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Chapter 145: ZhangYeNumber1Fan is Jumping off a Building!

Chapter 145: ZhangYeNumber1Fan is Jumping off a Building!

8 something.

Zhang Ye went out, despite the bright morning sun. He clenched tightly a piece of paper, which had the hospital’s address that he had obtained from Yang Lian’s middle school classmate. He then drove his BMW straight towards the hospital.

On the way, he kept calling Yang Lian.

“Pick it up! You have to pick it up!”

Once, twice, thrice. She did not pick up!

Zhang Ye could not help but curse. She did not pick up her phone and had pretended to disappear. She did not inform others of such a big matter. Was she trying to shoulder it all by herself? But can she shoulder it? Zhang Ye was burning with anxiety. He was a person whose heartstrings were easily tugged.

Yang Lian, you sure are good. Whenever I, Zhang Ye, got into trouble, every time people questioned and scolded me online, you were the first to step in front of me. You were always the one leading everyone to fight for me and protect my honor. Now that you are in trouble, now when you need help, you don’t even tell me? You must be looking down on me, Zhang Ye!

His BMW flew!

He drove faster and faster!


Beijing People’s Hospital.

This was one of the best hospitals that treated leukemia in Beijing.

There were no more parking spots in the hospital. Zhang Ye left his car in a parking spot by the road and strode towards the main building of the hospital. Scanning the address, he knew that Yang Lian lived in one of the wings. However, he did not know which level and room she was in. He had to ask when he went in. It was alright. As long as he knew her name, he could find her from the hospital’s records. The most important thing was that Yang Lian had to be able to hold on!

There was a middle-aged woman in front of him.

“Big Sis, please hold.” Zhang Ye called out to her.

The woman looked back at him, “Oh? What’s the matter?”

Zhang Ye held out the address and said, “May I know which building is this wing?”

“Oh, it’s that one.” The woman pointed and then said to him, “You must be a reporter, right? Quickly go. It’s just behind the wing. She’s almost jumping off.”

Zhang Ye was stunned, “What does that mean?”

The woman said in surprise, “You aren’t a reporter? Hai, then it’s my fault. About half an hour ago at that wing, a girl sat on the top floor, as if she was jumping off at any moment. Quite a number of policemen have come. No matter how they persuaded her, she wouldn’t get off. Hai, young people these days are seriously… They think too lightly of their lives and want to commit suicide so easily. It wasn’t easy for their parents to rear them. Go take a look. I’m leaving.”

Zhang Ye suddenly felt an ominous premonition. He no longer walked, but ran as he charged towards the back of the wing.

When he arrived, it was filled with people!

Right inside, there were about seven to eight policemen. They had cordoned off an area with police tape.

Behind them were doctors and nurses from the hospital. There were many families and patients gathered in the outer perimeter. Everyone was looking up and pointing.

“Little Lian! Come down quickly!” an old father’s voice cried out.

An old mother was wailing too, “Little Lian! Don’t frighten mom! We have money! We have lots of money! We can definitely treat you! Child, come down quickly! Quickly come down!”

The old father shouted out with his head raised up, “We only have you as a daughter! Even if we smash our iron pots and pans into pieces and sell them as scrap metal, we will definitely make sure you recover!”

Little Lian?

Was it really Yang Lian?

Looking up, there was a girl with average looks. She looked to be in her twenties and was dressed in patient overalls. She was sitting on the roof of an eight-floor building. Her legs were dangling in midair!

Zhang Ye’s face went pale. However, he pulled a nurse beside him and asked to confirm, “What’s the girl’s name upstairs?”

“It’s Yang Lian.” The nurse was in no mood to care about him. After she said so, she immediately went to pull Yang Lian’s parents back. “Auntie, Uncle, don’t say that. The more you say that, the more your daughter won’t think straight! Do you think that she wants to commit suicide because she can’t handle the stress and the illness? It’s not because of that! I’m this block’s nurse! I even took care of her the day before! She knew that she needed a million in medical fees, and that there was no guarantee of success! That’s why she chose to commit suicide! She…” Saying this, the nurse’s eyes turned red, “She’s afraid of being a burden!”

At this moment, a female doctor in her fifties came to one of the policemen and said agitatedly, “Mr Policeman! You must save that child! She’s a good child! She’s too filial! She knew her family could not bear the burden of the medical fees! So, she…” There was a lump in her throat, “You do not know how she has been passing the past few days. She knew that she had nearly expended all of her family’s money over the past few days. She kept saying that she did not feel good, so she did not eat. She did not take a single bite and even gave the hospital food to her parents. She only knew how to save money for her parents and ate only one meal a day. She also prevented us doctors and nurses from telling her parents. She told us to tell her parents that she had already eaten if they asked! Later on, a few of us doctors and nurses could not stand watching this any further. We then took turns bringing food for her and managed to finally make her eat!”

A male doctor also said emotionally, “Quickly save her!”

