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Chapter 149: If You Do Not Leave Me, I Will Always Be at Your Side Until the End of Life

Chapter 149: If You Do Not Leave Me, I Will Always Be at Your Side Until the End of Life

A few days later.

Zhang Ye’s Nest, the number of fans were rapidly increasing!

It was increasing rapidly in a straight line. When the Tieba page was first created, the fans numbered in the thousands. But just overnight, it had increased to 58,000+. It seemed like people from all corners of the country had surged in to register to be part of Zhang Ye’s fan club. As such, a presentable-looking, small-scale fan club was established!

One had to know that Zhang Ye was just an E-list celebrity, and he was just a small rookie celebrity who appeared in Beijing. With close to 60,000 fans, they were not as unreliable as Weibo fan numbers. There were no zombie fans, for all of them were genuine fans. It was almost impossible for an E-rank celebrity like Zhang Ye to have this number. Usually, similar celebrities would not have such cohesive fans, but Zhang Ye had managed it. The news of him dissipating all of his fortune to save Yang Lian had touched a countless number of fans. Many people who had no plans for chasing after stars or joining fan clubs came to become one of the members of Zhang Ye’s fan club!

It was very lively on Tieba these few days.

“Zhang Ye, we love you!”

“Teacher Zhang, we will always support you!”

“Your sincerity is something that we all can see. The fans will be sincere to you, too!”

“We heard that Number1 will be having the operation soon. We wish her well. We also wish Teacher Zhang.. a peaceful life!”

“Teacher Zhang, Number1 is in recuperation, while Big Saber Bro only cares about battling and not management. Now the matters of the fan club are under the responsibility of a few of us as junior moderators. It’s pretty much settled. The front page has changed to a picture from your ‘Lecture Room’. It’s just that we haven’t written our fan club’s slogan or introduction. We don’t know how, nor do we have the literary talent. Can you give us something? Or maybe something you want to say to us? Anything is fine. As long as you have decided on one, we will add it to the Tieba page’s most eye-catching spot, so that everyone can see it.”

“Right, right. Let’s not fret over it. Let Teacher Zhang think of a phrase. Haha, Teacher Zhang’s literary talent is not something that even if ten thousand of us were combined together could match!”

“Watching this.”

“Seated here and waiting for Teacher Zhang’s words of wisdom!”

“Teacher Zhang, give us one!”

In just a short time, the thread already had over 4,000 replies!

Zhang Ye, who had just woken up, was also filled with adrenaline from the passion of the fans. There were so many fans, so many people, who supported him. Did Zhang Ye ever think this would happen to him? Besides excitement, he also felt touched. Actually, in Zhang Ye’s dictionary, he did not demarcate clearly what a celebrity and fan was. He did not feel like he was much higher in status than fans, nor did he feel that whatever the fans did was something necessary. If fans looked up to Zhang Ye and supported him, that was giving him face. So naturally, he had to give his fans face, too. He needed to also support and help his fans. For example, Yang Lian’s matter was an example. It was a mutual thing.

Zhang Ye got up to wash up before returning to his computer to think carefully. Then he posted, “I’m also not sure what phrase to use. If it’s absolutely needed, I just want to thank everyone. Thank you for everyone’s support and trust. If you do not leave me, I will always be at your side until the end of life!” This was a very popular phrase in his world. It could be said to be a melodic poem, so Zhang Ye decided to use it.

When the fans saw this, their eyes lit up!


“Everything Teacher Zhang spits out is literary genius!”

“If you do not leave me, I will always be at your side until the end of life? We’ll use it!”

“Teacher Zhang, this phrase should be what we, as fans, say to you. If you do not leave us, we will always be at your side until the end of life. We will forever support you!”

Very quickly, this poetic phrase was placed on the front page of Zhang Ye’s Nest. Zhang Ye’s post was also instantaneously stickied and countless numbers of people discussed and followed the thread!


With the matters of the fan club more or less settled, with people taking care of the backend, Zhang Ye no longer need to worry. Switching off the computer, Zhang Ye pitifully went to the open kitchen to prepare a bowl of Guamian. He had also successfully leveled up from “Instant Noodles Hero” to “Guamian Hero”. There was no other choice. What else could he eat? He was out of money, so he could only make do with noodles. This time, he had added an egg with the Guamian, which was also a change of taste.

Typically, an open kitchen made it difficult for the oil and smoke to be easily released.

As such, Zhang Ye opened the windows and door to ventilate the room, so as to release the Guamian’s smell.

The moment the door opened, a neighboring tenant brought a Tupperware box over. “Little Zhang, heh, I was about to knock the door. Here, have some!”

Zhang Ye subconsciously accepted it, “Uncle Lu, what is this?”

The neighboring uncle laughed, “My wife just braised some beef. We saw the news and knew you spent all your money to help your fan in her illness, and you are in quite a bit of debt now. Guessing that you aren’t eating well, and since we braised too much meat, we decided to bring you some.”

“There’s no need. Please don’t.” Although Zhang Ye said those words, his hands were grasping the Tupperware box tightly. His eyes were bulging and he looked like he was starving.

The neighboring uncle said, “Enough, quickly take it. Next time when my wife makes something delicious, I’ll bring it over for you. Eat it; I’m leaving!”

Zhang Ye hurriedly said, “Thank you, uncle!”

The neighboring uncle waved his hand, “Don’t stand on ceremony. Hur hur.”

