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Chapter 152: Beating the sh*t out of Wang Shuixin’s Son

Chapter 152: Beating the sh*t out of Wang Shuixin’s Son

Early in the morning.

The telephone had awakened him.

“Little Zhang, what did you do yesterday?” It was Hu Fei on the line.

Zhang Ye sat up, “Brother Hu, what do you mean?”

Hu Fei said, “We are getting our salaries today, but you only received your basic salary and your bonuses for the month have all been deducted. Even your basic salary is not in full, as you have not even been here for a full month, so it was prorated. When I checked for you with Finance, they said you took too many days off. I said that you were given time off-in-lieu, as you had worked overtime even more and had not rested for a whole week, but they said that they did not see the off-in-lieu timesheet!” Pausing, he then said, “Let’s talk when you get to the unit. I’ll definitely help you get back the bonus. Don’t worry!”

Zhang Ye’s expression sunk, “Yesterday, while knocking off, Wang Shuixin’s secretary sent Editor Wei to look for me. I did not go. I did not care about that bunch of people, so I headed straight home!”

Hu Fei said, “You still have that temper of yours!”

Zhang Ye said without any guilt, “If people respect me, I respect them. If they don’t respect me, why should I respect them?”

“Forget it. I will bring you to see Director Wang when you reach the office!” Hu Fei became unhappy, not towards Zhang Ye, but towards Wang Shuixin’s attitude. Everyone in the whole station knew that Zhang Ye was broke and going through a difficult time. But Wang Shuixin, this Leader of the channel, rather than helping Zhang Ye when he needed it the most, he instead pressured him on the copyright fees and was now rubbing salt into his wounds? While knowing that Zhang Ye was already broke, he still deducted his bonuses? Even if Little Zhang was wrong in some way, he shouldn’t have done this!

After hanging up.

Zhang Ye thought over it. He decided to give his mother a call.

Ring, ring. The call was connected, “Hello, son.”

Zhang Ye was feeling embarrassed, “Mom, that thing. Lend me some money.”

His mother asked cautiously, “How much do you need? If it’s more than 500, don’t bother asking!”

Zhang Ye nearly fainted, “How is 500 even enough, I’m a little hard up recently. Didn’t I tell you already? My fan had to have an emergency operation. You saw it on the news, too.”

“You are a good person, aren’t you? A million given away just like that… Are you not silly? There’s a lot of good-hearted people around. Why did you offer to help then? You aren’t a tycoon!” His mother got angry at the thought of this.

But there was some murmuring on the other side of the call.

“What are you doing!”

“Give me the phone!”

Finally, his father answered, “Little Ye, what you did was right. You didn’t embarrass our Zhang family. Don’t listen to your mother’s nonsense. If you meet someone less fortunate than you, then you must help them within your means. You are a Communist Party of China party member, so you must be conscious of this. You did really well. How much do you need? The money you gave to your mother, she has spent some of it on a few gold necklaces. The rest is still unspent. Is 50,000 enough?”

Zhang Ye said, “Enough? 50,000 is good enough. I will return the money I owe first.”

His father said, “Good. I will transfer it to your account now.”

Zhang Ye added, “Tell mom that when I earn more money, I will make it up to her.”

Zhang Ye did not want to bother his family initially. He had wanted to return Hu Fei’s money slowly with every paycheck. But it seemed that he couldn’t do that now. His bonuses were a lost cause. How long would it take to pay off what he owed with just his basic salary? So he had no choice but to turn to his dad and mom. Sigh, he will make it up to them in the future.

He was in a bad mood early in the morning. After showering, he went to the office angrily.


At the television station building.

Having just arrived at work, there was already a person waiting to be hit by Zhang Ye’s cannon!

Just as Zhang Ye stepped out of the lift, he heard a commotion not too far away. He walked over to take a look, but there were many bystanders around.

“What’s happening?” Zhang Ye moved towards the front.

Hou Ge and some others were not here yet, but Xiao Lu was amongst the crowd. When she saw Zhang Ye, she pointed in there angrily, “Teacher Zhang, come quickly. It’s Wang Cen; he’s harassing our female colleagues again!”

“Who’s Wang Cen?” Zhang Ye asked.

“Director Wang’s son!” Xiao Lu answered.

In there, he saw Editor Wei confronting Wang Cen.

“You bast**d! You still dare to be arrogant in the television station?” Editor Wei was always a very good-natured person, but right now his face was totally cold!

Wang Cen stared at him, “What am I arrogant about? Can’t I chat with them? Is that your business?”

Editor Wei scolded, “Chatting? Do you need to put your hands around the young lady if you were just chatting? Eh?”

Wang Cen became angry, “What age and era is this now? This is how we chat. What has it got to do with you?”

“Didn’t you see the young lady trying to push you away? And to think you even made greater advances? Are you a hooligan? Do you believe I will not beat you up and chase you away?” Editor Wei pulled the young lady over and stood in front of her.

The young lady said thankfully, “Thank you, Uncle Wei.”

Editor Wei protectively said, “Don’t be afraid; I’m here!”

Wang Cen smiled angrily, “Beat me and chase me out? Do you think that this is a few years ago? I don’t believe it, but you can give it a try!”

The surrounding crowd was watching, but no one dared to help. After all, that was the Director’s son. No one felt like it was their place to say anything. Back then, when Editor Wei beat up this person, what happened to him? He had directly been given the cold shoulder by Wang Shuixin. Difficulties were created for Editor Wei and he was being schemed against. No one wanted to end up in such a situation.