When the old mother heard this, she cried even louder, “Little Lian! Why are you so silly!? If you aren’t around, what are we to do!? What do you want us to do!”

When the policemen heard this, they were clearly disturbed!

“We must save her!”

“Our men have already gone up to persuade her, but…”

“That’s right. We don’t dare to approach her. She is already sitting up there. If some mishap happens while saving her, she might…”

Over there, a middle-aged man in a white doctor’s coat stood forward. He seemed to be the Leader of the hospital. He shouted, “Young comrade, come down first and talk. The medical fees aren’t a problem. You should be treated first before we talk about the medical fees. Besides, there are a lot of good-willed people in society these days! I don’t believe that no one would help you! I don’t believe everyone’s conscience has been eaten by dogs! I’ll lead! I’ll donate 30,000!”

“I’ll donate 5,000!”

“I’ll donate 2,000!”

Everyone expressed their intentions to donate. Although this amount of money was useless and just a drop in the bucket for the medical fees, they wished to summon back this filial girl.

But no matter how long they persuaded, Yang Lian remained unmoved. She did not even look down, nor did anyone know if she heard what they said. She only looked quietly at the sun in the sky.

The policemen looked at each other and had ugly expressions. From their experience, they knew that this young lady had made her decision. There was no way to change her mind. Typically, those who insisted on seeing various people and said a lot in a fierce manner before committing suicide were not really wishing to die. However, Yang Lian’s behavior was too calm. Clearly, she had made her decision!

Suddenly, the reporters arrived!

A few Beijing Television Station’s reporters came. Some drove an interview truck. The moment they got off, they pointed their cameras to the top of the building.

“Come down!”

“Everyone will help you!”

“Yang Lian! Come down first!”

“If you die, who is to take care of your parents?”

Everyone used all sorts of words, but the girl up there remained unmoved.

Suddenly, something happened. Yang Lian lifted herself with both her arms and stood up on the top of the building, “Thank you. Goodbye.”


“She’s jumping!”

“Oh no, oh no!”

“Little Lian! No! No!”

The leading policeman tried his best to shout into the walkie-talkie, “Move!”

“There’s no time anymore! It’s too far!” The other side of the walkie-talkie replied in a hurry.

At this moment, many people covered their eyes. At this moment, everyone was feeling extremely grieved!

A child, a young girl in her twenties, actually chose to end her life, so as not to burden her parents or trouble her family. This sounded simple, but how many people in the entire world would do that? She was extremely filial!

No one wanted her to die!

At this moment, everyone was out of options!

A few reporters and cameramen also revealed doleful looks!

Many doctors and nurses who had interacted with Yang Lian in the hospital over the past few days even teared up. They were crying!

At that split moment, Zhang Ye had already arrived behind a few policemen. With a grab, he took a loudspeaker from a policeman and spoke out to Yang Lian, who was about to jump down the next second. Zhang Ye was not long-winded, nor did he preach. He only said a poem and did not say it slowly or quickly. His tone was very calm, “When cobwebs sealed my stove without mercy; When the smoldering embers lamented poverty; I didn’t yield, but smoothed out the ashes of despair; And with the lovely snow I wrote: In the future we trust.”

Yang Lian stopped in her motions and looked downstairs with a surprise. She looked at the person reciting the poem downstairs!

The police were angry, “What are you doing?”

“Who let you say anything? You grabbed my loudspeaker?” Another policeman charged forward.

But immediately following that, an old police leader blocked him, “Don’t move. Let him speak!”

Zhang Ye looked upstairs and exchanged gazes with Yang Lian, “When my purple grapes turned into the late fall dew; When in somebody else’s bosom I found my flowers lay; I didn’t yield, but with a vine withered and frosty; I wrote on this dismal land: In the future we trust.”

Saying that, Zhang Ye slowly walked a few steps towards her. His hands were raised into the sky, as if he was grabbing the sun, “With my finger, I’ll point to the waves rolling to the horizon; With my hands, I’ll hold the vast sea that props up the sun; And wielding a pen so nice and warm in the morning glow; In a childish handwriting, I’ll write: In the future we trust.”

Everyone was stunned!

A young man with such a mighty poem had made the entire area silent!

Zhang Ye smiled. “The reason why I have absolute trust in the future is because I trust the eyes of the future beings, who have eyelashes that bat off the dust of history and pupils that pierce through writings of years past. No matter how people think of our rotten flesh; The gloom of being led astray, and the anguish of defeat; Be they moved to tears in profound sympathy; Or shooting a sneer or even a sharp ridicule. I have no doubt that people will judge our backbone; Our countless quests, bungles, failures, and successes; With enthusiasm, in all fairness and objectivity!”

“Yes, anxiously I’m awaiting their judgement.”

“Trust firmly in the future, my friends.”

“Trust in our unyielding effort!”

“Trust in the victory of youthfulness over death!”

“Trust in the future, and cherish life.”