The moment that Zhang Ye returned into his room, he opened the lid. Good lad, the meat was still hot. He had not even had a bite of meat these last few days, so the moment he saw the box of beef, it was like a weasel seeing chickens. His eyes flashed and, without using chopsticks, he grabbed a piece of meat with his hands and stuffed it into his mouth!

Gu Lu!

Fragrant! Too fragrant!

Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside! Melted the moment it entered the mouth! Mouth full of… Alright, that’s not used to describe beef!

Anyways, it was very delicious. Zhang Ye ate another seven to eight pieces before he was pleased. Kindness indeed begets kindness. His neighbors still remembered him, so Zhang Ye felt very heart-warmed.

After eating his fill, there was still some time before he had to go to work. As such, Zhang Ye opened the game ring’s interface to check his overall Reputation. 4,300,000! A portion of the points came from the respect people had after watching the Beijing Television Station broadcast of him saving his fan, while a larger portion of it came from “Lecture Room”. Everyday, it would add to his Reputation points. More than ten episodes of “Lecture Room” had already been broadcast.

Other than the first two episodes being something everyone saw for the first time, with the extremely great shock value resulting in a very high Reputation contribution, the remaining episodes gave less Reputation. Especially the episodes from Monday to Friday. As they were aired while people were working, one could tell from the ratings that they were inferior to the weekend episodes. Even if everyone watched videos of it later, the Reputation gained back would still not be as much as the first episode. Of course, although it was little, it wasn’t that little. It still provided about a hundred thousand points every day.

More than four million!

Zhang Ye felt that he had become a nouveau riche!

Time for the lottery! He had to draw once at the Lottery! He could no longer bear it!

Zhang Ye had already endured for ten days and could no longer bear it any further. Although he had felt that his career was going smoothly, and the ratings for “Lecture Room” were increasing by the day and had stabilized, he had still wanted to accumulate Reputation points and only use them when required. But like a woman, who had finished shopping at an online shopping portal, Taobao from his world, would say – if I were to shop on Taobao again this month, I’ll cut off my hands. However, reality proved that this sentence was one of the top ten lies in his world. It was not to be believed. Zhang Ye was in the same situation.


He left 300,000 points for emergencies, so there was four million left to use!

Zhang Ye tapped on the Lottery and bought a draw. He wanted to first try to gauge his luck for the first time, so he did not place any Additional Stakes. It didn’t matter if it was good or bad. After all, he was not lacking 100,000 Reputation points. He was a nouveau riche now!

1 round…

2 rounds…

3 rounds…

The needle slowly stopped.

It stopped in a the biggest region, the Consumption Category!

Treasure Chest (Small) appeared. Zhang Ye took the Treasure Chest and opened it. He discovered a small bottle in it. There was a red liquid in it and the bottle looked crystal clear.

[ Health Potion ] (1): Effective upon consumption. Recovers player's injuries.

Zhang Ye put the Health Potion into his Inventory and treated it as an emergency item. It was not known when he would need to use it, so Zhang Ye would never feel like he had too many of such a good item.


This time he was going to go all in!

Zhang Ye gambled again. The moment he began the Lottery, he was planning on buying Additional Stakes, but after some hesitation, he decided to have a feel for where the needle would land before deciding. After all, this was using 3.8 million Reputation points at one go. If he was unlucky and got tens of garbage, then he would really feel the pain.

Time for the lottery!

The needle began to move!

Zhang Ye stared unblinkingly at the wheel and watched the needle slow down after each revolution. Finally, the needle approached the Stats Category and Skills Category. If nothing unexpected happened, it would likely fall into one of those two regions. Only then did Zhang Ye feel relieved. This was because no matter how bad the items from the Stats Category and Skills Category were, they still produced an improvement of himself. That lock-picking skill from before did not seem useful, but it had also helped Zhang Ye catch the two burglars, right? As such, Zhang Ye immediately bought the Additional Stakes. Leaving 300,000 Reputation points behind, all the remaining 3.8 million Reputation points were all added!

A large bet!

This was what a real large bet was!

The Lottery carried on and the needle slowly moved!

Finally, under Zhang Ye’s constant attention, the needle stopped in the Stats Category region. The Lottery ended and immediately, 39 Treasure Chest (Small) icons appeared in his inventory! Seeing the densely-packed, small, golden-colored Treasure Chests, Zhang Ye was extremely excited!

Opening the Treasure Chest, Zhang Ye checked!

[ Fruit of Charm (Voice) ]: Effective upon consumption. Permanently increases the player's voice's charm.

The voice’s charm?

There was charm to voice, too?

Zhang Ye did not understand. Hence, he began taking out one Treasure Chest after another. He then took out the reddish-green fruit within the chests!

There were 39 Fruits of Charm!

Having the experience of eating Fruit of Charm (Eyes) in the past, Zhang Ye appeared very serious. He picked one up and tried eating it!

His throat warmed up and his body began to heat up!

After enduring for a few seconds, the feeling slowly dissipated!

Zhang Ye then picked up the remaining Fruits of Charm (Voice) and placed them into his mouth, taking big bites of them!

He finally finished eating them. Zhang Ye was already covered in sweat. He immediately went to the bathroom to shower. As he showered, he blinked and then said casually, “Burn, my little universe!”


His voice seemed to have a magnetic charm to it!

But other than that, it did not seem to have any other feeling.

Slightly less than 40 Fruits of Charm were eaten, but that was all their effect? Could there be some effect that he could not feel?