Editor Wei did not say anything else. He saw a chair by the side and lifted it up, “Are you getting lost or not?”

Wang Cen sneered, but remained motionless.

Seeing this, Editor Wei moved forward with the chair!

As Wang Cen’s eyelid twitched, with a move of his feet, he displayed a certain series of steps.

Others could not tell what was happening, but Zhang Ye knew. This was the basic series of steps in Taekwondo. And from the posture, it looked like the lead-in to a roundhouse kick. After being beaten up by Editor Wei a few years ago, he had been learning Taekwondo the past few years? He was planning on taking revenge one day?

Editor Wei was in danger!

Without any hesitation, Zhang Ye squeezed through the crowd!

At this moment, Editor Wei was already in front of Wang Cen. And as expected, Wang Cen spun his body as he lifted his leg, and was about to hit Editor Wei with a roundhouse kick!


“Uncle Wei!”

“Be careful!”

Zhang Ye was furious. You came to our unit to take liberties with young ladies, and yet you still want to beat people? Do you think you are reasonable? Are you being this lawless just because your father is Wang Shuixin? Get the f**k away! Wang Shuixin’s son? When Zhang Ye heard this, it was an even greater fresh animosity added to an old grudge. He charged forward and blocked before Uncle Wei. As he also knew Taekwondo and had eaten many skill books, he naturally knew the weakness of a roundhouse kick. Its preparation time was too long, and the amount of movement was too much. Hence, Zhang Ye aimed for the appropriate moment and moved up to give a kick, as he quickly kicked Wang Cen’s side hip!


Wang Cen was still in the midst of his attack, but this kick, together with his flawed kick’s momentum, caused him to scream out as he slammed into the ground!

Smash! He fell to the ground!


“Teacher Zhang!”

Xiao Lu shouted!

No one had expected Zhang Ye to attack!

A few years ago, Editor Wei had beaten up Wang Cen. A few years later, it was Zhang Ye’s turn!

“Uncle Wei, step back a bit. Everyone, step back, too. I don’t want to hurt you!” Zhang Ye said loudly, “This bro will serve justice today!”

Do you think everyone will give you face as the son of Wang Shuixin?

Bullsh*t! The matter with the copyright, the matter with the bonus, the matter with Editor Wei, Zhang Ye had already put up with Wang Shuixin for too long. Your son was the one asking for it! If I don’t f**king beat him, who do I beat!?

Wang Cen also never expected someone to dare to step forward and even beat him. He was quick to react. With a flip, he bounced up. It could be seen that he did not slack in his Taekwondo. He was not some dabbler, but had really put in the effort, “Grandson! You dare touch me!?”

Zhang Ye said, “The one I’m touching is you!”

With a huff, Wang Cen charged up and began fighting with Zhang Ye!

Cross kick!

Side kick!

In a few seconds, the two crossed four to five moves!

Zhang Ye was frowning deep down. In terms of technique, they were about at the same level. However, it was clear that Wang Cen had mastered it bit by bit, so his strength and speed were slightly greater than Zhang Ye. As for Zhang Ye, he had directly learned Taekwondo from eating skill books. His strength and reaction speed was not up to snuff. Two kicks from him on Wang Cen were met with four kicks back. The difference was becoming more apparent!

“Little Zhang!”

“Teacher Zhang!”

The crowd was dazzled, but they could see that Zhang Ye was losing!

Zhang Ye was hit quite a few times and was almost unable to take it anymore. However, Wang Cen was not any better. But he was clearly stronger than Zhang Ye by a bit. He could still fight!

Just as Zhang Ye was about to be defeated, he narrowed his eyes and recalled the bottle of “Health Potion” that he had obtained from the Lottery. Turning his body to the side, he immediately retrieved the little red bottle from the game ring, opened the cap and drank it down. Immediately, Zhang Ye felt the pain in his body diminish greatly. He could stand straight now!

Wang Cen was just about to give Zhang Ye the fatal blow!

However, Zhang Ye suddenly flared up as he took it on with a kick that was as swift as a sudden clap of thunder which left no time for one to cover one’s ears.

Wang Cen was alarmed. The surrounding crowd was also alarmed. They clearly knew Zhang Ye was about to be defeated, but he suddenly became energetic!


A dull thud!

Zhang Ye’s kick had hit Wang Cen in the chin. Wang Cen’s head flew up a few centimeters before crashing flat onto the ground. It was still not the end, as Zhang Ye rushed forward and began stomping, “Trying to be a hooligan? You f**king still want to be a hooligan? I’m telling you! Don’t you dare come here to act wildly again! Everytime I see you, I’ll beat you up!”

More than ten stomps were made consecutively!

Wang Cen covered his head and cried out in pain. He no longer had the strength to fight back!

Editor Wei rushed up to pull Zhang Ye back, “Stop beating him, Little Zhang. It’s enough. Just teaching him a lesson is enough!”

Xiao Lu, together with Hou Ge and Dafei, who had just come to work, rushed forward to stop the fight. One pulled at Zhang Ye’s arm, while another pulled at his waist, “Teacher Zhang! Someone will die if you carry on this beating!”

Zhang Ye was pulled back a bit, but he was not mollified. He kicked at Wang Cen without any warning once again, as he cursed, “You f**king bast**d!” From the angle of genes, this curse included Wang Shuixin!


“Teacher Zhang!”

“He already can’t get up!”

Only then did Zhang Ye “reluctantly” give up!

Everyone stared with their eyes wide open. This Teacher Zhang was not only good at talking, he was actually quite brutal when he beat someone up!