fans to interact with each other, so it naturally would not do.

Also, the member situation on Weibo was complicated. He already had about a hundred thousand fans on Weibo, but in fact, less than 20% of them were real fans. It was likely that only 10% of them were really fans. A large number of people were not really fans who supported him, so the number on Weibo was less reliable.

Di Di.

ZhangYeNumber1Fan’s short message came: The Tieba account has been established. It’s called “Zhang Ye’s Nest”. I’ll be sleeping. Hehe. Teacher Zhang, good night.