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Chapter 146: Zhang Ye Takes Care of the Surgery Fees!

Chapter 146: Zhang Ye Takes Care of the Surgery Fees!

And with the lovely snow, I wrote: In the future we trust?

I wrote on this dismal land: In the future we trust?

In a childish handwriting, I’ll write: In the future… we trust?

Zhang Ye had recited “In the Future We Trust” and had forcefully stopped Yang Lian, who was at the top of the building, in her steps. Everyone in the hospital’s yard was smitten by it. When they looked up to look at the girl about to commit suicide, they were shocked!

Yang Lian cried. She covered her face and squatted on the roof, crying her heart out!

“Who is this person?”

“I don’t know him. Where did he come from?”

“Her parents said so much to no avail, and the police and everyone else persuaded for so long without any use. But that person used a poem and managed to change her mind?”

“This person looks familiar?”

“Right, right. I find him familiar, too, like I’ve seen him on television!”

The crowd immediately looked at the youth holding the loudspeaker!

In the end, it was a Beijing Television Station’s News Channel’s staff member and reporter who recognized him. A female reporter exclaimed “Aiyo, isn’t that Teacher Zhang Ye?”

“Zhang Ye?”

“Lecture Room’s Zhang Ye?”

“Yes, that’s him! I was wondering why he was so familiar!”

“So it’s him! No wonder he could freely compose such a great modern poem!”

This poem contained too much energy. It was a positive, energy-filled poem, filled with ponderment and an endeavor to improve. When everyone heard it, they were still wondering how a person could produce such an amazing piece of work on the spot. But when they heard that the person was the famous poem composer, Zhang Ye, they were enlightened.

Probably only this person, who became famous from writing poems, and also this Zhang Ye, who had numerous classic poems, had such skill! And many people had previously heard that it was written in the Beijing Times that when Zhang Ye was still in the radio station, he had used two poems to save a female university student who was on the brink of committing suicide. Zhang Ye had such a prior achievement in this area!

This time it was jumping off a building, that time it was cutting the wrist.

That incident had previously been a very discussed topic. A lot of the people here today had been doubtful then, thinking, “How could a few poems, which were just some literary works, have such a charm? How could it save a life which was already imminently lost?”

But today!

At this place!

When they heard Zhang Ye reciting his poem, they were no longer doubtful. All they felt was a sense of shock in their souls!

“In the Future We Trust” — This was a great poem!

In Zhang Ye’s previous world, those that were qualified to be labeled as “Great Poems” did not number many. “Flying Bird and Fish” was not one. “See Me or Not” was not one either!

But “A Generation” was one of them!

“In the Future We Trust” was also one!

This poem was written by the poet Shi Zhi in 1968. This poem used its profound thoughts and beautiful imagery and a catchy text to let people know how to live well and encourage oneself in the worst of situations. It taught people to promise oneself to have an unshakable resolve for tomorrow.

This poem was previously spread in society in handwritten form and quickly became a common thing spoken in a generation of youths. As it was quite an old poem, even quite a number of youths from Zhang Ye’s world had not heard it before. However, if another work was mentioned, almost everyone would know. That was Wang Feng’s song. That song was adapted from “In the Future We Trust” and was created as a song to show respect to idols.

The sound of crying could be heard upstairs.

Zhang Ye looked up and said loudly, “You said that you like my poems, so I will dedicate this ‘In the Future We Trust’ to you. So get down now!”

Upstairs, the police rushed over and grabbed hold of Yang Lian.

Yang Lian did not resist and disappeared back over the ledge onto the rooftop.

Seeing this, everyone present heaved a sigh of relief!


“She’s finally safe!”

“Such a good child has finally been persuaded!”

Beijing’s several television stations and newspaper reporters all rushed over to capture this scene.

“Did you record that?” a female reporter asked.

“Everything was captured; don’t worry,” the cameraman assured.

“That’s good; this news footage is going to be great!” the female reporter said excitedly.

If it was just any typical suicide by jumping case, it might not have gone on the news. After all, this sort of things happened frequently every day, and there were too many to be reported. However, with a filial daughter who wanted to commit suicide so as not to be a burden on her parents, and with Zhang Ye, a person notorious both in the literature and broadcasting circle, whose every work went viral in Beijing? This was definitely topical. There was no need to even mention the birth of “In the Future We Trust”!

At another side, Yang Lian’s parents were crying and walking towards Zhang Ye thankfully, “Teacher Zhang, you, why did you come? My daughter has always been a fan of yours. Even while she was in hospital these past few days, she has always been watching your works and poetry. She really likes you a lot!”

Zhang Ye answered, “Yang Lian’s middle school classmate posted on the internet and I saw it. So I asked for the hospital address and came.”

Yang Lian’s mother cried, “We are so grateful to you! Thank you!”

Yang Lian’s parents grabbed Zhang Ye’s hands, “If not for your poem, Little Lian might have…”

Zhang Ye said anxiously, “It was nothing. You don’t have to be so serious. Let’s go upstairs and look at Yang Lian!”

