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Chapter 151: Not Giving the Leader Face!

Chapter 151: Not Giving the Leader Face!

After work.

Hou Ge asked, “Teacher Zhang, how about we have dinner together?”

“Count me out.” Zhang Ye waved, “You guys go ahead.”

Xiao Lu also invited him along, “Come on; let’s go together. It won’t be the same without you.”

Zhang Ye smiled bitterly as he patted his pockets, “I need to save now. Any spare money needs to be saved. Otherwise, I won’t be able to pay my Communist Party of China fees. You guys go ahead; don’t bother about me.”

Hou Ge said “I will treat.”

“Still, leave me out. Maybe next time.” Zhang Ye said.

Xiao Lu queried, “Teacher Zhang, you are still a member?”

“Yes, I joined in university.” Zhang Ye answered.

Zhang Ye had joined as a member in his third year of college. Of course, that happened in his world, but it was about the same in this one, also. When he sounded out his mother, he knew that he had applied to be a member around that time. He had also followed the crowd and handed in the application form. After two meetings, he became a probationary member. He was already a proper member now, but he never participated in any of the Party’s activities. He was only messing around in there… Eh, no. That’s wrong. Zhang Ye was… He was receiving the edification and education from the party.

Why did messing around become edification?

Nonsense! There was no why! It has to be said that way!

Hou Ge could only reluctantly say, “Alright then. Let’s go ahead. Teacher Zhang, you must join us next time.”

Xiao Lu waved, “Wait a few minutes for me. I have to switch off the computers. The windows are also not closed.”

“You guys go. I will do it.” Zhang Ye insisted that they go for dinner. He switched off everything and packed up before locking up to leave.

In the corridor.

Editor Wei’s stooped figure came towards him from far away, “Teacher Little Zhang.”

“Uncle Wei, you have not knocked off yet?” Zhang Ye knew how Editor Wei was. He respected him very much and ever since that time, he addressed him as Uncle Wei.

Editor Wei smiled. “I have to work overtime today.”

“Why are you always working overtime? I’ve never seen you every time I leave the office.” Zhang Ye expression tightened.

Editor Wei was a very optimistic person, “It’s alright. I have lots of work. The others have less. Even if I go home, I have nothing to do.”

Zhang Ye knew by now that it must be Wang Shuixin who made Editor Wei work overtime. Bearing the grudge from a few years ago when Editor Wei beat up his son, he had always been making it difficult for Editor Wei. Actually, not only Editor Wei was treated this way. Wang Shuixin did this to many others, too.

Previously, Zhang Ye had not really noticed it, but after Wang Shuixin took advantage of him by buying Zhang Ye’s copyrights at a cheap price, Zhang Ye completely saw through what sort of person he was. Wang Shuixin usually appeared dignified, was full of cultural bearing and was even quite a famous poet, but from that matter, it could be seen that he was a guy who did not treat others as humans. Zhang Ye and Hu Fei had already said that it was the medical fees for a leukemia patient, but not only did Wang Shuixin did not have any human compassion, he even took advantage of Zhang Ye’s desperate need for cash and obtained the maximum benefits for the station. It had also maximized his own personal interests!

One could find a person with an ugly face annoying!

But a person with an ugly heart like Wang Shuixin was to be hated!

And it happened that Editor Wei mentioned the same name, “Director Wang’s secretary told me to tell you to go over. There might be something.”

Zhang Ye narrowed his eyes, “His secretary is the one who’s calling me over? Why doesn’t he come here himself?”

That Wang guy was already ordering Editor Wei around. Now even his secretary wants to order him around?

Editor Wei had a good temper, and he even defended the secretary, “He’s also rather busy. Why don’t you make a trip there?”

“His secretary, busy? I’m the one who’s busy!” Editor Wei might be good-natured, but Zhang Ye’s was well known for being bad-tempered. He was already suppressing his anger towards Wang Shuixin. His anger was already simmering on the edge to begin with. If they had wanted him to meet them during office hours, that’s fine. But it was already after work. It was already past the legal working hours!

Look for me?

Not free! I don’t care who he was!

If one put it nicely, a person like Zhang Ye was a more emotional person. If one didn’t put it nicely, it would be a prickly person. When he was happy, when others were nice to him, he would go along with anyone and be courteous with them. But if someone made him unhappy, the rascal wouldn’t give a d*mn who you were. Be it a Leader or a Leader’s secretary, Zhang Ye would even dare point at one’s nose and curse. And it was something he had indeed done before.

Editor Wei smiled bitterly.

A few co-workers who had just knocked off heard Zhang Ye’s words. They saw him leaving after that without going to Wang Shuixin’s office. They all could only look at each other with wry smiles.

“Zhang Ye is Zhang Ye.”

“Right. A lot of news and online discussions recently were commending him for his righteousness, as he’d rather become broke to help a fan. But they don’t know that when he gets angry, he doesn’t give a d*mn about anyone. That “Dead Water” had shocked so many people during the Golden Microphone Awards! Oh, but then again, this could be the reason why so many people like him.”

“Me, too. I find Teacher Zhang Ye to be a rather nice person.”