At this moment, everyone was enlightened. So this young girl, who had contracted a terminal illness, was Teacher Zhang Ye’s hardcore fan. And Zhang Ye, who was a public figure, had actually rushed here, despite work or rest for a fan. This made everyone feel nothing but respect for Zhang Ye and his professionalism. It was considered common for fans to do things for their idols, but for a celebrity to do something for a small fan was impressive!


In the wing.

Fifth floor ward.

Yang Lian had been brought back to her room and was settled down by the police and nurses. She laid on the bed.

Typically, the police would escort the person back for education and a statement in such societal cases of suicide which garnered interest. If it was serious, they would be remanded, but due to Yang Lian’s condition, the police did not do that. They closed one eye. Besides, this girl’s matter had really touched many of them. Hence, once she lay down, the police exhorted the few nurses to watch her and prevent her from doing anything silly before leaving.

Yang Lian’s parents rushed into the room!


“Little Lian! You silly girl!”

“Dad, Mom, sorry…”

Yang Lian cried as she hugged her parents and cried together!

Zhang Ye also followed in. This was the first time he had seen Yang Lian close up. She was a very ordinary girl. She gave off a very gentle and quiet vibe.

Yang Lian looked up and hurriedly said, “Teacher Zhang! Why are you here?”

Yang Lian’s parents said, “Teacher Zhang heard from your middle school classmate and came to see you!”

Yang Lian wiped her tears, “I didn’t want to tell others. I have even troubled you to come all the way here.”

“I’m glad I was troubled, ” Zhang Ye felt a lingering fear. “If I didn’t come, who knows what would have happened. You sure are good. You need a poem from me to stop you?” Back then, the situation was extremely dangerous. When Zhang Ye saw how Yang Lian’s parents, the medical staff and police were unable to persuade her, he knew it himself as well. If he started coming up with all sorts of reasonings, it would have the same result. Even if she was his fan, she had already decided on committing suicide, so why would he listen to him? Hence, Zhang Ye had no choice but to use this method as an attempt.

Yang Lian did not speak. She did not know why she felt an emotional upheaval when she heard “In the Future We Trust”. As a result, she had abandoned the thoughts of giving up on life, and really had hope to believe in trusting the future.

The door opened.

A few doctors and nurses hurriedly examined her.

“Are you fine?”

“Little Lian, how do you feel?”

“Do you have strength? Come, let’s put her on a drip first.”

Yang Lian was still a bit resistive and reached out her hands, “There’s no need.”

Yang Lian’s mother angrily said, “Quickly cooperate with the doctors for your treatment. Don’t worry about the money!”

Yang Lian’s father sighed. At home, he had already borrowed from his relatives. Together, with his daughter’s savings and his savings with his wife, they had only managed to accumulate about 70-80,000. And most of it had been spent over the past few days. Although they had told their daughter not to worry about the money, they actually did not know what to do.

At this moment, Zhang Ye spoke. He said to the female doctor, who was in her fifties, “Doctor, do the bone marrow transplant for Yang Lian. If there is compatible match, do it as soon as possible. Please do not delay her treatment.”

The female doctor sighed, “Actually, we have already found a compatible match. However, the medical fees will be about a million Yuan. Our hospital began collecting donations today. The hospital’s Director has already said he will donate a bit, but it is still far lacking towards the required figures. We, too…”

Zhang Ye asked, “How much more is lacking?”

The female doctor said, “The most conservative estimate is 1.1 million. This includes the surgery fee and the post-surgery fees, as well as the hospitalization fees and miscellaneous fees.”

Hearing that, Zhang Ye did not even give it a thought and said, “Alright, then please immediately prepare the surgery. 1.1 million, right? I’ll pay for it!”

The female doctor exclaimed, “You are paying?”

Zhang Ye said, “I’ll bring the money over tonight!”

The female doctor and the few nurses were overjoyed, “That’s great. Yang Lian will be saved!”

Yang Lian immediately turned anxious, “No way. Absolutely no way. How can I take your money!?”

Yang Lian’s mother began to speak and then hesitated, “Teacher Zhang, We… We really can’t return it.”

“There’s no need to return it.” Saying that, Zhang Ye looked at Yang Lian, “When I was in trouble, you would lead people to fight for the injustice I suffered online. Sometimes, you will busy yourself until 2-3 A.M. Now that you are in trouble, it’s my turn to help you.”

Yang Lian’s tears welled, “But…But…”

Upon hearing this, Yang Lian’s parents walked over and knelt down before Zhang Ye!

Zhang Ye was nimble and quickly held them up, “Don’t do that. I really can’t accept it, nor do I deserve accepting it. Please get up!”

Yang Lian’s mother said with her tears streaming down, “Thank you! Thank you!”

Chapter 146: Zhang Ye Takes Care of the Surgery Fees!