“But why does he show that attitude? Director Wang has offended him?”

“Hey, don’t you know yet? The royalty fees to the rights for ‘Analysis of the Three Kingdoms ‘ was reduced to a million by Director Wang. And that was the DVD and broadcasting rights combined. To give such a low price for such a popular program, even if Zhang Ye is an employee of our television station, that’s still too little. The crux of the matter isn’t just about money. Did you see the newspapers? That money was the money needed by a patient to save her life. In the end, Director Wang didn’t even give enough. Zhang Ye had to borrow from others to scrape it all together. It would be a wonder if Zhang Ye was happy with the station doing that!”

“But the Leader is calling for him, yet he won’t go? Is this appropriate?”

“If it’s other people, of course it’s inappropriate. But it’s not a problem for Teacher Zhang Ye.”

“Right. He is one of the most important hosts of our Arts Channel. Anyone has to give him some face. Fire him? That’s completely impossible. For the programs of others, even including very popular variety shows, nothing much would happen when the host is changed. There would certainly be some effects, but it would not be too great. After all, people watch it for the program itself. But Zhang Ye is different. His role is not just as simple as a host. He is a lecturer. And ‘Analysis of the Three Kingdoms ‘ has just reached the halfway mark. To take Zhang Ye down? Then who will analyze the Three Kingdoms? Nobody can analyze it! His role is irreplaceable. Hur hur. Everyone on the internet says that Zhang Ye only has ordinary looks, but what do they know? Those who are good-looking exist in large numbers, and they could all be easily replaced. But how many people in the country could replace a talent like Zhang Ye? Absolutely none! Even if the Leader is offended, he has to bear with it. Otherwise, if Zhang Ye leaves, what will happen to the station’s ratings?”

“A big shop can bully it’s customers, but a big customer can bully a shop, too!”

“When can I reach the level of Teacher Zhang, and able to not give a f**k about the Leader whenever I want? Haha. Just thinking about it makes me excited!”

It became a conversation before you knew it.

Editor Wei shook his head helplessly, “This Teacher Little Zhang, ah.”

A person said, “Uncle Wei, you might as say that you did not see Teacher Zhang Ye. Tell them he has knocked off.”

“I guess that’s the only way.” Editor Wei did not want to create any more trouble for Zhang Ye, so he helped him to cover it up.


Arts Channel.

Director’s office.

The secretary knocked and entered, “Director, Zhang Ye has gone home. They didn’t find him.”

Wang Shuixin was standing by his window, watering his plants. He was shaking his head, as if he were reciting some flowery poetry. He looked back at the secretary and signalled for him to come over, then pointed outside the window.

The secretary went over and looked, then immediately saw Zhang Ye’s figure. He was walking towards to subway, obviously just leaving work. When he saw this, the secretary was angered, “I got Old Wei to call for him, and he still said he was not around? Isn’t he just leaving? I’m sure they met each other. Is Old Wei lying to me? Leader, leave this to me. I will go look for that Wei guy right now! Is he rebelling now?”

“No need.” Wang Shuixin said calmly.

“But this isn’t conducive!” The secretary had been following Wang Shuixin for many years, so he could speak freely with him. “He didn’t even come when you had summoned for him, and that Old Wei also covered up for him. If it happens once, it will happen twice. Your credibility……” He knew that Wang Shuixin viewed his own reputation and credibility highly. For a poet and a literary figure, these are characteristics that won’t be lacking in them. They all valued themselves highly.

Wang Shuixin finishing watering the plants and turned around to sit down. He said, “Deduct all of Old Wei’s overtime pay for this month.”

“I understand.” This was a good reason, but even if there wasn’t a reason, it’s always been this way. It was a practice set by Wang Shuixin that anyone else would get overtime pay, but only Editor Wei, even if he were to work overtime every day, would not received a single cent of overtime pay. There would always be a reason to deduct it off. As for the reason why, everyone had a tacit understanding. Wang Shuixin had wanted serve justice for his son. He was his only son, so he spoiled him badly. Even Wang Shuixin could not bear to hit his son, but Editor Wei had used a chair to beat and chased him away some years ago. Wang Shuixin did not take it up with Editor Wei back then, but from then on he had been slowly getting back at him.

“For Zhang Ye…..” Wang Shuixin said slowly, “Deduct all his bonuses.”

The secretary nodded, “But what reason do we give?”

Wang Shuixin said, “Didn’t he take a few days off?”

The secretary pondered, “But he also worked overtime for a lot of days. He was even recording the program on a few public holidays. If he took time off accordingly, then……”

“Who authorized his time off?” Wang Shuixin asked. “It was true that he took time off. If he took so many days of time off, then would there be a problem with deducting his bonuses?”

The secretary immediately said, “There’s no problem. I’ll process it tomorrow. I’m just afraid if Zhang Ye will flare up. After all, he is lacking in cash now. After donating the surgery fees and having borrowed money, if we deduct his bonus, he might… Besides, his program is currently very popular. What if…”

Wang Shuixin said, “Just do it according to my instructions!”

The secretary did not dare say more, “Yes.”